Memories Ch. 05



This continues Memories. For the new readers it would be better to start at Chapter 1 to have a better feel for this chapter. Thanks for all the encouragement, comments and support from you that took the extra few minutes to drop me a line.

It begins:

After ordering the pizza, we hoped in the shower. The shower was not big enough to hold all three of us. They suggested I shower first, which I did. Erin and Jean then showered together and were giggling, laughing and chatting.

I had moved to the hall to finish drying and to find my robe when I overheard Erin say, “I am so glad we seduced Amy. She is so nice to be with and being what appears to be a slut like us makes it all the better. Don’t you think Jean?”

“God yes Er, I think we all are going to have such good times together. I am already leaking thinking of eating her again after we eat.”

“Hey, I get to eat her again before you do. How many times did you do it before I got here? Knowing you it has been more than once already.”

“Okay, okay you can do it again. Why don’t you get her to sixty-nine with you and then make sure she is on top and I’ll treat her with junior.”

“Jean your brain is always in sex mode. No wonder I like you so much.”

“I wonder if she has a boyfriend. We have not talked about it. Wouldn’t it be great if she did and we could get them to swap like our guys do?”

My heart was pounding in my chest from eavesdropping in on the conversation. What was junior all about and this swing/swap with them. Did they want me and my boyfriend to swap at parties? What have I let myself get into?

“Jean, just think it was you, me and our guys. Now we have four other couples. If we could get Amy and her boyfriend, we would be seven couples. That would make for an awesome weekend. Seven guys could fuck us. Wouldn’t that be hot?”

“Why don’t we concentrate on getting ourselves to feel good before the pizza gets here? We still have a lot of seducing to do with Amy before she lets her boyfriend fuck us.”

“Your right Jean lets kiss to shut me up.”

As they went about playing with each other in the shower, I let my hands play with me. I leaned against the wall, with my robe open. One hand was at my boobs, playing with my steel like nipples and the other hand was at my pussy. My lips were so engorged with blood hearing them saying sexy things to each other while playing with each other. My clit was like a very mini cock and so sensitive. I was timing my orgasm to theirs as they were driving each other to the big “O.”

When it hit them and they screamed, I let myself cum. God the bright lights that flashed through my brain. I jerked my head back from the impact of the orgasm and hit it hard on the wall behind me that I was leaning on for support. It hurt but my body was consumed in the convulsions of the cum that I ignored the hurt.

I then heard them giggling and the water was off.

I was wiping the leakage from between my legs with my terry robe when the buzzer rang. I rushed to make sure it was the pizza, released the security latch to let him in and ran for the money. I opened the door for him when he knocked on the dorm room door. When I took the pizza from his hands, my robe opened. His eyes bugged out and went right to my pussy, which was the only thing showing. I had the pizza boxes next to my boobs so the robe did not open that far to expose them. I turned, placed the pizza on the table, tied my robe tight but not before Erin and Jean had seen what had happened.

Then I heard, “Hi Mike, we were wondering if it was going to be you or Jerry that would make the delivery. Come here and give us a hug.”

I turned red and said, “Please one of you two pay him leaving the money on top of the pizza boxes. I need to do something.” I rushed into the bathroom, closed the door and began to cry.

I overheard some conversation between Mike, Jean and Erin but do not recall much of it other than, “I sure would like to make a personal delivery to your hot looking friend that disappeared.”

“Well Mike if things work out between us all maybe you can in the future,” came out of Jean’s mouth.

“Oh by the way, thanks for the pizza with the extra cheese that you brought to the party. Give our regards to Jill and hope we can get together before too long.”

Are Mike, Jerry, and the girlfriends all into this swing thing that I overheard earlier?

“Thanks ladies and tell your friend thanks for the free show. I do not need any tips from her ever. That was the best tip unless you know she wants to be extra generous. Nice seeing you two.”

I then went back to them knowing he had left and said, “Thanks for paying him. I was so embarrassed with my robe opening as it did and then with you guys knowing him, just made matters worse. He seeing us all in robes he had to put two and two together. I will die if he ever lays those beautiful eyes on me now.”

“Let’s eat, I am starving. We can talk about him later,” came from Erin’s lips.

I sat nervously nibbling the pizza with bursa escort them.

“What’s to drink around here Amy?” came from Jean, which startled me a little.

She must have sensed something and then said, “What’s eating at you, something is? Are you having guilt feelings of what we all just did together or regrets?”

“There is soda and water in the frig. Look, I could not help myself overhearing you two in the shower. I even stood in the hall and masturbated listening to the both of you. I’m sorry. But you guys were talking of swinging and swapping and then again it seems like you know Mike some how. All of this has me nervous and uptight.”

She placed the water bottle on the table, stepped behind me and rubbed my temples.

“Relax Amy, relax. We will be open and honest with you and nothing will be forced on you. You can choose everything and anything.”

Her hands now were messaging my neck and shoulders.

“Look, everything you heard is true. Erin and I love sex with different people of both genders. We have made a game of it to try to spot people that are like us but uptight to admit or do not do much about it. All guys want sex so we don’t mess with them until we have seduced their girlfriends, understand? Any way it is the girlfriend that suggests it to the boyfriend.”

“I hope you knowing this before we have gotten to know each other better does not cause you to have second thoughts about enjoying sex with us. We both feel you like what has happened so far. We would like to enjoy you more. Look, forget the swinging thing until you might want to try it. Erin and I will not suggest it to you, will we Erin, since we both know that you know we are into it. Believe me once you have had sex with our girl friends and lay your eyes on their boyfriends, then you might like to sample different guys but girls first, okay?”

By now, Jean’s hands were massaging my boobs through the terry robe. The nips were hard, pressing into the robe and Jean was making sure the palms of her hands were rubbing over them.

“Oh God Jean, you are making me so relaxed and comfortable. Thanks for talking straight to me. I want to be with you two and maybe your friends if I can get relaxed enough.”

“Com’on, let’s get really relaxed and play some more.”

“Is it okay if I get some pizza? If I don’t eat something, my stomach is going to eat me. I can nuke it to warm it up.”

“Oh we can not have your stomach eating you Amy. I want to do that,” came from Erin.

As we were nibbling the pizza, I heard from Erin, “Amy don’t think that this swing thing is a gangbang thing. It’s mostly two couples, sometimes three. We don’t have space or beds for a gangbang. Maybe once a month or two times a couple will hook up. Since we already know it is to play, we order in food, eat and chat. Then we sip some wine and watch a porn, not that we need it. We have already switched partners when eating so it goes very smooth because everyone is horny. During the movie, groping starts and it goes from there. After the first orgasm, we take a break. We eat a little dessert or drink lightly. You know guys need that recovery time. We switch back to our original boyfriends and have better sex than if we had not swapped because we talk about what happened. Most of the times we just fall asleep with our boyfriends. Sometimes a couple will leave for their place and not spend the night. If they do spend the night, we swap again sometimes before we call it a day the next day. So don’t let your mind take you someplace and it will not be that way, okay.”

“Okay Erin, thanks for clearing that up. I was already wondering how I could stay focused with seven hard cocks around.” Erin and Jean laughed hard at that comment.

Erin came over to me and said, “Com’on Amy I want some dessert now.”

When we reached the bedroom, we kissed. While kissing we opened each other’s robe and let them fall to the floor. We then pressed our tits into each other. I followed Erin’s lead. She had placed a hand on my mound with a finger searching for my clit. I copied her movements. Our tits pressed harder into each other when we made contact with the magic switch. We broke the kiss, buried our mouths into each other’s neck, and wrapped an arm around each other as we stroked the button.

“Let’s sixty-nine now, you on top.”

It looked strange when Erin had placed her head at the foot of the bed. I just then crawled up and straddled her ignoring her position. I was more interested in something else.

I jumped when Jean said, “Amy I am going to play with your boobs and finger fuck your pussy while Erin eats you. Your whole body will be consumed with lust as we make you feel good.”

I lowered my pussy to Erin’s mouth and my mouth to her pussy.

I wrapped my arms around Erin’s thighs so my hands could spread her pussy lips apart.

Erin was glistening with juices already. I’m sure seeing that increased my fluids for her. I began with soft gentle licks and flicks. Her clit was already hard. Erin did the same bursa ucuz escort to me. Jean’s one hand went between Erin and me and alternated between my boobs, massaging them and pinching the nipples while her other hand went to my pussy as she fingered me. From time to time Jean would run her wet slippery finger over my other hole. It almost felt like a kiss.

I knew that Jean’s finger had to be drawing out liquids from my honey hole as Erin called it, into Erin’s mouth. Picturing this, two girls in sixty-nine with another using her hands on the one on top, was making me very horny. I was consumed with getting off. With Jean’s finger fucking my pussy, playing with my boobs and Erin’s tongue on the clit; I was building for a major cum. When it hit me, I started to moan my cum on Erin’s clit but a second later I lifted my head and screamed, “Oh God, Oh God!” as my body convulsed into a gigantic cum with wave after wave of them rolling over me. I finally collapsed with my cheek lying on Erin’s mound, breathing as if I had run a marathon. When I came to my senses, Jean was sitting on the bed but something was still in my ass, and Erin was still licking me gently.

I looked at Jean and she had this grin and said, “Wow, you sure liked junior it seems. He sent you someplace didn’t he?”

All I could manage was, “uhuhhhh!” with a nod.

“Well hon, junior is a little dildo that I shoved in your ass just as you peaked which intensified your cum. You will really want to play and use junior a lot now I bet.”

“Let me take him out, clean him up and then I want you to use junior on me while Erin is eating me.”

Jean left, I lifted off of Erin and she said, “Amy your juices are so delicious and you really came a lot for me. I am looking forward so much to getting together with you off and on for stress relief.”

I lowered my lips to give her a kiss and said, “Erin I am thinking the same. You and Jean are really neat guys.”

Jean returned and showed me the little rubber dildo. She said, “Use it in my pussy and drag lots of the juices to my other hole. When I am ready to cum I will shout “now,” unless you can read my body. Shove it into my hole and fuck me fast with it so I can drown Erin.

I stimulated Jean as she had done me when she was in position. With all the moans and slurping noise, I was getting very horny. I looked between my legs, knowing the blood had rushed to my pussy lips. They were blood filled; the clit was clearly visible and throbbing for attention. I just continued to stimulate Jean with my hand on her breasts alternating between them, jamming junior into her pussy and every few strokes let it come out and bring juices to her other hole. Now I knew why she was doing that to me. It was lubricating things so it would go in smoothly.

I sensed her cum was approaching because her pussy clamped onto junior making it more difficult to shove in. I saw her raise her head to yell but before she could, I jammed junior into her other hole. She arched and screamed her pleasures. I pulled my left hand from her breast and flipped my switch, screaming out my orgasm, collapsing with my face in the center of Jean’s back. The convulsions automatically were shaking my arm to continue junior’s assault. Erin had then joined the chorus with thrashing and moaning her cums. It was a mass of three bodies shaking with the pleasure of sex.

When we had recovered Jean said, “My God Amy, that felt like you had lots of experience with junior. My God that was an awesome cum. Erin she needs to do you now.”

Erin got into position and the whole scene was repeated even with me cumming again as hard because it was Erin that I was using junior on.

We collapsed, and snuggled. Erin woke up first and said, “Wake up guys its 8 o’clock. We will be late for classes if we don’t get our asses in gear.”

We all rushed around with showers and getting clothes and hugging byes.

My mind was reliving the night events. I should have stayed home because I remember nothing from the classes that day. I was rewinding the day before and night repeatedly. When I got in that evening I nuked some left over pizza and crashed.

The next day I saw Erin in class and we grinned and winked at each other. After class, we chatted and she asked if I was okay and all. I assured her I was. She asked if I had chickened out about the upcoming party at Jeans and I assured her no.

I had to change my pantie liners several times during the course of the day because every time a girl smiled at me I was wondering where her mind was. Sometimes my mind went between her legs.

The rest of the week seemed to fall into a routine. The changes in pantie liners became less as I was adapting to this new normalcy. In addition, I was again ignoring smiles from my gender and my mind was not drifting to sex.

I had a date with Rob, my boyfriend scheduled for Friday night. Thursday night he called to cancel the date. Some type of re-schedule swim meet was to take place. He suggested bursa elit escort we could meet after the meet when they got back into town around 11 PM. I agreed.

He came by about 11:30 and pushed the buzzer. When I spoke with him to make sure before I unlatched the door he asked me to come down and talk. He said he did not want to come in because he was sick and might puke. I went down to meet him. He was white as a ghost. I suggested he go home. I asked him what happened. He said half the team got sick and hour after stopping for some food at a fast food place. The coached told them probably food poisoning and to get to the hospital if it got bad but probably pass in 12 hours. I walked with him to his car, we hugged and I could feel his cock growing. I pulled back and said, “Well that thing isn’t sick obviously,” as I petted it in his pants. I guess it isn’t Amy. Feeling his half-hard cock made me horny and depressed knowing I would not get to feel it inside of me. We hugged some more, and then kissed goodnight and said he would call when he arrived at his place to let me know he got there okay.

I went back to my unit and as I was climbing the stairs to the second floor, I heard someone jumping down steps, cursing from the stairwell above coming in my direction. I knew from the sounds of things the person was pissed. Just as I reached a landing to turn to go up a few more steps to my floor the person coming in my direction swung around the corner and slammed into me.

Luckily, I was holding onto a handrail or would have gone for a tumble.

I closed my eyes for a second or two and heard something hit the floor. When I opened them, there was a guy picking up his pizza delivery container. He lifted his head and we both stood in silence staring each other eye to eye, which seemed like an eternity. It was Mike.

After the shock wore off, he took his cap off and asked if I was okay or hurt. I nodded all was well. He then apologized for the slamming, the noise and colorful language. He then said, “Amy if you are not in to big a rush let me explain. Please sit here and chat with me until I cool down. I am really pissed.” Looking into those eyes, I melted and knowing he was really pissed, he got some sympathy from me. I made a motion to sit on the steps.

“From listening to you coming down the steps I am guessing you got stiffed.”

“Yes, Amy I did for thirty bucks. Now I am sure the pizzas are wrecked from me dropping them so it’s out of my hide, otherwise I could have called in and if there was an order like it, I could make a quick delivery of it and I would be okay.”

I watched him hold his head with his elbows on his knees. “I guess I call it in and call it quits for the night. My attitude will suck around people now. Tips amounts drop late like this anyway. People are drunk and spent the last of money on the pizza and not much left for tips.”

Looking at him with his brown wavy hair and green eyes with long eyelashes brought back the memories of Monday night when I first saw them and thought how pretty they were. Whatever possessed me to place my arms around him, on his shoulders I will never know.

He turned and looked me in the eyes and said, “Amy you sure know how to make it seem all right.”

He kept looking at me as if he wanted to say something but was unsure of himself. So I said, “Mike what is it that you want to know or ask?”

“Amy there is lots I want to know and ask but maybe this is not the right time or place.”

I sensed some of what he wanted to ask had to do with Monday night’s pizza delivery. I also knew I had to face the issue eventually because I would maybe see him making deliveries with no chance to explain.

“Mike does some of it have to do with Monday’s delivery?”

He turned and looked at the steps and said, “Yeah.”

I placed my hand on his arm and said, “If you are off duty let’s go to my room and we will clear the air because it has been bothering me.”

He turned and said, “Are you sure? It’s none of my business. I do want to apologize for looking at your privates but God Amy it took me so by surprise.”

“Com’on let’s talk in my room. Bring the damaged goods. Maybe we can salvage enough to eat some while we chat.”

When we got into the room, he opened his container and we managed to make one good pizza from two.

He then looked at me and said, “I have some beer in the car. Should I go and get us some?”

I was thirsty and replied, “Yes that sounds great with the pizza.”

As he was getting the beer, Rob called to say he was at his place. I could tell he wanted to chat but I needed to cut him off before Mike got back. I told him to get some rest and we would talk Saturday when he was feeling better. I managed to get the phone back in the cradle before Mike returned.

Mike opened the beer while I nuked the pizza to reheat it and set plates, napkins, tools, glasses on the table.

We sat down and took a few bites and swallows of beer. We looked at each other. I was wondering if he was going to break the ice or should I.

He broke the ice by saying, “Amy, my girlfriend is very close to Jean and Erin. Seeing you three in robes gave me the message that you are close to them also. I think that is hot. Before I say anything more is my reading of the other night correct?”

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