Loosening Up Bk. 07 Ch. 06-10

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Chapter 6 — Awkward Morning After

JR’s scream wasn’t the only expression of supreme passion on the patio at The Meadows. The long wail of pleasure was cut short when she lost consciousness and fell backwards on the chaise as total deadweight. Dave extracted his hand from inside the pretty woman, and then moved up next to her so he could cuddle her in his arms until she awoke from the sensory overload he’d induced in her.

Dave was kissing her temples and forehead as she came to with a jerk. JR’s eyes flew open. She lay still for a moment assessing her whereabouts and condition and then spoke, “Holy shit, did you really just make me have the largest orgasm of my life times a million … and make me pass out from too much pleasure?”

Dave nodded, “I am the one responsible for trying to make that happen for you. I confess. I take it, I succeeded?”

JR looked around and ignored his rhetorical question. Beside them Dave’s brother Aaron was being ridden cowgirl style by a woman named Pam (not Dave’s wife) — her husband worked with Elsa at an architectural firm. Another woman named Amber was riding his tongue. Looking the other way she saw two men from Mark’s group of friends DPing Susan Harnett, one of the Circle members. Susan seemed to be having an endless string of orgasms and was in some kind of sexual heaven.

JR said to Dave, “Yes, you’re responsible, plus you did that to me in front of all these people.”

Dave gestured to his brother, “Do you think he cared if he even noticed. If anything seeing your hot body responding to what I did probably only made the guy harder and more aroused. Don’t take it personally.” He glanced the other way, “The same with that threesome. They seem very preoccupied with each other.”

JR was silent, “Did we make love?”

Dave shook his head. “I don’t make assumptions, especially when my partner is non compos mentis; so no.”

“Please make love to me, right now. I am inundated with feelings of love and passion for you. Right at this moment, I never want to leave your side. I want the world of happiness for you, but I also want to make love with you.”

Dave shifted in position and then plunged his turgid cock into JR’s open body as she mugged for him with a happy smile that proved she was going all-out to please him.

They finished many minutes later and Dave cuddled her to his body surrounding her with his arms, legs, body, and his love. JR actually purred as they kissed and expressed their emotions and feelings to each other.

After they’d been like that for a while an older woman came up and sat on the edge of the chaise with them. “Hi. I’m Margo — Andy’s wife, if that makes any difference. I’ve been hoping to be with you Dave for almost two years since we started these mixers. If you don’t have plans for later, could you put me on your dance card?”

Margo was a dark haired woman in her early fifties who appeared to be oozing sex appeal right at that instance. She was soft spoken, and gave off vibrations of calmness, spirituality, and love. She was the type most people would like instantly, and that quickly wanted as a lifelong friend.

Dave held a hand out to her. “Nice to meet you Margo. I’ve seen you at these, of course. I haven’t meant to be elusive.”

JR sat up and blushed, “I can disappear.”

Margo said, “Nonsense. You two were such a cute couple cuddled together. I’m really sorry to interrupt, but before the night is out I have hopes. David comes highly recommended by multiple sources.”

Dave said, “Well, maybe a little later … depending on …”

JR said in a soft and very feminine tone, “Why don’t you join us right now. If you want I can disappear, but I think I’d … like to know you intimately, too. I think that’s allowed at these functions. Am I right, Dave?” Her question was not rhetorical, and Dave instantly recognized that it reflected JR’s lack of knowledge about this steamier side of the Circle and in this case their swinging friends.

Dave smiled, “It’s not only allowed, but also encouraged. There are more women than men in both groups, so there is a tendency to see frequent threesomes with two females. The objective is the same, everybody get pleasure from the evening.”

Margo leaned in and kissed JR. The two made the night air boil around them, as they drew apart slightly and their tongues danced in the air between their mouths.

Margo’s hand found Dave’s cock and started to gently stroke as she continued to elaborate on the kisses she was exchanging with JR. One of Dave’s hands found Margo’s breasts and started to smooth and stroke over the erotic mounds as she pushed into his hand. One of JR’s hands joined in feeling her new friend.

As the three started to lie down together, JR said, “I’m not experienced with other women. I’ve only just started to come out of long sexual dry spell with anybody — male … or female. Nikky, one of Dave’s lovers, has been very helpful in drawing me out.”

Margo kissed the bahis siteleri hot woman as a hand dipped into her slit, “This isn’t a competition. Do what comes naturally and it’ll be wonderful. Just to kiss someone as beautiful and competent as you is a treat. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to eat your pretty fuzzy pussy until you have a lovely orgasm. Maybe later you could return the favor.”

Margo slithered down JR’s body licking, sucking, and kissing all along the way. When she got her first taste of the messy pussy left from the lovemaking Dave and JR had just finished, she looked up at Dave and grinned, “You may not know it but I love to be fucked from behind while I’m eating a drippy pussy. I get lots more orgasms that way.”

Dave kissed Margo on his way south and behind her.

* * * * *

Dave wheeled into his office at EneRG Monday morning with renewed zest and zip in his step. The weekend had been fabulous. He’d be the first to admit that enjoying sexual pleasures was a great relaxer and rejuvenator. He was pumped up.

Nikky and JR were sitting at his conference table, and JR jerked to attention as he came into the room. Dave gave her a curious look at her response to his presence.

Nikky got up and gave Dave a big hug and kiss on the lips, and then sat down. JR had stood, but seemed frozen in position, uncertain about what the protocol with her boss now that they’d become lovers and now that she was genuinely head over heels in love with him, yet a senior executive in the growing company. Further, she’d participated in some of the sexual intermixing of the Circle and the Worthington Tribe.

Dave spouted off in a cheery tone, “Good morning, ladies.” He put his portfolio on his desk and came back to the table.

Nikky replied in the same tone, “Good morning, Dave.”

JR kind of mumbled, “Morning.”

Dave came to an abrupt start beside his desk. “JR is there some kind of problem between us?”

She looked up, surprised at the confrontational question, “No, not at all.”

“You compartmentalize; remember?” he suggested in a teasing tone, “That said, I don’t mind being welcomed here the way Nikky just did providing no one else is around but her.”

JR closed the distance to Dave, and kissed him. She looked at Nikky and then Dave. “I did things … I did things I didn’t think I’d ever do.” She paused, “And my relationship with you changed in a big way, too. I feel very different.”

“I hope you think our relationship changed in a good way.”

“Oh, I do … but the rest is how I feel about myself.”

Dave held JR’s hand, “What bothers you … really? The sex? Your behavior at the party? Before you answer, tell me about the basis for your evaluation.”

“The whole Halloween party was a huge orgy,” JR blurted out. “And I participated at least a little. Now, I feel a little off kilter. I can’t put my finger on it.”

“Did you enjoy the party?” He gestured for JR and Nikky to sit at his conference table.

“Oh, yes,” JR said. “Except for the other time with you I can’t remember having more orgasms. You also gave me what you called The Experience, and that was fabulous. I still tingle from it … down there.” She glanced at her lap. “I didn’t even know something like that was possible.”

Dave said, “You were certainly zealous in making Margo happy. She’s in love with you now.”

JR shrugged, “It’ll take me another day or so to fully recover from that alone. I really liked her and want to know her better. I didn’t know I was capable of being turned on eating another woman like I did. I also found out she’s Andy Martin’s wife; my God, he’s another one of the top execs at all of WI. I may never recover from that.”

Dave locked eyes with her, “I don’t want you to recover. If you do that you’ll go back to the way you were. That wasn’t bad, but this weekend you became a different person, or at least started the transition. You started to loosen up finally. You were an executive before and now you’re a woman and an executive.

“The feminine and sexual sides of your nature surfaced and made up for some of the time you’ve kept them buried by your business focus. You took a risk. I think it paid off for you, but only you can tell. It may even be too soon to tell.”

JR nodded, “That feminine and sexual sides of my nature turned out to be really horny and slutty at the party. Everything going on there turned me on — the costumes — until they disappeared, the porn playing on the televisions around the place, and what people were doing with each other.”

Dave noted, “You still held yourself back at the party. You limited your participation. That was all right given that this was your first time out In ages, but I had the feeling you wanted to do more but were weighing various social mores about appropriate behavior. Make sure you’re using a set of criteria based on who YOU really want to be, not who you think SOCIETY wants you to be — whoever they are.”

JR bonus kodu nodded, “I was … I think. Those social values are vexing me right now, too — about the Circle.”

Dave chuckled, “You’re not the first to face that problem. Hell, even Alice and I went through that transition.”

“What was it like?”

“Painful. Exciting. Angst producing. Exhilarating. Worrying. The best time in my life. The worst time in my life. I was sure I’d get an ulcer or some major health problem. Alice, too. We struggled to get through each day, and then we’d arrive at one of the get-togethers with our friends where we had to make decisions about how we’d behave and the decisions got harder and harder to make. We were under a lot of pressure.”

“Because of the sex?”

“Mostly, but it also concerned the emotional feelings we were allowing ourselves to feel about our close friends for the first time. They had become more than friends for us; we realized we loved them and wanted them as lovers — including the sex. We wanted the complete and deep relationship with them. We didn’t want to hold back. Gradually, we allowed that kind of a relationship to unfurl with each of them. I should add that they were going through the same kind of loosening up process that we were, but in a slightly different manner.”

JR observed, “And you started to accumulate wives about the same time?”

Dave chuckled, “I did, and truth be told I could have sixty wives instead of only six. I love every woman in the Circle that much. I love Nikky that way. I love you that way.”

“Oh, wow!” JR exclaimed as she looked at him for visual verification. Her gaze got soft and mushy.

Dave smiled warmly at her and went on, “I feel that way about the guys, too. We haven’t been as sexual with each other, but I think I’ve crossed the river on that point. I could be involved now if they were interested. That’s a major personal shift in values for me. I’m not looking but someday it’ll happen with somebody. The social pressures for the anti-gay movement are strong.”

JR said, “I understand. They’re there for women, too, but probably not as virulent.”

Nikky smiled, “Well, I’m glad you allowed some activity between us. I’m certain Margo feels the same way.”

JR nodded, “I guess I broke down that barrier. All the other sapphic activity going on around us made what I did more acceptable. Peer pressure, I guess. Errr, you should know that Margo wasn’t the only person I did something with that night. I went back and found Tom Power, and he was available and loving.”

Dave smiled, “Consenting adults can do whatever they want about sex. Don’t forget that. Moreover, I recommend a path and philosophy that results in minimal guilt about whatever you do.”

“Did you EVER feel guilt?”

Dave laughed and then got into a near fit as tears came to his eyes. JR looked confused.

Dave finally was able to blurt out, “Did I ever feel guilt? Hell, I invented it. When Alice and I started to loosen up I carried about three tons of it around every day. I’d been raised and then married into a strongly evangelical family that thought they had the market cornered on judgments and rules that forbade just about anything, especially anything sexual. There was no fun, no love, no intimacy, no serious friendships, and no nothin’. Even in my own marriage some of those emotions were meted out on a limited basis.

“Yes, I had a lot of guilt, especially as we started to even contemplate intimate and sexual relationships with our dear friends. Eventually, I guess we both realized that we were going to travel a very different path from the way we’d been raised. Later, we learned that we probably had a better moral compass than the people that raised us. Remind me to tell you someday about what Alice’s parents did to her sister and family, just as an example of where religious judgments overrides common sense. You may not know this but her father is in Federal prison for kidnapping and attempted kidnapping of his grandkids.”

JR nodded, “I’d like to hear that sometime. For now, you’ve already made me feel better about myself.”

Dave spoke carefully, “Come and hear the Circle 101 classes and you’ll learn a lot more about why we are who we are, and why we behave the way we do. If you’re going to establish standards by which to judge yourself, you’d do well to examine each of the criterion carefully and be sure you are picking ones you really want to live by. I tended to pick ones that I wouldn’t feel guilty about, and ones I would be proud to explain to someone else. I’ll talk more about them at the class and rap session.”

JR said, “The class is already on my calendar.”

Nikky rapped on the table, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here this morning to recap the status of the factory construction projects in four cities, talk about China, outline our logistics and shipping needs starting in six months, and address our overall financial position for the yeni slotlar 2024 coming year. Shall we get to work?”

* * * * *

The fourth Circle 101 class gathered in the core living room. Dave was playing instructor again, but Alice, Ty, and Kat were also in the room representing the aging older guard of the members.

Dave rapped on the table to call the class to order. “I thought that today we’d talk about some of the major tenets of the Circle some more. While I was traveling during the last class I understand you all hashed out a discussion about Egalitarianism, Win-Win, and Confrontation Management. We may still touch on those as we move forward, but we’ll also build on those further.

“Tonight, I wanted to address one of the points where we have a major disconnect with the society outside our gates — our sexuality.”

As he spoke, everyone adjusted position and at the mention of ‘sex’ a number of the attendees gave oblong glances at the others. This was a sensitive subject, and more than one or two blushed.

Dave had a large white board on an easel to use. He went up to the board and started writing: ‘Fuck, Make Love, Sex, Intercourse, Getting Some, Get Laid, Tapping, Sinking One, Cock in Cunt, and more.’ He was silent and then asked for suggestions. He added a few more based on comments, ‘Balling, Banging, Shag, Horizontal Mambo, Cum Injections, and a few more.

We have a lot of sex in the Circle. There are some reasons for this. First off, it feels good.” Everyone laughed.

“Second, many of our members are hypersexual — a clinical term that is a little more PC than nymphomania or slut or man whore. We are oversexed. Some of us, truth be known, could put a teenage boy loaded with hormones to shame in terms of sex drive, desire, even ability to copulate on a frequent basis.” Dave added that word to his list.

“One point about all this is that we talk about all this with one another. We don’t hide our passion, lust, desire, urges, horniness, hots, or whatever you want to call it under a cover. We are unafraid of offending, because in the Circle we know no one will be offended. If you are in the Circle, you shouldn’t be offended by any kind of discussion in this realm.”

Dave turned to Nikky, “Nikky, how about a good fuck after class?”

Nikky smiled, “I’d love it. I’ll stick around.”

Dave turned to the class, “Can you imagine doing that as you walk around campus, and for instance, even with some of the members of the opposite sex you know?”

Cookie laughed and said, “If I did it, the men would accept and I’d be fucking all the time.”

Alan said, “I’d get arrested for solicitation and harassment.”

Dave said, “So, you see a major difference between inside our gates and outside — ability to talk about it and ability to make offers.”

Dave heard some whispering off to the side and turned. Alan was sitting there blushing. He gave the much younger man a questioning glance.

Alan said, “I was testing what you just said. I asked Kat if she wanted to have a nice shag after class.”

Dave grinned, “And she said?”

“Oh, my God, she said she’d be delighted. I have a date.” He looked fully chagrined.

Kat piped up and put an arm around Alan’s large shoulders, “And I’m a sure thing.” She grinned broadly at the others. “You all look so willing and eager. I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you eventually.”

Dave added the word ‘Connecting’ to his list.

“We have a one sentence description about our sex that you’ll hear over and over again, at least from me: ‘Consenting adults can do whatever they want about sex’. That sentence says a lot, and it should be a law instead of the mishmash of other laws that try to regulate Mother Nature.”

Dave led a discussion about some of the terms in his sentence: consent, adult, the term whatever, and then about the various implications of the words as they play out in the Circle and as they play out in society.

Wes Madden was sitting in the front row. He asked, “So, by that statement, incest would be acceptable, right?”

Dave smiled, “We already have a number of examples of incest in the Circle, including right in my own family depending on how you define the term.”

Wes sat back, “But … but … isn’t that illegal?”

Dave nodded, “In most states there are laws on the books defining what relationships are illegal and defining incest. So, tell me, should a teenage brother and sister go to jail for experimenting with sex and having intercourse?”

“Errr, no, probably not.”

“What if she gets pregnant?”

“Errr, that makes it hard to hide. I’m not sure,” Wes responded.

“How about a brother and sister in their late twenties and early thirties where appropriate birth control measures are employed, everyone is sober, and no one is taking advantage of anybody else?”

“No, that should be allowed?”

“What about a grown man and his mature mother, as they change the basis of their relationship from parent-child to two adults in love and lust with each other?”

“No, that should probably be allowed, too.”

“What if I have sex with all my sisters-in-law?”

“Allowed, or should be? That might not be incest anyway.”

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