Lost And Found Ch. 01.5: Miracles


Smokey Saga 4: “Lost And Found 1½: Miracles”


The original “Lost And Found” (Saga
8) has become one of the more beloved pieces in my library, accumulating a few requests asking for more of these gals. God bless you, Faithful Readers To Whom I Owe So Very Much, this isn’t the only (especially more recent) story some of you’ve asked me to Pen a sequel to, so more shall follow. There’ll be another “Lost And Found” chapter after this, back-to-back: Saga 5, entitled “Where The Heart Is.” This one I call “Miracles.” I thought briefly of calling it something crazy, like “Let’s Make A Deal Or No Wheel Of Fortune,” but…no. We already had Cessy’s story, so here’s Penny’s. Enjoy.


Springtime Of Love (Penny’s From Heaven)

Three months later: Monday, March 2nd, 2015, 9:19 a.m.

Iridescent sunlight danced through the swaying, translucent curtains in the mistress bedroom window at 16730 Randall’s View Terrace. Inside lay two 34-year-young slumbering angels spooning together, enjoying another sleepy morning. One of the spoons was a brunette waif known as Cecily, the other a blonde multimillion-heir called Penelope. The luxury nest’s other occupant, 4-year-old dachshund Hollaweenie, was curled up in his doggy donut, dreaming blissful canine dreams. Light, cold breezes swished, activating the windchime out in front. Weekday warriors started another slow, sloggy Monday. And spring was fast on the way to the fair city of Juniper.

As with most dawns, Penny was first to awaken. Since Cessy’d turned up on her doorstep with her baby Weenie back in November, Penny had taken her in and nurtured her. She’d given her shelter, nourishment and several varieties of love. And in the three months since, she’d come to the conclusion that after four months on the streets, she couldn’t blame Cesse for sleeping ten hours a night.

After celebrating Thanksgiving with Penny’s Aunt Tracy, they shared a bit more wine, made a little more love, lay face to face in bed and stayed up the entire night, talking about everything. It was so enchanting there in the glow of nothing but the outside Christmas lights. The night went so fast, before they knew it, brightness arose. It was astonishing. Any normal night, wine plus sex plus bed equaled utterly knocked-out sweet dreams. This, however, was not any normal night. It took a day and a half to sink in, just how incredible the reunion truly was. They were the same age, had first met when they were five, then at 23, and now here at 34. They truly were one another’s kindred spirits, soul-halves and fatemates, in the purest sense of it all.

As she did most morns about this time, Penny laid a short pattern of kisses on Cessy, from spine to shoulder blade, silently letting her know she’d be getting up to tinkle now. She crawled down off the bed, gingerly rolled the blanket up to Cesse’s ankles, and gave her feet and toes their morning tickle. Cesse twitched and giggled in her sleep, making Penny fall in love with her all over again. She trotted off to answer nature’s call.

Some mornings, Penny was undoubtedly in the mood. Some mornings, she was unspeakably amorous, and unwilling to take no for an answer. This was one of those mornings. Upon return, she slid the window open a crack, hopped back into bed like a cat, slunk up to Cesse, reclaimed her snuggly cotton pajama-clad body, and whispered.


“Yes?” murmured Cecily.

“Good morning, Tigger…it’s Lolita.”

Cesse’s eyes jumped open as her body coursed with steamy devotion. She knew what this greeting meant: Now that we’re both up, I want to play. And you will play with me.

Naturally, thought Cesse, who was she to say no? She rolled over to face her lover.

“Well, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Good morning, Loly.”

Taking a moment to savor one another’s magnificence, they eased in. Soft kisses, fluttering eyes, tender vocalizations. The crisp late winter-early spring air acted as a refrigerant when they got warm. They kept their peejays on for the moment, relishing the silky texture. They stroked, fondled and caressed, paws almost entirely concealed in the jammie cuffs. They whispered back and forth how dearly they loved each other, amidst pecks, nuzzles, and other morsels of affection. It was like opening up a container of Pringles; once they got started, they couldn’t stop.

They let their hearts take over, rubbing like kittens, till reaching the inevitable next level. Penny brushed back Cesse’s hair and pressed her lips to her ear. The warm breath sent tingles all over Cessy, overwhelming her with a first rush of passion. She squeezed Penny extra tight, grasping one of Penny’s legs between both her own, and clamping it in a territorial vise of love. Penny slid down from Cecily’s ear to her inviting neck. Cesse whimpered, rolling back her head, gliding the fingers of one hand bursa escort up from Penny’s spine, through her satiny blonde hair, pushing tresses up and over Penny’s forehead, taking in its aromatics. Among others, her olfactory senses were pleased.

Penny sucked on Cesse’s neck until a prominent, mouth-sized hickey materialized on her delicate flesh. Head flung back on the pillows, eyes tranquilly shut, Cesse groaned, enjoying the tingling pulse. She loved that all she could see of Penny was the top of her head, fair golden strands spilling everywhere. It conveyed a message of diligence, an indication that Penny was engrossed in the task at hand, committed to a job well, well done. It made Cessy feel so special and important to her.

The lasses lay side by side, Penny’s body only slightly overlapping Cesse’s. Cesse brought her other quivering paw up to join its partner, hugging Penny about the neck, all ten fingers now toying with hair. It held just the perfect amount of thickness: enough to hold its body, but not so thick that her digits got caught. Penny made everything so accommodating and ac-Cesse-ible, without even trying. It was all part of what made life with Penny James so enthralling: be it curling up on the sofa for a good movie, reading poems in bed, dining by candlelight, a handheld stroll around the block, playing with Hollaweenie, or even outings like grocery shopping. Penelope Isabel James somehow managed to do it all with a smile on her face. She bore a sunny disposition towards her mate Cecily Selena Helmsley, and the rest of the world as well. Cesse supposed winning the powerball jackpot helped, but even still, money could do only so much. It could rent happiness, but couldn’t buy. Happiness came in installments.

Since November, Penny’d been nothing but wonderful to her. It made sense, being that Cesse reunited her with her best friend, little Weenie. But Penny surpassed her even most extravagant hopes in all areas: hospitality, friendship, generosity, compassion, resilience, loyalty, benevolence. She never wavered. She just gave, unconcerned with reciprocation or getting her fair share. She really was the most extraordinary person Cesse had ever met. Cesse didn’t know how different—if at all—it would be to fall in love with a real angel from the Afterland. But the distinction couldn’t be that notable.

She was no slouch in the lovemaking department either. Cessy purred as Penny worked her way down, unbuttoning Cesse’s jammie top. She nosed under to greet Minnie and Daisy, Cesse’s eager girls, whose nipples perked up noticing the pretty face just outside. Cesse blindly reached to help, but Penny gently took her hands, kissed and laid them to the mattress—her signal to say, Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. Just lie back…relax, and enjoy. You are my princess, and I wish to spoil you. Leave it all to me.

A spell later, Cessy felt her girls exposed to the cool air. This sensation felt pleasant, but didn’t compare to the euphoria she fell into after another minute. Penny took them in her hands, sucked them into her mouth…ever so lightly sank her teeth…and the air quickly turned from cool to very warm. As she could tell she was pleasing her, Penny shook her head back and forth, as if motorboating Cesse in slo-mo. Cessy giggled as Minnie and Daisy bobbed like toy clowns on either side.

It mattered not whether Cesse found this humorous. Penny was getting seriously turned on. Each and every day, she loved Cesse—her mind, her soul, her spirit, her heart, her body, her 36Cs Minnie and Daisy—and Tigger, too!—just as much, if not more. Cesse held her breath, trying not to burst at the light touches passing over her ticklish spots, and instead on the attention her erogenous zones received. She wasn’t sure how Penny’d react if she suddenly broke out laughing. Fortunately, Penny decided to flip around on her belly, unfasten her own pajama top, and set Hansel and Gretel free on her girlfriend’s tummy. Cesse was now treated to a view of Penny’s pleasingly round fabric-clad rump. But her vision grew fuzzy as she felt her inner thighs being rubbed…

…As well as Minnie and Daisy being toyed with, by the tops of Penny’s lotiony soft feet, toes teasing her nipples…

Cesse gasped at the wild tit-illation. “Oh my Goddess,” she muttered.

Down by her midsection, Penny grinned.

“Oh my Goddess.”

Penny slithered her naughty hand beneath Cesse’s bottoms and squeezed her naked thigh, brushing by Tigger’s Howse. Cesse moaned in pleading desire, and a bit of hunny oozed out of her pot. Penny grew excited at the warm feeling on her hand, especially since Cessy didn’t allow full pussy access every day. Penny had to respect her wishes, besides which, she understood. Much as she adored Cesse, for a host of reasons, they couldn’t make love twenty-four hours a day. The act would lose spontaneity, for starters. But the girls were keen on taking each generous escort bursa opportunity as it came. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes the afternoon, the evening…occasionally twilight. Sex after midnight lent its own air of mystic splendor. They liked to activate their red and blue lava lamps on these spicy nights, for a splash of hot and cool ambience.

The next thing Cesse felt was Penny kissing her pussy through the pajamas. Actually, Cesse couldn’t tell for sure, but she seemed to be French-kissing it. Or holding her oral grip and sucking. Whatever she was doing, it felt divine. Cesse gasped again as her juices surged. One hand still under her p.j.s, Penny groped and fondled, all the while suckling on her angel’s cunt through the fabric, turning her pink panties a nice shade of lavender, enthusiasm fueled by the groans of ecstasy behind her. Nothing made her happier than elating the queen of her heart. She was about to relieve Cessy of her jammie pants when she felt her feet being massaged.

It was Penny’s turn to melt. She’d shared with Cessy the deep, dark secret that rubbing her feet in just the right way turned her to jelly. Her feet were actually one of her weakest erogenous spots. She was putty. She found it intriguing Cesse would choose this moment to exploit her literal Achilles’ heel. In any event, she wasn’t about to complain. Indeed dizzy and intoxicated with passion, Cecily decided to toss a little love back Penny’s way, taking her feet one by one…rubbing…kissing…nibbling her toes…

…And transforming Penny James into a primal animal in the process. Penny went so fast from playfully turned on to ragingly blind horny, she was afforded no time to consider the effect. Only half-paying attention, Cesse too was unaware of the enormity she’d just added. Next she knew, Penny veritably ripped her pajamas and panties right off, in a single fell swoop. All four nipples twitched to rock-hardness almost instantly. Tigger and Lolita heated up and began bubbling like cauldrons. Ignited like wildfire, Penny went right in for the kill once she had Cesse’s wet red cunt exposed before her.

Cesse shrieked as Penny devoured her. The electrifying sensation blew her mind to smithereens. Penny’s brain had turned to gooey gray matter itself, but not so much that she couldn’t focus on her task. Cesse let go of her delicate hind paws, so she scrambled to the foot of the bed and spun around. She lost as little precious time as possible having Cessy’s pussy for breakfast, now with the privilege of seeing her face, the pleasure she was bringing. And quite the privilege it was.

Cessy whipped her head to and fro in passion-laced abandon. Each whip was accompanied by varying pitches of shouts. Wavy brunette tresses flew every which way. The ruffly pillows took plenty a wallop. Cesse grabbed one, twisting and throttling, just to give her crazed hands something to do. Penny now lay belly down between Cesse’s legs, pinning her feet to the bed.

She hungrily sank her teeth again and again until that flesh was ripe, and raw. All the blood having rushed to her cunt and clit, Cesse’s pussy had turned a beautiful shade of maroon. Penny gnawed and dug, as if squeezing fruit, draining more and more love juice from the deepest re-Cesses. Penny held her open with her hands, licking, eating, smearing her face in pre-cum. Cesse couldn’t take much more. It was all getting to be far too intense. Her lungs cut off her ability to scream any louder. But it would be hardly any longer now. It was too much. It almost felt like torment. Finally, at long last…Cessy felt the tip of Penny’s nose tickle her swollen clit…

…And the Earth exploded.

Cesse flung the pillow anywhere, and reached straight back with her hands to grasp the headboard. Her head tilted directly the same way. Verging on laryngitis, she gave her final feral shrieks, wordlessly singing Penny’s praises to the heavens. Penny shut her eyes, proudly and joyfully feeling her girlfriend’s cum spurt forth, christening her face. Sometimes they came on each other’s faces, sometimes hands, toys, vibrators…Cesse had once even her toes caked, in the fruits of an amazing foot job. They loved trying all kinds of methods together. After settling in back in November, they took semi-frequent excursions to the novelty shop, for giggles, to see what they might find. So depending on their moods, sometimes they played with external toys, sometimes their own built-in machinery. This morning, Penny simply opted to take on the role of cunning linguist.

Sometime later the same morning, after the smoke cleared and all maintenance was taken care of, Penny took a wobbly-walking Cesse downstairs, to whip her up a hearty brunch of gravlax in lemon and dill sauce.


Had it been anyone else the hospitable Penelope had taken into her extravagant home, she’d end up in a tricky situation. That enigmatic Wednesday just bursa escort bayan before Thanksgiving, Penny told Cesse she couldn’t bear to turn her back out into the cold, and meant it. And with such a soft, giving heart, she’d have said—and meant—the same to any vagrant at her mercy. But while pleased to offer her roof, she wasn’t running a shelter. The upside was that her wealth opened literal doors to many alternatives, from an actual shelter to a hotel. Any persons in need would find themselves fortunate at Penny’s door, having arrived as Cesse did with the canine lad who’d become her best friend in the world.

Nine days before, on November 17th, she took Hollaweenie on an early evening walk. They were crossing at an intersection with a school on one side and a dense wood on the other. They started into the street when the sky abruptly went dark with stormclouds. A tremendous, torrential rain soaked them. The sudden deluge proved unnerving enough alone, but was joined one moment later by a vicious clap of thunder. It was too much for poor Hollaweenie, who yelped in fright and dashed off as fast as his little legs would take him. Penny was also caught off-guard, and lost hold of the leash. All she could see was him taking off in the direction of the woods, and she couldn’t hear a thing. It was a terrible circumstance. She couldn’t chase after him with so little visibility, and if she stayed out in this mess, she’d catch cold. She was forced to hurry back home, and spend the following days making calls and pinning up posters.

She was heartbroken. The next week was a seven-day anguish: lying awake in bed wondering if he was all right, coping with the solitude around the house, the sad feeling while out and about knowing she’d be returning to an empty home, her heartbeat the only one around. Now and then arose the consideration to get another pet, but she just didn’t want to. She didn’t want another dog or cat, fish or bird, bunny or rodent, reptile or amphibian. All she wanted was her beloved Weenie. She’d only had the dachshund pup three weeks, since the end of October (hence his name). And when she brought him home that Friday afternoon, he was so friendly and adorable, she had to show him off. So she put him on his new leash, and they sat on the porch to greet trick-or-treaters. Late that night, after the kids had come and gone, she plugged in her Christmas lights, sat with him in the multicolored glow, and they watched holiday specials.

A week and change later, when a disheveled Cecily Helmsley appeared at her door with the sweet young pup, her downtrodden state was the last thing Penny noticed. She was so thrilled, she welcomed the vagrant in with open arms, offering her a shower, food, and to launder her clothing. It crossed her mind that the woman was a stranger, and hypothetically a number of dangerous things, but…she’d returned her dog. And the little guy obviously liked her. People to whom dogs took a liking were trustworthy. And her instinct told her anyone honest enough to bring Hollaweenie back, homeless or not, deserved gratitude and hospitality. It was the least she could do.

It paid off. The homeless woman turned out to be a delightful guest and, surprise of surprises, an early short-lived friendship. As children in the mid-’80s, the two lived on the same street in Green Plains—until the Jameses relocated across town. Eighteen years later, Penny’s luck had run down the drain. Her parents died when she was just nine. She was an only child with few remaining relatives, save for her Dad’s sister Tracy, with whom she lived the next several years. When she grew up and gained access to her inheritance, she put herself through a few semesters of college. She was living with some roommates till the money started running out. She got a part-time job at the Juniper Mall, but quickly found there weren’t enough hours to perform her job, keep up her studies and sleep. Something had to go. Sleep it was.


And Now For A Not Quite So Brief Penny-Wise Flashback

Twelve years earlier: spring-autumn 2003

One night, a friend took Penny out to unwind. At 23, she enjoyed a drink or seven, and at some point went home with someone who wasn’t her friend. Her drunken stupor led to a one-night stand of which she couldn’t remember an iota. Worse yet, a few sleepless weeks later, approaching finals, she discovered she was pregnant.

She was so panicked she didn’t know what to do. She had no clue who the father was—much less how to get in touch with him—and nor did the friend who’d taken her out. But she did have enough presence of mind to realize there were eight months to figure things out, so she went ahead and finished studying for her exams. Unfortunately, things weren’t to look up yet. In fact, they’d get even worse before getting any better. As Penny knocked herself out studying, the lack of sleep took its toll. She could barely get herself to the mall, let alone perform her duties. And so it was goodbye job, hello unemployment. The meager benefits she received barely afforded food or gas after paying her roommates rent, and soon she couldn’t scrape together even that.

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