Missed You


He stirred in a dark room, to the birds’ morning song.

How long had it been since he’d walked in?

It had been daylight then. Late afternoon.

He’d caught an early flight, and strolled in right as his wife was making dinner for herself. Fortunately, he had stopped by a cafe and brought some food to share. Orange chicken and fried rice — her favorite. They’d spent the evening catching up and sharing food from eachothers’ plates.

And, of course, he pounded her until they both collapsed.

That must have been several hours ago. He glanced to his left, out into the bedroom. He hadn’t even bothered to unpack.

Well. That was forgivable. He had been preoccupied now, hadn’t he?

He glanced to his right — his wife’s face, inches away. She was already awake, smiling sleepily at him. She was on her belly as always, under a single sheet. Still naked, he wondered? He ran a hand across her back. Yes.

She stretched out like a cat, purring.

“Hey baby,” he said.


“What are you up to…?” She’d been awake for a while. He could tell.

She giggled mischievously and didn’t answer. Instead, she took his face her hands – kissing him, first on his forehead and then his lips.

Her fingers were warm, and damp.

“What time is it…?” he asked.

“Dunno. Morning I guess.” Neither of them felt inclined to reach for a phone.

He stretched a little himself, making note of the firm tension between his legs. Definitely morning.

“Did we sleep that long?”

“Yeah, I wore you out…”

He laughed.

“Baby, I’m cold…” she whined.

“Oh really?”

His hands slid down her body and she yelped. He discovered why her fingers were wet, and why she was awake.

He reached over to draw the blanket over them both — but then, thinking better — pulled it around himself like a cape and laid on top of her with a laugh.

“Warmer now?”

She giggled again. “Yeah…”

Wide awake now, he laid against her, pressing her firmly into the mattress, letting her feel his hardness against her butt and his chest against her back. He started with kisses at the nape of her neck, and she giggled playfully as he teased her earlobes with his tongue.

“You really missed me, didn’t you?” he whispered.


He worked his way down the bumps of her spine, along the sharp curve of her shoulder blade, toward her armpit. He tickled her there and she shivered again as he made his way back to the midline. His hands worked down her body, first kneading her shoulders and then stroking the sides of her breasts. As he kissed his way down, his hands found her midsection, and then found their way to the globes of her butt. He blew hot breath on her rosebud and her pussy — and she groaned with disappointment when he skipped her sex entirely and began to kiss gorukle escort her inner thighs. Working upward, slowly. Teasing her.

Her back arched into the mattress, and she brought her knees up closer to her belly. Her butt pushed higher into the air. She needed him, needed to be close to him, needed him to have access to her most sensitive flesh. By the time his face arrived between her legs she was slick and hot with desire. He gripped her lower back and pressed her nose against her, between her folds, inhaling her familiar musky scent. He gave her a single kiss in between, at the place where her lips met — and then again, on the other end — before pulling back.

“I want to taste you here again…” he murmured. One arm reached up, first to her hand and then grabbing her wrist and forearm. She did the same.

“Yes, please,” she said, giving his forearm a squeeze.

He dove in again, and licked her in one long stroke, from one end of her pussy to the other. He took one labium into his mouth, rolling it between his lips and teasing it with his tongue, and then the other. One finger, and then two, pushed inside, pressing the front side of her flesh. Rubbing forward, and back… he felt her hips shift and her cries become higher and sharper then.

Now or never, he thought.

He took her clitoris into his mouth then, and sucked her in, while pressing his fingers firmly against the front of her canal. His tongue danced across her sensitive tip. She squealed with pleasure and rocked against his face, squeezing her thighs around his head. It was all he could do to maintain contact.

After several seconds she collapsed onto the bed.

She laid still. He slid up her body again — partly to feel her against him, but also to check on her — and was relieved to find her laughing softly. They took a moment, kissing each other softly, and catching their breath. Again, they dozed.

When he stirred just minutes later, he pulled away from her and propped himself up on his arms. For a moment, was overcome by the sight of her — on her stomach beneath him, her hair a mess, arms splayed at her side. Her body was now ripe for him, slick with his saliva and her juices. He decided: he had to feel her this way, just for a bit. He pressed his cock against her flesh, between her sensitive folds, rubbing back and forth and listening to her sighs — and she met his movements. Then, in a single, slow, stroke, he sank himself into her wet silky warmth and drove himself home. She felt beautiful friction as he opened her, and her skin dragged against his. The sensations were luxurious and decadent – like the first stretch of the morning after a good night’s rest. He settled onto her and they both let out a satisfied sigh.

This, actually, was his favorite position: with her on her belly, her butt propped up altıparmak eskort bayan on pillows beneath them, nestled into his groin. He could use one hand to hold her breasts and the other to fondle her to orgasm this way. Or he could hold her wrists above her head and thrust deep, hard and fast, and surrender all reason until he was sated. But that was for last night, when he first arrived home, after she had teased his eyes and ears for weeks. Come home, she had written. Come take me hard. I feel empty, come fill me up. And he did.

This morning he wanted to cuddle and hold her close. So in one motion, he rolled her to her side and pulled the blankets over, enveloping her completely in their warmth. One arm made its way to her breasts and the other slipped south between her thighs, to where he entered her. He marveled at the contrast — his hard cock and her soft flesh, both made wet and slick by her arousal. He gathered the moisture with his fingers and moved them forward to brush against her nub.

She whimpered. He took it as a compliment.

“Babe, do you want to come like this?”

She whimpered again — two sounds actually? A “Mm-hmm,” maybe? A yes? He played dumb and smiled into the back of her head.

“Can’t hear you love.” He brushed against her again, and she stiffened.

“Yes — please — I want to come!”

He almost teased her more, but he felt she was on the precipice, and that wouldn’t be very nice now, would it? He slid his fingers against her wetness again, this time deliberately making firm circles against her. She sighed, feeling some relief.

“Is this good?”

“Yes, like that.”

The laid like that for some time, his hand squeezing her breast, and his fingers working masterfully between her legs. She felt him kiss her head and bury his face in her hair. His hot breath tickled the back of her neck. She rolled her hips, grinding her ass against him, finding a rhythm. She felt the tide of pleasure rise within her again.

When her hips began to rock against him, he shifted his hand slightly to meet her efforts. That seemed to push her to the edge.

“D-don’t — don’t stop!” she whispered urgently, and he was happy to oblige. His hand continued its work, suddenly very wet and slick. His other arm held her tight against him. She gasped, as he pushed himself deep to ride through her climax.

For her, her last orgasm had been sharp and fast and excellent in its own way. This one came on slow, and felt fuller – and deeper – as her body squeezed against his invading flesh. She grimaced as she bucked against him with low moans. He felt the exquisite pleasure of her pussy spasming around him. Her orgasm washed over her in waves. She was almost too much for him, and it took everything within him to keep control.

He held her there nilüfer eskort bayan for a moment, loosening his arm to let her inhale more freely again. Suddenly warm, he lifted the blanket away so they both could feel the fresh, cool air on their skin. The tension melted out of her body, and her breaths softened as she relaxed. She turned her head, blinking in the darkness. Reality came back into focus. He brushed her hair out of her face, stroking it away so he could give her a long, deep kiss that devolved into several smaller ones. She grinned up at him deliriously, enjoying the attention and relaxing in his arms. She closed her eyes and he wondered if she might doze off. He gently – but firmly – pushed his pelvis against her to reminder her that he wasn’t done.

Understanding, she disengaged and pulled away from him slowly. He felt suddenly cool – and she, bereft – as he pulled out of her warmth. She slid onto her back and tugged him over her.

He pressed into her again, easy and luxuriously slow. She sighed with satisfaction as he laid on her, and felt the warmth his body against hers again: first his groin and thighs, then his belly, then his chest. He kissed her lips and face before he slipped his arms behind her shoulders and gathered her close, rubbing his face against the side of hers and her neck. She closed her eyes again, and was overwhelmed by his closeness. They stayed like that for several moments.

The days’ light appeared in the window as he began to move within her. Slow and steady, in and out. She opened her eyes and used her fingers to gently pat and scratch the back of his neck. She knew it wouldn’t be long, but she rolled her hips against him all the same.

“Please baby, I’m ready for you. Please come for me…” she mewled happily, urging him forward to the end.

Her desire for him supercharged his for her. His thrusts rose to a faster and firmer rhythm. Something inside him seemed to crest, and release, and he let out a low growl. He knew there was no stopping him now. He pushed deep, bottoming out again against her cervix.

This time it was her turn to hold him close. Her arms wrapped around his back while her legs locked him tight behind his thighs. She squeezed her pussy with all her might. His hips jerked forward, as if trying to bury himself deeper still, flooding her with his seed and grunting with each spurt.

When he finished, his weight settled on her in the familiar way she loved. They dozed like this for minutes, sighing happily and counting eachother’s breaths. The room was heavy with the shared scent of their sex. Occasionally he would nuzzle his face in her neck. She turned to the window and watched the sun peek over the horizon.

His softening cock slipped from her, and she felt his runny release drip down her thigh.

A growling stomach interrupted their reverie. They both laughed.

“You must be hungry,” she said.

“You made dinner. I’ll do breakfast.” He pulled away from her and suddenly she felt the cool morning air against her skin. She pulled the blanket close.

“Shower first?” she asked. With me? was the unspoken implication.


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