Kristen’s Adventures with the Twins


I woke up in a cold sweat. I’d had THE dream again. Lately, every couple of nights, I’d have the same dream. It always started out different but it always ended the same with me having sex with Rose Reed.

I checked my phone and saw that my girlfriend had called. Nikki had no boundaries when it came to time. If she wanted me, she called, and like the whipped little puppy I was, I hopped in my car and went to her. The clock in my car read 3:39 AM. While driving to Nikki’s house, I texted her that I was on my way while I was at a stop sign.

The clock in my car read 3:39 AM. While driving to Nikki’s house, I texted her that I was on my way while I was at a stop sign.

She responded, “I miss your sexy ass!” Gosh, she is such a tease.

As I pulled up to the Reed house, I called Rose, her twin sister. She answered on the first ring, “it’s open, honey,” Then she hung up.

I climbed through Rose’s window with ease. Rose’s room was on the first floor in the east wing of their house. Nikki’s room was on the third floor on the west wing. The twins wanted to be as far away from each other as possible. I kissed Rose on the cheek then headed out of the door. I ignored the fact that she had been in my dreams less than an hour ago. I took the elevator to the third floor and walked to Nikki’s room. She’d fallen back to sleep.

Nikki’s natural olive skin was dark since she’d taken up sunbathing. The purple comforter was wrinkled, clinging to her shape. I climbed into her queen size bed and wrapped my arms around her, my arms seemed to fit around her waist. Nikki and Rose’s rooms were the exact same but decorated to reflect them. Everything in Nikki’s room was purple or off purple but Rose’s room was a red and white mixture. Both rooms were always so organized and neat. Paramore and Taylor Swift covered Nikki’s walls, while Drake and J. Cole covered Rose’s. They’d done everything to be different but were seemingly the same.

I used to have the biggest crush on Rose. A 5’6 brunette who has an athletic figure while still being slightly curvy. A girl with all A’s who played 3 sports and still was in top choir and art. She was an all-around astounding girl and still is. Our only difference was that I was black and she was white. Our music styles were the same. I was in 3 different sports, all A’s, top choir and first chair in orchestra. How we had time to make friends I’ll never know. It helped that our moms were old friends that had drifted apart. Once I told my mom of Rose Reed, she set up a play date as she called it, even though we were eleven and twelve. We’d known each other as babies but when my mother got a job in Los Angeles, we were gone. We moved back during the second half of sixth grade for me and I met Rose for the second time in my life in seventh grade. I didn’t know then that I liked girls but Rose peaked my interest as our friendship grew.

The Twins have two sisters, one a year older, Mimi, and one two years younger, Sage. Sage acted as though I was one of her older sisters, primarily because I acted as though I was one. She bases it mainly off of a time I stood up for her. I beat a girl up who had been messing with her. I hadn’t done it for Sage though. I’d done it for Rose. After finding out Sage was being messed with, she confided in me and I took care of it. She didn’t ask me to beat the girl to a pulp, I did that on my own because I didn’t like to see Rose upset.

As if I had summoned her, Rose texted me to come down to her room. I was worried about putting myself in a room alone with Rose but I was bored, so I left my lightly snoring girlfriend and I walked toward the stairs. The porcelain mansion was especially beautiful as the sun began to rise. I grabbed a bottle of water from the second floor kitchen and continued to Rose’s room. I walked in and climbed into her bed. Her speakers were playing The Morning by The Weeknd. Listening to the Weeknd coon the words “Better slow down. She’ll feel it in the morning. Ain’t the kind of girl you’ll be seeing in the morning”, I looked at Rose’s face.

“I’ve been up since you got here. She sleep?” She spoke softly as I nodded.

“Hold me. Nothing more will happen. I’ll lock my door and set an alarm. For one hour, just hold me and don’t let go.”

I did as she asked. Rose and I never did anything more than platonic, except the one time I kissed her. We were just friends but she’d been having nightmares that she was too embarrassed to tell her sisters about and she needed someone to take care of her. To everyone, Nikki’s the needy one not Rose, which to Rose meant that she had to be strong all the time.

I whispered song lyrics into her ear as I held her. She always seemed so fragile and broken before I wrapped my arms around her. She laid her head on my chest and I watched as she listened to my heartbeat. I stared at her brunette hair and rested my hand on her shoulder. Everything seemed so calm when we were like this, wrapped in each other.

Rose’s room seemed much softer to me bursa escort than Nikki’s, just as the two girls seemed to me. The pale girl laying on my chest was a simple girl, five foot six, petite build with a large chest for her frame, accompanied by curves from her chest down. Looking at her, you’d often forget her height because of her ‘assets’. She looked the same as her twin but their styles gave the impression that they were completely different. Rose’s hip hop swagger made her seem curvier while Nikki’s preppy cheerleader thing hid it in her clothing, plus Rose looked paler then Nikki because of Nikki’s make-up skills. I often noted the differences between the two girls when we were all together but when I was alone with one, it seemed as if there was only one of them.

Time stood still when I was alone with either of the twins, which is why I was always scared of moments like this with Rose. Holding her so close to me made it easy to forget that I was dating her sister. It also made me regret choosing Nikki over Rose. I fell asleep thinking what if.

We woke up to Sage knocking on the door. She announced that breakfast was ready. When Rose responded okay, I noticed that we had moved onto our sides, spooning one another. I kissed her cheek and released her from my grip, which gifted me with a groan but nonetheless, neither of us said a word as I left the room. I went toward the sound of people talking and moving around.

I saw Sage first, as she was holding four plates in her hand, walking towards the dining room table. She frowned at me. It took me a while to figure out why but then it hit me, I realized that I was coming from the wrong direction, if I’d been coming from Nikki’s room, I would’ve been on the other side of the kitchen. Sage suspected that I was sleeping with both twins. She’d even come up to me once or twice before, asking me if I was. I answered honestly, relaying to her that I was nothing more than a friend to Rosalie. Seeing me leaving her room early in the morning, didn’t exactly help my case.

Nikki’s dirty blonde hair was braided into a fishtail as she walked to the table with silverware. She looked at me with a light glare and walked over to me. She had on one of my shirts and a pair of shorts. I almost didn’t see the shorts due to the length of the shirt.

Nikki spoke quietly as she closed in on me. “Why did I wake up alone? Why are you coming from my sister’s room?”

“I’m sorry love, Rose and I were talking. I got bored because you were asleep.” I told her, sort of honestly.

She stared at me a bit longer and then slowly let her guard down and smiled at me, that smile that always eased my soul. She hugged me. Even though she was a little shorter than me, she always seemed to be the dominant one. Nikki definitely wore the pants in our sexual relationship.

As I leaned my head into her neck for the hug, she whispered, “Eat up, you are going to need your energy.”

Nikki’s mom entered the room, politely clearing her throat. We all sat down to eat the beautiful breakfast that she had cooked. Rose never showed up. The Reed family and I small talked as we passed food around the vastly large table. Mrs. Karen Reed was stunningly beautiful and very well spoken. She started her own fashion company from nothing. She made her hometown, a hub for her company. She’d opened stores as well as put her clothes in every department store around the globe in two years. She looked powerful every time I saw her, even at nine am, after cooking a full breakfast for six people. She treated me as though I was one of hers, even though she knew that I was dating her daughter.

For the longest, Nikki and I weren’t sure if she knew until she pulled me to side and told me,” If you break one of my daughter’s hearts, slack in any of your activities or classes, or assist in my daughters slacking in theirs, I will have to punish you.” She smiled and winked at me. What had intrigued me the most was that she said “one of my daughters” as though she didn’t know which one I was dating?

After we finished breakfast, Nikki and I cleaned the dishes before sneaking up to her room. We were inseparable from the moment her door shut behind me. Kissing her was always amazing because she always tasted like strawberries. Before I knew it, we were taking off our clothes. Nikki was a succubus when it came to sex. She’d arouse me to the point of no return then drain me of all of my energy. Nikki fully embodied sex to me, well not sex but rather making love. It was as if our pheromones were linked to each other. Exchange of control was our thing, which kept everything interesting.

I stopped kissing her and pulled away slightly to take all of her in. My hands were on her hips, watching the heave of her chest as she breathed, watching her breast slightly rise and then fall. It wasn’t that much of a rise because of the weight of her chest. Her nipples looked like hard pierced marbles at the center of her wide areoles. She’d shaved, everywhere, not a escort bursa blonde hair in sight. Her mouth was open slightly as she breathed heavily. Her eyes were wild and dark, a contrast to its usual blue color. The look in her eyes scared me a little by how much I knew that it reflected the look in mine. She smiled widely.

I returned my lips to hers and proceeded to lead her to her bed. It felt like we’d been apart for hours when I’d only been looking at her for a few moments. My arms were wrapped around her waist with my hands squeezing her ass, her arms wrapped around my neck. She jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist and I held her up by cupping her ass. I moved my hands slightly down her legs to the back of her thighs, gauging our distance from the bed and my amount of strength before throwing her to the bed. As she fell, she giggled loudly. I crawled on top of her, moving my face to her neck, sucking and kissing her.

Before I knew it, I’d left two dark hickeys on either side of her neck. I moved my mouth lower, licking a path to her pierced nipples. As I wrapped my lips around one hard nipple, sucking lightly while licking around the barbell, she let out a soft moan and I moved one hand to her other breast to pinch her other nipple. She began to gyrate against me, her body begging for me to move to her hot spot. I nibbled softly on the nipple in my mouth, careful not to irritate the gold barbell while looking deeply into her eyes. She needed me to make her cum and nothing was going to stop her. She looked at me with begging eyes, asking me wordlessly to fulfill my unspoken promise to her, to make her cum until she couldn’t anymore. Between the dream I’d had, cuddling with Rose, and Nikki’s sex appeal alone, I knew that I was in for a wild match.

I wanted Nikki just as bad as she wanted me. The room filled with sexual tension and anticipation as I moved my right hand to where she all but begged me to. The first dip in the honey pot was always the greatest. It showed if all of my foreplay had been working, if she was soaked, then I’d have passed the class. Her love soaked my finger within seconds. I savored it for only a few moments before adding a finger and beginning to pound her.

Nikki loved slow, teasing foreplay but when it came to sex, fast and hard was the way to go. Her breast jiggled as we moved, so I lightly bit the nipple in my mouth to keep it where it belonged. She gasped and looked at me for as long as she could before laying her head back and closing her eyes. Her moans filled the room until she came and then moans were replaced by heavy panting. Once we caught our breath, it was on again.

I left the Reeds house around seven. As Nikki walked me out, Rose came outside. I didn’t notice her at first because Nikki was all over me.

We were hugging, my hands squeezing her ass, her arms wrapped around my neck, as Nikki spoke, “I miss how you taste already. I want more.”

I kissed her hard, pushing her back on to my car. She jumped slightly wrapping her legs around my waist. Once I moved my mouth to her neck. I looked up and saw her wink to someone. I put her down immediately and turned around, Rose was already headed back into the house. I didn’t call after her because I was confused.

“Nicole, what was that about?” I spoke softly once Rose was in the house. “I just needed to remind my sister that you are mine.” Nikki’s mouth drew an evil smirk. She seemed so happy that Rose saw us.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked as if I didn’t know.

I shouldn’t have been surprised Nikki knew about Rose. Nikki never responded instead she kissed me, just a peck on the cheek and began to walk away.

I caught her hand and she spoke, “Don’t play. Text me when you get home.” She never looked at me, she continued to the door.

On the ride home, Lais cooed “For You”, “This is for you, for you. This is for you, for you and for her too. It has to be for her too.” The words sang to my soul. I loved Nikki with all my heart but I loved Rose too. Whether I’d admit it to myself or not, it was true. I’d never act on it and hurt Nikki but I was in love with Rosalie Reed. Our platonic cuddling was anything but platonic. Spooning, chest to back, my arms wrapped around her waist, my chin on her shoulder, my neck on hers. Legs intertwined as I whispered something sweet in her ear. “You smell really nice.” Sometimes I’d even sing to her. She loved that.

Once I got home, my mother was waiting on me.

“If you leave, leave a note so I know where you are. I don’t want to be surprised by a text from Karen, saying that my daughter is there.”

I apologized to my mother. She yelled at me for what seemed like a lifetime. My mother embodied the phrase, “Black don’t crack”. She was stunning for her age. At 45, a single mother of one, she was doing well for herself. Coming back to her hometown had done her well.

Once in my room, I reflected on the twins. Rose and I had always had chemistry but Nikki swooped down bursa escort bayan and snatched me away. I let her because Rose never told me that she liked me and I was too shy to ask her. Rosalie Reed was my dream girl, hard-working, smart, athletic. I was utterly surprised when I found out there were two of them.

I had finally worked up the courage to talk to her but when I said “Hey Rose,” the girl looked at me and laughed. She was about to speak when a girl pulled her away and they ran to class together. I sulked to class, forgetting that I had class with Rose.

Once I walked in and saw her, I was intent on avoiding the jackass who laughed in my face. I focused on everything but her, which was weird, I usually used that class as time to subtly stare at her. Sometimes when I’d look away I’d catch her staring back, which is why I’d worked up the courage to finally become friends with her. What a bad idea that was. Things took a turn for the worse as our teacher began to make pairs for a class assignment.

Once alone and still angry, I asked her, “Why did you laugh at me earlier?” she blushed and frowned.

“Hi Kristen. I never laughed at you. Why would you think that?”

“Because you laughed in my face and ran away with some brunette girl.” She laughed, this time it was more colorful as she smiled at me.

“I’m really sorry about that. You must’ve met Nikki, my twin sister. She was probably running to her English class with Samantha.” I looked at her dumbfounded. A twin? How had I not noticed that there were two of them? I later found out that both of them had been watching me and smiling in the hallways but I only had class and lunch with Rose. Rose and I had B lunch and Nikki had C lunch

. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay. You’re new. I understand but hey what did you want to tell me?”

She spoke so soothingly, I forgot my embarrassment and said, “I was just going to say hi, then walk you to class. I thought maybe we should be friends since I see you all the time and we have class.” She smiled. The rest was history. I made friends with the twins’ friends and I made friends of my own, since then we’d became a clique.

I was snapped back to reality by a text from Nikki, “home yet??” I responded and laid down, sleep came soon after.

The next week went by slowly. Jake and I weren’t talking to one another. Rose was avoiding me. Colby had been busy all week but on the bright side, Nikki and I had sex every day, in either her car or mine for lunch. The Twins were planning their nineteenth birthday party and I was helping my mother out at her restaurant.

Friday, a little before noon, Rose came to the restaurant to talk to me. She talked to me as though she hadn’t been avoiding me all week. Rose usually played that shy girl act with everyone but me. Why be shy when we had already shared all of our secrets? I finally stopped her and asked her to say what was going on. She’d been scared to tell me that Colby was going to escort her at her party. I wasn’t upset but I was confused and just a tad bit jealous. I don’t know why though. It’s not like I could’ve been her escort. Nikki had asked me a month ago and I’d said yes without hesitation.

I asked Rose, “Why Colby?”

She smiled and spoke softly, “Well Colby offered and my first choice was already taken.” She looked at me for a response but I was speechless for a second.

I’d been so glad to see her, I hadn’t really noticed her appearance. Her hair was curled. It cascaded around her fully made up face which usually wasn’t her thing. She had on a short sleeve red tank top that did wonders to her chest with a pair of black leggings that showed no panty line.

Once I tore my eyes from her glorious cleavage back to her face, I responded, “I hope you guys have fun. I guess I’ll see him at the fitting later today but hey who was your first choice?”

The sexual tension between us fueled my question. I wanted her to say that it was me but Rose, who was highly skilled in keeping me on edge, ignored the question and responded, “I’ll see you at 4:30. I’ve got to go.” Her pink cheeks flushed as she walked away.

The black fabric clung to her ass as she swayed with every step. The walkway out of the restaurant became a runway for Rose and I was her audience. She knew I was watching and I was so entranced that I hadn’t noticed that she’d stopped to look back at me. When I finally noticed, she smiled then winked.

“What the fuck was that about?” Nikki said, startling me and breaking Rose’s trance on me. I needed to focus because tomorrow night, I would be escorting my amazing girlfriend to her party and showing off our relationship. It would be fun, plus it’d gave me another excuse to be by Nikki’s side all night. I told Nikki that it was nothing with Rose and she dropped it. She grabbed my hand and led me to my office.

It was lunch. Time to make out and fool around I thought but she just wanted to talk. Nikki told me about her week and about her plans for the day. She reminded me that I needed to get fitted for the outfit, she chose for me that complemented her dress. Nikki’s plans were for me to just stick with her until the fitting, then for all four of us to go to dinner.

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