Monica Ch. 5



For the next several days Monica and I had sex at least twice each day in different rooms of the house. We even had sex on the basement steps on the way up from doing laundry. Even with all this, we still had a lust that could not be satisfied.

I had stopped on the way home from work and bought Monica the vibrating dildo that she asked for. I bought her one similar to the one her mother’s had, since I knew that it had worked to increase Monica’s response earlier. I also bought Monica a set of ‘love beads’, a set of five 1-inch latex balls connected on with a nylon line. These could be inserted into her vagina or ass and then either left for a long time or removed soon after insertion. I was saving these beads for a special time together with her.

On Friday morning Monica told me that she had a date with her boyfriend and wanted to know if she should cancel it to be with me. I told her that she should see her boyfriend since we were both going to have to work around other relationships and that our relationship would have to be a secret one in the background of our lives. She wasn’t sure since our sex life was better then anything that she had had in her other relationships. I explained to her that this was her chance to educate her boyfriend and improve their sex together. After our discussion I told her had two presents for her. And I produced the two toys that I had gotten earlier that week. She grabbed the dildo with the excitement of a small child on Christmas. She opened the package, put the batteries in and turned it on. She quickly brought it up to her vaginal and started masturbating through her panties. “This is great,” she yelled, “We’ll have to use it later.”

“What is the other packages?” she questioned. “These are ‘love beads’.” I answered, “Finish getting ready for school and I’ll will show you how they are used.”

I finished getting ready for work, and when Monica was dressed in her school uniform, plaid dress, white blouse, knee socks and black shoes; I told her to lie down on the sofa and remove her panties. This won’t take long, but I will drive you to school when we finish, so you can tell me how these ‘love beads’ feel. With that I started lubricating Monica’s vaginal opening by suck on her labia. Then one-by-one I took the five attached ‘love bead’ balls and put them in my mouth; pressing them gaziantep yabancı escort bayan into her vagina with my tongue. As each ball went in, it pushed the proceeding balls deeper into her tight opening. When the last ball was in, I finished by pushing them all in the length of my finger and then pushed the remaining thread and grab ring in the entrance of her cunt. Monica was pushing her hip forward in gentle orgasms as I worked on her womanly opening. “What do I do now?” she asked. “Leave them inside you for the rest of the day and I will remove them when you get home. You should be ready for your boyfriend with the excitement these will cause inside you today.” I answered. With that I pulled her panties up over her feet and helped her finish pulling them all the way up. I told her, “I need you to tell me how these feel as you walk and move during the day. Lets get going.” Going out to the car and driving to school Monica told me how her every movement caused her to feel the beads inside her. “They continually tease me!” she added, “This is going to be a great day!” When I dropped her off at school she kissed me, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth, and grabbed my already hard cock through my pants. “I’ll repay you for these bead, when I get home.” She smiles, hopping out of the car.

I remainder of my day at worked dragged along, as I waited to hear how Monica survived the day. I wanted her to tell me all of the experiences she was feeling as went through her day. When I left to pick up Monica at school I had an instant hard-on just thinking about the ‘love beads’ that I had pushed into her cunt that morning. When I arrived at the school Monica was waiting at the curb for me, with a smile on her face. Sliding into the car she grabbed my cock, telling me, “These beads have me so horny that I need your cock right now.” With that I sped off home to take care of her need. She was just able to get into the house before she turned and pulled me to her. “Fuck me, now, right here, before I explode.” She exclaimed. She pulled her blouse and bra off throwing them on the sofa; dropped to the floor and spread her legs.

“These beads have me ready to fuck anything. I need you now!” It didn’t take me long to join her on the floor. I pulled her dress up and ripped her gaziantep genç escort bayan panties off with one pull, feeling the wet spot she had deposited in the crotch. Then I saw her swollen wet labia. It looked as though she had just been fucked. I put my mouth over her slit and pulled the grab ring of the beads out with my tongue, savoring the flavor and sent of her opening. With My mouth I over her cunt, I slowed pulled the beads out one-by-one, drinking in the fluid that came out with each bead. When all five were out she gasped and I jumped up on top of her pushing my cock into her cunt replacing the beads. Monica’s cunt muscles convulsed around my erection and screamed out in a massive orgasm. I pumped to an orgasm within minutes, spurting my semen into her rhythmically convulsing womb. “Thank you!” I gasped into her ear.

When we recovered Monica told me she was going to cancel her date with John, her boyfriend, for that evening. I told her, “No, why don’t you go out and have sex with him tonight, I’ll be here for you when you get home.” She agreed and told me she was going to bring him home to have sex with him before he when back to his school, if that’s all right with you. I agreed and told her I would stay in her mother’s room while they were here to make it easier for John to feel comfortable. I told her I expected to here some good sex coming from her room and that when he left I would continue the sex they had started with her. We agreed and Monica got ready to go on her date with my help. After dinner, I bathed her, in a bubble bath, while she lay back in the tub. I cleaned and caressed each section of her body, taking special care to clean my cum from her vagina.

When I finished bathing her, I douched her with one of her mother’s scented douches. Then I picked out her cloth, a short mini skirt, thigh high shiny white stockings and a matching bra and panty set that was white and lacey. I helped her dress taking advantage of her nipples and vagina with my tongue as we progressed. When I was finished I told her to give her boyfriend the best sex of his life at least twice, and then made sure she had condoms with her and in her night stand. Remember, for now, I am the only person who can deposit their sperm directly inside you; all others have to collect gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan it in a condom. Then I retreated to Marie’s room before her boyfriend showed up. Monica left with her boyfriend and returned in about an hour. Obviously they decide not to stay at the dance, but rather return home and head for Monica’s bedroom.

When the came up the stairs I heard Monica explaining that I was at my house and wouldn’t return until later that night, so they had free run of the house and no one to worry about. Within minutes I could hear them moaning in her room as the started through their foreplay. I could tell that Monica was getting excited from my experience with her. It didn’t take long and I knew that they were get ready to start in; Then I heard John ask Monica to roll the condom onto his erect penis. From the sound I knew he was making his entrance into Monica. Being young he didn’t hold back and in no time I knew from his screams that the condom was performing it duty and stopping his seed before if entered Monica’s young and willing cunt. Shortly after the giggling started and I knew they were recovering. About 40 minutes later John was ready and their sexual noises started again. This time John held back longer at the direction of Monica, who took control and directed him to try several positions. Then for the second time, John emptied his balls into Monica’s condom protected cunt. After the second climax, Monica explained to John that he should leave before I came back. Within minutes she was closing the front door behind him.

As Monica came back up the stairs, I was waiting for her at the top. She had her robe on and when she saw me she opened it and dropped it on the floor. There she stood with only her thigh high stockings on looking at my raging hard-on, as I stood there in front of her completely naked. I told her I listen to John and her and couldn’t wait to have my turn with her. With that she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I helped her back up, not wanting to cum in her mouth and lead her to her room. Monica thanked me for opening up her sexuality with John and improving her ability to get what she wanted in her sex life.

Then she told me she needed my cum inside her to complete her evening. I obliged her by dropping onto her bed and guiding her onto my cock ‘reverse cowgirl’ style. “I want to see my cock deep inside you where your boyfriend’s cock just was,” I told her, “I want to see my cock when it erupts into you, where no ones cum, except mine has ever been.” Monica was still so aroused that she immediately started humping and within minutes my cum was spurting into her cunt. That’s all we needed before we rolled I onto our sides, with my cock still in her, to fall asleep.

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