Luna Mission

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I took a moment to admire her naked body; she was absolutely gorgeous.

She had curves: lots of them, and they were all fantastic.

Since Luna had fallen pregnant I found myself fantasising of nothing but energetic fornication with gravid young ladies. The merest sight of her pregnant form became intensely arousing, as I became desperate for sex with her.

I sought out “preggo porn” on the Internet, and spent so much of my evenings watching expectant women fuck their way through masses of rampant young men. I dreamt of pregnant women, I masturbated as I watched their swollen bellies receive passionate poundings from scores of horny dicks.

I was jealous of them, all of the porn stars. They got to plow the pregnant women’s pussies, watch the young ladies suck them to orgasm or occasionally drive their cocks into their pert asses. They got to enjoy the knocked-up sluts, each one swimming with pregnant hormones as they became breathlessly satisfied.

I found the pregnant porn stars who looked like Luna: black hair, innocent smile, gorgeous eyes. I pretended it was Luna, and envied the male porn stars even more: they got to feel her engorged tits, rub her distended belly and kiss the object of my fantasies. They got to bring the insatiable slut to orgasms, watching as their cum dripped from her puffy cunt or glistening whorl.

I wished it was me; me and my Luna.

In the early months she complained about her lack of sex drive: candid moments shared over coffee. If she was experiencing a lack of interest in sex, her state had me admiring every pregnant woman I saw; the bare bellies showing prominently on the buses, in the shops and in the coffee houses.

I even started travelling via a notorious part of town on hotter days: watching for salaciously dressed young ladies carrying a familiar bump as they waddled from the shops.

I met Amy on the bus. She was eight and a half months pregnant. She wore light clothes on the warm day and the walk had caused the red shirt to rise. I stared at her bump, dreaming of what lay beneath her trousers.

She looked in her late teenage years: I’d later discover she was nineteen, impregnated by a one-night stand during her second year of college. She groaned as she walked: her slight frame carrying a big bump; perhaps it was twins.

Her legs looked tired, her eyes looked drained. She caught me staring, fantasising about fucking her and barked at me aggressively: she was only pregnant, not fat. I shouldn’t stare. I shouldn’t judge.

I apologised immediately; I explained I found the act of pregnancy and childbirth exciting and amazing. She was coyly embarrassed when I said I thought she looked lovely, even as she waddled. She smiled as I plundered my imagination for compliments; flattery unlocked her reticence.

She Avrupalı porno still worked in a shoe shop, unable to give up work due to money worries. I met her the following morning as I bought a pair of trainers from her and we chatted; I convinced her to let me take her to lunch. We agreed on the sexual transaction over cappuccino: two hours of sex for three hundred pounds.

She was cheap, but it was more money than she’d normally earn in a week; it was less than I earned in a day. And I had unfulfilled needs. I needed to fuck the pregnant woman. I needed to enjoy the heave of her swollen breasts against my body and breathe in the sights of her smooth bump. I wanted to see her radiant body tingle as I sucked on her clit, and then watch her cry with desperate lust as my cock slid past her puffy lips.

All of my dreams and fantasies, cruelly teased and denied for so long, were released in that cheap hotel room. She wore just a black tracksuit: her scruffy sluttiness causing my dick to rise instantly. She looked so sexy in the worn, tacky garment, and unbelievably erotic out of it. I admired her as we moved to the bed, holding her warm body in my arms as I held her closely to my skin.

I treasured that stance for seconds, breathing in her cheap perfume as my hands wandered over her smooth skin and delicate curves. My erection pressed into the small of her back. Her tits, leaking slightly, flinched under my touch.

My hands danced and flitted over her torso, gliding over her belly button, neatly popped to the surface by her bump. I twisted my fingers through her mass of pubic curls. Unshaved: so very sexy.

I could wait no longer, and laid her gently onto the bed: treating her with the utmost respect as my lips kissed the inside of her thigh, travelling up her leg to her musky crotch. Her aroma tickled my senses, my nose buried into her cunt as my tongue flicked against her crack.

She groaned with every touch on her clit, bucking her hips as she rode my face to multiple orgasms. I loved the view; the swell of her belly and the ascent of her bosom as her body trembled to the delightful sounds of her mighty climaxes.

And then I felt impatient; her watery eyes pleaded with me to fuck her as her ravaged body needed my unsheathed cock. It kissed my shaft and caressed my dick as I slid into her young cunt. She was wet, reeking with arousal as I thrusted my prick into her sex, pounding the pregnant bitch relentlessly.

She panted and mewed, squealing with wild abandon as her orgasm triggered mine and I flooded her cunt with my cum.

I had three more sessions with Amy before she dropped the baby. She always came to the hotel room in her worn tracksuit; the faded garment tatty, but so very dirty. She earned a lot of money out of me, Video porno but it was Luna I wanted.

She was the one that had triggered my fantasies and my desires; I saw her every day, but she was unattainable and unavailable. Over the months, Luna got heavier and larger; her belly distended so much, she waddled as she walked.

She may have felt old and fat, decrepit and tired but she had never been sexier. She caused almost permanent erections as I watched her struggle every day. She was the cause of all of my masturbatory fantasies, all of my dreams and desires. I looked for more pregnant prostitutes, eager and desperate to sate my horniness and bought dozens of pornography subscriptions to “preggo porn” websites.

Until one night, I told her. It was the evening before her last day at work before she left for maternity leave, and I was drunk and desperate. Lonely at home, surrounded by used tissues and a streak of desperation. So I e-mailed her everything: I told her about Amy and what had happened at the cheap hotel rooms. I told her how sexy she looked in her pregnancy attire. I told her how she made me incredibly horny and I would do anything to go down on her and fuck her. I confessed everything before I fell asleep at my computer.

I woke covered in regret.

I should never have sent that e-mail, and that morning begged her to delete it before reading it. She refused and teased me; keeping the message unopened on her computer all day. My employee, and friend, left me on tenterhooks as the clock ticked towards five o’ clock.

And then she called me to her workstation, shaking her head as her eyes scanned every line of my intimate confession. My heart pounded in my chest as she read my innermost secrets. “My husband thinks I’m fat not sexy.”

“He’s wrong.”

She shrugged nonchalantly. “If you want to fuck me, what’s it worth?” My hands went clammy as her fingers tapped impatiently at the table. “We need the money for our extension. He won’t fuck me. I’m finding it frustrating. So what am I worth?”

I whimpered at Luna’s forthright tone. “Errr … Amy was …”

“Amy was cheap. You said I was the object of your affections. What am I worth to you?”

“Ummm … five hundred?”

“A grand,” she replied. “And I’ll let you come ’round next week too while hubby is at work.” Her eyes dropped to her keyboard. “I’ll let you fuck me on my due date. How’s that?”

My dick mewled at the prospect, weeping pre-cum into my boxer shorts. “A grand for both today and next week. OK?”

She looked across the office at our colleagues swapping evening plans and rose from her desk, opening the door to my office. I transferred five hundred pounds by Internet Banking as she closed the door and drew the blinds, plunging the room into a half-light.

Her dress pooled seductively on the chair of my room; her frame silhouetted gorgeously by the feint light of my office. My dick felt alive as I touched her, and she touched me; arousal surged inside. The gentle slide of her hands glided over my body and loosened my trousers. I kicked them off as they fell to the floor, landing in the corner of the room. I kissed the seductive lady as my fingers glided over her pendulous breasts.

Her points rubbed against my skin; her belly pressed against mine. Never had I felt so aroused as when she turned towards my desk and shimmied her behind at me, eager to guide my cock into her cunt. I gripped her waist; it felt natural.

I nearly came as my cock slid into her pussy: my senses exploding with unspent lust as her cunt squeezed against my intruding prick.

She rested her hands on my desk, rocking against my turgid dick as I drove into her pregnant body; her grunts and groans sounding just like my dreams and fantasies. It was the most expensive fuck I’d ever had but it was worth every penny, my genitals rampant with sizzling lust as I drove harder and harder into my gorgeous employee.

My cock quivered as I reached my point of no return, pounding into the young married slut as my orgasm powered through me and I came with a dozen surges of lustful relief; my cum firing into her pussy.

She giggled as I withdrew my cock. “Well clean-up your mess,” she commanded with a smile over her shoulder. “That’s how I got pregnant in the first place. Men not clearing up after themselves!”

My flagging cock rose again as my brain processed her request. I was never going to refuse it, and lay underneath her, leaning up from the floor to take a long lick of her dripping cunt.

Our mixture, her pregnant juices and my cum, was a sapid mixture of sinful lust that slipped down my gullet as I lapped at her clit and sucked at her hole. She rocked on my face as I savoured our tryst, enjoying the sweet smells and tastes of the taken woman.

She bounced wantonly on my face; her pregnant bump inches from my eyes as she rode my tongue to a cacophony of promiscuous grunts. I felt her crack quiver as she came, expelling the last of my seed into my mouth.

We lay panting for a few moments until she struggled to her feet, waddling towards my box of tissues on the cabinet and wordlessly wiped herself dry.

“I’ll bring you the other five hundred when I come to see you next week,” I promised, watching as her breasts were re-housed in their bra.

“Make sure you do,” she replied and tossed her lacy white panties to me. “Here, have a momento.”

I took a moment to admire her naked body; she was absolutely gorgeous.

She had curves: lots of them, and they were all fantastic. Her dress slid over naked torso, hiding her gorgeous body from sight and I sat back in my reclining chair: naked, with the taste of sex in my mouth, a pool of leaking cum on my leather seat and watching my pregnant friend blow me a kiss as she left the room.

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