Maybe It’s Not So Bad Ch. 04

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I lay there in the cold room, with my blanket covering up my lower half, up to my waist. The fan spinning on high is the only sound in the pitch black room. I lift up my left wrist as best I can, and I click the ‘Light’ button on my watch.


I click the off button, and I lay my head back down. It’s been two hours since I fucked these girls, and I know I’m not going to be able to sleep. So I just lay there hoping maybe I’ll just pass out.

Everyone is asleep. Halie is resting her head on my chest, her hand is resting on my stomach. Kelly is resting her head on my right side, and Tiffany has her head resting on Kelly’s shoulder. All of the girls are lightly snoring.

I’m staring up at the ceiling, enjoying the cold, black room. My right hand is resting on Halie’s head. I don’t dare move and ruin this moment.

I stare at the black ceiling, and I rethink the glorious events of what all has happened. I notice that all of the girls are under their blankets, due to the ceiling fan being on high.

Sex, footjobs, me and Halie are dating. What else could I possibly want?

My mind thinks about Kampbell. Something clicks, and I start to wonder about her. First off, why was she so nice to me yesterday evening? I think of a couple more things, and I realize that I see Kampbell in a different way, a way a brother shouldn’t see his sister. I catch myself checking her out sometimes, her fit, cute body, her long blonde hair, her small, cute feet.

Matt, stop it. Thinking about my sister like this isn’t right.

I start remembering old times.

One time, when me and Kampbell were in the pool, she had a camel toe, and she just laughed it off, and she starting glancing at me a lot, after she found out I had noticed it.

And the time she had walked into my room uninvited looking for her phone in just panties and a bra. Some of these thoughts are starting to fall together like one big puzzle.

What if…

I stare up at the ceiling, watching the outline of the fan spin. I stare for a solid 10 minutes. I smack my mouth with my tongue, realizing I’m dying of thirst.

I slowly pick up Halie’s head, and gently set it down on her pillow. When I’m sure she stayed asleep, I sit up, and slowly stand up. I tip toe my way to the door, and slowly open it. I look back into the room as I take an excruciatingly long time to close the door. I don’t want to wake anyone up. The door shuts with a very faint click, and I let go of the bronze door knob.

I turn to my left, and slowly walk down the hall, and I practically turtle walk down the stairs.

I walk into the cold, dark living room, and into the connected kitchen. I open the fridge door, and dig around for an unopened FIJI bottle. Kampbell has a bad habit of drinking half of her drinks, then putting them back in the fridge. I found one after about a minute of scooting tupperware around. I firmly grab the cold bottle, and retract my hand out of the fridge. I shut the door of the stainless steel fridge, and I walk over to the counter, and lean back on it. I twist the top open, and begin to drink like I haven’t had water in years. I lean on the granite counter, taking short sips. I recollect the glorious highlights of everything that has happened recently. I still have trouble believing any of it actually happened. I still keep thinking I’m going to wake up.

I hear footsteps slowly approaching footsteps.

Halie walks into the kitchen, and stops when she sees me.

“Hey baby.” She says quietly.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I’m thirsty. And you woke me up.” She whispers while walking over to the fridge. She opens the door, and grabs the first bottle she sees, opens it, and starts drinking it.

“My bad. You know Kampbell drank from that, right?” I ask.

She pulls her lips off of the bottle opening with a light suction noise.

“I don’t care. I’m just thirsty.” She whispers. She walks over to the counter infront of me, and leans on it just like I am.

I look around the kitchen, the moonlight is seeping through the blinds above the sink. There is just enough moonlight in the room that I can make out most of everything in the kitchen.

“I love you.” Halie whispers to me, causing my heart to skip a beat. I turn my head to look at her.

“I love you too.” I whisper sincerely back to her.

This girl is my world. She means everything to me. I have loved her since I met her. Those big brown eyes, her sweet, angelic voice. I can’t believe she loves me. Me, of all people.

She sets down her glass on the granite counter, and walks over to me. She puts her body into mine, and lays her lips into my lips. We kiss passionately, like lovers do.

We slowly pull our lips apart.

She slowly kneels down infront of me, she squats down, and sits on her knees. She grabs the waist of my shorts, and pulls them down to my mid-thighs. I don’t have any time to react or think. My cock is semi-erect from our kiss, she calmly wraps her right hand around it, and starts a soft, faint jerking. Uzun porno

She stares into my eyes, and I stare back, cherishing this moment.

She kisses the tip, then slowly slides me about 3 inches into her warm mouth.

I slide my fingers through her hair. She starts a light sucking, from the tip to about an inch from the base. She wraps her right hand around the base, and squeezes. She resorts to short bobs, only taking in the tip. I let my head fall back, enjoying the moment and barely controlling myself due to the intense pleasure ringing throughout my body.

I look down, we both stare into each others eyes.

“Ohhh.” I whisper. She smiles with my cock in her mouth, knowing her effort is starting to get to me.

I hear footsteps.

Halie stops sucking, but keeps my tip in her mouth, and her big brown eyes look to the right, without turning her head. The footsteps grow louder. She quickly pops me out of her mouth, and stands up. I swiftly stuff my rock hard member back into my loose shorts. I look down at them, and see that my entire cock was pitching a massive tent. I put my hands into my pockets, close to my cock, which was not going to go down anytime soon.

Kelly walks into the kitchen.

“There you guys are.” She whispers.

“Yeah, here we are.” I say awkwardly. Me and Halie both look at each other.

“It’s late. Come back to bed.” She says clumsily, running her fingers through her bed hair.

Kelly turns around and walks out.

Me and Halie both look at each other for a solid 15 seconds, until we hear the footsteps fading away.

I take my right hand out of my pocket and point at the tent, that my still fully erect cock was pitching.

“Hmmmmm?!” I ask with a grunt, staring at Halie, while pointing at my package.

“It’s fine. We’ll go back to bed, and when we are sure Kelly is asleep, I’ll jerk you off.” She whispers with a growing grin. She bites her lip.

I nod, and we walk side by side, hand in hand out of the kitchen, and up the stairs. We open the door to the cold room and enter. We both walk over to our spots. I look at Kampbell, who is laying on her back. I see her feet poking out of the bottom of the blanket. I want to stop and stare, but I’ve got to get this ‘problem’ taken care of.

Halie lays down on her right side so she can face me. I turn towards her, and walk over to my spot. I kneel, then lay down on my back. Almost immediately she grabs my cock through my shorts. I put a finger up infront of her, to get her to stop, so I can ensure I’m listening to three different snores, ensuring the three of them are in fact asleep.

I put the finger down, then let my hand hit the blanket.

“Ok, we’re good.” I whisper in her direction.

She slides my hand under the waist, and I pull my shorts down to my knees.

She retracts her hand, and spits into it. She waps her soft, small hand around my cock, and starts jerking again.

She lays her head on my chest, and continues jerking me. She tilts her head up, and stares into my eyes. That simple action is what pushes me. I cum, but it doesn’t shoot. It oozes very quickly onto her hand, over her hand, and starts quickly sliding down my shaft. She moves her head down to face my cock, and slowly let’s go. She sticks her fingers into her mouth, then reaches down for the rest that escaped down my shaft.

“Yum.” She whispers, I assume she is looking into my eyes again. I’ll never get tired of those beautiful eyes, and she knows that too.

She sets her hand down on my abs, and snuggles close to me. I take my blanket, and drape it over the both of us. She scoots in even closer, seeking warmth. She sets her cold feet on my bare left leg. She sighs quietly. I reach my right arm down, and pull my shorts up, fighting with the blanket while doing so.

I lay my left hand on her left side, and slowly move my hand up and down her side. I set my right hand on her hand, which is currently resting on the middle of my stomach. She turns her hand around, and takes my hand into hers, squeezing tightly.

I close my eyes, and enjoy the cold air hitting my face.

I’m woken up to a cold hand slightly shaking my chest, and a small voice whispering into my ear.

“Matt. Wake up babe.” I hear in my left ear. I keep my eyelids closed, but I move my eyeballs around, not fully conscious.

“Hey, wake up.” I hear whispered into my ear yet again. I open my eyes, now at that stage of waking up where I’m aware of my surroundings, but still not fully awake.

The girl shakes me one more time, waking me up completely.

I turn my head and see Halie. She has her head lifted, looking at me. She has propped herself up on her side using her right elbow.

“Hm. Yeah what’s wrong?” I ask turning my head towards her. My hands are under the blanket, resting on my stomach.

She leans in really close to my ear. “Let’s have some feet fun.” She whispers seductively and quietly deep into my left ear. My eyes open up farther at those words.

“Right Öğrenci porno now?” I ask, tired.

“Not with me Matt. Them.” She whispers, pointing at the slumbering girls.

I turn my head right, to face the girls. I then turn back around and look at Halie.

She reaches behind her, and picks something up. I quickly find out it’s her phone. She puts her passcode in, and slides the brightness bar down to a minimum.

“Are you sure?” I ask facing her.

She gets up and walks over to Kelly, shining the phone screen down at the foot of Kelly’s blanket. She kneels down by where Kelly’s feet would be.

I sit up, and toss my blanket to my left. I watch as Halie holds the phone steady in her left hand, and uses her right hand to delicately lift the bottom of Kelly’s blanket, and set the small flap up on her Kelly’s lower calf. I stand up, and walk over to Halie. I realized I never took my glasses off before I went to sleep. I kneel beside Halie, who is now laying on her stomach, like Kelly is. I watch Halie as she eyeballs Kelly’s soft, slender soles.

I tap Halie’s shoulder, and she looks over her right shoulder at me.

“This isn’t a good idea.” I whisper to her.

“Shhh. Just enjoy it. Watch me or go find Tiffany’s feet.” She whispers back to me with two options. I sit and watch Halie for a moment. Halie slowly sets her fingers on Kelly’s right sole. She slowly runs her fingers down to Kelly’s toes. I shift my legs to attempt to hide a growing boner.

I stand up, and slowly walk over to the couch to pick up my phone. My fetish gets the best of me. I told you it’s hard to live with.

I turn my phone on, [4:31] reads the clock on my lock screen. I put my pattern in, and turn my brightness all the way down. I turn around, and walk around the room to Tiffany. I kneel down by her exposed feet. She is laying on her stomach as well. I lay down on my stomach like Halie is to get a better view of Tiffany’s small, pale soles. I look up at Tiffany, cautiously watching her for any movements. I look over to my right, to see Halie is smelling Kelly’s sole, but she has her phone down on the carpet floor, and her left hand is hidden under her stomach. Halie was rubbing herself while sniffing her friends feet. I suddenly feel an urge to touch Tiffany’s feet. I prop myself up on my elbows, and look down at her soles. I run my fingers down the length of her ice cold right sole. My cock buldges. I retract my hand, and start smelling her feet. They don’t smell much different from when we were under the bed, but I still enjoy it. I think about Kampbell, who is laying on her back. I crawl over to the foot of Kampbell’s blanket. I debate with myself. I really want to, but a part of me says not to. My fetish takes over, and I flip the foot of the blanket up with my right hand. I shine the light down onto Kampbell’s small, pale feet. Her right foot is resting on the ankle, so her arch and sole are both visable. Her feet are about a foot apart. I lightly caress her warm feet. I lay down on my stomach, and I put a gentle kiss on the big toe of her left foot. I kiss the arch of her right foot. I sit up on my knees, and pull my cock out. I start jerking myself. I suddenly feel Halie push her chest up against my back, she wraps her right arm around me, and grabs my cock. She starts jerking me.

“I already came. It’s your turn babe.” She whispers into my ear.

I stare down at Kampbell’s feet, and Halie’s hand. Halie angles my cock to point at Kampbell’s right foot. My cock is hanging above Kampbell’s foot about two feet.

I lean forward, and plant my right hand firmly on the floor between Kampbell’s slightly spread legs. I plant my left hand on the floor on the other side of Kampbell’s leg. I hover myself over her leg, like I got stuck trying to do a push up. Halie sits on her knees beside me, and proceeds to jerk me off.

I turn my head to face Halie. “Halie. I’m gonna cum.” I whisper to her.

I turn back and stare at Kampbell’s sleeping face. I feel Halie angle my cock again, to point at Kampbell’s right foot. Halie wants me to cum on my sisters feet. Sweet!

I expect my cum to ooze, not shoot, and ooze is exactly what it did. I hit my orgasm, and it seeps quickly out, and drips medium-sized puddles on her arch and some on her sole. Suddenly, I feel something on the tip of my cock, other than Halie’s hand, which is currently still pumping the middle of my cock. I look down my chest, and see Halie has lifted Kampbell’s left foot, and has stuck my cock between her insanely soft toes, causing me to ooze some more cum between all of her toes. I sigh heavily as Halie sets Kampbell’s foot back down. I put my right foot under me, and push myself up. I stand, and look at all of the cum on Kampbell’s feet. Halie kisses me on the lips, and walks over to her spot on the blanket. I fight with myself, but I decide to leave my cum on Kampbell’s feet. I walk over to my spot, and lay down. Halie again sets her head on my chest. She lets out a light sigh as she starts to get comfy. I reach yet again and drape my blanket over the two of us. She tilts her head up, and gives me one more passionate, loving kiss, then lays her head back down on my chest. I close my eyes, and set my hand on Halie’s shoulder. I feel myself slowly drift into much needed sleep.


I wake up to the smell of bacon.

I roll over on to my back, and stare up at the ceiling. I stretch my arms up a considerable length, and yawn. I stretch my legs, and give off a small grunt as I finish my stretch.

I look around the room, which is now very well lit up due to the sun. I look over to my left and quickly figure out Halie isn’t beside me. I look to my right, and see none if the girls. I look back up, under the realization that the girls got up before me,

I pick my left hand up, and look at my watch.

[9:21] reads my black Armitron.

I sit up, and scratch my left shoulder. I smack my lips, and yawn one more time.

I walk out of the room, and the warm air from the hallway hits me like a bus. Yeah, I obviously like sleeping in the cold.

I turn to my room, and walk in. I lightly shut the door. I dress myself in a tight, dark grey shirt. I chose it because it squeezes my arms and pumps my chest up. I put on a pair of black jeans, and I put my black and white Nike high tops on.

I reach up above my bed, and take my black Foxx hat off the rack, and put it on backwards. I look at myself in my mirror, and thank myself for going to the gym regularly.

I open my bedroom door, and walk down the hallway, and down the wooden stairs. I walk into the living room, and spot Halie and Kelly sitting on the large leather couch. They both look up me.

“Good morning babe!” Halie says standing up and walking over to me.

“Did you sleep well?” She asks, kissing me on the cheek.

“Good morning to you too. And yes, I slept very well.” I say happily.

“What about you?” I ask her.

“Good. Real good.” She says lightly squeezing my left arm.

“Good.” I say back to her.

I look over at Kelly. She looks at me.

“Morning!” She shrieks with a wave and a wide smile.

“Morning Kelly.” I say back.

Halie turns around, and walks back to her spot in the couch.

I turn and walk over to the closest of the two openings for the kitchen.

I walk in and see Kampbell and Tiffany making breakfast.

“Good morning Matt!” Kampbell says happily.

“Morning.” I say back.

“Breakfast is almost ready.” Kampbell says to me.

She turns towards me, and waves a piece of bacon in front of me.

“Bacon?” She asks, dangling the piece of meat five inches from my face.

“Nah. I’ll just wait for it ALL to be done.” I say hovering my hands above the food on the stove. I walk over to the rectangle-shaped formal dinner table. I pull out a chair, and sit down.

We all sat at the huge rectangular table in silence, eating our food like we hadn’t eaten in days.

“Me and Tiffany were thinking we should all go to the mall.” Kampbell says, breaking the silence.

“Oh yeah. That sounds fun!” Halie says perking up.

Kelly is nodding in approval.

“Matt?” Kampbell looks towards me, awaiting my response.

“Y’all know I’m not a girl right?” I ask.

“Yeah. Duh. I was just wondering if you wanted to go.” Kampbell says looking at me.

I think about it for a moment.

“Fine. I’ll go.” I say. The girls all jump up in happiness.

“Yaaay!” They all scream.


I’m standing in front of my dresser in my room, looking at my large assortment of colognes. I reach up and grab my guitar pick necklace off the wall, and slide it over my head. I scan my eyes over my colognes once more, and finally decide. I reach for my Polo, the Ralph Lauren cologne that I bought at the mall. I spray it on my neck, then onto my shirt. I click the top back on, and set it down back it’s place on my dresser. I walk over to my full length mirror, while adjusting my necklace. I stand in front of my mirror, proud of myself for hitting the gym regularly. I flip my hat forward. I don’t like looking like a thug, but I prefer a rugged style. I walk back over to my dresser, and pick up my wallet. I open it, and start counting my remaining money by the twenties.

I count five hundred and sixty dollars left. That tattoo really made my wallet take a knee!

I ensure my drivers license and I.D. are both in my wallet. I close it, and stuff it into my right back pocket. I turn around, and walk towards my light switch. I flick it off, and walk out of room.

I walk down the wooden stairs, and meet the girls at the bottom.

They are all dressed now. The girls don’t look like they spent much time on getting dressed. Kampbell is wearing blue jeans, with a white shirt that hangs over her shoulders, and white sandals that really show off her small feet. Her long blonde hair is down straight like usual.

Tiffany is wearing her red and white converse, and blue jeans that look so damn tight on her. Her shirt is covered up by a small white jacket.

Kelly is wearing very short, red and pink shorts, like the kind tennis players wear. She has on a pink shirt, with a faded design. She has on a pair of worn, black flip flops.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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