Judy And Bob – Chapter 7 The Encore


Big Dicks

JudyMy story:I was a tomboy when I was growing up. In elementary school, I was a long-legged, skinny thing that could outrun most boys my age and had a decent throwing arm. I was often invited into pick-up baseball games and almost always had boys hanging around me.In high school I ran track and played softball until, in my senior year, when I gave up sports to concentrate on academics. I also grew into a woman’s body; tall and athletic looking. In college, I fast-tracked to a business degree in three years; though I did find time to lose my virginity and be a bit promiscuous.I was taking a couple of graduate courses, thinking of an MBA when I met John.  He was in his senior year and when he graduated we got married. With lots of help from our parents and massive debt, we bought an insurance business and hung out John’s newly minted CPA license. I worked part-time in the insurance office and expanded our social network.The company flourished, due in no small part to the  MILF ücreti elden alan escort in the office. More than a few horny husbands gave us their business hoping to get into my pants. While I never actually cheated on John, a couple of the more persistent ones got to second base in a quiet corner at a party or cookout.When the company was established, I stayed at home, but took charge of our personal finances and started investing in our IRAs, and am doing quite well. The internet age has been great for retail investors. When our daughter was born, John was over the moon.When John wasn’t busy with work he was totally devoted to our daughter whom he adored from the moment she popped out of me. Our sex life had never been spectacular but it suffered neglect while she was young.When she reached her teens and wasn’t joined at the hip to daddy, I worried that I would have to entertain him by myself. ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort That’s when he discovered internet porn. Initially, it was vanilla sex but it excited him. When we had the house to ourselves we watched together and usually ended up having mad sex after and sometimes during. In time, things progressed to swinging sites, then to cuckold videos with BBC, which turned us both on a lot.The more we watched, the more I began to notice cuck personality traits that reminded me of my husband. He seemed content for me to manage our finances, direct our social lives, give parties, accept invites from others, decide when and where to vacation, etc.Because of the way I matriculated, I didn’t have a college class per se, so when we got the notice for John’s twentieth reunion I urged him to attend and take me. We ran into his old ex-roommate, who resembled some of ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort bayan the jocks that I had dated in college. He gave off a vibe that warned me that he was dangerous.John seemed wary of him but I was intrigued, so when he invited us for dinner, I accepted before John could decline. I recognized right away that Bob was a player and he must have seen in me a potential target. “This might get interesting,” I thought.John and I went back to our hotel to rest before dinner. I decided to test his reaction to my talking about Bob in a positive way. It wasn’t long until his cock was at full staff. I found to my surprise that talking about Bob had made me wet and receptive. John came in my pussy after about five minutes of fucking. I was left hanging but said nothing.My legs are my best feature so I dressed in a mid-thigh length skirt and a shear, scoop-neck blouse and strappy sandals with no stockings. Dinner was great; much wine was drunk and we all shared reminiscences of our college days. John seemed to relax around Bob. Then, when John was not looking I felt Bob’s big hand on my leg under the table; I didn’t push it away.After dinner, we adjourned to the lounge for drinks. Things got interesting when Bob and I danced. He pulled me close enough for me to feel his hard cock pressing my belly and he explained how he satisfies married women with his big cock and that he had the hots for me.

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