Michelle Turns Sixty Six

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Greetings all; in my stories my characters exist in my head, but there might be real life inspirations for some of them. Who knows?

This time I decided to allow my latest protagonist to tell the story of how she re-ignited her sex-life at the age of sixty six. Without further ado I give you Michelle Dee.


A few months ago I was in bed on a Friday evening scrolling through my timeline on the popular new social media site named GossipBook when I saw a post from someone named Ron wishing me a happy retirement. The name seemed familiar but I couldn’t place it right away. I didn’t want to be rude, so I decided to respond to his post writing, “Thank you so much.”

He replied almost instantly and was quite complimentary, writing, “I miss seeing that beautiful smile you always had on your face when I used to stop by your office.”

I quickly invited him into my DM so that everyone wouldn’t know my business and wrote, “With whom am I speaking?”

“I’m the guy that used to service the copiers at your work about ten years ago,” he replied.

As soon as he told me who he was I remembered that there had been sexual energy between us, but we were married to other people at the time…and even if we’d been single I felt like I was way too old for him.

“Hi Ron,” I wrote, “How have you been?”

“I’m doing good, thanks for asking,” he responded.

“How is your wife?” I asked, hoping to discourage him from hitting on me if that was what he had in mind.

“I’m single now,” he replied lightheartedly.

In a later conversation he told me that he couldn’t bring himself to discuss the details of his situation at the time so he wrote, “How are things with your husband?”

I assumed he meant that he was divorced, so I wrote, “I’m divorced too, welcome to the club.”

He responded writing, “Okay, so what do you do for fun now that you have all your time to yourself?”

“Whatever I want,” I wrote then added “lol”.

Ron replied with an “lol” too before writing, “Its been a long time, I’d like to see you again, you know, face to face, if that’s alright with you.”

The awkwardness I felt a few minutes earlier came back and I could only manage to write, “I don’t know, I’m awfully busy most of the time, but thank you so much for your well-wishes.”

I’d always discouraged his advances, but he didn’t miss that I didn’t flat-out tell him no, so he wrote, “I’ll be in touch.”

After writing, “Talk to you later,” I then did exactly what you’d expect me to do; yep, I went to his GossipBook page to check him out.

He didn’t have a lot of personal content there, but then neither did I on mine. The good news was, there was a picture of him that had been taken since I’d last seen him. It showed a handsome older version of the man I’d secretly lusted for. Looking at his picture caused my clit to thicken and my pussy moistened. If I were honest with myself I’d have to own that I’d always wanted to fuck him, but even though we were now both single our age gap still felt too big for me.


Ron told me later that he actually hadn’t thought about me for years prior to seeing my name on GossipBook a few days ago, when I commented on a mutual friend’s timeline. He then checked out the pictures of me on my page. I’d aged, but I’d done so gracefully since the last time he saw me. I’d never been pretty in the classic sense but I was always classy.

That being said, I was more than surprised when he later admitted to me that my looks weren’t particularly important to him anyway; the thing that had attracted him to me was my resemblance to his mother.


In the weeks that followed our initial conversation on GossipBook I kept him at arm’s length and frequently reminded him of our age difference, but he kept coming back into my DM. Part of me was saying there just couldn’t be anything between us, but another part was flattered by attention from a much younger man. I finally accepted his invitation to lunch so I could see him face to face and make a decision once and for all time.

We met at noon for lunch at A Quaint Lil Bistro where we talked about our lives, and he poured out the thoughts and feelings about me that I’ve mentioned. To my surprise we connected in a way we hadn’t done through messaging each other. Before I knew it three hours had passed and I was enjoying his company so much until I didn’t want our visit to end.

When he walked me to my car I invited him to sit and talk for a few minutes before leaving the restaurant parking lot. It must have been obvious what I wanted because as soon as we were inside he leaned over from the passenger seat and kissed me. I held my lips together for a couple of seconds as his tongue pressed against them so he’d have to persist. He did and I gave in, allowing his tongue to plunge into my mouth with force and passion, and after a couple of seconds I began to suck on it.

However he abruptly took his tongue back into his mouth causing the kiss to be broken sooner than I wanted, Uzun porno so I grasped his face in my hands and attacked his mouth with mine and threw a yard of tongue down his throat. I suspect that my kiss caused his dick to stiffen and is hardon must have taken control of his thoughts and actions because he went all in. We sucked each other’s tongue and the kiss was wet and sloppy just the way I like them.

We went at it like teenagers for a couple of minutes. I was moaning softly into his mouth as he kneaded my breast; all the while holding him by his wrist to keep his hand from going underneath my clothes. I hadn’t been with a man for a long time, and he was young and good looking…and I ended up having a small orgasm from our foreplay. I broke our lip-lock afterwards, then opened my eyes before trying to regain my dignity by saying, “We shouldn’t have done that.”

Ron mumbled an ‘I’m sorry’. I immediately noticed the change in his expression; his sudden long face meant something was wrong. “What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing really,” he tried to lie.

“Don’t lie to me,” I said.”

Ron could only muster a half smile as he said, “You’re right, we shouldn’t have done that. It just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.”

He’d previously told me the basics circumstances of his wife’s passing, so I recognized his dilemma immediately. He’d thought of his late wife and it caused a pang of guilt to grip his balls. “Ron, I have a sense of what you’re going through,” I said in a serious yet sympathetic tone. “I grieved for the loss of my husband even though I’d wanted our marriage to end, and I know dealing with your wife’s passing has to have been so much tougher on you. But here’s the good news, you can get through it and come out the other side like I did.”

Ron looked at me with eyes glistening with tears that he was bearly holding back. I looked into his eyes for a long moment before deciding to try a different tactic. I reached for the large bulge between his legs, then grasped his still semi hard dick and looked deeply into his eyes. Even though I wanted to take it out of his pants and jack him off I said, “You’re still alive; you owe it to your wife to move forward with your life and be happy.”

We left it there for the time being.


We didn’t message each other or talk for the next few days but I fell asleep every night with him on my mind, and when I woke up in the mornings I was filled with sexual thoughts of him. I hadn’t felt that way since I was a young single woman. I’d been adventurous back then but I married a man for love, even though I knew that he was vanilla during sex. He was a good man and a great father, but I owed it to myself to get the kind of sex that I wanted so I was out of there as soon as my daughter left for college.

Unfortunately the men my age that I’d had sex with since my divorce hadn’t made my toes curl either. I had no idea what Ron could do, but I reasoned that a forty six year old man would be more likely to give me the kind of fucking I needed than the men my age had. That being said I still couldn’t see dating a man his age.

On this particular day I laid in bed a few more minutes before sitting on the edge of it and stretching. It was my sixty sixth birthday, and I was newly retired. My best friend Cathy would be coming by soon to take me to brunch and then shopping. I glanced at the clock and saw that I’d stayed in bed too long, and now I’d have to hustle to get ready in time.

A half hour later I’d showered and was looking through my panty drawer for a pair of undies to fit my mood. I stopped searching for a second when I caught my reflection in a mirror. I then admired my curvy frame; I’m five foot ten, and referred to as big boned by those who find that body type appealing. Overall I’d developed the look of an elegant older woman, but I thought my breasts looked smaller than they used to be, and my skin certainly wasn’t as tight anymore. But when I cupped my titties in my hands they filled them to overflowing, and when I rubbed my tummy and thighs before squeezing my ass, it occurred to me that my softness would make me feel more comfy to a man snuggling with me.

I then picked out a pair of sensible panties and stepped into them…I’d just finished putting on my bra when my bestie let herself into my front door and called out to me, “Michelle it’s me; where are you?”

I yelled with my inside voice when I responded. “Cathy, I’m in here,” I said.


Cathy and I met in college, developed a secret bond and have remained close every since. She was one of my bridesmaids and I stood up for her when her and her partner committed to each other. Through the years we’ve supported one another during good times and bad.


When Cathy found me I was standing at my vanity in my bra and panties cleaning my pours before doing my makeup. It took me all of two minutes to apply mascara and eyeliner. “There, I’m done,” I announced as I turned to look at her. Öğrenci porno She was biting her bottom lip and she had a thirsty look in her eyes as she looked at me.

I glared at her and said, “Why are you looking at me that way?”

She grinned sheepishly for a second then said, “How am I looking at you?”

“With your bedroom eyes, you look like a lioness stalking your prey, that’s how,” I replied. “You haven’t looked at me that way for forty years.”

“Thirty five,” she corrected me, then said, “I’m gonna let you do the same thing to me you used to do.” Then she lifted the hem of her dress and I saw the modest sized bulge in her panties caused by her cock. This was our secret; only her late partner and I knew she was transgender. She even travels to another state when she goes to the doctor to make sure nobody around here finds out.

We hadn’t played around since my wedding, even after my divorce. “You’re not playing fair, you know I can’t resist sucking that,” I said before dropping to my knees and pulling her tight fitting microfiber briefs down far enough so I could wrap my fingers around its shaft.

“Suck it just like you used to,” she commanded.

I stared at it lovingly for a long moment before giving the head a few licks. It could only get semi-hard and was about four inches long and not very thick after years of her being on HRT. I took all of it into my mouth and sucked it so hard until my cheeks caved in. After sucking on it for a while I started pumping it inside my fist while I pleasured its head with my mouth.

Cathy shot her tiny load down my throat after a couple of minutes, then breathlessly said, “Happy birthday,” and giggled.

I stood up and drank some of her coffee, then said, “I’ll be back in a minute,” before heading into my closet to get the sundress I’d planned to wear.

“You should wear your sleep dress too,” suggested Cathy.

“Alright,” I responded. Minutes later I turned to my left, then turned to my right as I looked at myself in my vanity’s mirror and shook my head. “Cathy I can’t believe I let you convince me to buy this dress the last time we went shopping; its essentially a nightgown. Look how thin the material is. What was I thinking anyway?”

“Oh for heaven’s sake, would you get out of that mirror and lets go,” Cathy implored me. “We already went through this. It’s a sleep dress; they’re made to be worn all day. I’m not even wearing panties with mine. You look fine; the only thing anybody can see is that you have a big ass.” She snickered afterwards and she might have snorted.

I looked at my longtime friend and scowled before saying, “You’re just jealous that you don’t have a big juicy ass like mine.” Then I inspected myself one last time to make sure people wouldn’t see anything through my dress.

“C’mon, let’s go,” said Cathy.

I sighed dramatically, then grabbed my purse and protested halfheartedly one last time. “I’m sixty six and here I am going to a nice restaurant wearing a nightgown like I’m one of these kids who wear pajamas everywhere.”

“Will you stop that!” said Cathy.

“Stop what?” I asked.

“Mentioning your age,” she replied. “Age is just a number.”

“You won’t feel that way in a couple of years when you turn sixty six too,” I suggested.

“I bet I will,” countered Cathy as she shifted her sportscar into drive.


A few minutes later while Cathy was driving us to the restaurant I was scrolling through my timeline on GossipBook and still complaining about my dress. “I feel naked. We might as well be wearing just our underthings,” I said. “I don’t like being so obvious that I’m looking for attention.”

“Girl please,” responded Cathy, “You used to go out clubbing without underwear while wearing dresses way shorter than these.”

“That was forty years ago!” I replied.

“It was thirty five actually,” Cathy corrected me. “So what? Is there a law against being sexy when you’re in your sixties?

“Remember that girl who let a guy fuck her while she was standing at the bar in a crowded club, and I was right beside her? Did she stop existing because you turned sixty six?”

It took me a moment to recall the time Cathy was talking about, but when I did I called on the Holy Spirit saying, “Oh my God! Jesus please forgive me.”

“You better not tell anybody, even after I’m dead,” I warned her, “Or I’ll tell everybody at our church that you had your hand under my skirt playing with us while he was doing it.”

Cathy laughed dismissively before issuing a threat of her own saying, “And I’ll tell everybody at our church that you’ve sucked as many dicks as I have, and you’ve given up as much pussy as I’ve given up ass.”

“I have not.” I protested, but I couldn’t keep from laughing too.

“See, you can’t even lie about it with a straight face,” Cathy grinned,

“Okay, I admit it I went through a slut phase when we were in college,” I finally confessed.

“After college too,” Cathy added with a laugh.

I then glared at her and sighed. “We don’t have to be so obvious about what we’re after is all I’m saying.”

Cathy sighed too, “Once upon a time all we had to do was choose who we wanted, but we’re not young anymore,” she lamented, “Now we have to, you know…”

“Hope someone chooses us,” I said, finishing her thought.

Cathy sighed again before saying, “Do you want a birthday fuck or not?”

“You know I do,” I responded as my phone displayed a notification that I had a new post on my timeline. “Hm,” I said when I saw who it was.

“Who’s it from?” asked Cathy.

I glared at her.

Cathy glared back.

“Do you have to know all of my business?” I asked with playful seriousness.

“I sure do,” responded Cathy

“Somebody named Ron just wished me a happy birthday, if you have to know,” I replied.

“Somebody, huh? You’re not fooling me,” said Cathy with a smirk. “I’ve been watching him post on your GossipBook page for a couple months.”

I gave her an evil look before saying, “I should block you.”

Cathy called me a Bitch, and laughed.

“Remind me again why we’re still friends,” I said, shaking my head.

“You like the taste of my cum, that’s why,” replied Cathy, then she smacked her lips.

“You’re so country,” I said with a smile that turned into a laugh.

“That may be true, but you love me,” replied Cathy.

“Whatever,” I said, “Anyways, Ron was the account representative for the company that supplied the copiers at my work.”

“Oh girl, he was fine,” I said, with my tone of voice turning sultry all of a sudden, which got Cathy’s attention.

“Did you want to fuck him?” she asked.

I sighed before saying, “Cathy!…, I’m old enough to be his mother.”

“How young is he?” she asked.

“He’s twenty years younger than me,” I responded.

“That means he’s forty six. Girl, he’s full-grown,” said Cathy with a laugh. “You better give that man some pussy.”

I knew she was right but I still said, “You’re ridiculous, its not like that.”

“How is it then?” she persisted.

“He wrote something on my page a few months ago and we’ve stayed in touch,” I replied. “His wife passed away in her sleep three years ago, and he needed a friend.” The caring in my voice was genuine when I added, “She was only forty at the time.”

“Aww, I’m sorry to hear that about his wife,” commented Cathy in a sympathetic tone that was heartfelt and personal, considering the fact that she’d lost her partner to a stroke a few years ago.

We were quiet for a couple of moments and then Cathy said, “Girl this could be fate bringing you two together, you know.”

I responded reflexively. “He’s still a baby compared to me. I’m just not comfortable with being in a relationship with him,” I said sadly.

“Who says you have to be in a relationship?” asked Cathy. “Haven’t you heard of friends with benefits?”

“Hm,” was all I could muster before I resumed toying with my phone, but I was thinking about Cathy’s suggestion. A traditional relationship wasn’t an option, but dealing with him on a strictly sexual level didn’t feel as much like I was robbing the cradle. Besides, if I was honest I was turned on by his fantasy about his mother and our age gap made his kink even hotter, so I decided to respond to his post writing, “Thank you Ron, for remembering this old lady.”

He replied almost instantly and he was very complimentary as usual. “You’re not getting old, you’re getting better,” he said.

“Hm,” I made the sound before I realized it.

The ever perceptive Cathy noticed. “You’re messaging with him aren’t you? What did he say this time?” She looked me in the face to make sure I didn’t lie.

When I didn’t respond Cathy said, “I’ll fuck him if he’s too young for you.” Her comment wasn’t snarky.

I rolled my eyes at her. I’d suddenly become very possessive of him and my pussy had gotten wet. “Don’t you even think about fucking him,” I said sternly. It was time; I’d wanted him since the first time he walked into my office years ago, so I went back into his DM. We agreed to spend the day together on the upcoming Wednesday, and though he didn’t know it I had every intention of fucking him.

Cathy smiled from ear to ear when I told her about our date. “I want every last detail of everything you do with him, you hear me,” she demanded.


I had kept my emotions in check since Ron and I began talking, except for the one slip up at the restaurant, but now I felt free to be my true self.

Day by day I became more flirtatious, to the point that by Wednesday morning I was downright suggestive about the things I wanted to do with him.

I spent Wednesday morning primping like a teenager getting ready to go on my first date.

Cathy had talked me into buying some delicate undies specifically to wear. They were made of an ultra fine micro-mesh material that made me feel like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. Just as I slid them on my phone chimed. “Cathy your timing is impeccable,” I said when I answered. “I just slipped into my new panties and I feel like I’m still in my birthday suit.”

“Mmmmm, they feel sexy don’t they,” she asked.

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