Linda: A Desperate Housewife

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So I received the following in my in box and couldn’t not try and write this story. I hope Linda likes it and it does her justice.

“Hi, I am Linda and love your writing. . I have an image of a society woman but really I crave being humiliated in all stages of dress and undress. Could you do a story of my humiliation and degradation? If you want more information you can e-mail me at *************. I love sexy lingerie and dream of being taken advantage of in my undies. Hope to hear from you. Linda”


When her husband follows his routine for the last 30 years and heads off to work, you would have thought his wife Linda would get down to doing the normal things that wives of that age get up to, cooking, ironing, gardening, or shopping being the prime thoughts. But with Linda you’d be wrong. The graceful fifty year old gets down to some spying on her neighbours, all, without exception much younger housewives. What they’re doing, what they’re wearing, who visits their houses, what they could be up to, oh how her mind races at the possibilities and the gleeful thought of passing this information and informed guesses onto her friends.

“That young student was inside with Teri next door for at least half an hour.”

“You should have seen the outfit Eva from across the road was wearing – and you should have seen the car that picked her up!”

“That tramp Nicolette had three ‘salesmen’ in to see her this afternoon. The nerve! And her husband away in the army as well!”

“That Susan’s daughter, you should have seen her hanging about with all those young boys, it would never happen in my age.”

Being nosy and spreading gossip was almost a full time profession for this sad and lonely woman. She never seemed to consider that eventually some of the stuff she was spreading would reach the ears of those she gossiped about.


Monday morning, a quarter past nine and her husband Michael was long gone to the city for his work. Sitting in her expensive, silk dressing gown at the breakfast table (in the sun lit porch that over looked her neighbours yards), her ankles poking out the bottom she was disturbed by the ringing of the front door bell. Putting down her cup of coffee Linda strolled to her front door wonder who this could be. She opened the door to a fine specimen of manhood. A young man, in his early twenties, wearing cut off jeans and an open checked shirt, showing off his perfect tan and sporting long, light brown hair he smiled a brilliant smile at Linda.

“Good morning Miss Linda? I am Jose and it was my father who did your gardens. I am afraid he has been taken unwell and I am to take over his duties. I trust that is alright? There is no problem?”

For a moment Linda was taken aback, this was most unexpected, the old man used to wander round her garden and tidy it up, he knew what he was doing with flowers and she used to laugh at the other pathetic wife’s in the street who hired their staff based solely on their good looks while hers actually did the job he was hired for.

“Well I suppose, the grass does need done most urgently. If you need me I’ll be it the kitchen out back”, and with that the front door was closed and Linda retreated without even asking about the boys father. Not that there actually was much wrong with him.

Later that day, with Linda dressed and sat once again in her favourite spying post to watch the others front doors she was disappointed by the lack of anything happening and couldn’t help but be distracted by the young stud toiling in her garden. His shirt was off now and how tanned and muscular he was as he sweated and moved gracefully through the garden. Linda found her thoughts wandering to think what it would be like to be with a young man like that again. She had been quite a flirt in her younger days before being overtaken by marriage and becoming hardbitten and cynical to love and sex in equal measures. She eventually shook herself from these thoughts, they were weak and stupid and besides he would never be interested in an old woman like her, would he?

By early afternoon and after returning from a shopping trip Jose was tidying away his tools and the refuse from his work when Linda stepped from her door to speak with him. To anyone watching (and there was somebody) this was unusual, the high and mighty Linda rarely deigned to speak to the help unless she could not avoid it. And her words and body language spoke volumes, dressed in a red shirt and matching knee length shorts as she asked how his day had gone and when he would return she kept a tight eye contact with him and her hands touched him several times. It was the first signs of her being smitten

Over the next few weeks, Jose was a regular at the house, much more so than his father, and Linda made sure there were plenty of tasks for him to do, and with them plenty of opportunity for her to watch and leer at him. It had completely bypassed her that she was behaving almost like the other, şişli escort younger women of this leafy suburban lane that she so looked down on. But she was still a bit reticent to take her growing infatuation with this young man any further and it would come to him to force the issue somewhat.

That afternoon Linda had a meeting with one of the charity committees she was on (not that she ever did any actual work on it) and after lunch was upstairs getting changed into posher clothes, she didn’t want any of the others gossiping about how she looked, she hated that! Watching Jose from her upstairs bedroom window as she stood in only a black bra and panties mid-dressing she allowed her hands to roam over her body as she watched the young hunk hard at work clipping one of their many hedgerows She opened her underwear drawer and there they were, her newest, sexiest pair of black, seamed stockings. Yes, she thought these would go well with the knee length black skirt she would wear and as she opened them up and slowly rolled them up her legs, luxuriating in the feel of them against her silky smooth legs she was lost in the moment, a silent sigh escaping from her lips.

Suddenly, from downstairs came screams and shouts and thuds. Disturbed and not thinking Linda ran downstairs to see what was up, forgetting that she was in only, her undergarments. Jose stood in the kitchen at the sink, his right hand a mess of blood. Seemingly not taking in Linda’s clothes he explained.

“Miss Linda, I have cut myself, deep I think, do you have bandages or plasters. Please!”

Linda hurried off and returned with the first aid kit and got to work cleaning him up, as it turned out it wasn’t really that deep and had just bled but did not need any more than a plaster and as she applied this and sat back she suddenly realised her attire.

“Jose, I , you, I, you can’t see me like this, I….” and with that she made to leave smartly and get properly dressed. She didn’t make it, his strong arm reaching out, taking hold of hers and pulling her to face him.

“What’s wrong Miss Linda? That I see a beautiful lady like you looking like that? That is not a crime. The crime is that only your husband sees that beautiful body. I would love to take your pictures, I am an amateur photographer and rarely have I seen such grace and style and elegance than in you like that.”

They say flattery will get you everywhere and in this instance it did. Jose had finally penetrated Linda’s hard heart and brain and like so many older woman she could not see clearly now where her young admirer was concerned. They shared a long, lingering kiss there in the kitchen, their eyes closed and tongues meeting. Linda was smitten, common sense was long gone, self preservation had long left town and the woman who stood here now was in love. But her young Lothario would not push his luck and indeed after their embrace faded he left sheepishly and was not back the next day. Linda thought she had scared him off and was depressed for the whole day at the thought, not even gossip could lift her spirits.

When he did return he acted as if nothing had happened, almost ignoring her. Linda was frustrated and wanted to run out there to the garden, pull him from the lawn mower and hug him right there. But of course she didn’t and couldn’t. After a few days of this impasse Linda decided to take action.

It was another hot sunny morning and Jose busied himself at the borders, his eyes flitting to the side hopeful of movement, and yes here it came. Linda shuffled over to him in slipper and a black, silk dressing gown, from his position on his knees he could see that she had her stockings on again.

In a low voice, “Jose, I want to see you inside, about what happened last week. I, well, I enjoyed it and want it to happen again and I thought about what you said and I’d love you to take my pictures, do you have your camera with you? You do, well I’ll be upstairs if you want to get it and come up…..”

Jose smiled to himself as he exited the garden and hurried to his van where, ever so coincidentally his camera was under the front seat. He was no amateur photographer but he could do the job he had been commissioned to do alright. Besides he had other talents. Closing the van door and heading back to the big house he couldn’t help but look to the right and see Teri peering over her white picket fence, he gave her a wink of success as he hurried past her and Teri stooped once more to prune her roses (that didn’t actually need pruning).

The house itself was huge, a real testament to Linda’s husbands wealth and in the land of wealth and plenty they stood out as having more than most. Jose almost ran around the building and in through the kitchen door. He plucked the lens cap from the camera as he bounded up the wide staircase and made for the open door at the end of the corridor, assuming it had to be the bedroom that he had spied Linda watching him from so many times in istanbul escort the last few weeks. Although she may have thought it, she had not been subtle in her actions towards him.

He walked up the corridor, smelling the sweet fragrance that pervaded the house and as he entered the bedroom he was greeted by the awesome sight of Linda lying on the bed, facing the door and dressed in just a lacy black bra and panties and her seamed stockings. For her age , in fact for any age, she looked awesomely sexy, her classy, long silver hair falling over her shoulders as her piercing eyes sought out those of her young photographer.

Jose was stunned by how sexy Linda actually looked and forgot the camera in his hand as he took in the inviting sight before him. Almost laid on a platter for him. For Linda this was he chance to go for it and damn the consequences, this would never come around again (it had never presented itself before) and she was willing to do what it took to get her man. Damn the rest of the world. She almost purred as she rolled her upper leg around followed by her torso and lay before the young gardener spread eagle before him, her body up on her elbows.

“Now these pictures are just for your, ah, private enjoyment aren’t they Jose. I’d get a real kick of you looking at them any time you need, ahem, inspiration, when you’re alone.”

Pictures! Jose came back from his daze and into the bedroom, he raised the camera to this eye level and without further ado began snapping pictures of this hot woman. Linda seemed to find inspiration from somewhere, to find exactly the right, sexy pose that cried out for the picture to capture her animal sexiness at that time. With each picture and each new position Jose came closer and closer to the bed and his model until her was upon her and she hooked her fingers into her bra and pulled it down to reveal her curvy, trim breasts and hard nipples. Her fingers snaked down her body and between her legs and she parted her panties from her wet crotch and delved fingers inside to rub herself as Jose struggled to contain his composure as an amateur cameraman.

Both bra and panties came away from Linda’s body by her own wet hands and Jose got the perfect pictures of her stark naked. These were the money shots he had been commissioned to get and how successful he had been. But those thoughts could wait, as could what he would receive for delivering these pictures to his other ’employers’. Right now, a mark or nor, an older woman or not, he had a huge, stiff ridge at the crotch of his jeans that strained to be released and put to good use.

Linda’s fingers curled out and took his zipper and did the deed for him, lowering it and undoing the button and watching eagerly as his trousers dropped to his ankles and with no underpants on his rock hard 10″ cock sprang up at her. Instantly, Linda felt like she was a seventeen year old again, ready to receive the first real fucking of her life and desperate for it to happen and be as good as she had imagined it to be.

Her lips opened, damp with anticipation, the pink lipstick staying fast and like a starving animal she engulfed his meat as he shrugged off his shirt, now the two figures were naked save for Linda’s stockings. Her hands grasped the base of his cock and began to turn and manipulate it as the memories and feelings came flooding back to her. It had been so long, too long and she wanted to make up for it.

Jose had never felt like this before with a girl. Of course, with his looks and charm he had had his share of women before but this was different, new, and he was relishing the feeling of his body being sucked into the older woman’s mouth and gently caressed by her tongue while her hands stroked the base of his penis and rolled his scrotum. The tension was thick in the bedroom and as both moaned in ecstasy at their coupling Jose could not control himself and as Linda’s eyes met his and gave a silent ascent he fired a thick spurt of his young cum deep in her throat, he fired again and again and finally a fourth . Linda felt her mouth and throat coated and filling up with his seed and a warm glow passed through her, as he disconnected from her mouth and a thick dribble of his seed came from her mouth she felt like one of her slut neighbours, wanton, sex crazed, driven by the desires of your body. It was a revelation. Now for her to be fully satisfied….

And just then the telephone rang. With Jose separated and recovering, her mind could not find a reason not to answer it so she did, knowing that the young man was going nowhere. But it was her husband and at the first sound of his voice she felt a tidal wave of guilt rush over her. What had she done? She barely registered what he was telling her about being home later than expected that night and all of a sudden the magic was gone and she could not even meet Jose’s eyes as she hung up. He realised what had happened, had seen it in her eyes as she spoke mechanically beşiktaş escort on the phone. They barely shared another word as he got dressed and left unsure whether to be happy or sad at what had happened.


Just two days later and once again Linda reclined on the bed awaiting her young lover. She had fought with her emotions for two days and decided to try again, her husband did not care for her, her lover did. Why should she not take this opportunity to relive her youth?

As before Jose came and as before he took pictures to begin but this time he told Linda that he wanted to use scarves to tie her wrists to the bed. To make sure she would not back down this time. She agreed willingly and he used two white, silk scarves to tightly tie her in place and she lay back expecting her wet pussy to at last accept this young hunks cock. But it never came, first because Jose snapped more pictures but then he took a pair of her panties and gently stuffed them in her mouth and left the room. Suddenly, Linda realised the precariousness of the situation she was in. As she struggled against her bonds she heard the door open and multiple voices below.

Before they arrived at the bedroom she had recognised the voices and her heart sunk as first Teri, then Eva, then Nicolette, then Susan followed Jose back into the bedroom. The four women smiled down at the wriggling Linda with ill disguised glee and triumph in their eyes and voices.

The four women were each in their own way very beautiful and it was not easy to see why they had attracted so many virile young men to their neighbourhood. Teri was in her mid-thirties and could easily have been a movie star, with raven hair that came to her shoulders and deep, smouldering dark eyes she was a very sexual woman. She had been divorced twice and was living off the vast sums that had earned her.

Eva had a Latino upbringing and that showed in her tanned skin and dark eyes and sultry body with long, luxurious hair. She was the youngest of the foursome at just 24 and had a wealthy husband who was rarely home.

Nicolette was natural blonde with a terrible reputation. Fortunately, she didn’t have a regular man in her life that wasn’t a problem for her as she had a pneumatic body (surgically enhanced of course) that she believed, with good reason could take the eye of any man on earth. She was a man-eater and had taken particular scorn from Linda since moving into the suburb, especially the question of where she had got her money from.

Finally Susan, with ginger hair and a pretty dowdy dress sense she was the odd one out. She was happily married, though was constantly driven mad by her four wild children. She had a good figure, though rarely flaunted it.

All four women were dressed in bright pastel coloured T-shirts and shorts and sandals and looked down on Linda, their nosy neighbour with varying degrees of scorn and amusement.

Teri’s hand slipped under Jose’s belt and down to his crotch, obviously feeling his hardening manhood. This, coupled with Jose’s smile in reaction stung Linda badly. Worse followed as Nicolette came up from the other side and began to run her extended tongue along his jaw and neck and finally to his ear. It was Teri, her hand still busy, that addressed Linda.

“Well don’t you look sexy Linda. I never knew you were such a dirty slut. And from what Jose tells us you only get dirtier.”

Linda swore at her from behind the gag but it was too muffled to make any sense.

“Careful now Linda, maybe you need to calm down a bit, Susan do you think if she saw the website we set up she would be a little more calm?”

Not answering, Susan came forward with a laptop that she rested on Linda and Linda seemed to realise that resistance right now was stupid. She lay there watching the screen spring to light and with just a few clips the pictures of her, and very clearly her in her underwear and less, came onto the screen. Her eyes opened wide and they accused Jose but her was too busy dealing with Nicolette’s tongue in his mouth.

“So you see, the whole world, including your husband, your fellow committee member, all of them can see these. If , we were to tell them of course, I doubt those worthy folks trawl through seedy, cheap porn sites though, don’t you? But this is just a little insurance from us neighbours. We know fine well what you’ve been saying about us for these last few years, well bitch it stops now! Right here, in this room. And if it doesn’t then we’ll post this web address all over town. Understand?”

Linda nodded resignedly, she knew she had to. She could even begin to understand the women’s position. She had been so close to joining them as a neighbourhood slut but it hurt that it had obviously all been a set up.

Eva saw and sensed this in the older woman and came forward and pulled back one of the bra cups and softly began to rub Linda’s breast as she spoke in her girlish voice.

“You liked it didn’t you? Don’t you see that’s why we all do it. What else is there to do here, no real men, no one interested in pleasuring us, just getting their fix before heading back out again. You want to be like us don’t you, you’ve tasted this and want it don’t you?”

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