Lisa in London Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Girls Night Out

Lisa finished putting her makeup on. She rarely wore any makeup but tonight called for a bit more exotic look. Her dark eyes were lined to give them an even more piercing presence and her pouty lips were painted with a rich wine colored lipstick. Lisa slithered into the sheath dress that lay across the bed. It was full length and hugged every curve of her body. The dress was simple in it’s design, Lisa did not like “costumes” and dresses that had sequins, beads and anything of that nature would never be tolerated. No, she preferred classic design and simple shapes. Now, this is not saying that this dress wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. It fitted to her form like it was painted on. The neckline of the dress cascaded down to reveal the hint of cleavage that the bustier provided. A simple sterling silver necklace complimented her smooth, ivory skin. A sheer wrap hung about her shoulders adding the final touch to an elegant outfit. With one last glance in the mirror and a minor adjustment to her hair she picked up her clutch purse and headed out the door to retrieve Amanda. A wicked grin crossed her ruby lips.

The elevator doors opened on Amanda’s floor. Lisa was nearly knocked over by a man and wife loading luggage into the opening elevator doors. It looked like they were heading home and were arguing about flight times. They woman continued chastising her husband who had grown suddenly silent. His jaw was on the floor and his eyes were on Lisa’s perfect form. He just stood there looking very much like a deer in the headlights. As Lisa walked down the hallway she heard the women yell even louder despite the closing elevator doors, she knew it was about her. Evidently she had chosen the right dress for the evening.


37 was near the end of the hall. Lisa took a deep breath and knocked on the dark-wood door. Immediately the door opened and there stood Amanda. Lisa’s heart almost stopped. She had only seen Amanda in the pool, no makeup, hair all wet. Now, here she was wearing the same minimal makeup that Lisa preferred and her blond hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail, held fast by a black ribbon. She was breathtaking.

“God, you look fantastic!” Amanda said. “I love that wrap!”

“Thank you.” Responded Lisa; “I liked your note.” With that Lisa opened her clutch and showed Amanda that she had brought the note with her.

They stood smiling at each other, each remembering that morning when they had experienced each other’s body for only a short while. Seconds passed until Amanda regained her senses and invited Lisa in while she finished getting ready.

Lisa entered the small apartment and flashed back to her days in art school. Art supplies; paper and magazines were strewn across the room. An old drawing table was weighted down with colored pencils, paint brushes and little bottles of colored inks. The walls were covered with sketches and concept studies. Lisa watched Amanda finish getting ready for their night out. Light from the large windows fell across her body and lit up her blond hair. She looked amazing, such a natural beauty. Amanda had chosen an elegant mini-dress to wear this evening. Black, similar to Lisa’s, but very, very short. Amanda’s long, lean legs disappeared into the short dress that ended just below the finishing curve of her ass. No stockings, just bare, tan legs that glowed in the dwindling evening light. Amanda’s dress complimented Lisa’s, equally simple and bursa escort understated but much more revealing. Amanda definitely had the body; she should show it off. Thin straps slipped sat across her lean shoulders, her large breasts pressed against the soft fabric of the dress. Amanda’s arousal caused her nipples to stiffen and protest against the thin material of the dress. Amanda had forsaken all undergarments for this evening. There was no hint of a panty line, just the smooth perfection of Amanda’s ass.

“Ready?” Amanda asked.

Lisa was in a trance staring at the smooth form of Amanda body. Amanda pulled her back into consciousness with a soft, wet kiss on Lisa’s waiting lips. Tongues danced delicate circles around one another. Lisa reached up and cupped Amanda’s large breasts; a soft moan escaped Amanda’s lips as Lisa massaged her hard nipples between her fingers.

“You’re going to make me too wet, ” protested Amanda.

“Oh, we wouldn’t want that would we?” replied Lisa.

Lisa’s hand ventured under Amanda’s dress and found the moist sex that was radiating intense heat. A single finger traced the outline of Amanda’s sizzling cunt, finally probing soft folds. Lisa withdrew the wet finger and placed it on her tongue, tasting the erotic juices of her new lover. She closed her eyes and savored the spices of Amanda’s fire.

“UmmÉ. You are so evil.” Purred Amanda.

Even though Lisa had never been with another woman, she knew what drove her crazy and bet it would drive Amanda to ecstasy as well. To her it all seemed very natural; who else would know how to touch another woman other than another woman?

“Let’s go to dinner,” said Lisa

“Yes, it would be a shame to spoil our appetites by eating “dessert” first.” Amanda replied.

They both smiled at the thinly veiled suggestion.

The two women strode out of the elevator and through the lobby. Every head turned to watch these two goddesses walk through the marbled hall. The contrast was stunning. The slightly taller Amanda, straight blond hair pulled back to reveal her sparkling green eyes. Her large, tanned breasts bounced as she sauntered with Lisa. In comparison, Lisa’s dark hair and smoldering brown eyes were a perfect compliment to the Danish features of Amanda. Her pristine, athletic figure flowed in her long fitted gown. There wasn’t a man in the building who wouldn’t have sold his soul to have these two women. They were radiating pure sexual energy that charged the air around them, it was almost tangible. If the spectators only knew that these two would be entwined in each other’s body later that evening, a couple of the older men would have had heart attacks.

Lisa and Amanda walked out to the waiting black cab that Lisa had ordered. The Doorman opened the door for Lisa and Amanda. Lisa entered the cab first and Amanda followed. As Amanda sat down she allowed the Doorman a perfect view of her bare pussy. She looked him directly in the eyes, which were focused on the glistening lips of her cunt. He looked up to see her catching him gazing at her slit, Amanda just smiled and very slowly closed her legs and the “show”.

“No peeking.” Amanda said as she seductively wagged her finger.

The Doorman just blushed and smiled, trying desperately too not to shoot a load right then and there.

“Now, who’s being evil?” Lisa said teasingly.

The two women leaned over to share a passionate kiss; again their bursa escort bayan tongues found their receptive counterpart. The door of the cab closed and began to speed away toward the heart of London. The Doorman stood on the curb trying to regain his senses, seconds later he excused himself to the restroom to relieve some “tension”.

The cab raced through the crowded streets of London. Lisa and Amanda sat close together, holding each other’s hand. Lisa looked out at the people on the streets marveled at the non-stop activity of her favorite city. Amanda removed one of her heels and was slowly rubbing her bare foot up against Lisa’s leg. Lisa could feel the fire begin to build in her silk panties, which were becoming very moist indeed. Amanda also played with the wisps of hair that fell in front of Lisa’s eyes. Every so often they would steal a quick kiss much to the delight of the cab driver. Lisa wanted more than anything to push Amanda’s head down to cool the inferno that was growing between her legs. She needed to feel the soft tongue of this woman licking the folds of her velvet envelope. Lisa resisted this urge and slid one of her hands between the thighs of Amanda. Her hand melted within the heat of Amanda’s firm legs.

“Where are we going?” asked Amanda

“Somewhere special, be patient.” Lisa replied

The cab continued its journey down the Strand. The bright lights of the city reflecting off the glass and steel buildings. People fill the sidewalks, out for their own evenings of adventure and fun.

“Here we are ladies,” the thick cockney accent driver said.

Amanda stepped out of the open door of the cab. Unfortunately, this doorman was not treated to the same “show’ that his fellow doorman was provided. Amanda readjusted her dress very coyly and flashed the doorman a knowing smile. Amanda looked up to see the grand entrance to the Savoy Hotel. It boasted some of the finest restaurants in the world.

“Oh Lisa, you’re kidding?” Amanda shrieked.

“I thought we deserved some indulgence, and besides, this is my first time having a woman for dinner. I think it should be special.” Lisa said seductively.

Amanda smiled her dirtiest smile and grinned at Lisa, who in turn, smiled back. Lisa paid the cab driver and whispered a little something into his ear. Amanda and Lisa proceeded into glistening entrance to the Savoy. Another doorman tipped his hat to the two stunning ladies and ushered them inside.

Amanda and Lisa exuded erotic energy as they went to the second floor of the grand hotel. Once there, the Maitre D’ of “The Upstairs Restaurant” greeted them. It was a cozy little eatery that provided intimate dining. A perfect place for intense conversation and smoldering lust.

They were seated in the special table that Lisa had requested. From this vantage point they could survey the entire restaurant and still be very secluded from the rest of the diners. In this quiet corner a single red rose laid across one of the table settings, another of Lisa’s prearranged surprises. The Maitre D’ seated the two ladies; Amanda gently sniffed the rose that had been chosen just for her. She closed her eyes and inhaled the lilting aroma of her perfect rose. Instead of this being a conventional table it was slightly different. It allowed it’s two guests to be seated side by side. The proximity increased the intimacy of the seating, not to mention the possibilities.

“Are you sure this escort bursa is your first time?” asked Amanda. “Your skills of seduction are Éoverwhelming.” Amanda again sniffed the petals of her rose.

“Yes, I have never been with a woman until you. That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it though.” Lisa said. “Besides, I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind all day!” she added.

“I know! Me too! I was in my still life drawing class and instead of having a nice sketch of a bowl of fruit, I had page after page of you reclining naked on a bed.” Amanda confessed with a laugh. “You should have seen the Professor’s face when he came by to critique!”

With that the two women burst out laughing. The laughter eased the growing tension and allowed the women to relax and enjoy the two glasses of Merlot that suddenly appeared. The evening was filled with intense and erotic conversation. There was no topic that didn’t get explored in great depth. Politics, religion, family, art and as the evening grew later, the conversation turned to sex. They shared their most intimate stories of lovers they have had, things they had done. What were the things that made them hot with passion and techniques each woman used to drive their lovers to the brink of ecstasy. They talked in great deal about their fantasies.

During the conversation each woman took turns running their slender hands between the thighs of the other. It was almost an unconscious action. While one woman was describing in delicious detail a story of sexual proclivity, the other would be massaging the burning thighs of the other. Since Amanda was wearing a dress that allowed easy access, Lisa explored the soft folds of Amanda’s clit. To the casual observer it looked like two good friends having a wonderful dinner. This was, in part, true. They were becoming more than friends and Amanda was on the brink of climaxing with unknown intensity. Lisa began to slow her pace when Amanda insisted otherwise.

“Oh God, don’t stop.” She whispered.

Amanda’s legs spread wide under the table, allowing Lisa more room to massage her swollen clitty. Amanda continued to describe her first lesbian experience while Lisa deftly inserted a finger into her steaming cunt. With each word Lisa became more aroused by Amanda’s story, While Amanda’s hands gripped the edge of the table, trying to contain her building passion, Amanda’s luscious “buds” strained against the ethereal fabric of her dress. Lisa’s finger probed in and out of Amanda’s wet hole with blurring speed. The erotic story and a final thrust of Lisa’s finger encouraged Amanda to her goal.

“Mmmm!” loudly escaped Amanda’s lips.

This was loud enough to garner attention from some of the other patrons. Amanda’s body shuddered from the sexual waves that raced up and down her spine. Lisa slowly removed her hand and looked around to see a table of businessman sheepishly looking at them. Without a hint of embarrassment, she shot them a slutty grin and licked her glistening finger clean.

“Oh my god, that was incredible!” Amanda groaned.

She had her eyes closed while she enjoyed the final waves of her climax.

Lisa sipped her wine. The two juices mixed elegantly in her mouth. The spices of Amanda’s pussy and the smooth mellow body of the Merlot. She savored both of them equally. The two women continued their conversation and fondling until they were the final two patrons in the restaurant. They finished up the remaining morsels of their desserts. In perhaps the most erotic scene the two played out that evening, they took turns feeding the other a sampling of their respective desserts. Amanda shared her decadent cheesecake and Lisa, in turn, shared her cr

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