Little Sister’s Big Butt Ch. 05



Little Sister’s Big Butt Ch. 05

by ZenZerker ©

Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Anal sex is a major theme in this story, so you might want to consider reading something else if you’re not into that sort of stuff. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Under normal circumstances, neither Tyler nor Michelle would ever think of sneaking out of the house at night while their mom was asleep. It simply wasn’t their style. Then again, their current circumstances were far from normal.

His eyes fixed grimly on the road ahead, Tyler held the steering wheel in a white-knuckled grip that matched the clenching of his jaw and the general tension of his body. It took all of his willpower to keep driving at an acceptable cruising speed, since every fiber of his being was screaming for him to just go pedal to the metal and get to Gabby’s house as fast as possible. Indeed, the real reason why he managed to hold on to some shred of common sense and general caution was sitting right beside him.

Bunched up in a fetal position on the passenger seat, her green eyes big with fear and her mouth trembling with anxiety, Michelle was still in shock. As he stared ahead and kept driving, Tyler could feel his sister’s gaze remaining fixed intently on him, and even without looking at her he knew that her deer-in-the-headlights expression was still very much there. Tyler wished he could tell Michelle that everything was going to be okay, but he didn’t want to lie to her. If only he could at least tell himself that, and believe it. But he couldn’t do that either.

The siblings were driving through Gabby’s neighborhood when Michelle finally gathered herself enough to speak. She hadn’t said a word since they had got a second text from Gabby, one less catastrophic than the image from the CCTV footage depicting the two of them buttfucking outside her room, but just as crucial. All Gabby had written was ‘Don’t keep me waiting too long…’ followed by a winking emoji. After receiving that text, Michelle and Tyler had snapped out of their shared traumatic lethargy, and soon enough they were in the car, headed to Gabby’s place. Now, after having spent that tense ride in disconsolate silence, Michelle’s words had a particular weight to them, even though her voice was soft and trembling with uncertainty.

“Ty… Do you think she told someone?”

Tyler sighed and gritted his teeth. He had wondered about that very same thing too. Slowly shaking his head, he laid out his tentative conclusions on the subject.

“No, I don’t think so. I mean… I don’t know for sure, but my gut tells me that Gabby is the only one who knows. I sure hope so…”

“Yeah, me too. It’s bad enough that she knows, but at least it’s just one person and not everyone…” Michelle exhaled, her voice getting somewhat steadier as she let her worries pour out. “But why would she wait two days before sending us that pic? That’s weird, right?”

“Not too weird,” Tyler said, shrugging his powerful shoulders and pulling over in front of Gabby’s house. Killing the engine and turning to look at Michelle, he elaborated further, trying to be as calm and rational as his nervousness allowed. “I mean, think about it: that was an image from a security camera, right? And it’s not like people watch security footage all the time. So maybe she just saw it tonight, and that’s why she sent the pic only now. Who knows… But whatever Gabby wants, whatever she’s trying to do here, we shouldn’t give up just yet,” Tyler concluded, tapping into all the confidence he could muster given the situation and looking Michelle right in the eyes, trying to restore some of her courage as well. “Let’s not forget that we still have some leverage too: we know about Gabby and her cousins having sex. She knows that we know, obviously, and I doubt she’d want us to spill the beans. So maybe we shouldn’t be too catastrophic about this after all.”

“Yeah… But if Gabby watched the whole thing, she also knows that we didn’t record her getting double assfucked, so…” Michelle glumly concluded. Then, unbidden but very much needed, a giggle escaped her lips and a resigned smile appeared on them as she added: “See, Ty, I knew we should have made a video of them! It would have been hot and useful!”

That sudden injection of playfulness in the midst of their horrible crisis was a true blessing for Tyler, who instantly laughed along with Michelle, his heart swelling with love as his whole body refilled with the kind of positive energy that his sister never failed to inspire in him, ever. Their tentative yet bright chuckles were still filling the car as Tyler leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on Michelle’s gorgeous lips, getting smooched back in turn with equal intensity. Caring nothing about potentially being seen, needing only to tell each other through that recklessly pure kiss that they were still there, together, close and in love and inseparable, the siblings found themselves breathing easier and feeling better by the time they pulled grup seks yapan gaziantep escort back and stared into one another’s eyes. They knew that their challenge still awaited, but they would face it together, just like they would face any other trouble that may come their way.

“Ty…” Michelle eventually said, voicing the key question neither of them could figure out. “What do you think she wants?”

Tyler’s brow was furrowed and his jaw set, but his mind was much clearer and his thoughts calmer now as he replied. “I don’t know, Mimi. I really don’t. But we’re about to find out,” he concluded with a resigned if resolute grin. Then, offering his sister his hand, he added: “Ready?”

“Yes,” Michelle nodded with a thin smile, placing her dainty hand into his brother’s and interlocking her fingers with his, “let’s do this.”


Of the many worrisome scenarios that the siblings’ fear-frazzled minds had conjured up about what might be waiting for them once Gabby would open the door, none turned out to be even close to what really happened.

Much to Michelle and Tyler’s shared surprise, Gabby appeared at the door wearing nothing but a bikini, dripping wet as if she had just come from a dip in the pool, and, judging by her goofy smile and her glassy and slightly reddened eyes, more than a little high. Drenched as they were, her jet-black hair looked even darker and more lustrous than usual, and the skimpy cloth of the bikini she was wearing looked painted on her gorgeous top model body, but it was the goofy smile plastered on her full, perfectly glossed lips that attracted the siblings’ attention as Gabby excitedly exclaimed: “Hey guys, you made, finally! Come on in!”

Even though the fact that Gabby wasn’t wearing a villainous black cape embroidered with evil arcane symbols nor cackling maniacally like a stereotypical malignant archenemy shouldn’t have surprised the siblings, they were very baffled by the brunette’s unexpected pot-induced mellowness and general friendly attitude. Indeed, Gabby’s nonchalant demeanor, rather than calm them, unsettled Michelle and Tyler even more, at the very least for being so weird given the situation. On top of that, the rambling monologue that Gabby seamlessly launched into as she led them toward her room only added to Michelle and Tyler’s puzzlement.

“So there I was soaking in the hot tub, right, just waiting for you to react or something, when my aunt shows up out of nowhere and, before I know it, she and my mom are blazing up a joint and getting all nice and high! And of course I took a few hits, I mean, my aunt always has the best weed, hands down, and my Dad’s out of town too, so you better believe those two crazy bitches are gonna get super baked tonight! Trust me on this, I’ve seen it before, many times…” Gabby chuckled, gracefully tucking her damp, jet black locks behind her ears as she turned to wink at Michelle and Tyler over her shoulder.

Still shaken and worried, further confused by Gabby’s relaxed vibe and suspicious that it must be all a cruel trick on her part, Michelle and Tyler scrunched their foreheads and followed the beautiful brunette across her home, their doubts and fears preventing them from appreciating the otherwise very enticing view of her sweet ass swaying side to side with her every step as the minuscule string-like bottom of her bikini swiftly disappeared between her tanned, shapely water-glossed buttcheeks.

Meanwhile, unfazed by the lost and deeply confused expressions on the siblings’ faces, Gabby just kept strolling casually forward, the words flowing loosely from her smirking lips.

“You know, my mom is usually kinda composed and classy and all that stuff, but when my aunt is around she loosens up and really shows her fun side. Just give them another half hour and they’ll be skinny dipping in the pool, acting all silly and telling stories about their sexy adventures from when they were young! They always end up going there, every time: they try to outslut each other with the shit they did before they got married, and if they get wasted enough they’ll even throw in some stuff they did after they were married! Those are usually the most fun stories, actually… Hey,” Gabby said, suddenly turning around toward the siblings, stopping dead in her track halfway up the stairs. Her grin was even broader than before and the glint in her mesmerizing albeit slightly bloodshot eyes had an obvious mischievous quality to it as she suggested: “You wanna meet them? This is the best time for introductions, really. My mom will be chill as fuck and my aunt is definitely gonna be topless by now, for sure. We should probably go right now though, before they regress back to their teenage selves and start speaking in Spanish… You guys took Spanish, right?”

Confused, nervous and utterly unable to take any more of Gabby’s inane and increasingly irritating chatter, Tyler at that point just snapped.

“What the fuck!” he yelled, his eyes wide with anger and his nostrils flaring, his fists clenched grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan so tight that his knuckles turned white. “What in the actual fuck! What is this shit, Gabby? Is this some kind of sick game you’re playing on us here? Fuck this and fuck you!”

Far from scared by Tyler’s outburst, Gabby barely flinched but instead tilted her head to the side and arched her thin eyebrows, staring at him with renewed albeit somewhat weed-blunted interest. Indeed, that sudden shift into aggressive mode intrigued Gabby a lot, especially because it reminded him so much of the savage passion she had see Tyler unleashing on Michelle’s big juicy ass in their video. Showing no sign of having sobered up from her pot-induced haze, Gabby took her sweet time before offering her dismissive reply.

“Dude, relax…” Gabby exhaled theatrically, rolling her eyes at Tyler. “And don’t grind your teeth like that. It’s like, bad for you to stress out, you know? But you sure are cute when you’re angry!” she concluded, smirking with obvious mischief while checking out Tyler’s sculpted body as he stood to his full height and stared menacingly into her eyes, his muscles flexing and bulging with fierce tension under his clothes.

Then, glancing at Michelle, who had been emboldened by her brother’s brash yet understandable display of anger and was now standing right beside him with a significantly bolder look on her face, Gabby chuckled as she went on: “Your brother really looks like he could use some pot right now, Michelle. Are you sure you don’t wanna take a detour to the pool? Or I could just go get us some real quick. It’s medicinal, you know. For my aunt’s ‘tendinitis’, of course…” Gabby concluded, giggling while making exaggerated air quotes around her aunt’s alleged medical condition, unperturbed neither by Tyler’s stony expression nor by Michelle’s resentful and rather hurt stare.

Keenly aware of the standstill caused by the clash between Gabby’s typical impish and now pot-augmented imperturbability and Tyler’s belligerent exasperation, Michelle willed herself to push past her own frustration at Gabby so that she could possibly defuse the situation and get somewhere, anywhere, as long as it was a slightly better place. Scrunching her cute face and looking askance at Gabby, Michelle simply decided to throw out the first observation that came to her mind and hope to distract the buzzed brunette enough to avoid her angering Tyler even more.

“So, is it like, a family thing or something? I mean, acting silly while you’re high on pot. Because you’re being super chatty and really weird right now. And your aunt and mom kinda do the same, apparently?”

“Oh, I can get weird any time, girl. High or not,” Gabby quipped back without missing a beat, giggling and winking at Michelle before her eyes reverted back to drinking in Tyler’s manly physique, his uncharacteristically aggressive vibe enticing her more and more by the second. Suddenly though, as an afterthought, Gabby shifted her gaze back to Michelle, and added with a surprisingly benevolent smile: “It’s too bad that we only got close now that school is over. We should have hung out more this year.”

Despite her intention to be as much the voice of reason as possible in that whole tangled mess, Michelle couldn’t help but feel her blood boil at Gabby’s comment. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate the sentiment, and she did feel like the slick brunette actually meant what she said, but hearing such a nonchalant offer of friendship from the very same Gabby that less than half an hour earlier had blown both hers and her brother’s world apart with the implicit threat of revealing their secret was just too much even for Michelle to bear.

“Yeah right, we should have hung out more, Gabby, sure. If only you had blackmailed us before, you and I would have been bff’s ages ago!” Michelle sarcastically replied, taking full advantage of that chance to throw all her emotional turmoil back at the one person who had caused it in the first place and was now acting so breezily, just like it was nothing at all to her.

Much to the siblings’ vengeful joy, Michelle’s comment seemed to finally hit Gabby hard, for a change.

“Blackmail?!” Gabby said with an air of deep shock about her. Blinking and tilting her head questioningly, her eyes darting back and forth from Michelle to Tyler, she did appear as if she was seeing them for the first time only then. “Wait,” she finally said, appearing all of a sudden much more clear-headed and cognizant of their feelings, “you guys thought I was gonna blackmail you?”

“Uh, yeah,” Tyler curtly grunted, still far from being calm but somehow less furious. Indeed, despite his latent anger, there was something about Gabby’s surprise that appeared unexpectedly genuine, leading him to continue past his initial monosyllabic reply. “Isn’t that the whole point of this? Sending us the video, calling us hear and doing whatever it is that you’re doing right now?”

As Tyler’s words trailed off, Gabby furrowed grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort her thin eyebrows and recoiled visibly, almost as if offended by those accusations. Looking intently at the siblings, the brunette took a couple of seconds to properly recover her proverbial composure and restore the hint of a grin to her lips before she spoke.

“Guys, I don’t know what you’ve heard from people in school, maybe something about my family’s business being kinda sketchy and stuff like that… Anyways, I won’t get into detail about all of that right now, but I can tell you one thing for sure: we’re not in the shakedown racket. And I have no intention of blackmailing you,” Gabby firmly concluded, giving Michelle and Tyler her most clear-eyed, truthful look so far. “I promise you,” she went on. “I’m not fucking with you: I really don’t plan to tell anyone that you two are having super hot Lannister style buttsex, okay? I’m not gonna reveal your sexy little secret, I never meant to. Besides, you guys know about me and my cousins, so it would be stupid to try to blackmail you when you got dirt on me like that… It’s, like, page one of the little mobster’s handbook, or something…” she added with an offhand chuckle, her proverbial smirk once more dancing on her tumid lips. “I guess you could say that we’re in one of those, you know, mutually assured distraction kinda situations, right?”

“Destruction,” Tyler tersely corrected. “Mutually assured destruction.”

“Yeah, whatever,” the brunette shrugged, rolling her eyes and exhaling impatiently. “Bottom line, it’s in everyone’s best interest here to just keep our mouths shut and keep doing what we’re doing without ruining each other’s fun. So don’t worry about this blackmail nonsense anymore. Your secret is safe with me, as long as my secret is safe with you. Deal?” she concluded, extending her delicate hand.

Baffled to find themselves actually believing pretty much everything Gabby had just said, Michelle and Tyler looked at each other for a long meaningful moment before he turned to face her again. Almost fully devoid of belligerence, Tyler nodded and shook Gabby’s hand, only to then let it go and allow Michelle to shake it too.

“Okay, we’ve got a deal,” Tyler said, taking a deep steadying breath and already feeling like he was finally standing on firmer ground.

“So…” Michelle began, eyeing Gabby with a lingering perplexity that was born more of curiosity than disquiet. “What is this all about, exactly? Why would you even send us that pic at all if you just want things to stay the way they are?”

Shrugging her slim shoulders and thus causing a stray droplet of water to escape her damp hair and trickle down right between her perky, barely-covered tits, Gabby casually said: “Oh, that! Yeah, I just thought we should even the score before we move on with things, I guess…”

“Even the score?” Michelle echoed her, scrunching her cute face dubiously. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means,” Gabby solemnly stated, meanwhile resuming her sauntering progress up the stairs and thus spurring the siblings into following her once again, “that I want to watch you two having sex, just like you watched me and my pet knuckleheads!”

“But you already saw us, in the security camera video!” Michelle squealed in protest, climbing the stairs faster to catch up with Gabby.

“Yeah, and by the way, that video is still super incriminating for us. If Mimi and I said that we saw you fucking your cousins, we wouldn’t have any proof. But you have plenty of proof against us!” Tyler insisted, stomping up the stairs beside Michelle and still feeling bothered by the fact that, despite her apparently genuine will to not mess things up, Gabby remained in a much stronger bargaining position overall.

“Oh my god, Tyler… Again with the blackmail thing?!” Gabby groaned as she reached the hallway that led to her room and kept walking leisurely along. Turning to glance at him over her shoulder with an exaggerated look of annoyance on her sculpted visage and noticing Tyler’s stubbornly broody countenance, the semi-naked brunette let out a scoffing chuckle as she conceded: “Jeez, fine then. I’ve got some vids of me and the twins on my laptop, I’ll give you those so you’ll stop being such a buzzkill, okay? Seriously, dude, I never thought you’d be so paranoid. Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t wanna smoke pot after all…”

“Wait a second, are you serious?” Michelle mumbled as she sprinted up to Gabby’s side and shot her a penetrating stare. Suddenly excited despite everything else at the prospect of getting her hands on one or more clips from the brunette’s personal amateur DAP collection, Michelle was barely able to contain her anticipation as she tried to make sure she wasn’t imagining things. “Are you really going to give us some of your… I mean, you’d let us walk out of here with actual videos of you and…”

“…and my knucklehead cousins double-boning my ass? Yeah, girl, for sure!” Gabby breezily interjected, her smirk widening as she drank in Michelle’s attitude shifting from veiled mistrust to evident arousal. “I told you, I want things to be cool between us. And don’t worry, I won’t tell the twins anything about all of this either. Ah, here we are,” the brunette declared as the three of them reached her bedroom. Pausing a moment at the door, Gabby couldn’t help but snicker at the siblings and wink teasingly as she cooed: “Back at the scene of the crime, guys! Come on, let’s get you those videos so we can move on to the real fun part…”

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