Just Being Neighbourly Pt. 03



I would like to thank all the readers who have sent their thoughts about this couple. Dan and Karen have struck a chord with many, and I really appreciate all that have followed them thus far.

Without further ado…


The reciprocating saw was buzzing loudly in my hands. Earlier today I had finally finished reframing this section of the back wall of the house, as part of the continuing renovation of my house, life, and future.

Karen and I had talked about it often… our future… and come to the general plan that I would continue to live with her and share her bed, while working on my house. My house would then become our house, and she would live with me while I redid certain areas of her house. At that point, we would decide if we even still needed two residences. I was hoping that answer would be ‘no’.

With that in mind, Karen had given me some input when I asked about her dream kitchen. That input had resulted in this design change. I liked her ideas, and the idea of her in my / our new kitchen. Preferably naked. We had a good history in the kitchen.

New king studs, doubled up, and new jack studs, also doubled, supported a very large, long, deep flitch beam, with two layers of thick steel sandwiched by three layers of lumber. All the new material was engineered, as specified by my friend the architect who was helping me keep the place from falling down. Laminated veneer, or strand, it was nice, and straight…and incredibly strong. It had to be ; it was supporting the second floor and roof on this corner of the house.

At last, I finished tracing the inside edge of the new opening, and released the trigger. If all was well, one push right… here… ought to do it. I pushed, and it stuck, so I added a kick. An eight foot by twelve foot section of the old wall groaned mightily, and crashed down into the backyard, as planned, leaving me standing in the opening, waiting for the dust to settle. I pulled off my hearing protection, and tipped the safety glasses up on my forehead.

As my ears adjusted, I heard it.

Two voices. Two angry voices.

Two voices I never thought I’d hear at the same time, at least not in this setting.

Karen’s throaty register…and Belinda’s higher, abrasive screech.

Coming from Karen’s backyard. It’s bad enough she’s pestering me, but going after Karen is way over the line.

“… because he’s my husband, that’s why!” Belinda chirped angrily. “Keep away from him, you old bag!”

“Oh sweetie…I may be older, but you’re the one who’s a bag,” Karen laughed. “You’re a real sack of shit! And I think you’ll find that he was your husband, unless you’re a bigger idiot than you are a slut. Past tense, honey. He’s not yours anymore, and Dan has the paperwork to prove it.”

Ooooo…good one baby! Nicely done. Belinda absolutely hates being laughed at. That’ll drive her nuts.

I walked out into my yard, angling across toward the fence to peek over. They were on the far side of the pool. Karen was resting comfortably on her lounge, looking quite relaxed, despite the psycho bitch screaming at her from fifteen feet away. I had hoped this scene would never take place, but here it was, live and in stereo.

You’re probably wondering how it all started…


After the Tim and Charlotte incident, our true feelings for each other had been forced to the surface, leading to a night that nearly eclipsed our first one for passion. Karen and I were together now, a couple in every sense, but still on the down low. We weren’t hiding any longer, but we weren’t advertising our relationship, either. So far, no one in the neighbourhood seemed to have taken notice, or at least hadn’t said anything.

Another person I wasn’t hiding from was Belinda. My ex-wife would probably always be a painful memory. As much as I had moved past her betrayal with my conscious self, the scars did run deep, and the nerve endings were raw. It didn’t take much to reopen the wound.

In a perfect world, she would have left town after our divorce, removing the possibility of irritation. Actually, that’s not true… because in a perfect world, she’d be burning in hell, or crushed by a rogue asteroid, or… you get the idea.

But… the world ain’t perfect, is it? So, I had to live with the possibility, or rather likelihood, that I’d bump into her from time to time. At least I had Karen at my side, making the sting of being reminded about Belinda’s disloyalty short lived.

Or so I thought.

The first time was completely innocent, just a long distance glimpse of her in a crowd. I wasn’t looking for her, but we had been married for long enough to set her features in my brain as instantly recognizable. I didn’t think she saw me, and wasn’t looking for a reunion, so I completed my business, and headed for my car.

When I arrived home, Karen was in the kitchen, and I walked silently up behind her, wrapping her ateşli gaziantep escort bayan in my arms. She was wearing her exercise gear… skin tight, knee length shorts and a crop top. Heather grey, with blocks of black up both sides that made her curves even more obvious, I nearly fell over the first time I saw her in them. Now that she knew how much I loved her in the outfit, she wore it often. I kissed her neck, and cupped her breasts with both hands. I could feel the bra she had on under it.

“Mmmmm, hello my love,” she giggled, accepting my grope with a wiggle of her ass against my crotch. “Get everything you needed?”

Well, that’s a loaded question, isn’t it?

“Everything I needed was here,” I whispered, grinding my stiffening cock into her rump, “but I did get the supplies I was looking for.” I kissed her neck again. “You’ll never guess who I saw while I was out.”

“Hmmm,” she pursed her lips in thought. “The Pope? Katy Perry? Tiger Woods? Elvis? No, not Elvis… He’s dead, how silly of me? Could you narrow it down a little? Otherwise, we might be here all night, and I have other plans for you.”

“Fair enough,” I laughed. “It’s someone I used to know, and someone you’re fortunate never to have met.”

“Oh,” she said coldly, “Her. Lucky you. Is she performing with livestock now?”

“Not that I noticed,” I replied, holding her tighter. “I just saw her in the crowd, that’s all. Made me appreciate you more.”

Karen turned in my embrace, and found my lips with hers. It was a long, slow, passionate kiss, and when she was finished, she spoke.

“I’m sorry… Who did you say you saw?”

“I don’t remember,” I smiled, fondling her softly.

“Good,” she breathed. “Now, let’s go to bed, and give you something you’ll want to remember, shall we?”


She was certainly right about creating a pleasant memory, and this was one I hoped we’d reinforce hundreds, if not thousands of times in our future together.

I once read that someone famous and philosophically deep said ‘a memory is what is left when something happens, and doesn’t completely un-happen’. I suppose I’ll never be able to unsee those three men defiling my wife, and never unhear her wanton moans of pleasure as they did. My only hope was to inundate the bad memories with an overwhelming number of good ones, and as far as I was concerned, Karen would be the star of all of them. Tonight would most definitely fit on the good side of the ledger.

I was hardly inside the bedroom before Karen’s hands began to undress me. It went pretty quickly, and she pushed me onto my back on the bed to watch her strip for my viewing pleasure.

Oh, how I loved watching her unveil herself for me. Even better, she seemed to truly enjoy doing it, and did it with style.

She stood, in her best modelling pose, and ran her hands up her sides, from knees to bustline, then down again, pausing to hook a fingertip under the waistband at each side. Slowly, first one side, then the other, she peeled the taut fabric down, exposing the black side straps of her g-string, arched high over her hips. She turned, pointing her glorious rear end at me as it too came into view. With a coy sideways glance, she bent from the waist, pushing the yoga pants down her thighs, then kicking them off.

With a flourish, she spun, both arms above her head, until one came down to toy with the tab of the short zipper that held the front closed. Not for long, however, as she tugged it down to open it fully, letting it spring back once the tension was released. She shrugged it off, then very deftly unhooked her bra with one hand, holding it in place with the other. She paused in place, waiting.

“Oh please,” I whispered. “Show me, honey.”

She smiled, and let the garment drop, along with my jaw. No matter how many times I saw them, her breasts just took my breath away. Her nipples stood tall, and I followed them with my eyes as they swayed with her movements. The g-string was soon on the floor, too, and Karen was slinking across the bed on all fours toward me.

My cock was pointing straight up, bobbing back and forth with each heartbeat that tried to fill it with even more blood, not that there was any room. She grinned as she rubbed her face against the purple head, then opened her mouth and gobbled it down slowly. I watched her lips inch further and further, nearer to the root of my shaft. She tilted her head and peeked at me, smiling as much as possible with a mouthful of dick. Another few long, deep sucking strokes followed, driving me wild with the sensation of lips and tongue swirling around the head. She finally pulled back, and moved closer.

I anticipated that she would impale herself, but she wasn’t through torturing me yet, and angled her torso to use her breasts in place of her mouth. She manoeuvred my erection into the deep cleft of cleavage my eyes were locked onto, and bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan squeezed her upper arms together, wrapping my cock in a sandwich of delectably soft flesh. Certainly, Belinda wasn’t capable of such an action, as she just didn’t have the endowment to make it work. I was delighted that Karen could and would accommodate a tit-fuck any time I wished to feel those big, soft globes around my dick. It was heavenly.

My moans and groans of pleasure more than adequately told her how much I loved it, but she was never one to turn away a compliment, even if she had to ask for it.

“Mmmmm, you like this, don’t you?” she asked, as though she really wasn’t sure. “You like my big, soft breasts around your hard cock?”

Well, duh, I thought, but didn’t vocalize. What’s not to like? Still, she was fishing, and it never hurts to remind a beautiful woman how beautiful she is, especially when you’re in love with her.

“Karen, honey, I love everything of yours around my cock,” I smiled. “You’re the reason it’s hard to start with, and whether it’s your lips, your pussy, your boobs or your butt, I’m grateful we’re together.”

“Oooooooooo, that was good!” she giggled, continuing to massage my shaft with her resilient tits. “Been saving it long?”

“A few weeks,” I laughed back. “You just never know when a really good compliment might be called for.”

“Hmmm. Holding out on me, huh?” she asked, crawling higher over my lap. “Well, I’m not holding back… ,” she began.

I looked into her eyes, and watched them dilate and flutter as the head of my cock found its favourite hiding place, easing her swollen lips apart as she settled her vagina over it. She rotated her hips rhythmically, pressing down until her soaking labia dripped on my balls.

“… You never know when a really good fucking might be called for!” she gasped, tilting her head back joyfully. “Like right fucking now!”

She would get no argument from me, and I laid back to get the full sensory experience of making love with Karen. She covered all the channels, from surround sound to 3D, with taste, scent, and of course touch… all woven together in the ultimate theatre experience. It’s just like being there. I can say that for certain, since I was.

She leaned forward, letting me taste her succulent, kissable lips, while the unmistakable aroma of excited pussy wafted through my nostrils. That pussy held my dick in its warm, wet embrace… an embrace so perfect and pleasurable, it was torturous. My hands wandered her body, sampling the velvet smoothness of her skin. Only when she sat up was the final piece of the puzzle allowed to drop into place, as I watched her with rapt fascination.

There’s no doubt that Karen’s departed husband had been a very, very lucky man. Had he not been tragically killed, there’s no way I, or any other man but him, would be sampling her charms. Her devotion was unconditional.

Well, actually… not totally unconditional. The only requirement was that it be reciprocal, a condition I was all too happy to comply with.

I loved her. I loved looking at her. I loved having sex with her, and loved watching her enjoy having sex with me.

Speaking of which, she was… enjoying it, that is. She leaned back, grasping her ankles with both hands, and arching her back to grind her cunt over my hard cock. Her fantastic tits spread, pointing out and quivering with her movements.

From my point of view, those breasts were far too big and attractive to ignore. My hands could just reach her chest, and I tweaked her nipples into full erection.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Yes, baby… Pinch my nipples!”

I tweaked them again, and tugged, stretching the dusty rose nubs as far as I dared.

“Oh fuck, yes!” she screeched, and bridged up, lifting her hips and rising off my erection. I knew what was cumming.

She sprayed me, from navel to neck, with her warm wetness. From my position below her, with the light behind, I swear I saw a rainbow, if only for a second.

Her head hung back for a few seconds, then she lifted it and looked at me under lidded eyes, smiling happily. Her hand searched out my shaft, and reinserted it into her dripping pussy. She resumed her ride.

“No matter how many times I see you do that,” I giggled, “It’s always impressive. Messy, but impressive.”

“I live to please,” she smiled, now leaning forward to dangle her big breasts, and drag her very erect nipples across my face, inviting me to suckle her. I did, and she moaned softly.

I’m happy to say that her attention was very therapeutic. By the time I spewed my cum across her tits, several minutes later, I had completely forgotten about Belinda. I had forgotten what day it was, my middle name, and the capital of Uruguay, too, but that was fine with me.


It was a few days later that the universe reminded me about gaziantep bayan escort my ex-wife, yet again, and this time, it wasn’t quite so subtle. I was standing in line to get my morning coffee before work, when it decided to beat me over the head with her. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and turned around.

“Hi!” Belinda smiled, behaving as if she hadn’t previously ripped my heart out, rubbed salt in the gaping hole, and then set me on fire.

“Belinda!?” I gasped, looking down at her. “Oh… Hello… Um… What brings you here?” I stumbled, suddenly unable to speak.

“Same as you… Coffee,” she giggled. “I just saw you ahead of me in line, and wanted to say hello.”

At this point, it was my turn to place my order, and she just stepped in, placing hers before asking what I wanted. Pretty slick… by pretending we were still together, she had jumped the entire lineup of twenty or so people, and all it cost her was a coffee. She didn’t even bat an eye. Manipulative bitch.

“It was so nice seeing you,” she chirped, touching my arm. “We should get together for lunch sometime soon.”

With that, she was off.

I stared at the coffee in my hand. What the fuck just happened? How is it even possible that she could think I have anything but loathing for her? I dropped the coffee in the garbage can, and took my place in line again. I wanted a coffee, but I’d rather wait in line all day than accept one from her.

That evening when I got home, Karen found the story very disconcerting.

“I don’t understand,” she shook her head, a frown marring her usually happy face. “Just how sick is this woman? She cheats on you, divorces you, then behaves as though nothing happened? Psycho-bitch!”

I stepped over, and took Karen in my arms, holding her close. I could feel the anger in her.

“She had better not mess with my man, or I’ll have something to say about it,” she growled.

“I feel safer already,” I laughed, making her do the same. The anger just melted away, until she felt the way she usually did when I held her; soft, sensuous, and loving.

A minute or two later, she was back to cooking dinner for us, and I was staying out of her way. I had offered to help many times, but she liked to do it her way, and would ask if she really wanted assistance. I took a seat in the living room. I didn’t want her to see me thinking, and get upset again.

I admit, this whole situation with Belinda was very confusing, and aggravating. I knew her, as much as ten years of marriage can let anyone know another. I suppose if I had really known her, I wouldn’t have been as surprised by her cheating as I had been. Still, I knew she wasn’t stupid, and unless she had changed drastically, she wasn’t crazy. She knew what she had done, but she was back for a reason.

I decided not to try and figure out her strategy. I had done that when she cheated… wondering why, and what I could have done differently. All I had succeeded in learning is that hours and days of asking questions I can’t possibly answer made me depressed, and gave me a headache.

Her plan would become clear soon enough. Until then, I would just have to wait.

At least I wasn’t waiting alone.


Nearly a week went by without incident. I had briefly considered changing my routine to avoid her, but that struck me as letting her win, and I wasn’t about to let her exert that much power over me. Besides, this place had the best coffee in town.

This time, I saw her in line ahead of me. There’s no way in hell I was about to mimic her behaviour, so I stayed in my place, and pretended to be interested in something else. It was all well and good to pretend I didn’t see her, but being a bigger guy, I kind of stand out. I couldn’t stop her seeing me without actively hiding.

“We simply must stop meeting like this,” Belinda grinned, coffee in hand, as she passed me in line. “Are you following me?”

Don’t flatter yourself, you unfaithful cow, I thought.

“No. Just like the coffee here,” I answered, trying to sound neutral.

“Are you still working at the same place?” she asked, oblivious to how obnoxious I thought she was.

“Yes. You?” I asked, with barely concealed contempt. Don’t bother answering; I couldn’t give a shit.

“No. I’ve got a new job. Well, same job, just a different name on the paycheck,” she attempted to drag me in.

“That’s nice,” I replied. I’m not asking, so don’t tell me all about it.

“Well, I should go,” she smiled. “I’ll see you again.”

Yes, go. Now, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. As far as seeing me again? I’m seriously thinking about giving up coffee. It’s giving me a headache.

I made it to the front of the line, got my drink, and headed out the door. I was barely outside, when…

“Yoo hoo? Dan! Over here!” Belinda called. “Come sit with me.”

Just when you thought you were safe for the day, I thought. Maybe I can pretend I didn’t hear her, and run.

I felt a hand on my arm. Shit!

“Dan? Didn’t you hear me?” she asked. “Come on. Sit down.”

Oh… Crap. Fine.

“So… Tell me,” she smiled, taking her seat. “What have you been up to?”

My tolerance for bullshit had pretty much expired.

“What do you want to hear, Belinda? What’s this all about?” I sighed, trying to keep from getting angry.

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