Making a Plan


The Couple

It was a cold morning when Jeff Pills woke up. His girlfriend Jessie, her hair covering the eyes, sleeping beside him peacefully. Looking at the clock told him it was early, five before six am. Nothing good will come of today he thought to himself as he got up. During the usual morning routine his thoughts ran solely about work. Working as a storage worker he had risen to the title of storage manager and was even forklift certified. The position had great benefits as well as a nice pay check each month. But the covid crisis threw everything down the drain and while some businesses flourished, the one he was working for did not. In fact there had been quite a few people let go in order to reduce costs. Today was the day. Jeff was being summoned along with a few other managers to a meeting with the owner. From his experience this told him he was likely going to be fired. He knew that if he was getting a promotion he would have been summoned to the HR, but everytime somebody gets the boot they first go to the boss.

Looking in the mirror with a splash to the face, he mentally prepared for the upcoming day. At 32 he was fit due to the nature of his job. While many people payed for gym membership he often joked that the company was paying him to keep in shape. Before working at the storage Jeff was for lack of a better term fat. His breasts were bigger than Jessie’s and above the waist proudly stood a huge beer stomach. After taking the job a few years later, he slimmed down and had muscles all over his body. Not bodybuilder type of muscles but those of an everyday manual laborer type. While many men would be proud of their biceps or abs, Jeff was most surprised how defined his legs have become. That will probably go away now he thought as he brushed his teeth. As the spit came out, the palm glided through his hair. He was glad he was not balding yet as his father or brothers were at this age.

Going back to the bedroom Jessie was still asleep. Trying to be quiet he dressed in his normal work attire, which consisted of jeans and a dark colored jacket with a t-shirt underneath. Most of the time it was too hot to work in the storage so he took the jacket off. Even in winter it could get way over 25 degrees inside. “I’m going now babe” he whispered and kissed her gently on the forehead as Jessie didn’t make a sound. Jeff rolled his eyes as he made his way outside to the car.

He had told Jessie about the problems everyone faced in the storage department, the lack of production, the lack of orders which accumulated in less work for everyone involved. She was not as worried at first but lately as she had trouble finding work herself she started lashing out. “You have to keep that job at all costs you hear me. Jeff I’m serious we can’t afford to be penniless at our age.” she would say between puffs as they stood outside in their garden during her smoke break. Jeff did not allow Jessie to smoke in the house. It was either outside or quit. That was his negotiation tactic when Jessie was deciding if she wanted to move in with him or not. In a way Jeff was lucky that Grandma Louise left him the house when she died. This was one of the few good things as the house was already paid for in full. At the very least he had a roof over his head while being unemployed. As for Jessie, when they met she was working as a sales girl in a clothing store. She lost her job like many people when the stores closed during the lockdown.

The main reason why Jessie wanted Jeff to keep the job was that it kept him out of the house. She did not want him learning her big secret. There were of course other minor reasons as well. Such as alone time, gym time and that she had a car that needed to be paid off. A steady job provided regular payments to the dealership, if those stopped she would have to dip into her own cash reserves to pay it off. It was not that Jeff was rich and she was exploiting him, it was that Jeff took it upon himself to pay it off. She wanted to contribute at the start but he told her to keep the money for a rainy day.

When Jessie lost her job she was devastated, she really enjoyed being and working in a clothing store, where she had the opportunity to sometimes try on new articles from well-known designers. The pay was not as great as she would have liked, but sometimes in a blue moon a rich customer would come and buy something leaving her with a nice fat tip. As covid hit, she became a part of the mass of people without work which made her depressed. After months of seeing Jeff go to work in the morning to earn a living she was tired of the rejections that awaited her in her e-mail inbox folder.

Then she, as she was browsing her social media, noticed that one of the women she followed posted a video mentioning that she has opened a truefans account. Jessie had herd of truefans before, but only in passing. If one of her favorite social influencers had one it cannot be that bad. Scrolling through the page a pop up window appeared. “Crap, you Porno have to sign up first” she spoke out loud annoyed with her palm supporting her chin. Jessie spent the next few hours researching what truefans was all about.

“Porn? No way is Miss Cappuccino doing porn. She has over a million followers on instantkilogram.” She laughed but there was a feeling on curiosity in the back of her head. What if she is actually doing it? The subscription to the page was only 10 ducats which did not seem like a lot. What shocked her first was that there were over 2000 subscribers already signed up. That meant that miss cappuccino made over 20.000 ducats from them just signing up. From her research she found out that she could message the content creator directly. She was debating what to write when she noticed that she had received a message from miss Cappuccino.

Upon opening it, she saw that along with the short written message “Hello, this is just the start, expect more in the forthcoming weeks.” There was a video file, but she had to pay additional 10 ducats to get it. Since she came this far, what was another 10 ducats. She charged her card and a video file started to download. It was a short one minute in length vertical scene filmed on a phone. In it miss Cappuccino was dancing and removing clothing. A striptease scene without actually showing any of the important bits. She had done some racy things on her instantkilogram profile before, some that even got her previous accounts banned but this time she actually took off her clothing. The video stopped when she was naked with her ass to the phone while covering tits with her hands. “See you later babies” the influencer winked.

How easy her life must be Jessie’s mind wondered as she stood up and went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She lit up a cigarette and opened a window as she usually did when she was alone in the house. “I could do what she does with no problem. I’m hot enough. My tits are still perky. Much better than what those women are presenting.” she puffed the smoke outside. And that was how it started for her. From that day onward Jessie kept researching and learning about social media until she was satisfied that she knew enough to become popular.

First off she needed a presence on non-pornographic sites. She needed a new persona which she could adapt. From her exploration of the subject she learned that moms and specifically milfs did very well. Especially those who were married. This is why she chose her character to be a homemaker. Next she knew that the easiest way to become popular was to create an account on KlikKlock and have one of her videos go viral. Carefully choosing her username to be HomeWifey. Under the same name she created a site on all the social media sites she knew off.

However social media can be a throw of dice, either you are lucky and your first video gets viral and you become an instant success or you struggle. After a month there were no successes, her videos were getting at most a few hundred views. Her instantkilogram account where she posted sexy pictures of herself doing everyday chores only grew to a bit over 80 followers. Slow and steady wins the race was the mantra she kept repeating as she looked through her accounts several time per day. One thing did change in this time. She had stopped looking for a job altogether as this was what she wanted to do full time.

A month gone and there was nothing to show for it. Tired from not getting anywhere she did not feel like filming at all, but still went through with it. Only she forgot about the time. Jeff was coming home soon. Wearing her pajamas she did not bother to change. Her whole attire consisted of girl boxers’ shorts and a t-shirt which was one size too big for her. She didn’t realize that she was filming a KlickKlok only when it was too late. Jeff had come through the door and said hi. Not wanting to be found out, she accidently uploaded the video on her account. Soon during dinner her phone kept buzzing. “Did you set your phone on vibrate?” Jeff asked her as he took a bite out of his lasagna.

“I don’t know what’s going on.” She picked up her phone and checked. She saw that her video has reached over a thousand view already and had half as many likes. Jessie was confused as she knew that she did not upload any new videos that day. Maybe one of her old ones was being shared. This made her happy and hopeful that she was finally getting somewhere. With a click the notifications on the phone where turned off and the couple went back to eating food.

After dinner they were both feeling frisky and spent the remainder of their day in bed punishing the bed for all its worth. Next day however Jessie woke up alone as was the norm. First thing she did was pick up her phone and check where she was at. Picking a pillow and putting it behind her back she sat up. Then she tapped the screen. She had to do a double take when she noticed that several of her accounts had a red 999 Altyazılı Porno number with a plus in the upper red corner. First she clicked on her KlickKlock account. She saw that her video from the day before has been viewed over half a million times. Not remembering it she tapped on it and started viewing it.

A minute and a half long video had her running around the house in her boxers which showed her ass and a t-shirt which had her boobs bouncing left and right. Not only that, but she kept muttering to herself “Jeff’s coming home. I must get ready. Shit he’s home already” Then she heard Jeff say hello as the video ended.” Jessie felt embarrassed that she posted that video by mistake. But the embarrassment was short lived as she again saw all the likes. She also gained over 4000 new subscribers. The same amount of subs were seen on her other social sites. Jessie was finally in business. And now she knew what the public wanted from her.

From that day on her homemaker persona grew. She started making vlog posts on KlickKlok where she posted a minute long videos of her daily routines as a wife and homemaker. Even if she had to pretend and lie to be one. Her subscribers did not care and ate it up. Of course it did not hurt that she did all of that wearing less and less clothing each time. As it was summer by then, she pranced around wearing a sports bra and some leggings, which were very tight around her tushy.

Her subscriber count started to steadily grow. Several of her videos became viral which led her to think that it was the optimal time to create a TrueFans account. She of course did it slyly pretending to her followers that she did not even know what truefans even was. After so many requests she did a questions and answers videos where her followers sent her questions they wanted her to reply to. Some questions were about her life as a wife or a mother, others went further and asked about her personal likes from men to toys. And then she specifically put in the middle of her q and a, a question about a truefans account.

“Oh I don’t know. I don’t even know what that site is all about.” She baited her viewers with a girly giggle. “I only know from what I have seen on the tv. Maybe I will look into it and let you guys know” was her final reply to the topic. She knew that a good portion of her followers were men if not 99% of them. But how many of them would be willing to pay for her to get sexy or perhaps even naked.

Another week passed when she put up a poll asking her followers if they would subscribe to her truefans account if she created one. Leaving it open for a few days she then came back to see the results. Suffice it to say there were very few negative clicks. And so she created a page on truefans.kom. Then came a problem. What should she charge, her following, while being above 20k at this point was still on the lower scale compared to other content creators on this site. If she wanted to compete with them, Jessie would first have to get a loyal fan base. This is why she decided to start with a low, 5 ducats per month subscription.

In a week she got exactly 77 people to pay for their subscription. Which was good, meaning the money was close to half of her pay check at her last job. First Jessie started with a few photos. Like everyone in her position she wanted them to be perfect but not professional. She spent the whole morning taking selfies all around the house and garden. After thousands and thousands of photos only a few were selected to posted. Knowing that she had to stay active on other social media sites if she wanted to climb the ladder her morning became very busy.

One day as she was filming livestream on her KlickKlock she spilled coffee all over her overalls leaving a nasty stain. She quickly picked up a towel and removed one strap of the overalls revealing a white bra underneath. Her phone was positioned in a way that everybody saw a good portion of her tits jiggling as she tried to get the coffee out of it. “I’m going to have to change this and put it in the laundry” she told her audience. Good at multitasking she read the comments as she walked to her bedroom. One of them invited her to show them her changing. Jokingly she said into the camera “If you want to see that you should subscribe to my truefans account. I need ideas there, as to what to post. I’ve only done photos so far.” Not thinking anything of it the livestream continued. At the end of it, it got her thinking. Maybe she should branch out and do videos. Charge 10 ducats for now, and later when she’s getting naked on them they would become more expensive.

Jessie was not dumb. She had a clear path as to how far she wanted to go with this. Her goal was to keep her followers subscribed and only do something extra when there was a dip, meaning when a few unsubscribed or not renewed their subscriptions. At first there would be photos, everyday ones maybe a bit of side boob, and a view of her nice ass. Then she would progress Brazzers to leggings and tight t-shirts. After that came try on hauls, where she tried on various things she had lying around her wardrobe. Furthermore came lingerie try on hauls. These very especially popular and got her a nice boost to the follower account. Then she reached her limit. Not much further she could go from there without exposing herself.

And so she started with making videos. A whole nine months had passed since she started all of this. Her subscriber count was somewhere in between 750 and 800 depending on the week. She was making more than 3k ducats per month off of it. During that time she started spending some of her money on new clothes and fitness apparel. She really got into fitness. She wanted to show other wives and moms that they could also get fit through her KlickKlock videos. Jeff questioned her where she got all of these new things from, and her answer was always the same. “Daddy got them for me”.

Daddy was her dad who was in a similar business as Jeff only he dealt with storage containers. A lot of the times something went unclaimed and after a good period of time they guys there decided to share the spoils. At least that’s what Jessie told Jeff. Jeff did not really believe her at first but one time when they had dinner with her parents, her father took him aside showed him some of the things he got from one of the containers at the docs. After that day Jeff did not question her about it anymore.

With the money rolling in she transformed an empty bedroom to be her gym room. Inside she had everything from weights, to a stationary bike. And her subscriber count kept going up. At 33 she was finally making money she thought she deserved. But that all could disappear in a second if she was not catering to her followers. A few of them, a vocal minority became troublesome and wanted her to get naked already. She tried to keep them at bay for as long as she could. But now it was time to finally dip her feet into the ocean of nudity.

Soon she started making solo videos of her stripping and just being naked. This helped her realize that she had an exhibitionist streak inside of her. As she was in the garden she was filming a video for her fans, when she noticed that from a balcony a few houses down the road an elderly man was watching her. She was wearing just her thong and a sheer lacy bra. “I’m being watched right now guys. There’s a guy on a balcony and he’s looking right at me. What do you think? Should I humor him a little?” with that she unclasped her bra as it fell to the ground, leaving her in just her thong. Giggling she ran back inside and ended the video. This was her most popular one for a very long time.

Things were going great for her until Jeff came home one day and announced that he had a feeling he was going to be fired. Jessie had not planned on telling him about her new job, at least not for a while anyway. This was not a pleasant news for her. She urged him to try harder and keep the job, but other than that there was nothing more she could do. “I will cross that bridge when I come to it” she calmed herself as she checked her naked body in the mirror in the gym after a workout. You guess it she filmed it.

On that day as Jeff went to the meeting which would determine his fate, Jessie woke up quite late. After taking care of her morning routine she looked at her planner as she ate a bagel. Every day was carefully orchestrated, each hour filled. She truly considered this her job. If Jeff gets fired he could disrupt her process. As she finished eating she went out on the porch and lit up a cigarette. “I have to have a plan of action” she wrote down on her planner. Tapping on it with her fingers she tried to come up with one.

Jeff meanwhile was just given his last rights. He indeed was let go from his post. In fact the whole business was shutting down. The owner was sad, but gave all his guys a pay check for the next two months, but after they were on their own. On his way out he heard several other employees wondering where to go next. Some of them were close to retirement age others just starting out in life. Jeff was somewhere in the middle of those two. He was not the youngest anymore, but he certainly was not old by any means. At 32 he did not want to start from the bottom again. He hopped by God he would not have too.

Not long after he came home. When Jessie heard him she immediately knew what had happened. Her fears have come true. The plan she came up with in the morning was not full proof but at least it was something to fall back on if she needed it. The two had the talk. Jessie was a bit annoyed as this was eating into her time when she was supposed to be recording. Her plan was simple. She will not tell Jeff unless forced too. Meaning she will only explain when she will get caught. With Jeff being at home that could very likely mean today or even tomorrow. As she listened to him talk, she wondered how he would take it. They were not married, but they have been together for almost five years. Living together for three. Will he kick her out? Will he stay with her? She knew that when she explained herself she needed to inform him that she was not stopping. He would have to accept it and move on.

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