Marte’s Newest Challenge Ch. 02


Part 1 became too long so I split it into two stories. You will need to read Marte’s Challenge for the beginning of this story. You may also wish to check out the other stories leading up to Marte’s Challenge . Thank you in advance for your continuous support. All comments welcome.

Marte wanted more. No, she needed more. She needed to be touched to be pleasured. Both her friends had achieved orgasm and she was left wanting. A little part of her was regretting the acceptance of this challenge. She knew the challenge wasn’t over and it would only get tougher, based on her previous challenges.

After a few minutes of hearing heavy breathing and no movement, Marte felt movement next to her. The bed raised and she heard movement at the end of the bed. Marte could feel her clit aching. She heard a familiar buzz turn on and hoped it was for her. She heard footsteps walk around the side of the bed coming towards her.

She felt the vibrator press against her breast, circling her left breast. She secretly praised the returned attention to her body. She heard a second buzzing start as her ears perked up. She felt movement on the end of the bed and gasp as she felt something touch the entrance of her pussy. She gasp as her pussy began to be filled with a vibrating dildo. She had never had a real penis inside her, but imagined what it would feel like. She wondered how different it would feel from a dildo, something she was used to.

The first vibrator moved back and forth between her breasts, circling the globes and the nipples. Marte could feel the burn gaining momentum once again in her stomach as she started rotating her hips, pushing towards the dildo sliding in and out of her, getting deeper with each movement. She knew it wouldn’t be long.

The vibrator on her breasts was replaced with one warm mouth on her left breast. She heard a little movement at the end of the bed, then felt a second mouth on her right breast. Her head was beginning to spin. She was amazed at the flexibility of whomever was pounding her pussy and at the same time sucking on her nipples. Marte’s body danced on the bed as she began releasing short moan after moan.

She released bursa escort one “Ohhhhhhh” after another as her body was being manipulated. She felt a hand softly begin to massage her clit, sending her to another level of pleasure. She could feel her body ready to explode as it began tensing up. Everything suddenly stopped.

“No. Not again. Pleasssssssse. I swear I will hate you two if you do not let me finish.”

The girls let a giggle out as Terra started stroking Marte’s hair and said, “It will be okay darling. You will not hate us by time we are done. We have another surprise for you.”

“What kind of surprise?” Marte inquired.

“What is something you have been wanting for a long time, but have been too afraid to go through with?” Terra asked.

“Oh no. I am not running nude through the town!” Marte exclaimed boldly.

“Maybe next challenge darling…” Terra laughed, “but not this time. We have something even better. Remember, this is something you have been wanting.”

“I give up. What is it?” Marte grunted.

“I am sorry, but we cannot tell you. It would ruin the surprise.”, Cindy promised.

“I do know you want an orgasm though, so let me see what we can do about that…” Cindy explained as she began massaging Marte’s left breast.

“Mmmmm” Marte replied.

Terra moved between Marte’s legs and placed her mouth on Marte’s clit. She began licking from bottom to top, occasionally making circles around the hard nub. Marte’s hips rocked as waves of utter joy shot through her being. She felt as though the bed had fallen out below her and she was floating. Her orgasm was rapidly building yet again. She wanted to take Terra by the face and push her tongue harder against her clit.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she felt a finger slip inside her pussy. It moved around before exiting. Marte wanted more. More fingers. More licking. More touching. More pleasure. She hoped with all of her being they would not stop this time. But they did.

“I hate you! I hate you!” Marte exclaimed. “No more. Untie me and let me finish myself if you are not going to do it. I am done. Stop!”

Very matter of fact, Terra said, bursa escort bayan “That is fine. We will untie you and let you finish yourself, but you will have failed the challenge. Orrrrrrrrr, you can give up complete control of your body and finish the challenge and get what you want. Instant gratification or long-term gratification? Which will it be?”

Marte tried to gather her thoughts, but her brain was scattered. She wanted so badly to say it was over, but she wanted her man. She knew he was testing her. “FINE!” she exclaimed with anger. “Continue!”

The girls giggled. “I think you need a few minutes to cool down Marte.” Cindy stated. “We will be right back.”

Terra turned the vibrator on and placed it between Marte’s legs, just inches from any skin contact and walked out of the room. Marte tried to close her legs in order to bring the vibrator to her pussy but she was unable to move her legs. She was so frustrated. She wanted to kill them. She couldn’t believe how they could do this to her. She could feel the vibrations on the bed, but couldn’t receive any of it’s pleasure.

The girls seemed to be gone forever. Marte could feel sweat running down her forehead. Marte heard the girls in the kitchen. She heard running water. She heard giggling.

Time seemed to stand still and yet, take forever. Hear she was on the edge and these girls were taking their good ole’ time. She was not calming down, she was getting more frustrated.

She heard footsteps coming closer. Finally, they were returning. She heard them enter the room and then all sounds stopped. “What were they doing? Were they taking inventory of her body? Were they thinking what to do next?”, Marte thought.

“Oh I am so sorry Marte.” Terra said with sarcasm. “I didn’t realize I left the vibrator on the bed. How rude of me. Let me get that for you.”

Marte felt the vibrator placed vertically between her parted lips and just barely touching her clit. She wasn’t sure if this was better or worse than it just lying on the bed.

“Now don’t move, Marte, or else it will fall again. You wouldn’t want that to happen.” Terra stated softly.

“We are going to continue with the challenge. escort bursa I ask you to endure this and keep your mind open to anything and everything, Marte”, Cindy spoke.

Marte took a deep breath and tried to clear her mind. The vibrator was teasing her pussy. She could feel her clit pulse and her juices run down her pussy lips. She felt the bottom of the bed decline slightly and then felt a finger slide inside her momentarily. It made a few circles collecting juices, then gently pressing against her anus.

Marte felt her asshole tighten as the finger made small circles at the entrance then slowly pushed inside her. Never did she expect this. She heard a snapping noise, like that of a bottle opening then she heard something squirt. She felt the finger pull out of her asshole only to be replaced by something else. It momentarily felt smaller, then got larger and started filling her, then another level even larger. It continued until she felt she couldn’t take anymore. At that point it stopped. The vibrator moved and was slid inside her pussy. She was filled in both holes.

Marte felt the plug move in time with the vibrator. Never before had she ever felt such intense pleasure.

Marte felt the pressure inside her pussy build. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her hips bounced up and down off the bed. She felt lips pressing against her mouth. She took the lips in as deep as she could. She wasn’t sure who’s lips they were and she didn’t care. She was moments from release.

She felt a pair of lips on her nipples and hands exploring her stomach and groins. There were more hands than she could count sending her into a world of pleasure she hadn’t known before. She couldn’t take it anymore. She loved the lips on her mouth and each breasts.

“Wait!”, she thought as she was about to erupt. “Three mouths?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I am going to cumm. Yes. Yes. Yesssssssssss.”

Her body shook as if she were having a violent seizure. Her hips thrust as the vibrator pounded inside her. Her pussy gushed juices. She gasped for air over and over as the orgasm rode through every ounce of her body.”

She lay motionless feeling like she had melted into the bed. The lips withdrew and the devices inside her retreated. She felt the blindfold removed, but was too tired to open her eyes. She lay exhausted for minutes until a pair of lips pressed against her mouth. She opened her eyes to see her man kissing her.

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