Marla Ch. 05



Sunday morning Buddy Wilson woke up to the delicious smell of food cooking. For a second the fact that he wasn’t in his own bed confused him, then he smiled. The bed he was in belonged to his neighbor, Marla Harris, one of his mother’s friends. He had been doing chores for her for years, but in the past few days things between them had developed into much more than an employer-employee relationship. The night before, after they finished having a long delightful, sensual time in the large bathtub, they went to bed and, after talking for a while, made love one more time before falling asleep.

Buddy still found it hard to believe that he was where he was. It was almost too good to be true. He and his beautiful older neighbor were lovers, his fondest dream had come true and, much to the young man’s delight, reality turned out to be far better than his dreams had ever been. As far as he could tell, he and Marla had done just about everything a couple could do sexually, and all of it had been incredible.

He stretched, sat up, and slid his legs over the side of the bed. His cutoff denim shorts, jockey shorts, socks, and T-shirt were lying on the floor next to the bed. He’d was wearing them when he left his house on Friday and he’d even had them on a few times since he’d gotten to Marla’s house. “Mom would kill me if she knew I’d worn the same underwear for three days,” he thought. Despite himself, he chuckled. If his mother knew all that had happened since he arrived at the Harris home, wearing the same underwear for three days would be the least of his problems.

He looked across the room, saw that the closet door was open, and noticed a man’s dark blue terrycloth robe hanging on a hook on the back of the door. He stood up, walked over, and slipped the robe on. He was sure it belonged to Mr. Harris, but Buddy didn’t care. It was like the underwear problem, wearing the robe was no big deal given what he’d been doing with the man’s wife.

Marla had awakened before Buddy. She laid next to her young lover, watching him sleep, for some time. She, too, had a hard time believing what had taken place over the past two days. She, like Buddy, had harbored fantasies about a relationship between them, but hadn’t acted on those fantasies because she and the boy’s mother were close friends. Then, on Friday afternoon, she lost control and the fantasies became reality. Now she wondered why she’d waited as long as she had. What was even worse was that Buddy would be leaving to go to college in just a few weeks.

Finally, not wanting to awaken her young lover, Marla carefully slid out of bed. She walked across the room to the closet, opened it, slipped on the pale peach colored fleece bathrobe hanging inside, and walked across the hallway to the bathroom.

Buddy visited the bathroom first, then headed for the kitchen. “Good morning,” he said to Marla, who was standing at the stove making something. He liked the look of the robe she had on.

“Good morning,” Marla replied. “I was afraid you were going to sleep the day away.”

Buddy grinned and shook his head. “Not likely,” he told her. “I mean, I don’t want to waste the time we have left.”

“Me, either,” Marla said. “But we do have to eat. I hope you don’t mind sausage and scrambled eggs. We do need to eat to keep our energy level up.”

Buddy pulled Marla into his arms and kissed her. “You got that right,” he said after the kiss was over.

They sat down at the table and ate the food Marla had prepared. She was a little surprised to learn that he liked ketchup on his scrambled eggs and said so.

“It’s good, you ought to try it,” the young man replied, smiling. He put a forkful of ketchup-covered eggs into his mouth.

“I…I think I’ll pass on that delight,” Marla said, shuddering a little.

After they finished eating, they cleared the table and moved to the sink to rinse the dishes they’d dirtied to put them in the dishwasher.

Marla opened the dishwasher door and bent to put the rinsed dishes in. Buddy, smiling, stepped behind her and opened his robe. Then he stepped forward, grabbed her hips, and pressed his middle against her bottom.

“Buddy!” Marla exclaimed, surprised – but delighted – by the young man’s action. She straightened up, closing the dishwasher door, and allowed Buddy’s weight to push her forward until she was pressed against the kitchen counter. She was delighted to recognize the feel of his swollen penis pressing against her bottom through the soft robe she wore. A rush of delight swept through her. “Did…did you forget…forget about…what…what happened yesterday?” she stammered. “Gina…she…” She felt the pressure of the young man’s body leave hers.

“Stay right where you are,” Buddy said. He walked to the kitchen door, locked it, and turned the mini-blinds on it so they were closed. He glanced around and assured himself that the other kitchen windows were set high enough in the house so nobody would be able to look in without a ladder, then went back to where Marla stood, still leaning against the counter. He again moved behind gaziantep evi olan escort bayan her, but before he pressed himself against her, he reached around in front of her and untied the belt holding her robe closed. “Why don’t we take this off?” he murmured, tugging on it. Marla relaxed her arms to let him take the robe off. Once he had her naked, Buddy pressed back against her.

“That feels very nice,” she purred when she felt his erection nudging her buttocks. She twisted her hips from side a little.

“Ah…that feels very nice, too,” Buddy replied. He bent his legs a little and when his erection was in the position he wanted it to be, he pushed forward again. He felt Marla moving her legs apart a little bit so he could slide his swollen penis between them. “Um…that feels even better,” he noted, rocking his hips back and forth slowly.

“It certainly does,” Marla agreed. She shivers raced through her body as the tip of the young man’s erection slid over her hyper-sensitive vaginal area. Then he shifted position and the next time his hip rocked forward, his erection slid into her, causing her an even more powerful shudder and a long, fervent gasp. “Oh, Buddy! Oh…my…God!” she murmured. She felt his hands sliding from her hips to her belly, then up to her breasts. He cupped his palms over her breasts in such a way that every time he lunged into her and made her shake, her nipples rubbed lightly against his palms. She’d never experienced anything like it. “Please! Oh, Buddy, please!” she moaned.

When he started, Buddy wasn’t sure they’d be able to make love standing up and was excited to learn that they could, in fact do it. Added to that excitement was the fact that they were again making love in broad daylight in her kitchen. There weren’t too many places in the house where they hadn’t made love, actually. He kept rocking his hips, shoving his erection deep into Marla while he savored the incredible feelings that resulted from their coupling. He especially liked the way it felt as he held her breasts and her nipples tickled him. “If it feels that good to me, I bet she really likes it,” he thought.

Wild, wonderful sensations continued to bounce around inside Marla’s body, their intensity growing every second. She wasn’t sure exactly what it was about what they were doing that made this joining so arousing, but it was. “Please, Buddy! Oh, Buddy, please!” she moaned. “Take me! Don’t…Oh, God, darling…don’t make me wait! Please! I…I’m going to…” She could no longer talk. Her body stiffened, then went into a series of jolting movements that seemed almost like seizures. Swell after swell of rapture broke over her like a tidal wave. She could vaguely feel her fingers clutching the edge of the counter. “Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” she wailed as a fantastic orgasm rumbled through her.

Buddy briefly felt Marla’s vaginal walls rippling along the sides of his swollen penis, buried deep inside her. Then, like his love, all he could feel were the breathtaking feelings of ecstasy he’d become so familiar with since he and his neighbor had become lovers. And those feelings, as they always seemed to, robbed him of what little control he had left. His insides began churning and his fluids rushed up through him and gushed into his lover’s snug cave. “Oh, yeahhh! Take ittt! Oh, God, take ittt!” he groaned. His hands closed, squeezing the breasts they held, pulling Marla back, pressing her bottom tight against his rocking hips.

“Yesssss!!! Oh, God, Buddy, yessssss!” Marla cried when she felt the young man’s hot fluids spurting into her. She didn’t think it was possible, but her orgasm grew even more intense. “Ohhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Buddy kept lunging against Marla, continuing to shove his erect penis into her until he could feel his erection begin to soften. He finally released her breasts, slipped his hands down to her hips, and held her against him.

“Oh, God, Buddy!” Marla gasped. “That…that was so wonderful!”

“It’s always wonderful when we make love, isn’t it?” the young man responded.

“Ah…I…I guess it is,” Marla agreed. She felt his erection soften a bit more and could feel droplets of his fluids dribbling out of her and dripping on her inner thighs. In other circumstances, she would have found that irritating, but the fact that it was Buddy’s fluids dripping out of her made it wonderful. “You know, I’m going to have to take a bath after this,” she continued.

“That sounds like fun,” Buddy said. He released her and stepped back.

Marla turned and leaned back against the counter. Her legs were still a bit shaky and she didn’t trust them to hold her completely. “Come here,” she said, lifting her arms.

Buddy stepped forward, into his lover’s embrace, and they kissed passionately while their naked bodies caressed.

They showered together and, of course, did engage in a considerable amount of fondling and touching while they did so, but they somehow managed to get through the gaziantep fetiş escort bayan experience without actually making love.

“If you don’t mind, there are some things I’d really like to get done before you go home,” Marla told the young man while they walked from the bathroom to the bedroom. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“I don’t mind,” Buddy replied. “You know that.”

While Marla tried to decide what to wear, the young man slid back into his cutoff shorts, T-shirt, and sneakers. Marla finally decided on a snug red ribbed long sleeved cotton shirt that the store clerk called a “corset T”. It fit her very snugly had hook and eye closures down the front and a pair of snug-fitting jeans. She slid her feet into a pair of felt clogs. Dressed, she turned and was elated to see the look of appreciation in the young man’s eyes while he watched her dress.

“I like your outfit,” Buddy said.

Marla felt herself blushing. “Thank you,” she replied softly. When was the last time her husband had complimented her on what she was wearing? She couldn’t remember. Of course her young neighbor did a whole lot of things for her that her husband didn’t do, so…

“It’s kind of neat watching you get dressed, too,” Buddy added.

Marla giggled. “I would have thought you’d prefer to see me undress.”

The teenager’s face reddened. “I…I guess I do,” he admitted, looking a bit sheepish. “But watching you get dressed is neat, too.”

Marla walked across the room, to where the young man sat on the bed, sat down next to him, put her arm around him, and pulled him against her. “You want to know something?” she asked softly.

Buddy nodded. “Ah…sure, OK.”

Marla took a deep breath. “You’re only the second man who’s ever seen me get dressed,” she said, very softly. Actually, he might have been the first man to see her put her clothes on, since her husband seldom paid attention to her, even when he was home.

Buddy turned and looked at her with a surprised look on his face. “Really?” he asked.

Marla nodded and placed a gentle kiss on his nose. “Really,” she said. She stood up. “Now let’s get to work. I have a whole lot of boxes packed with clothes in the spare bedroom I’d like to take down to that charity dropoff site.”

“OK,” Buddy said.

It took them quite a few trips to lug all of the boxes out to the garage and load them in Marla’s SUV, but they managed. Once they’d loaded the last box in the big vehicle, they got in. Marla pressed the button on the automatic garage door opener to open the garage door, then she started the big vehicle’s engine.

“Wow, you’re giving them a lot of clothing,” Buddy commented as Marla backed the vehicle out of the garage. “If it’s all as nice as the stuff you have at home, they’re going to love it at the charity place.”

“Most of it is out of style, but it is all good quality,” Marla said as she drove down the street. “I decided I needed to clean out my closet. I have far more clothing than I’ll ever wear. And a lot of what’s in those boxes back there I haven’t worn in years.”

They arrived at the used clothing store run by the charity and Marla drove around back to a large bin set up so people could drop things off after hours. They got out of the SUV and began putting the boxes of clothing into the bin.

“This is really nice clothing,” Buddy commented, “if you’d brought it down when they were open, they would have given you a receipt and you could have claimed it on your taxes.”

Marla snorted. “My husband could have claimed it,” she said. “Right now, I don’t really give a damn if he gets a tax deduction or not.”

“OK,” Buddy said, grinning. “Your choice.”

As they drove back toward Marla’s house, Buddy turned in his seat, reached across the SUV’s center console and caressed Marla’s leg. “I love the way those jeans look on you,” he said.

“Thank you,” Marla replied, feeling her face get warm. She loved the compliment, but it embarrassed her a little, too. She wasn’t used to hearing compliments, but it was something she could get used to.

He slid his hand up over her belly, cupped her breast, and squeezed it gently. A rush of delight caused Marla to shudder. “Buddy!” she murmured. “I…I’m driving!”

The young man chuckled. “And I’m feeling you up,” he retorted. He slid his cupped hand up over her breast, caressing her rapidly-erecting nipple through her bra and shirt.

“Oh, God, Buddy!” Marla groaned. “Do…do you know how nice that feels?”

“I think so,” the young man replied.

“You could make me have an accident?” Marla gasped. “How…how would we explain that?”

“We better not have an accident, then,” the teen said. He slid his hand over and began opening the hook and eye fasteners holding her blouse shut. Once he had most of them open, he slid his hand inside the blouse and began to caress her bra-covered breast.

Despite the fact that Buddy’s caresses were really arousing her and making it hard for her to concentrate bayan gaziantep escort on driving, Marla did manage to control herself enough to drive back to her house safely. She pulled into the alley behind the house, then into the garage. She shut the SUV’s engine off and pushed the button on the door closer. The big overhead door began humming down.

Marla unhooked her seatbelt and turned to face the young man sitting in the passenger seat, whose hand remained on her breast. “You never stop, do you?” she murmured. The fluids of excitement had her panties wet and she could feel the dampness when she moved. “God, how does he do it? How does he always know exactly what to do to turn me on?” she found herself wondering. The fact that she was now facing Buddy made it possible for him to touch both of her breasts, which he did. She didn’t know what made her do it, but she found herself crawling over the console, to the passenger side of the large vehicle.

She hadn’t wanted the big SUV, but her husband had insisted on buying it. Now, as she knelt on the floor in front of Buddy , tugging at his shorts to get them off, she began to think maybe buying it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. The car she’d wanted was a lot smaller.

Buddy couldn’t believe it when Marla joined him on the passenger side of the vehicle. He was even more surprised when she began pulling down his shorts and underpants. Happily, he lifted his hips to make it easier for her to bare the lower half of his body. When Marla slid her mouth over his nearly-erect penis, he groaned, “Oh, God!” Ecstasy blossomed through him while his lover raised and lowered her head, caressing his stiffening penis with her lips and tongue.

While she was working on Buddy’s swollen shaft with her lips, Marla was opening her jeans and shoving them down. The fact that they were snug caused her more problems than she’d have liked, but after some struggling she managed to get her lower body as bare as that of her young lover. She lifted her mouth from the young man’s now steel-hard pole and smiled. “Did you know the seats did this?” she asked. She reached down and pushed a button. An electric motor hummed and the back of the seat reclined. While the seatback was lowering, Marla leaned forward and licked and kissed the tip of Buddy’s rampant erection. Then, when the seat was where she wanted it, she climbed up onto the young man’s lap and felt a thrill when his erection slapped gently against her labia. “You don’t want to wait until we get in the house, do you?” she asked while she was reaching between them and positioning the tip of the young man’s hard penis between her labia.

“Ah…no…um…no way!” Buddy groaned in reply. The minute he felt the tip of his hard on being engulfed by her warmth, he lifted his hips, trying to get into her.

“I don’t either,” Marla said as she lowered her hips. She sighed as she felt his hardness pushing up into her. “I want you in me…now…just…like…this.!” She began moving her hips and could feel his erection lashing around inside her, caressing her insides in ways only it could.

Buddy was surprised when Marla jumped his bones in the car. He’d have expected that with a girl his age, but not with her. He didn’t care, though. Making love with her was incredible, no matter where they did it. He reached up and managed to get her breasts out of her flimsy bra, so he could reach the rigid tips with his mouth, then he slid his hands down and grabbed her rocking, twisting bottom while he lunged against her with his hips. The car seat was low, and he found that by putting his feet on the floor, he could shove himself up into her better than he could when they did it this way in bed.

Fabulous sensory inputs wracked Marla’s body as she rode her young lover. His forceful thrusts shook her and it felt as if he was reaching places inside her he’d never reached before. Little starbursts of pleasure erupted and evolved into more powerful ones, which then evolved into explosions of joy that were still more wonderful. She couldn’t imagine how she’d survived nearly four decades without experiencing anything this wonderful. “Take…me…darling! Oh…Buddy…darling…please…take…me!” she gasped as his swollen shaft slid up into her again and again, driven by fervent motion of his hips. Her body stiffened and what felt like a nuclear bomb of ecstasy exploded inside her. “Now! Now, Buddy! Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” she wailed as her body, in the grip of another incredible orgasm, thrashed atop her lover’s.

“Yeahhh!! Oh, yeahhhhhhh!!!” Buddy groaned in reply. He felt his fingers digging into Marla’s firm bottom when his insides unleashed, releasing a whirlpool of bliss. He felt powerful jets of his fluids exploding into Marla.

“So…hot…Ohhhhhhh!!! Oh, yessssssssss!!! Oh, God, yessssssssssssss!!!” Marla cried when she felt the explosion of her young lover’s fluids.

The couple’s frantic movements gradually slowed until they were still, with Marla lying atop Buddy, who continued to hang on to her bottom. They were quiet for a little while, then Marla pushed herself upright and, in doing so, felt the young man’s softening erection sliding from her. She also felt their mixed fluids dripping out of her onto the SUV’s leather upholstery. “If we stain the seat, Tom’s going to have a fit,” she mused, “but who cares?” She leaned down and shared a gentle kiss with her young lover. “I think I’m ready to go in the house now, how about you?”

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