Me and My Cousin Ch. 03


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So life has been good. I have frequently been fucking my wife and my cousin. My balls are pretty much drained. Seriously another dip and they will look like raisins. Since mid-March when I haven’t been working I have been fucking and when I haven’t been fucking I have been sleeping.

Tonight though is the big event. Chloe and Leslie have given me a few nights off to replenish my stores and build my stamina up. Tonight I go on my second date with Michaela, my cousin’s daughter. She’s 19 years old, about 5’9″ tall and weighs maybe 120lbs when soaking wet. The first date was just to get us comfortable being solo together. Tonight we got more personal. I asked her if she had fantasies. I could tell as she answered she was getting turned on. Her pupils dilated, her voice became husky and her nipples on those firm small tits stood out now.

“Well.” She paused with a cough. “If I was being honest I have touched myself only a few times. The biggest time being after the wedding the other night when you asked me to dance.”

At another of our cousins’ weddings I danced with Michaela. She had seemed nervous or shy that night. We got in the car and went to the hotel room I had rented. I had gone there early and filled the bed with rose petals, the lights were dim and as we walked in I started some light sensual music controlled by my phone.

I took Michaela in my arms, pulled her close as we swayed with the music. I placed my lips gently against her neck and she had shivers run up and down her body. She moved her lips toward my neck and placed a small kiss on my neck. I ran my hands up from her waist up her back and brought one around and rubbed down her flank. My thumb brushed the side of her breast. I reached up with the other hand and undid the dress at the neckline. My hand then worked down to the zipper and with one hand I unfastened the clip and unzipped the dress. Michaela stepped back and let the dress fall to the floor puddling at her feet. This was my first look at her with no clothes on. Her emerald green silk unlined bra matched ofise gelen gaziantep escort a pair of silk cheekys. I undid my tie and began taking my shirt off. She stepped forward in her black heels and emerald green bra and panties and began to unbutton my shirt.

As she reached for my belt line she stepped forward and placed a tiny kiss on my now bare chest. My pants hit the floor and as they did she rubbed her slender hand across the bulge that had long been formed in my boxer briefs. My cock twitched with her touch and she giggled. She then noticed that my underwear were soaked.

“It’s precum, you have had me so excited all night that my body has been preparing to enter yours!”. I explained.

I moved toward her and she stepped toward me, we embraced as she hung her arms from my neck. I placed a hand on the top of her firm but tiny ass and one on the back of her neck. We kissed full on slowly at first. Then I parted her lips with my tongue and she fell right into a French kiss. I ran my hand down from her neck and unclasped her bra. Michaela let it fall to the floor, now her bare tits were pressed against me. I couldn’t help moving my hand to her tit and taking the perfect yet small tit in my hand and running my fingers across her nipple. She shivered but not as bad when I moved my face down and began to lick and suck on her nipple. When this happened she leaned her head back, pressed her tit into my mouth and nearly buckled. I caught her with the hand in the middle of her back and ran my other hand to the bottom of her ass. I bagant pick her up and carried her over to the bed.

Once she was laid down I undid her shoes and tossed them aside. I kissed up her foot and leg to her inner thigh. I could see the wet spot on her silk panties and I could smell her excitement. I kissed into the crease of her leg and then licked the crease up to her lower abdomen. I pulled those panties off as I continued to find the spots on her lower abdomen that she enjoyed having gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort kissed. Once her panties were off I kissed up her body and began playing with her nipples. I ran my thigh between hers and began to rub it against her spackling pussy. Her back arched and she moaned as she began to rub her pussy against my thigh and I continued to enjoy these great tits.

I continued my tease by working my mouth back down her body. I got to her pussy and now for the first time realized she was completely bald. It was clear her mother had talked her into getting waxed. It made me wonder if maybe Leslie did the waxing. That thought alone made me nearly spray my cum all over the bed. I began going down on Michaela by licking and sucking on her outer lips. I worked from there inward and licked from her taint to her clit. When I got to her clit she began to buck against my tongue. I then held her clit in my mouth and began to suck on it. I moved down after her orgasm and began to lap up the cream that was dripping from her now pulsing pussy.

“Are you ready?” I asked. She simply nodded.

I put my cock head at her pussy and began to rub. I then placed the head at the entrance and began to slide it in. She was extremely tight but her body accommodated me with ease. I began to slide slowly in and out and she instantly started pulsing around my cock. I slid my cock slowly all the way in and felt my head slide up on her cervix and pressed into that spot just above. I began to fuck her deeply and slowly. She moaned as I did so. I could feel her whole body orgasm. I then pulled back out about a half inch, slid my whole body up and slowly pressed my cock in until the head slid under the cervix. I slowly and deeply fucked he like this until she had an orgasm. She was moaning and had tears running down her face.

She smiled as she said, “Thank you for this Sean!”

“You are most welcome!” I responded then kissed her.

Her pussy had relaxed a bit gaziantep ofise gelen escort and I decided to slide most of the way out of her pussy until just the head was in. I then slid my body down her pussy so that my cock now angled up pressing against the top wall of her pussy. I began to work in and out with a slow steady rhythm. I picked up my pace as I felt her g spot swell. I told her to just go with whatever she feels and not to hold back. I felt her pussy tense up and her body squeezed me out. I felt the familiar feeling of her body squirting forcefully on me. Her body shakes with the orgasm. I slid inside of her and did the same and she followed suit with another squirting orgasm. I did this through about three or so cycles. I then slid back up and allowed my cockhead to slide on the bottom wall of her pussy. She began moaning very primally and her pussy began to cream all over the place. I could feel the cream sliding out around my cock.

Finally I asked her to get on all fours. I lined up behind her and began to fuck her from behind. I started out slow but worked to a good tempo. Her pussy was pulsing and so was her tiny asshole. I set my thumb against it and began to rub. Her asshole swallowed my thumb and I continued to fuck her until her pussy clamped down on my cock and began to milk it and her asshole clamped down on my thumb.

She looked over her shoulder at me with those deep brown eyes and mouthed while moaning, “I love you!”.

“I love you too!” I responded as I felt my orgasm hit.

I dumped the contents of my balls into her virgin pussy. I twitched now as the orgasm subsided and I slid out of Michaela. Our combined juices slid up her pussy to her clit and fell to the bed. We collapsed into each other’s arms.

When we awoke I handed her a morning after pill pack that her mother and I had decided on. I explained to her how it worked. We then went on to the shower and cleaned each other off and hugged in the shower.

She finally confessed over breakfast, “I know you are married to Chloe and sleep with mom, but I want you all to myself. I don’t want to share you!”.

I said, “I understand! After last night I would definitely agree. That having been said it is the right thing to do and we can even set up something where it is all of us or some of us sometimes.”

She smiled and said she would like that. We finished our breakfast and made conversation the whole time! I knew one thing for sure: I could not wait for more.

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