Longing For My Best Friend


Well it was 9 o’clock and I’d just kissed my husband goodbye and packed him off to work for the day. Another day in suburbia beckoned and I wondered what on earth I could do to fill my time today. I’d left work after getting married as we were quite well off now and the need for me to work was not a necessity. However, sometimes I wished I was still there as having no children sometimes meant that this supposed life of leisure became a bit of a drag.

People are right when they say money isn’t everything. I decided to phone Gilly to see what she was doing to pass some of the time till my husband returned home. I wouldn’t class Gilly as one of my closest friends but we had come to get on quite well together since we moved onto the new estate. She was also in a similar position to me although she did have a little girl, but once she had taken her to school the rest of the day was hers also. She’d just got back when I phoned and had nothing planned so we agreed that I’d go over to hers for coffee and a chat.

I went round about 10.30 and we chatted for a while. The conversation today was a little deeper than usual, and it did seem like we were getting to know each other better. Eventually the conversation turned to sex and how her sex life had gradually seemed to dwindle over the years since the birth of her little girl. She complained that her husband seemed to have less and less interest in it whereas her own sex drive had only seemed to increase, leaving her pretty frustrated. Although still a little embarrassed at letting her know so much about myself I thought it only fair to share after she had told me her side. My own sex life was still fairly healthy although I did have to admit that I was becoming a little bored sometimes by the monotonous routine that my husband Peter seemed to follow whenever we did make love. It was always in bed, usually with the lights out and always in the same positions. Although half of the blame was probably mine I had tried in the past to spice things up but with little success.

We had quite a laugh about what we should do to improve our love lives and then began to talk about our secret fantasies. This was definitely being a bit too open for me, but I was curious to find out what Gilly was into purely as a check on how my own fantasies measured up.

I let it out that I’d always wanted Peter to just come home from work one day, throw caution to the wind and take control. He’d find me in the kitchen preparing tea and would come in, wander up behind me, wrap his arms around me and whisper in my ear that he wanted me there and then. He would then proceed to clear the items on the table in one sweep onto the floor and throw me onto the table. Still clothed he would rip open my blouse, carelessly popping its buttons and roughly handle my breasts beneath my bra. He’d then pull up my skirt around my waist and yank down my panties before going down on me, something he rarely did nowadays. After getting me so worked up he’d then force his manhood inside me and take me hard without any of the gentleness he normally saved for our lovemaking. This was still good but I just needed a change every now and then. Doesn’t every woman? After satisfying my initial lust in numerous positions over the table he would then carry me upstairs and make love to me for the rest of the night until we fell asleep exhausted in each other’s arms.

Gilly looked at me with interest and surprise as I told her and said she never had me pegged as such a woman. What then did she think I would be like?

“I thought you’d be more the lights off, one position type” she said. I was a little hurt at this as I’d never really thought of myself as too much of a prude before. “Why?” I asked. “Oh, it’s just you never seem very relaxed that’s all” she commented, “You’re always just a little uptight.”

“Come on then, shock me with your wild fantasies” I invited, part joking but now with just an edge of seriousness to the invite to see what she could come up with. “Well believe it or not, I’ve always been dying to find out what it would be like to make love to another woman.” My eyes widened, she had succeeded in surprising me.

“Why’s that then?” I asked her. “Oh I don’t know, I think it’s just because I’ve become so frustrated with John’s lack of lovemaking I started to want to try something different just to see what it would be like.” She was continuing to surprise me. “I’ve often read about it in John’s porn mags which he doesn’t think I know about and the stories really get me going.” She kept talking about it and I reluctantly had to admit to myself that the idea was just beginning to appeal to me as well. She ended up getting one of her husband’s mags and showing me what she was on about.

The story she showed me did stir up some feelings I’d never had before and I could feel myself, somewhat ashamedly, starting to get damp. The magazine also had some pictures of girls together in it which we also pondered over for a short while. I bursa escort could sense where the conversation was going, and soon the air of sexual tension that was building up between us could be cut with a knife. Finally when Gilly looked deep into my eyes and her hand touched mine and ran smoothly up my arm it came as no real surprise.

“So what do you think then Sue, we’ve got all day, wouldn’t you like to find out what it’s like too?” she asked. “I, I, I’m not sure” I stammered, still shocked at suddenly finding myself in this situation. I was in two minds, normality would usually have me finding the idea repulsive but my curiosity was beginning to get the better of me. Gilly’s earlier comment of thinking I was a bit straight laced also spurred me on into proving that she was wrong.

Gilly could sense my dilemma and moved towards me. Her hand moved from my arm and fell on my cheek, she stroked it and her head moved towards mine. She kissed me, softly and I made no move to either withdraw or join in, I was still so taken aback. But I could not doubt the feelings that were arising in me as she continued to kiss me. Before I knew it I was returning her gesture and we were locked in a passionate embrace. I felt her tongue creep gently between my teeth and met it with my own. As they joined together in unison I began to let go of my inhibition and entered into the situation with a little more eagerness.

“There now, that wasn’t so bad was it?” she said as she broke off. “N.. No” I said, now very flushed. She took me by the hand and I remember feeling like I did when my boyfriend took me upstairs for the first time when I lost my virginity. She led me upstairs to her bedroom and we began to kiss again as we sank down onto the bed. Gilly began to run her hands over my body through my clothes and I could feel myself tensing up as she did so. “It’s Ok, there’s no need to be nervous” she whispered. Her words calmed me a little and I relaxed a bit more. My breathing stopped in anticipation as she undid a couple of buttons on my blouse and started to slip her hand inside. As she touched my breast I sighed out and a gorgeous tingling sensation enveloped me as she slipped her hand into my bra and began to stroke my nipple.

We continued to kiss as she did so but Gilly soon wanted to take things a bit further and broke off to help me out of my things. I stood up and undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and took it off while she undid the catch and the zip on my skirt. I bent over and she slipped it down over my bottom, her hands running over it as she did so. She unclasped my bra from where she stood behind me and then turned me by the shoulders to face her. Kneeling down in front of me she hooked her thumbs into my panties and slipped them down and then paused to gaze at what she saw before her. She stood up and took a step back as I sat down again on the edge of the bed. I felt very exposed and still fairly embarrassed as she stood there looking at me, “You have a gorgeous body” she said. I smiled a little, somewhat apprehensively and Gilly began to remove her things before me.

She pulled her jumper off over her head and her long golden hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Removing her tight leggings from her long slender legs she stood up again before me, unclasped her bra and eased her panties down over her hips, down her legs and off over her ankles. This time I looked at her standing before me naked. I’d never seen another woman’s body up this close before in the flesh and Gilly’s, I had to admit, was beautiful. Her long hair set off her lightly tanned skin and her slender but firm body showed no signs of ever having given birth.

She moved towards me and lay down next to me on the bed. The tingling sensations started again as she began to run her hand up my arm, she lightly took hold of my shoulder when it reached the top and gently pulled me down from my sitting up position on the edge of the bed so we lay face to face. She kissed me again and her right hand cupped my left breast and began to fondle it gently. She then bent her head and took my nipple into her mouth and began to roll her tongue over it softly, I gasped in delight as she did so. She ran her hand over my other breast whilst sucking away and then began to trail her fingers slowly down over my stomach, again I held my breath in anticipation. I felt her fingers reach my pubic hair and move deftly through it and over the edge of my pubic bone.

I opened my legs a touch and her fingers circled the inside of each thigh. “Are you still sure you want me to do this?” Gilly asked. “Yes please” I whispered back quite sure now that I wanted her to continue. Her touch was electric and it sent shivers right through me. I opened my legs a little wider still and Gilly’s hand touched my outer lips. She stroked them with a finger and I could feel myself becoming really wet now. I moaned lightly as she ran it along the length of my labia and then expertly began to circle my hardened escort bursa clitoris.

“You’re really going to enjoy this” she murmured. I was already enjoying it, but I could tell it was going to get better still. She slid her middle finger right inside me and I let out a little high pitched moan, God it felt so good. As she continued to finger me and rub at my clit she began to work her way down my body with her tongue. As she crossed my stomach a thousand thoughts raced through my mind. Ecstasy, guilt, anticipation, my husband, Gilly, Gilly’s husband – they were all flashing before me. Sod it I thought, just go ahead and enjoy it.

Gilly’s tongue snaked its way through my pubes and between my lips and I gasped out loudly as it did so. Being a woman she knew exactly how to pleasure me and the fact that she was a woman turned me on even more. My mind spiralled as she licked me and I found myself gently grinding my hips into her face as she continued to poke her fingers into me. “That’s it baby, just let go” she whispered lifting her head a little before lowering it again and continuing. I started moaning more as I could feel my orgasm drawing ever nearer and began to grind my hips faster in unison with her movements.

Then as she deftly flicked away at my clitoris with her tongue and probed my depths with her fingers I came, crying out hoarsely as my body spasmed at the orgasm that coursed through it. She continued with her actions until it had died down and I could take no more before lifting her face, which I could now see was covered in my own juices, and kissing me again. “I’ve never felt like that before in my life” I said, “it was fantastic.” Gilly smiled at me, “I told you that you’d enjoy it.” I did usually climax with Peter also but this was different, I’d never felt so fulfilled as I did at this moment lying there in the arms of another woman, and now I knew it was time for me to return the favour.

Pushing Gilly gently over onto her back I took her stiff nipple into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. She sighed and said quietly “Ooh yes, that feels nice.” I moved to her other breast and did the same as she stroked my hair. “Please Sue, lick me now” she pleaded. I was still a bit hesitant about going down on another woman, this was after all the first time I’d ever done anything like this. I stroked her sides gently as my hands moved down her body and she opened her legs, lifting one over me so that I now lay between them. I moved down and kissed her in her pubic area. She gasped as I did so, “Oh yes that’s it, don’t stop now Sue” I parted her lips with my fingers and gazed inside at her soft wet folds. Tentatively I poked my tongue out and just touched the inside of her lips.

“Ahhh” she sighed. She tasted nothing like I expected, it was quite sweet and not at all unpleasant. I began to lap at her a little more and then just touched her clitoris with the tip of my tongue as it protruded from its hood. Gilly’s body flinched as I did so and she cried out a little. Moving down a bit I pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go and took more of her sweet juices into my mouth before returning to encircle her clit with my tongue. She flinched again, “Don’t stop”. I did as she requested and licked at it as her body shivered underneath my touch. Gilly was beginning to get really worked up and gripped the back of my head with both hands and pulled me into her. I knew she was nearing her own orgasm now as she ground her hips into my face so I pushed two of my fingers into her. A long moan erupted as they entered her slowly and began to work their way up and down.

I flicked at her clitoris more quickly now and poked my fingers into her faster and she ground her hips into me in time, never releasing her grip on my head. “Oh Sue, I’m coming” she cried and with short sharp bucking motions she came, her juices flooding from her as her body almost folded in half from the strength of her orgasm.

Wiping her juices from my face I kissed her and she snaked her tongue into my mouth. “So,” I asked, “was it as good as you thought it would be?”

“My God,” she replied, “I knew it would be good, but I never thought it would be that good, you’re fantastic.”

“Just returning the favour” I replied. Thoughts of my husband Peter had disappeared but now returned. “What do you think our husband’s would say?” I asked suddenly feeling a pang of guilt. “I don’t really care” she replied, “besides it would probably secretly turn them on. And anyway if they’d kept us satisfied maybe this would never have happened.”

“Actually, I’m quite pleased it’s happened,” I responded. “Me too.” Gilly said. We lay there for a while and when I next looked at the time it was 1.30. “What time do you have to go?” asked Gilly. “”I’ve got all day. Peter won’t be back until after seven.”

“Good, John’s picking Lucy up after sports practice at 5 so we’ve still got the rest of the afternoon.” Obviously we weren’t finished yet.

We bursa escort bayan lay a while longer both wrapped in our own thoughts until I felt Gilly’s hand creep between my legs from where she lay behind me. “I want you again” she whispered. She stroked me with her fingers from behind and my pussy quickly became very damp again. I turned over to face her and slipped my own hand down between her legs again as well, Gilly was already soaking. Reaching over to the side of the bed Gilly took a candle from its holder which stood on the bedside table and slowly slipped it inside me. I gasped loudly as it entered and began to be pushed in and out of me. Kneeling between my open legs Gilly forced it in and out of me quickly while rubbing my clit with her free hand and soon I came, my second climax as strong and as noisy as the first.

She then climbed into the 69 position and handed me the candle, “Your turn” she proclaimed. I pushed it deep into her from behind and she cried out. She began to lick at me again as I pushed it into her, she meanwhile reached over into the drawer of the cabinet next to the bed and produced a large white plastic vibrator. “This is even better than the candle” she stated. It must have been ten inches long and looked huge and I was quite intimidated by it at first. She began to slide it into me slowly and I could feel it stretching my insides. I whimpered softly as she inched it in slowly until it was nearly buried to the hilt. Meanwhile I continued to work the candle in and out of Gilly quickly, but then as she turned the vibrator by whole body seemed to be racked with intense vibrations from the device inside me. I soon became used to the feeling and as it got more bearable I licked at Gilly’s clit again. As I pushed the candle into her we gradually speeded up our motions and we came together, both crying out in ecstasy.

Gilly climbed from above me as soon as her own climax had subsided. “Turn over,” she said “I’m not finished with you yet.” I did as instructed wondering what could be next. Reaching into the bedside cabinet again she pulled out a large harness dildo and proceeded to strap it on, I looked on, my eyes widening in disbelief. “I bought this for a special occasion” This was wild but I was so wrapped up in the whirlwind of sexual ecstasy we’d been experiencing all day that I was prepared to try anything. I knelt up, my backside pointing towards Gilly. “I hope you’re ready for this” she murmured as I felt her hand grip my hip. “Yes Gilly, please fuck me.”

“Ok you asked for it.” She pulled my hips toward her and I felt the dildo nudge me. Biting my lower lip in anticipation she forced it into me in one long stroke and I moaned uncontrollably. “How does it feel?” she asked. I couldn’t respond but could only continue to moan in reply. “I’ll take that as a yes then” she said as I nodded slightly, too far gone to do anything else. I rubbed at my own breasts as she continued to pump into me, pulling my hips back to her and onto the thing inside me with increasing vigour. “I’m going to make you come again like your husband never has” she said. “You’ve already done that three times today” I managed to gasp out between cries. She laughed and ploughed into me faster still. “C’mon Sue, you can do it baby” she urged. I pushed my hips back into her harder still, “Yes Gilly, harder, yes don’t stop I’m going to come.” With big strong thrusts she pushed me over the edge again and I squealed in delight before burying my head in the pillows, utterly satiated.

I rolled over on to my back and lay there exhausted, breathing heavily. Gilly still knelt before me smiling. “My husband’s got a lot of catching up to do” I said. “Mine too” she replied, “and he’ll have even more to do by the time you’ve had a go with this” she said pointing at the dildo which now glistened with my juices. “Oh I couldn’t” I said hesitantly. “Oh please, you can’t back out now you’ve got me all worked up again” she pleaded. “But, but it just wouldn’t feel right.”

“And how many times have you thought that already today and been proved wrong.”

I knew she was right. “Ok then.” She grinned, unhooked herself from it and helped me into it. It felt so strange when it was in place. Gilly got into a kneeling position before me and looked round to see where I was, “Come on then” she urged “put it in.” I scrambled up the bed and knelt up behind her, taking it in my hand I rubbed it up and down Gilly’s damp crinkly lips until it edged its way just inside. She began to moan just as it entered her so with one quick forceful push I shoved it’s full length all the way in and Gilly cried out in ecstasy.

I started off slowly trying to find a rhythm which was more difficult than I thought it would be, however soon I became more confident with my movements and found myself pumping away into Gilly’s depths while she moaned hoarsely beneath my continuing thrusts. It was hard to believe the effects that this was having on her, she obviously loved it. My thoughts were endorsed further as she encouraged me to go harder still, to which I obliged. I stroked her bottom and clasped her hips as I continued until she came, clawing at the bedclothes, her cries of joy muffled as she buried her face in the pillows.

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