Kate Returns Home Ch. 05


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Kate Returns Home Ch. 05

By Susan Greenway

[This story includes bodily functions and some discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic setting and her characters.]

Harry had been telephoning Kate, asking her when it would be good for her to visit him. He told her he was in love with her and wanted to introduce her to his friends. Kate finally concluded that she would return home again to see him and meet his friends, as well as get together with Glenda and him at the same time. She would see if this arrangement might work for all of them.

She called Elaine into her office and asked her deputy if she would mind being in charge for the next weekend and a day or two more. Elaine grinned and asked if this meant Kate was getting serious about the man who visited her the weekend before this last one with Glenda.

Kate blushed and looked to be annoyed with Elaine’s prying. Then she realized that she might as well be open with the older woman.

“Elaine,” she said slowly, “I’m in love with a man and a woman. I’m thinking of marrying both. Am I taking on too much?”

This set Elaine back on her heels because she had not realized how polyamorous Kate might be. She berated herself silently for being so obtuse and then relented, saying that Kate was still at an age when she could be impetuous, especially when romance was involved.

“I gather they both are in your hometown, which is both convenient and distant, since you will need to be here for the foreseeable future,” Elaine observed. “I remember how isolated I felt during my time commanding Hergolia. I felt so abandoned and distraught at times.”

Kate had never seen Elaine become so emotional. She had been Kate’s idealized Corrections Service professional. Kate did then explain to Elaine how she had consulted Eleanor.

“She hasn’t done too badly for herself,” Elaine commented, thinking of how Eleanor was married to the Service’s Chief of Staff, GEN Annette.

“Yes, Elaine,” Kate responded, “but in the process she left her husband behind in my hometown and eventually divorced him. And you know that he had married her when she was still a nationally-disdained pariah.”

Elaine now colored. “I forgot about that,” she admitted, “which I suppose Eleanor never can. I hope you still feel you can trust me to be in charge when you go home again.”

Kate looked at her with pleading eyes. “You are one of the strongest people and nicest people I know, Elaine. I have perfect confidence in you. Should I not?”

“You can rely on me, boss,” Elaine responded with enthusiasm. She really did love Kate and wanted her to know that. “Let me take you to dinner tonight.”

Kate accepted the invitation. Then she sent Glenda an e-mail telling her she was returning that weekend and hoped Glenda would be available. “I want you to meet Harry as well,” she added.

She also e-mailed Harry, accepted his invitation, and added that she wanted him to meet Glenda during the visit. She knew that both her fiancées would be thrown for a loop by her informing them of her desire for them to meet each other.

She left work with Elaine, and they dined at a favorite small café that they both enjoyed. The maitresse’d knew Kate and always found her the quiet secluded table she wanted. She carefully unloaded her thoughts to her trusted deputy.

“You’re taking on a major commitment, darling,” Elaine observed. “You are so incredible that I don’t think you are making a mistake being the central and often absent member of a triangular relationship. But it won’t be that easy to make this work.”

Kate remained distraught at the situation she had found herself in. She looked at Elaine with loving eyes and asked her if she would come back with her for a nightcap. Elaine agreed, knowing that they would end up together in Kate’s bed. Fortunately for both, their liaisons were ones that met both their immediate needs. For Elaine, Kate was a treasure in bed and for Kate, Elaine was the maternal figure she had never really had, since her late mother was a model, alas, but a fearful one, while her stepmother was thoughtful and kind but couldn’t fill the role. Nor was any woman likely to be able to do that.

When they returned to the Bachelor Officers’ Quarters, where both conveniently resided, Elaine was happy to get the chance to be intimate with the boss she had such great regard and respect for, even though Elaine was older and had much more experience. But as she hadn’t been married and was now not too likely ever to be, there were limits to how much she could advise Kate.

Kate enjoyed undressing Elaine. She looked forward to seeing what fabulous lingerie her deputy was sporting when her perfectly pressed uniform came off. Elaine did not disappoint her boss tonight. She had on a charming lacy camisole and matching panties which exposed her luxuriant dark bush through the mesh panels.

Kate lovingly slipped these feather-light garments and invited Elaine to lie back on the bed. The young major disrobed carefully, gaziantep eskort hanging her uniform to preserve its creasing. Then she crawled between Elaine’s legs and applied her tongue to Elaine’s now wide-open pussy lips. This always got Elaine going and tonight was a fun time for her to relax and let Kate pleasure her.

Elaine’s sweet taste enlivened Kate, who licked Elaine’s inviting vulva with verve. It did not take much attention for Elaine to go into a series of orgasms which flooded Kate’s mouth with her warm juices. Kate now relaxed and lay next to her deputy, secure in her enjoyment of giving Elaine a needed charge where she most needed it.

Recognizing that her young boss needed some focused attention, Elaine began by lightly petting Kate’s perky tits. She had an ability to barely touch the tips of Kate’s pointy nipples that fired Kate up to start bucking her midsection as if she were being royally fucked.

Kate began moving her torso in rhythm with Elaine’s stroking and soon Elaine transferred her talented fingers to stroking Kate’s puffed-up labia. Her glistening clit rose to the occasion and Elaine teased her with some light fingering of her quim itself, poking a finger into her roiling vadge.

In the midst of her arousal, Kate pointed to a large beige dildo on her night table. Eileen recognized what she wanted, picked it up, and then teasingly slipped it in, little by excruciating little, into Kate’s demanding cunt. This brought Kate to a new level of excitement. As Elaine pistoned the dildo in and out of Kate’s wet hole, Kate’s body reacted wildly in response. She was moving into a stormy reverie with blasts of lightning with each stroke.

She exploded in a glorious orgasmic blast that seemed to Elaine like a seizure. Then as she came down, she reached with her arms open for Elaine, who had placed the dildo back on the table and climbed back into bed to be held by Kate, who kissed her softly and sweetly on her lips.

“That was magnificent!” she thanked Elaine, who felt loved herself when held by Kate in her arms.

* * * *

Major Kate surprised her family household with another visit only a few weeks after her last one. Now she needed to get together with Harry and Glenda to decide whether marrying both would work. She understood that she was being precipitous, but she was also in love–with both.

She first spent time on arrival with her stepmother Jan. Jan had made Kate the ‘responsible woman’ of the household and served as her deputy during Kate’s almost total absence. She did go over what had occurred since Kate was last there: who had been caned or had had various requests granted or denied.

Dede and Steve Jr. needed their returns to college approved, and Jan had warned Marie about cleaning up her room more often. She admitted that there was still a bit of frisson in her relations with Marie, with whom Jan’s husband, Steve Sr., had cheated. Kate had given her the most severe punishment caning but then invited her to become part of the household.

“It’s no secret that I’m not all that thrilled to be in bed with him anymore,” Jan confessed to her stepdaughter, “but I have told him that he needs to let me know when he plans to fuck her.”

“I can always give them both a maintenance caning,” Kate offered.

“I’d prefer it if you warned them that you had discussed it with me first,” Jan responded. “Then no one can complain if they get caned after that for not complying with my modest request.”

Kate had come to feel real affection for her stepmom and said very sincerely that she wanted to be of whatever help she could be.

Kate had arranged for Harry and Glenda to visit her after the three went out to dinner together. She wore her favorite little black cocktail dress and booked a table in a quiet corner of the best steakhouse in town. Since she was not a regular at these spots, she had her dad, Steve, book the table for her. Steve, who had been submissive to both his wives, as well as to his daughter when she became the responsible woman in the household, found what she was planning–the double marriage–hard to grasp but he had learned to respect Kate’s choices.

The maitre’d greeted her with warmth as he escorted her to the table, where Harry and Glenda were already present and had introduced themselves to each other.

“I’m glad you have met each other already,” Kate began, “and I hope we’re all in a positive mood. I’m just going to say one thing at the start: if this arrangement is all right with me, I hope it’s all right with both of you. We’re going to feel our way. In the Republic, this is one way of living that has been officially sanctioned.”

She looked around at them. Both were still smiling. “I have one little thing to add: I love both of you, I really do,”

Harry spoke next. “Kate, I love you dearly and I asked you to marry me. You’ve proposed something different, and I’ve thought about it. I still love you; I still want to marry you.”

Kate looked at Glenda. “This is indeed something different, Kate, and Harry,” she said slowly. “I’m about eskort gaziantep to enter into marriage with a woman whom I don’t know all that well and a man I don’t know at all. So what? I love you, Kate.”

“I think we have something here,” Kate now observed with a happy smile. “You both will keep living here; I will live where I now do at the capital. You will visit me, together if that is possible. I’ll try to get here as often as I can. Can we all live with that?”

“Harry and I discussed some of this before you arrived, Kate,” Glenda now replied. “Yes, we can live with that, but the two of us will move in together so that when you visit, you’ll be at home with both of us. And he’s volunteered to drive both of us to see you. It’s a few hours but if we do it together, it won’t be a burden.”

“That makes me very happy,” Kate smiled. “And one more thing: tell me right away if I’m wrong, but I feel that at this moment, you two have no romantic interest in the other. You may indeed feel one coming on later. My attitude toward that is simple: if you both are in love with me, I’m perfectly fine with your sleeping together. It will be entirely up to you. I have no reason to believe you want this or will want this, but you may.

“I’m confident that we can manage so long as I share my love with you both,” Kate finished, “and if I didn’t want that, we wouldn’t be here now, would we?”

Harry smiled. “I think we both love you dearly and want to love you always.” Glenda just said Harry’s words could well be hers, too.

“And I hope you will recognize that I am and will be the responsible woman in our relationship,” Kate declared. “If there are any issues, I will resolve them and I won’t delegate authority to either of you, for both of your benefits.”

They proceeded to dine. An enjoyable conversation occurred. Each tried to be very considerate each other’s feelings. Glenda asked, “Are we three going to be in bed together?”

“Should we be?” Kate responded.

“Yes,” said Glenda.

“Yes,” said Harry.

After dinner, Kate suggested that they go back to her home, where she had asked the family to absent themselves just for the night. They arrived and Kate fixed drinks.

She sat herself in the middle of the couch and invited them to join her on either side. She had her arms around each of them, and Harry and Glenda each had an arm around her.

“I’d love to sit here and watch a movie or something,” Kate giggled, “but we might do better by taking advantage of our time together now.” With that, she stood and led them all to the master bedroom. This had been the room of Steve and Gloria, his first wife, and Jan, his second, as well as, on occasion, Marie, his one-time lover.

“You all know about the history of what’s happened in this bed,” Kate said with a grin. “You know first that I was conceived here and that there has been quite a lot of fucking here. Let’s all get comfortable.”

The two women shed their skirts and blouses, as well as hose and shoes. Harry took off his shirt and his trousers, and his socks and shoes as well. With a slight flourish, Glenda and Kate unhooked their bras and let their breasts free. Both had nice ones: Kate’s 36C, Glenda’s 34B. When Harry’s shirt came off, his tanned, hairy chest was on display. Then Kate with a natural air pulled her panties down and off and lay down, face up, in the middle of the commodious bed.

Harry followed, removing his undershorts, and releasing what was already his hard cock as he lay down next to Kate. Glenda took off her thong and lay on the other side of Kate. Harry took her in his arms and hugged her. Glenda moved between her legs and started licking her split.

As Kate warmed up, Harry assisted by caressing and petting her nipples as they became firmer and pointy. Kate felt herself growing warmer and said, “Harry, you can go first with me and then Glenda will have me for whatever she wants.”

Harry lightly teased Kate’s labia and clit. He fingered her softly and then mounted her, resting his weight on his arms. Slowly his large, long cock slipped inside her. When he was in to the hilt, and feeling Kate’s incredible heat pressing on him, he began to thrust in a powerful, loving rhythm.

Gloria put on plastic gloves to penetrate each of their bottom-holes with her fingers. She found Harry’s prostate and he pleaded with her to stop because it would send him in ejaculative orgasm right then. Glenda’s finger in Kate’s anal opening fired her up even more. She bucked enough so Harry had to hold onto the reins tightly.

They kissed deeply and then when he had shrunk, he rolled off to his side. Glenda promptly moved between Kate’s legs to lick their combined flow from her pussy. Kate loved her tongue on her labia and in her cunt. Glenda loved the combined taste of them both in her mouth.

Kate had brought two dildoes from her unit. She slipped one into Glenda’s cunt and the other into her ass. Then Kate manipulated them in and out so that Glenda was constantly being attacked in her senses by the two dorks.

“Imagine, darling,” Kate gaziantep bayan eskort told her, “that you had been sent to my unit and they outfitted you with these two dorks, inserted as they are now, but then attached to a pair of stiff vinyl panties.”

“Yikes,” Glenda replied, “I’m not sure that would be my first choice for sex, sweetie.”

“You’ve fallen in love, both of you, with a young woman who commands a unit that retrains Service members who have seriously misbehaved,” Kate explained. “They would be thrown out were it not for the chance they get with us to redeem themselves. They may be spanked, caned, outfitted with those dorks in their panties, and subjected to even more serious disciplining, which I’ll go into at some point. Suffice it to say now that it involves bathroom activities, as well as figging and nettles, if any of that is familiar to you.”

“I’m not looking to discipline anyone,” she advised them, “but I will do it if it is warranted by your conduct. I know that sounds like I’m a sadistic overseer, but to an extent, I will be. I love you both and I want you to know that, but I will correct you if it needs to be done.”

“You’ve warned us of the worst we can expect,” Harry answered, “and I love you so much it won’t matter.”

“I feel that way, too, Katie, if I may call you that,” Glenda added, “I just love the heck out of you.”

Kate cuddled between the two and had each fondling one of her lovely breasts.

“I think we understand that in some ways, darling, in spite of your incredible achievements, you may at times feel lonely, especially in command,” Harry offered. “We want to be here for you, don’t we, Glenda?”

“We definitely do,” Glenda replied. “And if you ever need us on short notice, we’ll get there, however we have to do it.”

“Harry has had his way with me, and I loved it,” Kate now announced. “Glenda, I want you to make love to me, including insertion.”

Glenda put on one of the harnesses and fitted it with a large cock-like dildo. She climbed atop Kate and kissed her while holding herself above her on her arms. Then she started to fuck her with the dildo and Kate warmed to the occasion. She began to move her bottom as Glenda moved into thrusting in and out of her slick hole. Kate soon came and Glenda hugged her and continued to tease her risen clit with her fingers.

Then she suggested that Kate turn over and Glenda lubed the dildo and Kate’s anal opening before placing it at the entrance and softly and slowly sliding it into Kate’s rear channel. Kate liked having her rectum filled this way. She felt herself going into orgasm again. Glenda felt happy at having brought her off twice.

Kate now took out her favorite harness and dildo set. She motioned to Glenda to lie on her back and spread her legs for her. She regarded Glenda’s open gash with loving smiles. Then she proceeded to move her dildo into Glenda, who felt really good with the large cock substitute invading her vagina.

“Oh, that feels so fantastic, such a magnificent fuck,” she exclaimed as she began to go into orgasm. Harry came over and reached under Kate to tease both her vaginal opening as she fucked Glenda and her recently-fucked anus. This turned Kate on so she could cum right when Glenda did.

After the two cooled off, Kate asked Harry for a final fuck. He was delighted to oblige and enjoyed caressing Kate’s tits as he entered her sopping vagina. Glenda played with his balls and pressed her finger into Kate’s cunt below Harry’s cock to make it a double fuck.

Both came and then Kate hugged both Harry and Glenda and told them how much she loved them. She then suggested they repair to her bathroom to clean up.

When they got there, she suggested that Harry lie in the tub on his back, and she positioned herself in a squat over his face. Glenda duly squatted over his cock.

“I’d like Glenda to let herself down onto your cock, Harry, so you two can fuck while I release my pee on Harry’s face,” she advised them.

Glenda was all right with fucking Harry in this position and Harry liked being able to fuck her while Kate pissed on his face. Kate’s pee now burst out in a powerful stream that went right into his open mouth. It was salty and warm to his taste. He felt that Glenda’s cunt was different in its feeling because it was bigger but surprisingly tight like Kate’s. After her long pee, Kate invited Harry to lick her cunt dry, which he proceeded to do and tasted some of the cum he had deposited mixed with her juices.

Glenda always liked being fucked and the chance to move her cunt right down on Harry’s large cock thrilled her as much as being with Kate did. She was willing to take Kate’s permission to sleep with Harry and run with it. She didn’t love Harry as she did Kate, but it was great just to fuck him.

Kate proceeded to schedule the double wedding in her hometown, the Republic’s second city. She didn’t want a huge wedding, but she did invite several Service leaders: GEN Annette, of course, Eleanor, LTC Rachel, WO3 Kathryn, CPT Elaine, and SFCs Denise and Linda. Kate’s family were present, along with CPT Susan, the local re-education center commander, and Eleanor’s sister Meredith and her husband, Eleanor’s ex, Jackson. Kate also invited Janet from Goose Cookers and her classmates when she went through OCS at the unit, CPTs Helene and Ginger, along with 1SG Wendy from the unit. She added three of her longest standing friends from home, and their partners.

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