Mature’s First Anal Massage Pt. 02



Finally the day rolled around where Bill and Rita would be visiting with their portable massage tables. Needless to say my husband Walter and I were pretty excited from the anticipation of what we hoped would be a memorable afternoon. Actually, excited would be an understatement. We were so frigging horny we had all we could do not to have sex beforehand.

Bill and Rita pulled in the driveway right on time in a van. Walter went out to greet them and to help with the massage tables. They were big, but on rollers which made them easy to maneuver. Walter and Bill set them up in what we call our “game room”. A large room about 24 x 30 feet in size. It has a pool table, two pinball machines, large screen TV, sofa, etc., etc.

Once the tables were set-up Walter got Bill and himself a beer, and Rita and I a glass of wine. We then chit chatted for a while to get to know each other better, although we have known each other casually for about five years. The subject of previous foursomes came up when Rita asked if this would be our first, since it was for them. At least for them together as a couple.

I answered honestly and said no it wasn’t our first, but second foursome. Of which the first was fairly recently with a couple I said I would leave nameless, but I thought they might know them with it being such a small town we all reside in.

Rita upon hearing that boldly suggested maybe we could have a “sixsome” one day. While it never entered my mind I said it could open up a whole new range of possibilities for all concerned. I explained how a MMF get together led to our one and only other foursome, and how the “threesome” was arranged by Walter so I could fulfill one of my fantasies of being ass-fucked twice consecutively. But I said somewhat jokingly…”Ever since I’ve been fantasizing about being done three times consecutively in the ass.”

Rita’s eyes lit up about being ass-fucked twice consecutively, but she never said anything. There’s was no doubt in my mind from the look on her face the thought of a double ass-fucking intrigued her and had her thinking.

I ended the discussion by stating it might be a bit premature for us to be entertaining the idea of a “sixsome” as she put it. Plus we would most definitely need to discuss it with the other couple first, who might not be keen on the idea. I left things by saying Walter and I would give it some thought before talking to them about it. And for them to give it some more thought too.

Rita then changed the subject and suggested we get the massages done so as to set the stage for whatever else would follow.

I suggested they massage just our backsides instead of doing a full body massage since it’s both what we enjoy the most. Plus it would take less time than a full body massage.

Once we all agreed on an abbreviated massage we decided it was time to get naked. Maybe it was my imagination, but everyone seemed like they couldn’t remove their clothes fast enough.

Both Bill and Walter were already semi-erect. Obviously in anticipation of things to come. I’d seen Bill naked once before, but it was the first time Rita saw Walter fully exposed. Meaning his cock. She definitely liked what she saw and walked over to him and took it in her hand. She began stroking it and it didn’t take long before Walter was fully erect.

When it was, and while still stroking it, Rita couldn’t help but say…”What a nice cock you have Walter. Bill told me it was big and I’m pleasantly surprised he wasn’t fibbing. Can’t wait until the massage part is over since I’ve got big plans for this cock of yours.”

Rita by the way is a very attractive woman in her late 50’s. Same height as me at around 5 5ish, with nice breasts for her age. Not big by any means, but very little sag to them. I’m guessing about a 36B or C with large areola and perky nipples. She’s not slim, but not fat or overweight either. A little plump maybe. Nice bum and she has a very hairy pubic area. So much so that there was no doubt she’d have lots of hair around her anus, which Bill already informed me she did. Nice legs, and to top it off, pretty feet too.

From the way Walter looked at her I could see in his eyes he wasn’t disappointed. Quite the contrary. Plus he’s always been a fan of a naturally hairy cunt. No doubt he was mentally visualizing going down on it.

As for me. After already giving Bill a hand job I was looking forward to sucking his cock and him fucking me in the ass. He did a terrific job with a dildo in my ass, but as good as a dildo can sometimes feel it’s a poor substitute for a nice hard pulsating cock.

Both Rita and I probably gaziantep escort bayan ilanları were thinking the same thing, which was dropping to our knees and taking Bill and Walter’s cocks in our mouths. But I felt we better wait, otherwise all the trouble of setting up the massage tables would be for naught.

I politely said to Bill and Rita…”Let’s get the massage part out of the way before Rita gets too carried away stroking Walter’s cock.”

Rita laughed, then said…”Lacey’s right. You and Walter need to get on the massage tables so Bill and I can do our thing for you.”

With that said, Walter and I got faced down on the tables, which were close enough so we could hold hands if we wanted.

At this point I won’t bore you with the first part of the massage for the sake of brevity. I’ll skip to the end when both Bill and Rita began “massaging” our respective assholes. Needless to say we both were enjoying it especially when Bill and Rita slipped a finger or two in our buttholes and began to finger fuck them. Something I’m use to considering the many times I’ve had it done, as well as being fucked in the ass too many times to count. But it was a rarity for Walter, and a special treat.

Bill, as with the one time before when he finger fucked my asshole, did it near perfectly. Which he claimed he gets plenty of practice fingering Rita’s. As with the one other time when he finger fucked my asshole I couldn’t resist positioning myself raised up on my knees and elbows to give Bill better access to my “bunny” hole. Which in turn increased my enjoyment of him fingering it.

Eventually though I said…”Enough with the fingers Bill, I want your cock in my ass.”

Upon hearing that, Bill didn’t hesitate for a second before getting on the table behind me. He then took his cock in hand and placed his cockhead at the entrance to my butthole. Since my asshole was already oiled and primed from him fingering it his cockhead easily slipped in with one thrust of his cock. Once his cockhead was inserted he slowly but surely worked his entire cock deep into my ass until his balls were up against my pussy. When they were Bill began a steady humping motion while holding both my butt cheeks.

Rita upon seeing Bill doing me in the ass said to Walter…”I’m jealous. Look at Bill and Lacey. Why aren’t you fucking me in the ass Walter?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Get on the table like Lacey and it’ll be an honor to fuck that nice ass of yours.”

Rita did, but since she wasn’t already lubed or primed like yours truly, Walter proceeded to lick and tongue her asshole first. Much to Rita’s delight.

While Bill was humping away at my ass I could hear Rita moaning from the pleasant feeling Walter was giving her and her asshole from licking and tonguing it. Then I heard Rita say…”I can’t wait any longer Walter. I want your long cock in my ass!”

Walter didn’t have to be told twice. After applying some massage oil to his cock he placed his cockhead at the entrance to her butthole. Even though it took a bit more pressure than what Bill needed to insert his cockhead, Walter’s larger cockhead popped in Rita’s asshole fairly easily. When it did Rita let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Considering how relatively easy Rita took Walter’s large cockhead it was safe to assume she is often fucked anally by Bill. Same with me by Walter.

Once his cockhead was fully inserted Walter slowly but surely worked in all of his 8 inch dick until it was embedded entirely in Rita’s ass. When it was, Rita said…”God your long cock feels so good in my ass Walter. Now fuck it like it’s never been fucked before!”

Which Walter proceeded to do.

In the mean time Bill was continuing to pump away at my ass as I bucked backwards to meet every forward thrust. Simply put, I couldn’t get enough of his cock in my ass. It was feeling simply wonderful as a new cock always does. Bill never missed a beat in spite of intently watching Walter plow his cock in & out of Rita’s ass in between admiring his own cock tightly wrapped in my asshole.

Then Rita reached over and took my hand in hers. We held hands tightly while behind us both Bill and Walter continued fucking away in our respective asses. Being so close together we could literally hear the sound of their cocks sliding in & out of each others assholes. Not forgetting the soft moans and groans we were all making. Between the sounds and smell you get when people have sex it was like an aphrodisiac for everyone.

Suddenly I felt Rita’s grip tighten on gaziantep eskort bayan my hand, which indicated she was about to orgasm. Coincidently I was about to also. Realizing we both were I said to Bill and Walter…”We’re both about to orgasm so you need to dump your hot cumloads in our asses just as we do.”

“No problem Lacey”…said Bill. “I’m about to cum also and as soon as I feel you cumming I’ll be sure to shoot my load in you.

“Same her Rita”…Walter said. “I’m ready whenever you are.”

It wasn’t a minute or so later when as if on cue both Rita and I began to orgasm. We were holding each others hand as tightly as we could when we literally shook and shaked like we were being poked repeatedly with a cattle prod. Wave after wave of orgasmic spasms flowed through our bodies like electric shocks. And we both released huge gushes of pussy juice all over Bill and Walter’s balls and legs. Plus as is the norm for yours truly, each squirt of pussy juice was preceded by a loud cunt fart.

As promised both Bill and Walter unloaded their hot cumloads deep in our asses just as we orgasmed. I don’t know about Walter’s, but Bill’s was a big one. Just the way I like it. The bigger the cumload the better. Unless you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to describe the feel of a throbbing cock shooting hot cum deep into your rectum. A feeling that is completely different from when someone cums in your cunt. It’s one of the reasons why I like anal so much. Come to find out, Rita too.

As our orgasms were subsiding Bill and Walter finished draining their cocks in our asses. Once fully drained they slowly withdrew their still hard cocks, which were both followed by a steady stream of their respective cumloads from our assholes. Which flowed out and down our pussy lips and onto the massage tables.

“I don’t know about you Lacey. But that was one of the best damn ass-fuckings I ever had.”… Rita said. “Besides Walter’s long cock feeling as good as it did, what made it so special was us being ass-fucked side by side and holding hands. What an amazing experience. Thank you Walter, thank you Bill and thank you Lacey”

I had to agree. It was one amazing ass-fucking experience for the reason Rita described. One I won’t soon forget with Rita and I holding hands when we both cummed together. A surreal experience for sure.

We all took a break to use the bathroom and to clean up a bit, including the puddles of cum off the massage tables. Then Walter and Bill got another beer for themselves and more wine for us ladies.

We sat on the massage tables facing each other with Walter and Rita on one and Bill and I on the other. First we rehashed the nice ass-fucking we just had. As we did I couldn’t help but fondle Bill’s cock during the conversation while Rita was also playing with Walter’s.

Rita then said she had a fun idea she would like to try.

She went on to explain…”Let’s have a little contest to see who between Walter and Bill can make us orgasm first by eating our pussies. The winner gets to have his cocked sucked by both Lacey and I and the loser gets to masturbate while watching. So the loser won’t feel too, too left out, when it’s time for him to cum he can chose to do it anywhere he wants. On our faces, bodies, or even in one of our mouths.”

“Sounds like a fun idea.” I said. “But a word of advice to Bill and Walter, eating our pussies fast won’t necessarily achieve a quick orgasm. I’m sure you both realize how well you do it is more important than how fast.”

We finished our drinks before Rita and I got on our backs on the massage tables with our legs spread and hanging down off the edge. Walter and Bill got on their knees in between our legs and after I counted to three they went down on our respective pussies. Naturally Bill was doing yours truly while Walter was eating Rita’s pussy.

Once again both Rita and I held hands while Bill and Walter were going to town on our cunts.

While Walter was good at eating pussy, it didn’t take long to realize Bill was very good. He licked and sucked my clit like he did it for a living he was that good. Unless Walter was giving Rita his best effort ever at eating pussy there was no doubt in my mind I was going to orgasm first.

From the noises both Rita and Walter were making it was obvious they were both enjoying themselves. Especially Rita. Who was squealing like a stuffed pig while rubbing one of her tits with her free hand. Sometimes having someone you’re attracted to eating your pussy for the first time can be more stimulating mentally than how gaziantep bayan escort well he was actually doing it. Which I had a feeling might be the case with Rita. Regardless, Walter’s tongue seemed to be working magic licking Rita’s clit and cunt all while his face was entirely buried in her hairy pubic mound.

In the mean time Bill was doing wonders for my clit and pussy. So much so I could feel the first stages of an orgasm building up in me. As I did I took my free hand and put it on the back of Bill’s head and began humping his face. Sensing I was getting close to an orgasm Bill attacked my clit with increased enthusiasm.

Just when he did Rita gripped my hand very tightly. A sure sign she was getting ready to orgasm also. Plus she stopped fondling her tits with her free hand and put it on the back of Walter’s head like mine was on Bill’s. Then she began humping so hard her ass would rise up off the table on each upward thrust of her cunt against Walter’s face.

She then began moaning before saying…”God Walter, you’re eating my pussy so good I think I’m going to pee myself. Whatever you do, don’t stop now since I’m about to let loose.”

Suddenly Rita screamed so loudly Bill stopped eating my pussy to watch. Rita then squeezed my hand so hard I thought she was going to break it. Just when she did Rita had one orgasmic spasm after another. They ripped through her body like she was having an epileptic fit.

Rita’s orgasm startled Walter so much he backed off from eating her pussy and just when he did Rita’s cunt let loose like a water pistol with a steady stream of pussy juice. Her vaginal fluids, which probably included some pee, squirted all over Walter’s face, neck and chest. Copious amounts.

Both Bill and I watched in awe. What an orgasm Rita was having. I thought it would never end, but it eventually did…albeit slowly.

Poor Walter was just kneeling there soaked and not knowing what to do next. As Rita’s orgasm finally eased he put his face back down on her pussy and tenderly licked and kissed it. It must have been just what Rita needed as she released my now sore hand and gently fondled Walter’s head with both hands as he made oral love to her cunt.

I then looked at Bill and said…”Well, you might have lost the contest, but you still have a job to finish. I need to cum badly. More so now after watching Rita.”

Bill then got back to the business of eating my pussy. While he was Rita and Walter came over to watch. Rita up near my head while Walter still wet from Rita’s huge discharge dried off with a towel first.

I was just lying there with my eyes closed enjoying Bill eating my pussy when suddenly Rita began kissing me. Gingerly at first then more passionately as she probed my mouth with her tongue while fondling my tits. While she caught me by surprise it was a pleasant one and I began kissing her as passionately as she was me. As well as probing her mouth with my tongue in return.

Next thing I knew Walter started sucking one of my nipples. Rita then joined him and took the other nipple in her mouth.

Between Bill eating my cunt and both Walter and Rita sucking my nipples my orgasm came on like a freight train. Fast and furious. So much so I nearly bit my tongue and began bucking against Bill’s face like a piston engine. It felt so good I was hoping and praying the incredible feeling would never stop.

Unfortunately it did. And because my orgasm was so intense I never realized I sprayed Bill’s face with a huge amount of pussy juice. Not nearly as much as Rita did Walter, but enough to give Bill the equivalent of a female cum bath.

Once I calmed down I heard Walter say…”I can’t ever recall Lacey having such an explosive orgasm like that from oral sex. Between her and you Rita, you two give the term of a “female cumming” a whole new meaning.”

Rita responded…”I don’t know about Bill eating Lacey’s pussy, but that was one incredible job you did on mine Walter. From my perspective both of you out did yourselves. Be hard for either of you to perform again like you did today. Thank you. It’s one orgasm from having my cunt faced fucked that I’ll never forget.”

Slowly but surely I got up off the massage table and when I did we all once again used the bathroom(s) and cleaned up. Including the floor of Rita’s huge vaginal discharge.

Then it was time for another round of drinks. Again we all sat on the massage tables facing each other and paired up again so it was Bill and I together and Rita and Walter side by side. Walter also got some snacks for us to nibble on as we needed a bit of an energy boost. Us ladies more so than the men due to our two incredible and physically draining orgasms.

While sipping our drinks and nibbling on snacks Rita and I decided since Bill and Walter performed so well eating our pussies that we’d declare them both winners. Meaning they would both get their cocks sucked. Since it was a while when they ejaculated in our asses they both were raring to go.

To be continued…

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