Me and My Boy Ch. 08

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Sunday morning and I awoke in my bed, spooning my boy Billy, my hairy chest against his back and my naked hard cock pressed in between his lovely ass cheeks, one hand resting on the shoulder that was close to the bed, my other arm and hand wrapped around his firm body and holding his chest. Who would’ve believed it a year ago, that I would be in this position with my boy, let alone fucking him often. And together we had recently started fucking our two hot neighbours, Matt and Rob, on a regular basis. Even though Matt had a nice big cock, and Rob had a fuck hungry hole, it was always Billy I wanted to have sex with more.

Me and my boy had become sex-mad cock hounds with each other. He couldn’t get enough of my cock in his ass, and when he fucked me he took me to places I had never been. I loved the feeling of his big hard cock balls deep inside my ass, rubbing my fuck chute from all angles. The look on his face when he blasted his cum inside me and the feeling of his warm seed breeding my cunt just made me want his cock in me forever. When I fucked Billy, his pussy was like warm silk surrounding my cock. We fucked every day, but on weekends when I didn’t have to go to work we fucked more than once a day. On work days, Billy would often send me filthy texts or pictures of his cock, ass or him riding a dildo so that I was horny enough after work to race home, get naked with my boy and find release.

Lying here in the warm morning sun, I felt him moving against me, pressing his ass back against my hard cock. He took hold of my hand on his chest and moved it down to his cock, which I grabbed hold of. It was hot, thick and so fucking hard.

“Morning dad” he whispered, “happy birthday.” Yep, today was the day I turned 42. I kissed Billy’s neck and said “Morning sexy, and thank you.” He turned onto his back and pulled me on top of him so our bodies and cocks were pressed against each other. I stared into his blue eyes, taking in his handsome face and bed-messed brown hair, then he kissed me deeply, while his hands moved down my back and cupped my ass cheeks. He pulled my ass open, slid a hand inside my crack and started playing with my hole. He had fucked me twice yesterday, his cum was still inside my fuck chute making it wet and, as he termed it “juicy”. He pressed a finger against my opening, which opened up and swallowed his finger all the way. He pushed a second finger inside me and started finger fucking me.

“Mmmmm that’s a nice way to start my day, but if you keep doing that I’m likely to jump on your cock and ride you again,” I said. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and brought them to my mouth so I could suck on the juices that they were coated with.

“Well even though I would like that, you’re going to have to wait dad. I have a surprise planned for you today. So get your ass out of bed and into the shower while I go fix breakfast for you,” he said.

“What sort of surprise?” I asked.

“If I told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise would it? Now move your ass!”

I pretended to sulk but I did get out of bed and head for the shower. As I walked I let out a sloppy fart, and felt Billy’s remaining cum dribbling down my legs. It made me so horny I wanted to turn around, run back to bed, straddle Billy and slam his cock deep into my cunt. But when I looked over my shoulder, Billy was already in his tight white shorts and heading out the door to fix breakfast.

After my shower and other necessary ablutions, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the kitchen where I found a breakfast of pink juice, sausages, eggs, beans, toast and coffee all laid out on the table along with a small gift wrapped parcel on the table and a balloon with “42” on it floating in the air. I was lost for words as I took in the scene. My boy had done this for me!

“There’s the birthday boy. C’mon, get it while it’s hot.” Billy handed me the juice which I thought might have been pink grapefruit, but on tasting it realised it was my favourite of watermelon and raspberry. I had loved that juice since our holiday a few years back in Australia. I drank the juice straight down and he refilled my glass as I sat down. “Open your present dad,” he said. I tore open the package to deneme bonusu veren siteler find a black and red leather jockstrap, and a pair of handcuffs.

“Mmmm sexy. Handcuffs? Who are these for?” I said with a sly grin on my face.

“Put the jock on dad. Can’t wait to see you wearing it.” I removed the towel from around my waist and pulled on the jockstrap. It was comfortable and felt horny as my cock sat snugly inside the leather pouch, with my ass fully on display. “Fuck yeah dad. It looks so fucking horny. Keep it on, and nothing else. Matt and Rob will be over shortly, I’m sure they’d love to see you wearing it.” I had an idea what his “surprise” was going to be. Me getting fucked. I was only halfway right.

After breakfast, Billy went off to have a shower while I stacked the dishwasher. The jockstrap was making me feel very fucking horny. My cock was getting hard for no reason, the open air on my ass was making my hole twitch. My face did get a bit hot but I put that down to it being a hot sunny morning – our kitchen basked in all the morning sun. By the time Billy came back from his shower my cock was raging hard, with my knob head and quite a bit of the shaft sticking out the top. Billy was wearing his tight white shorts again, his semi hard cock packaged to the left. He kept looking at my cock poking out of the jockstrap and smirking. I felt so fucking horny I wanted to tear his shorts off and ram his cock into my ass. I was desperate for cock in my cunt. What the fuck? I thought.

Just then there was a light tapping on the patio doors. I turned around to see Matt and Rob standing there, smiling at me and waving another wrapped gift. Matt was shirtless just wearing loose shorts and from the way his big cock was swinging, he was going commando. Rob had on a leather harness and very tight fitting leather shorts that were so short, his balls were showing slightly out the bottom. I was going crazy with cock lust – I had to have cock in my cunt. The sight of these 3 horny fuckers dressed to emphasise their cocks was driving me wild. What the fuck is happening here, I thought. I’ve never wanted to see, feel, taste, or sit on a cock so bad.

“Hey birthday boy, happy birthday!” Matt said and gave me a kiss and hugged me, one hand grabbing hold of my ass and pulling me in tight. He smelt of soap, and his usual deodorant, I could feel his cock against my leg. Fucking hell I wanted to grab hold and eat it!!

Rob pecked me on the cheek and handed me the gift they had brought. “We thought you might be able to use this,” he said with a smirk. I said thank you and sat down to open the gift. Matt sat opposite me, the leg of his loose fitting shorts gaping open so I could see his semi hard cock nestled inside. My mouth was getting dry and I was starting to sweat, so I grabbed some juice that was left on the table and drank it down. Rob and Billy were whispering behind me and I thought I heard something like “did you give it him?” from Rob, and Billy say “yeah in the juice”, then Rob say “I thought so, he looks ready”.

I unwrapped the gift to see a 12″ lifelike flesh covered dildo called an ‘assbuster’. Holy fuck, I wanted to rip open the package and sit on it, I felt so horned up. My ass was begging to be fucked, and seeing Matt’s cock inside his shorts and Billy’s now very hard cock sticking out the leg of his shorts, I was hungry for fucking. Just then Billy leant forward and said softly, “dad do you trust me?” I thought that was a bit odd, of course I trusted my boy. “Yes” I replied. “We won’t hurt you I promise. I’ve just given you a sex enhancement tablet, although you’ve had a few glasses of juice so you might have had two. I know you don’t need it, but it will make you so fucking horny for cock, and keep you hard for ages. You’re going to be our fuck toy till we’re finished with you which knowing these guys could be a long fucking time. If you agree, we’re going to handcuff you to the bed, all of us taking turns to fuck your ass and mouth and ride your cock, use that dildo on you, fill you with all our cum and drain your fucking bollocks. You will be the centre of attention and focus for our cocks and cum. Oh and there will be someone else joining fransız ruleti us. Do you want that dad?”

Fuck did I want that? I thought. YES I fucking wanted that. I needed that. I wanted as much cock fucking my cunt as I could get, hell I was so horny I could probably have taken two of their cocks in my hole. I nodded my head but then stopped. “Who will be joining us?” I asked. Billy looked up and smiled. I turned around to see my brother-in-law Paul standing in the patio doorway. “Hi buddy, how’s you?” He said.

He was still a good looking guy though his hair had receded a lot. He stood 6′ tall and wasn’t wearing anything – his hairy chest now covered with grey hair. His body and legs still firm but not as full of muscles as he used to be. But his cock!! Fucking hell his beautiful big cut cock and those low hanging balls!! Standing fully erect in front of him, his nice, big, veiny, dripping and HARD cock. I don’t know if it was the viagra or if I was just becoming a cock slut, but fuck me it looked tasty. That drove me over the edge – I had to have his COCK! I needed to feel that cock meat in my mouth. I bolted from my chair, ran across the room, dropped to my knees and sank as much of his cock straight into my mouth as I could. No teasing with my tongue, I wanted to feel his cock deep in my mouth and throat and my nose pressed into his pubes. My ass hole was twitching and throbbing.

“I think he is happy to see you Uncle Paul” Billy said.

“He will be” said Rob. “Since he has been staying with us, he’s been like a fucking sex machine. He fucks forever, stays fucking hard, and he cum’s bucket loads.”

“Then I’m glad to see you as well,” said Billy with a big smile on his face. “Let’s get the party started. Look how dad’s cunt is twitching, birthday boy needs fucking.”

Someone bent down and started playing with my hole, rubbing it, finger fucking it. I spread my legs wider while still sucking on Paul’s hard cock. my tongue now playing with his knob head and running in and out of his piss slit. Now two fingers were up my ass fingering me. Then another two fingers from another hand were inside my cunt so four fingers were fucking me and stretching my hole. “His pussy is so fucking juicy. But I think we should make it really wet, what do you say guys?”

Paul pulled his cock from my mouth, and the fingers were removed from my ass. Matt and Billy picked me up off the floor and carried me upstairs to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. Rob put the handcuffs on me and then pulled my arms above my head, and tied the handcuffs to some ribbons that had been tied to each of the two bedside units. Where the fuck did they come from? As if reading my mind, Billy whispered “I wasn’t JUST taking a shower earlier. I did some prep work.”

“I’ve got to see his cock, see if it’s changed at all,” Paul said and grabbed hold of my jockstrap, pulling it down and off in one quick move. My hard cock stood pointing north, leaking and dribbling precum for all it was worth. The veins were standing out, the knob head purple and angry. Paul’s eyes widened “Fuck it’s more beautiful than I remember. And it looks bigger and thicker.” He wrapped his hand around my cock shaft and started wanking my cock. Each time his hands pulled up more precum bubbled out of my piss hole until my knob head was covered and glistening with it. Meanwhile the other 3 had stripped off – Matt and Billy were naked with raging hard cocks, while Rob still had his leather harness around his shoulders and top of his chest, but the rest of him was naked.

“Let’s get some lube up his ass and fuck him. He looks desperate for cock inside his cunt,” Matt said. “Rob start getting him poppered up.” Rob put an open bottle of poppers under my nose and held one nostril closed so I could take a deep hit then he alternated a few times so my head was spinning, my cock was raging and my cunt was gagging for cock. I felt something small and wet inserted into my ass and then inside my ass was suddenly wet. I looked down to see Billy with a small syringe squirting lube inside my pussy. “Get his pussy soaked, I’m gonna ram my cock inside him balls deep,” Matt said. He was rubbing lube over his huge hard cock mobil rulet so it was slick and slimy. “OK guys, let’s give this cock whore what he wants.”

Matt raised my legs in the air and spread them wide, positioning his cock head at my hole. Billy straddled my chest, his beautiful huge hard cock inches from my mouth. Then Matt plunged his thick length of cock meat all the way into my guts in one hard push. Fuck this just gets better I thought to myself. Billy lifted my head and rammed his cock into my mouth, fucking my face while Matt pistoned his cock in and out of my fuck chute. The lube inside my ass was making wet squelching noises and leaking out of my cunt each time Matt rammed his cock in. It hurt a little but felt fucking fantastic – both my holes filled with cock. After a few minutes Matt rammed home, I could feel his cock nudging my second hole at the back of my fuck chute trying to open it, and my guts getting creamed with his hot spunk. Paul bent down and started deep throating my cock. His mouth was hot and wet on my hard leaking cock.

Rob was standing to the side of the bed wanking his cock and keeping me fed with poppers. He said to Paul, “Don’t make him cum, I want it in my ass.” I was so fucking high, and loving all the cock I was getting. Matt slowly pulled his cock out of my gaping pussy and said “Billy, it’s your turn to breed your dad.” His cock was still hard and glistening with my ass juices and his cum. Billy got off my chest and stood at the bottom of the bed, holding his cock against my gaping fuck chute then he rammed his giant cock deep in me. I saw stars, his cock felt fucking huge and thick. He was definitely bigger than Matt as with each thrust he was pushing Matt’s cum against my second hole and I think he had more to give me.

Paul moved to the side of the bed near my face and I started sucking on his juicy hard cock. Rob straddled my groin and in one move sank my hard cock deep in his guts. His warm silky fuck chute surrounding my cock felt so good. I couldn’t move – Billy was ramming his cock in my fuck chute, Rob was riding my cock, Paul was fucking my face and my hands were tied. I was in fuck heaven, feeling like a whore.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Matt rubbing his still hard cock slowly. My ass was so stretched it was letting out squelchy farts each time Billy thrust his cock in me. Rob moaned as he rode my cock and suddenly his cock started spurting his hot white cum over my stomach and chest. He blew a huge load over me. I felt Paul’s cock get harder and thicker when he saw Rob’s cum load and he started spurting his cock juice into my mouth and throat. Five big spurts of cum that tasted so sweet and thick. I wanted to keep it all in but it started to leak out of my mouth and dribble down my chin to gather at the base of my neck.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again. Fuck fuck fuck!!” Matt said and walked over to the bed and sprayed his second load of hot cum over my chest. Billy tensed and fucked me harder, then said he was cumming, rammed his cock as deep as he could and blasted his hot load deep in my guts to mix with Matt’s first load. I felt his seed whitewashing my guts. Having so much cum on and in me pushed me over the edge and I started blasting my load deep into Rob’s ass. He must have felt it filling his fuck chute as he moaned, smiled and sat down hard on my groin so I was deep inside him emptying my balls.

Rob got up off my cock and as he did my cum started leaking out of his ass and onto my still raging hard cock. Whatever Billy had given me was still having an effect, the smell and feel of all the cum on and inside me was keeping me horned up. Billy’s cock slipped from my gaping cunt with a loud fart and cum started running out of my gaping well fucked hole. Paul moved so he was under my ass and started lapping at the cum as it ran out of my ass, licking my hole and pushing his tongue inside.

They untied me from the bed and took off the handcuffs. I felt like a cheap dirty whore and loved it. “Happy birthday dad,” Billy said as he bent down and kissed me, shoving his tongue to the back of my throat to sample any remains of Paul’s cum load.

“Look at him,” said Matt. “He is still hard, I bet he could do it all again. Maybe we should take a pill as well guys, what do you say?”

They all agreed and Billy went off to get what he had left. Paul looked at me and said “I’m next to fuck you brother-in-law. And I won’t be as gentle as those two were.” This was going to be my best birthday ever.

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