Mali’s Newest Adventures

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Between the credit card bills piling up on the counter and my car getting towed I was over being an adult. Walking home last night was the last straw, I had had enough. Go to college they said, get an education they said, get a job teaching snot kids who are always touching shit they said. Most of them were my mother, whose advice was more often wrong than right, and I wasn’t even sure who the rest of them were. Society was my best guess though. Either way whoever it was I was over doing what everyone else thought. These snotty nose kids were working my last fucking nerve. Listening to my mom was the worst decision ever made I hated children. Younger, older, all of them igged me to no end.

Even with all my mounting debt I took this lovely Friday off and was currently laying across my bed watching a gangbang scene online. The female lead was dressed as a cop at the beginning of the scene. Now the only thing she wore was the handcuffs restraining her hands behind her back as she was being bounced up and down between two men. One of their huge dicks slid into her pussy with enough force to knock her cervix out of place, the other stretched her asshole out in the most painful way. I watched on in amusement as I slid my bullet in and out of my pussy making the juices slid down into my own ass. It took a few tries to work the toy in my hole but once it was in I had the vibration on full speed. I lay there imagining it as me they were fucking so recklessly. I’d never had a penis that size near me but I was more than curious to try it out one day.

The man slamming into her ass just pulled her off the other dick and sat her on the length of him as he carried her to the couch. Another man was already seated dick in hand hard as rock, it kind of resembled a tree trunk, waiting to replace the emptiness in her vagina. She squirmed in mock terror as she massive pipe left her ass gaping open. I rubbed my clit and moaned out as the man lifted her up and down rapidly making him ride his dick with no mercy. After a few more upward thrusts he let her rest with every inch he could fit it and still keep her ass in the air. There was one last man who filled her ass, fucking her ass like he was working out all his frustrations. This would be perfect if he was sucking my nipples while they both pounded away until we all were a screaming cumming pile of tangled human flesh.

My eyes were clinched shut and I was screaming out as I imagined it being me getting off like that. My pussy was throbbing, I was sweating and out of breath. The bullet was still going sending vibrations thru my now super sensitive vagina. I closed my legs and rubbed my thick thighs together, riding another climatic wave. Once the body shudders stopped I immediately turned the toy off before I got carried away and started breaking out the other ones.

Nothing like a good nut in the morning to get your day started or go back to sleep. Either way a good nut cleared my mind and helped me think. So hopefully I’d find some awesome job to take me away from these irritating ass children and into good credit standings. Then I could get back to shopping and upgrade my nails appointments to spa days. Speaking of which I called and made a noon appointment with my favorite nail tech before he left for the weekend. My cuticles could not take another day of looking like I didn’t love myself. The last thing I needed was to be spending money but I didn’t have to look like my struggle. In the meantime I browsed through a few job listing sites to see what was available in my field. What I really needed was a sugar daddy, someone to take me away and let me shop like I liked too in do college.

The best part about college was flirting with my professors and going shopping with their credit cards. All they wanted was someone to talk too and someone to squirt in their faces while they ate pussy till their heart was content. I missed those days, life was much simpler. I only had a few bills they stayed payed and shopping was my job.

Somewhere in the mass of pillows and blankets was my phone and it was buzzing repeatedly. Stacy, my roommate from college, was facetiming me on schedule. Our normal 11am pow wow to discuss various things, like my distaste for my situation and her theatrics.

“Hey hun.” I greeted in a dull tone.

“Oh no honey, you shouldn’t sound like that and still be in your pajamas.”

“Shut-up.” I sat back and got comfortable to listen to tales about Vegas. “What’s up with you today, how was your night?”

“Never mind all that, we can discuss that later. I know how you keep say you hate your life, so why not change it. There’s a new position that opened up at the club and they want someone thicker and fine as fuck to fill it. They were going to do auditions but I want you to meet with the producer. Don’t be mad but I gave him your number and a few pictures he’s going to facetime you at 3. He’ll ask a few questions, you can ask whatever you want to know and if you hit it off then the job is yours.”

Okay so normally I would be mad, but in light of the points she’d just made which made good sense, I wasn’t. I was more than ready for a change. I knew Stacy stripped for a living, I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to strip but I was ready to see what Vegas Uzun porno had in store for me. What could it hurt? Besides if I wasn’t feeling it then I didn’t have to go. I got up to shower and get ready to get my nails done.

It was late afternoon by the time I made it back in my apartment. I had to have my ride circle the block a few times to avoid my landlord. I was only two weeks late on my rent and he was already sniffing around to see if I was one of the females who’d suck his dick for the month off. He could suck my dildo and let me fuck him in the ass if he thought he was putting that thing anywhere near me. Not for the measly 650 I was holding on too and flat out refused to give to him yet. I had about half an hour to put on some makeup and take these bobby pins out of my hair. I would meet with Bryan and see what this gig was even though my heart was already on going to Vegas regardless to what it was. Vegas was just what I needed to get out of this runt. Maybe I could find some men to replace my professor. It made my pussy wet just thinking of all they ways they would suck the juices from my yoni. I let them eat my pussy all the way to the Dean’s list and into the Beamer that was sitting in impound right now because I couldn’t afford to keep the insurance current.

I finished just in time to answer the video call that came at promptly 3pm. Per Stacy’s request I had on a red lace bra and panty set that could be seen through the white jersey dress I wore. Flashbacks from earlier had me filling my pussy with beads so I could bust a great nut afterwards.

Bryan turned out to be super yummy, he was chocolate with dark eyes and massive shoulders. His shiny head made me want to rub my pussy across it. The whole time he was asking me questions about myself and some of the things I enjoyed sexually. The gig turned out to be pretty simple and mileage free. A few of their regular customer had mentioned wanting a BBW mistress to dominate them and apparently they were willing to part with buckets of cold hard cash to have those fantasies fulfilled. Lucky for me and them I was into beating men for pleasure and money. Or least I was about to find out if I was anyway.

After our conversation Bryan offered me the position along with a first class ticket to Vegas and a dope ass suite in a hotel close by the Fantasy Studios for a week. I immediately called and put in all my sick days at work. Then I came all over my finger thinking about sucking Bryan’s dick deep in my throat while he fingered my ass. I was sure to pack my favorite toy in my carry on just in case I saw something along the way to make my pussy hungry. He had even offered to send a car to pick me up once my flight landed but I assured him Stacy would completely flip if I did that. My rendezvous wasn’t until Saturday night so once I picked my luggage up from baggage claim I met Stacy out front. We picked up take out and headed back to her condo to have a girl’s night in, to be filled with lots of wine, giggles and hopefully one of her live sex shows with a boy toy of choice. Just like old times. Maybe this was why I was so bored with my life now, it was much more exciting in college. I missed that girl I was then and I intended to bring her back, starting with this new position.

Fantasy Studios wasn’t exactly what I was imagining. I was almost certain Stacy worked on a porn set. Granted the things that went on behind the wrought iron gate that enclosed a massive mansion sitting on 25 acres of lush green lawns and sparkling pools would make for an awesome skin flick. However, according to Stacy the executives, government official, and whoever else frequented this establishment paid just as much for their privacy as they did to get they’re fuck on. I had arrived hours early to meet with Bryan, tour the estate and get better acquainted with my room and the tools I could use on my subjects. My room was decorated in black and bloody red hues meant to add to the torturous atmosphere.

The way it all worked was I inflicted as much pain and torture as my subject or subjects wanted and I got paid handsomely for an hour of being bossy. I received tips if they even uttered a hint of their safe words. While it made my pussy very wet, it actually didn’t get me off. Just served to make me extremely horny, by my third session I was more than ready to just hop on top of this guy’s huge penis and ride it until I was spent and convulsing. Too bad he just wanted me to spank him, with a butt plug in his ass while he licked my boots. The things that got some people off baffled me but that wasn’t my business. I had made enough money in the last three hours to get my car out of impound, get new insurance and pay off the three thousand dollars I had left on it. As long as this type of money was consistent I would watch a few flicks on how to spice these monotone meetings up for me too. I had one more session left before I could go see what Stacy was getting into. She had still been in bed sleeping off the alcohol from last night when I left this morning. She said she was only coming in for two or three hours later that day and that was it for her until she danced this next weekend.

Everything here was so super private that I had to get clearance from Öğrenci porno Bryan before I could sit in on her session. The young senator was shaking while he looked up from where he kneeled before me with stars in his eyes. I brought the leather whip down on his back leaving another red welt. Every man I had seen today was in politics and they all wanted dick in their ass. It was an oddly gratifying feeling taking a man from the back the way they did women so often. I was definitely riding a high from it. Once the sniffling creature busted his nut I left him in the chains and went to shower wash away his sweat and tears from my own body. He had paid for an hour and torture and an hour he would receive. He could suffer a bit longer locked in place while I got freshen up and put my regular clothes on. I would beat him one more time before letting him go on my way out.

By the time I had made it across the mansion Stacy was already in her room which was a mock porn studio. The politician had requested another half hour. Apparently no one had ever treated him with such lack of attention that he was super turned on and satisfied and he had to have more time. The extra five thousand dollar made the half hour worth it,well Stacy would understand.

Her room was a completely different world. It was filled with bright hues of pink and blue, there were random pictures and works of art on her wall verses the various whips, chains, handcuffs, and shelves of dildos that lined my wall. I was more pleased than surprised that there were men who paid very well to participate in gangbangs. I stealthy slid into the empty director’s chair beside Bryan, who was watching the show just as intently as me. He looked over and smiled at me briefly before turning back to the show before us. Stacy was riding the largest dick I had ever seen in real life and just as she was getting into her rhythm two more guys joined the party. One jammed his dick down her throat while the other positioned his baby arm sized penis in between her ass cheeks. She moaned out reaching her hand behind her to guide him to her opening. I cringed as he poked and prodded her asshole until the head popped in.

My pussy was so creamy and I regretted not wearing panties because I knew what would happen if I kept sitting here. I had no idea this is what Stacy was getting into in her room. I was kind of jealous. Our chairs were so close that I could feel the heat coming from his hand, which was hovering very close to mine. Stacy moaned out as the dicks pounding into her ass changed. This next one was longer but the shaft wasn’t as thick. She pressed her palm behind her into his abdomen trying to ease the deep curve he had banging her back out.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I excused myself and headed straight to Stacy’s bathroom. My clit was literally jumping watching a live gangbang and pressure was too much I needed a release. There was no way I could make it back to my room and not miss the end to see if she got creampied or would they cum all over her face. My pussy was already dripping wet when I propped my leg up on the counter. That first stroke across my bud sent quakes through my body so I got comfortable and braced myself against the sink for the orgasms I was about to really quick.

Left, right, left, right. Up, down, up, down. Dip my fingers inside a few times and repeat. I had my rhythm and I was seconds away from bussing when the door slowly crept open. I was caught with my fingers in the cookie jar literally, or more like the honeypott. Bryan looked at me with a hint of surprised mixed with lust in his eyes. I was riding a wave and it was too late to stop. I came right there moaning as silently as possible, with him watching my every move.

I licked my lips subconsciously watching the print in his pants as it grew from ‘oh my’ to ‘goddamn’ in a matter of seconds. He came inside closing the door behind him and falling to his knees before me. Cream coated his face as he lapped my honey, suckling it like he had been deprived of such delicacies all his life. I wasn’t going to deprive him any longer. I tried to keep my moans to a quiet whimper but was failing miserable with his tongue so deep inside me. I wasn’t aware someone could stretch their tongue that damn far. If he kept this up Stacy’s moans would be rivalling my own instead of the other way around.

Bryan wasn’t even aware that he was about to suffocate licking on my clit this way or he didn’t care. Either way he keep it up until my thighs were locked around his head. This man was relentless he sucked every inch he could, cleaning my pussy with his mouth, without actually removing his lips. I was spent and panting against the counter and he flicked his tongue rapidly over my clitoris. I attempted to move but I was coming again before he had to hold onto my hips, pinning me in place anyway. There was no need for all that I wasn’t sure my legs were working anyway.

Once I came again he let me up and proceeded to sit me on the edge of the counter. I helped him remove his shirt and watched on as he kicked off his shoes and pants. He turned his back to me to take off his boxer briefs. Using his hands as a shield he turned to with a look of amusement in his eyes. I pulled him to me, nestling him snugly between my warm legs, then pulled his hands away to see what he was hiding.

It sprung forward and bounced off my thigh and laid proudly against my stomach. Goddamn was right, this would be in the monster penis section on hubporn. I used both of my hands to jack him off while he worked to get the zipper down on my dress. I was more than ready to experience a little of the things I saw in my favorite pornos. Especially with this chocolate god.

He finally got the dress ready to pull over my head along with my bra instead of unhooking it. My titties bounced out, nipples hard with matching hearts poking through each one. Bryan moaned with appreciation at my artwork, his hands rubbed against them roughly. I slid further to the edge, prepping myself to be stretched beyond capacity. His lips were wrapped my right nipple sucking so painfully that it turned me on that much more. I had been bossing people around all day. The head of his dick felt like someone trying to push too many fingers into your vagina. The mushroom shaped head slid in and for a second I thought I was about to die, but I refused to quit now.

More of my back was on the counter that my ass now. Bryan reached behind him to grab a towel roll for my head. He placed my left leg on his shoulders before guiding the head back in. It was a torturous experience as he worked his way deeper inside. My palms pressed into his chest trying to slow him down when he I felt like I was about to explode. He just tapped that spot until I was screaming louder than Stacy. Then it was like my pussy leveled up and kicked it in second gear. He slide deeper and I was receiving it like never before. His pounded inch after inch after inch and all I could do was hold on. Juices were flowing down the crack of my ass, his legs, and wetting up the counter and the floor. I was fucking delirious. Bryan was whispering in my ear how good my pussy was and calling my name like I was the one fucking him senseless. Everybody on this floor had to know he was in here blowing my back out by now. His dick had to be at least 11 inches, or it felt like it slamming into my cervix like it owed him money.

The bathroom door swung open again. This time Stacy and the three football players she was entertaining stood there watching Bryan fuck the shit outta me. One of them offered double their payments if they could join, the two others agreed as well. Stacy countered with triple and they all looked to me for approval. I looked at Bryan who was stroking away in my pussy moaning about not wanting to share. I was game to get my fantasy and get paid for it. Bryan agreed but only to them busting my asshole open because he refused to pull his dick from buried snugly in the deepest part of my pussy. He locked his hands under my butt and lifted me up carrying me out to the couch without breaking a sweat. Once he was seated with me on my knees in his lap, he began playing with my ass inserting one finger than two. Loosening it up in preparation for what was to come.

Stacy was beside me in the blink on an eye, in the same position getting her pussy stabbed by a thick rod unmercifully. She leaned over sucking my left nipple in her warm mouth. My body was on pleasure overload, I was squirting uncontrollably wetting up everything beneath me. The guy with the longer curved dick was first up. Getting the head in was fairly easy since Bryan had been fingering my ass and using my own juices to lube me up. His shaft filled me completely to the brim considering it was the first thing I’d had in it other than my little rabbit and some anal beads. Which in no way could complete with the real thing. I couldn’t feel anything but these two monster dicks sliding in and out of me, filling me up with taking it away repeatedly. I couldn’t remember what they guy looked like right now but I was enjoying him whispering to me about how he was going to drill my ass until he came. And how he was going to fuck my asshole like he was smashing my pussy until I was cumming from it too. Bryan sucked my other nipple while holding my hips in place.

The two guys standing up switched places and this time I had what felt like a thick sausage with a vein so large I could feel it pumping when he tried to pop the head in. My ass was not as accommodating to his large head. He spit in his hand and used it as lube before trying again. I relaxed my muscles and he poked a bit before stabbing it in my hole. I screamed out as he wrapped one hand around my ponytail while bracing himself with the other. He had little mercy as he pumped in and out in and out with little rhythm, just a little jackhammer motion. I flex my muscles hoping it would bring him closer to coming, it didn’t seem that far out. The two guys fucking Stacy switched, too bad because I wanted the one with the curved penis to cum in my ass like he promised. I tried flexing again and this time Mr. Veiny was pushed out. The third guy wasted no time getting his turn to stick his dick in and show me what he was made of. His dick had a smaller head that spread out into a tree trunk a few inches down. At first I was bouncing on both of their dicks as I watching Veiny pound Stacy’s ass even harder than he did mine. I was gratefully it was her now though. Then I was holding on to Bryan for dear life as the tease showed me the thickest inches he had to offer. Stars starting orbiting my head and my mouth felt filled with cotton. I felt like screaming but nothing was coming out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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