Lost Bet



This is my first story.

The story is factious. The names have been changed to protect anyone that might think I am talking about them.


It all happens by mistake….

I was driving home and notice the U-Haul truck at the neighbors unloading there worldly goods. It was a typical family, a couple of kids a dog and boat.

They were trying to unload a sofa so when I pulled in the driveway and asked if they needed help the husband TIM who could be my twin I later found out and Tina yelled PLEASE!!!!

After our introductions I gave them a hand and we soon had it finished.

By then my wife and kids came home from shopping and everyone got to know each other at supper.

It’s when I notice that Tina had a tight ass covered by a very thin lair of white material and a red thong on underneath it no bra she had little titties but eraser size nipples.

I know this was going to be the start of a flirtatious relationship.

My wife commented after they left and I told her if you have the body, show it off.

Wrong answer…

It doesn’t matter what I say I get sex three times a week with my hand and once a month to two months with her if I am lucky.

As it goes porno izle Tim called me over the next Friday with a plumbing problem.

The funny thing was that when I arrived we were dressed alike so I got under the sink

And had Tim go under the house and turn the water off.

Tina came in and said good bye but ran her hand up my bare leg in to my shorts and grabbed my cock. What a way to be paid she thought I was Tim I never wanted to let on because I did not want to embarrassed her.

She said if she had time I would be given a BJ. WOW Tim is a lucky man.

Tim came in to hear the comments and hid so she could not see who was under ht sink after Tina left Tim came in and was getting under the sink to help and slipped and landed face first on my hard cock thanks to Tina.

After laughing it off and fixing the leak we had lunch.

We then hooked the TV and the DTD player and to see if it worked I hit play and the DVD in side the player started.

It was Tim being ass fucked by Tina. I watch a few minutes when Tim came back into the room and notice what was on and flipped out. I told him to relax that his secret was good with me… Yea right blackmail time..

A few weeks porno later we went out fishing and ran into a rain storm, so we took shelter in the cabin and played a few boring games of cards.

We then started with porker and after an hour Tim stated we should play strip poker will a few six packs and it sounded like fun.

As luck had it I lost the first two hands and lost my shirt and shorts.

Tim lost and he was in his shorts I lost again and was down to my birthday suit.

Tim could not concatenate and lost the next two hands so their we were two grown men in our B-day suits laughing.

The next bet was to see who would be the cabin boy I won and Tim wanted a rematch

But I upped the ante. Looser would do anything the winner wanted him to do.

Tim finally agreed and I won. I told him to go out in the rain and get me a beer he tried to get dressed and I told him no.

He came in wet and hard as a rock seeing his dick of 5.5 inches I knew he liked mine of 6 inches but almost double the diameter.

He gave me my beer and turned to go so I slapped him on the ass and he squealed.

I told him to get on his hands and knees and craw over and suck my dick.

He protested rokettube half heartily and crawled over and was all over me. I was read to cum in a few seconds and shot my load deep in to his mouth he came up licking his lips what a good cabin boy you are he just smiled.

Tina had called and we told her that we are ridding out the storm and we would be in later.

Tim was trying to clean up when he bent over the pillows and I came up behind him and pushed my now hard dick in to his ass.

Tim pushed backwards and with the help of the storm I was in his tight ass with no lube.

Tim screamed so I grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and squirted it on my dick.

Nothing like the smell of coconut when you are ass fucking your new neighbor.

Tim was screaming “fuck me, fuck me harder” It was I all could do to hold on to his ass and pound him.

I REACHED AROUND AND GRABBED HIS COCK AND STARTED TO PLAY WITH HIM, he started to cum in my hand and I brought it to his lips and he cleaned my hand with his tongue.

When he did this I started to fill his tight ass with my cum and he would not let me pull out until he milked me dry.

We fell on each other and started to laugh this was the first time I have ever touched another man before much less fuck him. Then I did the unthinkable I shoved my tongue in his mouth and we started to kiss and taste his cum then we….

Will that will be another story…

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