Massage For Miranda



I opened the door for Miranda and waved her into the apartment. Her sheer, flowing blue dress swam around her body as she sashayed her hips walking past me. Her hip movement was partially a result of the heels she had been wearing all evening, but I knew Miranda better than to think that was all there was to it. Glancing back over her shoulder, she caught me staring at her ass and shot me a seductive smirk. In that moment, Miranda’s eyes were an ocean of playfulness and I swear that she started swinging her hips more provocatively now that she knew I was watching how the dress flowed around her figure.Miranda paused as I closed the door behind me. Still facing away, she bent over at the waist and began to undo the straps on her heels. Her dress didn’t ride up enough to give me a view, but the fabric stretched more taut over her ass. She was teasing me and I couldn’t help but to walk up behind her and raise my hand. Miranda must have known what was coming. She paused and arched her back, eagerly awaiting the slap she craved. When my hand made contact with the sheer material shielding her ass from the outside world, she let out a giggle. “Don’t be gerçek porno afraid to hit me harder, baby. You know how I like it.”I raised my hand once more and delivered another, more forceful spank before walking past her. She giggled again as I moved toward the kitchenette of the apartment. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed two bottles of water. It had been a long night and I figured Miranda might be thirsty. I certainly was. However, I was thinking of the wrong type of thirsty: when I turned around, Miranda was waiting for me, with only one strap of her dress over her shoulder and the other hanging loosely. My eyes fixed on hers as she sauntered toward me.She placed her left hand on my chest, softly pushing me back against the closed refrigerator door. She leaned in, pressing her body to mine, and planted a quick kiss on my lips. She once again locked eyes with me. “Those heels are hell on my back. Can you rub it for me, baby?”Before I could stammer out an answer, she took hold of the tie hanging from the collar of my lavender shirt and pulled me in for another kiss. Following her to the bedroom was a simple gay porno decision after that._______________________I rolled my sleeves up to my elbows as she lay face-down on a towel on the bed. She had moved both dress straps off her shoulders, but left it on (for now). Her body looked so inviting lying there. It would be so easy just to run my fingers from her calves to her thighs to under her dress, but I exercised restraint. I grabbed the massage lotion and walked over to the bed. I climbed over Miranda and straddled her, my crotch at the cleft of her ass. She nuzzled back against me affectionately as I moved her hair out of the way and pulled the zipper on the back of her dress.I could feel her relax under me as I pulled the dress down to her waist, exposing her back. I unclasped her strapless bra and pulled it out from under her, tossing it aside. I applied lotion to my hands, ensuring their warmth, before pressing my palms to her back. Almost immediately she was sighing in relief, indicating that I was doing well. Miranda wasn’t hesitant to re-situate herself every few minutes, seductively grinding her ass against evli porno me as she did so. No doubt she could feel the tent forming in my pants, but I sensed that was her goal.As I worked my way down to her waist she was becoming restless, shifting against me more and more often. However, she wasn’t the only one who could be a tease. I finished rubbing the lotion into her waist before climbing off her, leaving a hand on her back to indicate that she should remain still. She raised her hips, inviting me to slide her dress off the rest of the way, but I ignored her. Instead, I applied more lotion to my hands and started working on her calves. I used my thumbs to dig away the muscle tension and worked my way upwards, one hand on each leg.When I reached her thighs, she had had enough waiting and pulled her dress up over her ass so that it lay in a pile around her waist. I followed her thong panties with my eyes as it disappeared between her supple cheeks. I knew that she desperately wanted me to play with her body, but I wasn’t done teasing her. I slowly and methodically worked my way up her thighs. Each time I approached her sex, she shifted her body toward my hands, but I just moved to the outsides of her thighs. When I began massaging her ass, Miranda was quite the needy girl. She would vocalize quiet purrs of pleasure, but wouldn’t outright tell me what she wanted. I kept my touch away from her dampening pussy.

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