Melanie and the Maid



Mr. Anderson didn’t know what to do with the girl now that he was done. She remained in the inverted position until he felt he had to shake her out of it. It looked as though she may have stayed there all day, her red gaping ass shining in the sun over the top of her dripping pink chink. She had to taught some manners, this girl, and he knew exactly the person to do it

He pushed her so that she slumped against the stable wall. She stared back at him, a sly sexy smile on her face, her eyes half closed, her tongue protruding every now and then.

Anderson felt his cock stir. Jesus! He could take her again now, if only he had the time.

He thought for a moment. He really couldn’t leave her here like this.

He had to get back to her Father.

“Melanie!” He said. “Melanie! You need to wake up child. Gather your wits about you.”

He noticed his words made a little difference as she tried to respond and stand on her feet straighter.

“Did you enjoy that Melanie?” Anderson smiled, knowing what the answer would be.

“Oh yes. Oh yes I did truly enjoy that.” She smiled, the words dripping from her mouth as if they were the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted.

“I can give you more of that Melanie, but you will have to behave yourself in between times. You must learn to get your wits about you, because it too obvious that you are fucking at this stage, and your father will send you away if he catches wind of any of this.”

Melanie seemed to straighten up. Apparently these words were a shock to her.

“Send me away? But Father wants to prepare me for marriage. He would never send me away.”

Anderson smiled. The young woman was the most complicated mix of piety, innocence and hot red lust he’d ever seen. How she managed to walk around unscathed till now was a mini miracle of its own.

“Melanie, if you are presumed to not be a virgin, men may not want to marry you. Do you understand?”

A shadow crossed Melanie’s face. She couldn’t believe what Mr. Anderson was telling her. The wonderful post-orgasmic flush was starting to pass and she felt that these words were something new that she needed to understand.

“But why is everyone so happy to deflower me if it is such a crime?”

“The deflowering is not the crime, child. The knowledge of it is. You must make sure no one knows except your lovers, and they must be sworn to secrecy.”

All of this made sense to Melanie. Mr Anderson went on.

“Take a look at your attire now. You could not go out looking like this, Madam, for everyone will know that you’ve had a cock up your ass.”

Melanie flushed and for a moment she thought maybe Mr. Anderson would kindly place his cock in her ass again. But she soon saw him dressing himself properly. A movement that dispelled any of those hopes she harbored at the moment.

Melanie followed suit and started to rearrange her garments. She was sticky and wet between her legs and fluid continued to drip from her holes even though she was trying to get herself tidy.

“I am not sure I will ever be able to conceal it.” Melanie said softly.

“Nonsense! If we are to have this sort of fun regularly, then we need to ensure you learn the rule, that’s all. I would hate to see you deprived Madam, for you seem to want more of this. Am I correct in making that assumption?”

Melanie’s face brightened. “Oh yes! I enjoy it very much!”

“Well then, you need to speak to a woman about how to hide these things.”

“I can’t imagine who I can talk to Mr. Anderson.” Said Melanie.

Anderson smiled. “Don’t worry. I know the perfect person.”

It seemed to Melanie that Mr Anderson was deeply serious about her not being seen. All thoughts of horse riding were abandoned, as Melanie followed him along secret paths that ran between hedges and through small breaks in the foliage so that soon they were right upon the great house without having every crossed the fields or the beautiful sculptured gardens. Melanie followed Mr. Anderson getting a real education about the secrets her own home she’d lived in for her full eighteen years kept from her. As they walked, Mr. Anderson told her the old large home, that was really more of a castle, was also filled with hidden doors and secret corridors. Melanie knew of only one. The hidden door between her room and the kitchen that she had used to get midnight snacks many times as a young girl. She had no idea the walls encased others.

It seemed the first day as an adult opened up a world she had no idea could ever be this large.

Suddenly they were at the kitchen door. The very door where Melanie had seen Mr. Anderson and the maid only earlier that morning.

The maid was there, her black uniform and white apron in place, her large breasts safely back encased in her corset. She turned when the strange couple appeared at the door. At first she was surprised to see Mr. Anderson, but when her eyes wandered to Melanie, a look of understanding crossed her bursa sınırsız escort eye.

She ran toward them, and bustled them into the kitchen, closing the door behind them.

“For heaven’s sake, come in or you will be seen.” she chided.

This maid had been with the family for just over five years and Melanie was very fond of her, Although she had a good seven years on Melanie, except for the tutor she was still the youngest person in Melanie’s life, and Melanie loved to sit in the kitchen sometimes and watch her work. That had been a while ago however. As Melanie’s studies grew more serious, she had all but given up mixing with the maid. She watched her now, as she bustled about the kitchen. Images of the dalliance between Mr Anderson and herself earlier came unbidden to Melanie’s mind, and she found herself wishing she could see those breasts free of their bodice again.

“Cook will be back in an hour.” she said to Anderson, only giving Melanie a warm smile as acknowledgement. “Why did you bring her here?”

“Can you clean her up?” Mr. Anderson asked. “I’m expected back.”

The maid looked over at Melanie, and let her eyes roam freely over the young woman’s body. “What’d you give her?”

“First ass job. I have to get back to the meeting.”

The maid’s eyes sparkled with a lust so unmistakable, even Melanie recognized exactly what it was. A glance of heated recognition passed between the two women.

“Yes Sir, I’ll care for her. You go now.” She said to Anderson without taking her eyes off Melanie’s own. Melanie could feel the hear swelling inside of her. Despite the warm delicious feeling the tutor and Mr Anderson had brought out in her, this maid, when she was giving herself easily, was easily the most sexual creature Melanie had ever seen.

Mr. Anderson bowed, smiled and Melanie, and then was out the door.

The maid moved to a small door that Melanie knew led to her private chambers. “I’ll be taking care of you now Miss. You ‘oughtn’t be runnin’ about this way. Mr. had no right gettin’ you mussy when you’re not sure of fixing yourself up right.”

Melanie followed her into the small room.

“I need to learn how to conceal this from others, and Mr. Anderson felt you may be able to teach me.”

The maid turned and smiled at Melanie. “Yes Miss Melanie, I’ll teach you that, and a little more besides. I have a good two hours before I’ll be needed and that’s enough time for me to help you. But first, I’ll run you a bath. Take those clothes off miss, they’re all messy.”

Melanie started to remove her clothing, noting as she took it off how many stains of fluid and grass and dirt were now all over her clothes. She glanced in a mirror and saw that she had hay in her hair, and a few leaves. Her face was flush and the deep pink was flattering, but it looked very much as though she’d been fooling about with a man – there was no mistaking it.

Soon she had all her clothes off, and she stood naked, her hands across her breasts at the top and her hairy muff at the bottom. The air was now filled with the hot steam coming from the water in the copper bath.

The maid turned around and looked her up and down. She moved forward so that she stood very close, and gently pulled Melanie’s hands down so that her arms swung easily by her sides.”

“You’ve no need to be hiding from me Ma’m,” She said. “You’ve nuthin’ I haven’t seen.” She smiled. Melanie could feel her sweet breath on her own lips, the woman was standing so close. “What’d he do to you now?”

She smiled into Melanie’s eyes, making her feel safe and warm.

“He put his thing into my ass hole.” She said, feeling courageous.

The maid reached up and pulled a leaf from Melanie’s hair. Then she kept up the small gesture, stoking her hair, making her feel comfortable and safe.

“Did you like it ma’m?” The woman had that lusty glint in her eye again, and Melanie started to feel herself coming alive down below.

“Yes. I did. I liked it very much.”

“You know, I had best take a good look myself. I would like to be sure he hasn’t bruised or damaged you in any way.”

Melanie nodded, liking the idea of the maid taking a look at her behind.

“Come now.” She walked Melanie to the bath, and taking her hands in her own, guided her to take hold of the side of the bath. Then the maid moved around behind Melanie, and placing her soft feminine hands on her inner thighs, encouraged her to spread her legs. Melanie realized she wanted to take a look at her ass hole, presumably to be sure everything was still healthy. Melanie still felt raw and swollen down there, and some of Mr. Anderson s stuff was still flowing out, but all of that felt good rather than bad. But there seemed to be so little she knew of how these things should work, that she was grateful a more experienced woman was going to take a look.

She spread her legs, and arched her back a little so that the maid could get a nice clear look into her ass.

The bursa üniversiteli escort maid, whose name was Veronica, was thrilled her time with the fresh young woman had finally come. Without Mr. Anderson knowing it, she and the Tutor had many plans of what do to with the young Miss Melanie as soon as she came of age, and without the Tutor knowing it, she and Mr. Anderson had many plans for what they wanted to do to the young woman as soon as she came of age. However, what both of those gentlemen didn’t know was that she wanted Miss Melanie for herself, alone, and had many plans for those private parties also. This day was going perfectly. Both the men had a poke at her, and she was sure Miss Melanie hadn’t had a chance to wash between.

Veronica’s pussy started to clench when she thought of the men’s goo that must still be dripping from the sweet eighteen year old ass and cunt. The maid had many secret (and some not so secret) desires and one of her favorites was to suck cum from the body of a woman. Here was Melanie, spread before her, her asshole still a gape and smeared with a shine that told her there still might be Anderson’s stuff in there.

But even better, was the wetness she saw around Miss Melanie’s snatch. Was it possible that the little minx was having a good time? Did she even come with these gentlemen?

The thought drove Veronica quite wild, and she was determined to find out what she could teach the young woman to do.

She got to her knees between the spread legs of Melanie. She could smell semen and cunt juice. She moved her head forward so that she could see Melanie’s outer labia clearly. Sure enough, there was a fresh glisten starting to seep through. This young woman was enjoying being examined by an older woman.

Better and better.

“Miss Melanie, you should call me Veronica seeing as we’re to be close acquainted and all.” She said as she stroked her fingertips lightly over the hot round flesh of Melanie’s very ample ass cheeks.

“Alright Veronica. That’s fine by me.”

“Does this feel good Ma’m?” She said, as she let her fingers flit slightly toward the luscious divide that separated her ass.

“Mmmm… yes Veronica, it feels very good.”

“Is it alright with you if I take a good close look at your body down here madam?” Asked Veronica.

“Oh yes. Yes it is more than alright.” said Melanie.

Veronica smiled. Melanie was getting very turned on. Perfect.

As she stood, bent over the side of the bath, Veronica ran her hands flat over Melanie’s ass cheeks, allowing her fingers to settle into the crack. Then very gently, she pried the large fat round flesh apart from each other, making the gaping ass available to see very clearly. Just as she did, a large white glob presented itself at the edge of Melanie’s ass hole, ready to drip out, and down her body.

Veronica pressed her face into Melanie’s ass, and stuck her tongue in deep, cupping the goo and sucking it into her own mouth.

“Oh! Oh dear god!” Said Melanie. She squirmed. “Oh god, do that again!” she said.

Veronica was more than happy to oblige.

She puckered her lips and formed a seal around Melanie’s still loose ass, and began to suck as hard as she could, pushing her tongue in as deep as it would go at the same time. Fat hot globs of semen still filled the woman’s bowels and started to come floating out, landing perfectly on the other woman’s tongue.

Veronica sat on the floor, and pulled at her own skirts. Unlike Melanie, she wore no undergarments, so it was easy for her to get one of her hands to her snatch, so that it could get busy on manipulating her own cunt as she sucked all the male cum dump out of Melanie’s sweet ass.

Melanie had never felt anything like this in her life. She sensed Veronica sit on the floor, so she bent her knees, and spread her legs wider, pressing her asshole deeper and harder into older woman’s willing mouth. Melanie could feel the liquid flowing out of her body, and the heavenly feel of the long serpentine tongue scooping and prodding deep in her ass to drag as much of it out as she could. The sensation was driving Melanie wild. She’d never felt anything so good. The little spot above her slit started to burn as if it were lit by a match and fuck juice started to pool at the entrance to her aching cunt.

And then a miracle happened.

Veronica took her tongue out of her ass, and after flat licking the wrinkled flesh around it, slithered her tongue around to the other hole, and plunged it in there.

Melanie screamed. “Oh god yes!” She bent her legs further and squatted harder over the woman’s face.

Veronica moved further around, so that she could get both her hands on Melanie’s fat ass cheeks while she dragged the thrusting loins as deep into her face as possible. With her hands she pushed hard, forcing Melanie’s cunt harder into her face. She loved the way Melanie was reacting. She bursa anal yapan escort was going wild, starting to writhe and thrust deep into mouth. Veronica stuck her long tongue deep into Melanie’s cunt. She could still taste the tutor’s jizz in there, so she sucked hard dragging as much as she could into her own mouth. She gulped it down, swirling her tongue around the inside of Melanie’s snatch as she did so.

Then she gave Melanie the gift she fully intended Melanie to give to her. She moved her lips to Melanie’s clit, latched them around it like a vacuum and sucked the little cock-like flesh into her mouth. She held Melanie hard into her face, as she bucked and writhed over the top of her, cumming in wave after wave of Sapphic orgasm.

Melanie came harder than she had ever come before, and suddenly, Veronica was standing in front of her and helping her to stand as well. She didn’t have time to say anything, and Veronica s lips were on her own, giving her a deep passionate kiss. The older woman plunged her tongue deep into the mouth of the younger woman, letting her taste her own juice off her face. She kept kissing Melanie as she lifted her ample breasts out of their bodice, and brought Melanie’s hands up to feel them. AS Melanie started to grab and clutch at the sexy glands, Veronica pinched and pulled her nipples also.

Melanie thought she’d never known such pleasure.

Suddenly Veronica pulled away.

“How about that bath ma’m?”

“Oh, yes of course.” Melanie couldn’t help the disappointment in her voice.

But she turned and stepped into the tub. The hot water was very soothing and felt wonderful rushing immediately up into the well used holes in her body.

As soon as she sunk her body into the hot water, she lay back so that her head rested over the back of the tub.

“That’s perfect Miss Melanie. Keep your head like that.” Said Veronica as she quickly grasped at her clothes, ripping them off. The young woman looked stunning in the hot soapy water. Veronica needed to get off and she needed it bad. She hoped the training wasn’t going to take too long, because she wanted to fill this girls mouth full of cum.

“You’re going to do that thing to me now, Ma’m.” She said when she’d taken all her clothing off.

She noticed Melanie’s eyes travel appreciatively over her muscular body. She knew she liked what she saw. Veronica knew there was going to be a great deal of pleasure going on with Miss Melanie before she was married off.

She climbed a chair next to the bath, and holding onto one of the long large pipes that traveled over the top of the bat, she moved her feet to either side of Melanie’s face as it lay back in the water. Then slowly, grabbing bits of piping for stability, she lowered her own snatch over Melanie’s face.

“Just sit there Miss Melanie, and enjoy the feel of this. Feel my hairy pussy on your face. Smell it. Inhale deep Miss Melanie. Smell what an aroused cunt is like. Let me move it over your face, back and forth. See, I’m squatting on your nose – smell deep now. Now I’m putting my wet pussy on your chin. Now I’ll wash your whole face with it, see how much wetness its leaving all over your cheeks and forehead. Don’t move Miss Melanie, just enjoy the feel and the smell.”

Veronica rubbed her wet cunt over Melanie’s face, in big circles and in long strokes. She made sure all of Melanie’s face was covered in the slithery clear fluid that was now pouring out of Veronica s snatch. She held on to the bar above her, but bent her knees to a wide squat so that her gash was opening more and more, till long thin strands of fuck juice remained between Melanie’s face and Veronica s pussy. It was a stunning sigh. Veronica thought it might make her cum on its own.

“Now Miss Melanie, for the best bit. Stick out your tongue. I want you to suck me just like I sucked you. But just stick it out first, and I will fuck my hot hungry hole on it, and you can feel what that’s like.”

Immediately, Melanie stuck her tongue out. It was nice and long and fairly thick, slithering back and forth like a snake. Veronica knew she’d be coming very soon, but she wanted Melanie to really stick it in deep when she did. She pushed her damp crotch down to the girls face again, and her wide open and aroused hole over her tongue. Letting go with one hand, Veronica grabbed the back of Melanie’s head and started to thrust the girls tongue deep inside her.

Melanie couldn’t believe how hot it was to have a woman’s privates in her face. She loved the smell, it was the most arousing thing she’d ever experienced and the taste was just as good. Veronica was similar to herself, in that there seemed t be so much wetness, it was almost dripping onto her face. She tried to stick her tongue out as far as it would go, hoping to fill Veronica s snatch with her own muscle.

Veronica was really starting to enjoy herself. “Oh god yes. That’s it Miss Melanie. Stick your tongue right up in there. Let me cum in your mouth. Let me really cum hard in your mouth.”

Melanie felt the older woman gab the back of her head and really push her in hard. She raised her own hands to grasp the woman’s buttocks so that she could manoeuvre her closer to her face.

“Oh yes, Miss Melanie. Hold my ass. Stick one of your fingers in my ass – that’s it. Fuck my ass with your hand!”

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