Joan Takes Charge Ch. 12

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With much affection and thanks to Ralph.

[This is a chapter in a series; it will make more sense if you read the earlier chapters first but you need not do that to enjoy it. This story does involve bodily functions and some significant disciplining, so if any of that bothers you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]


For some time now Andrea had been meeting up with her friend Janet every Tuesday afternoon for tea, cake, and an old-fashioned girl-to-girl chat. Janet was Ralphie’s mom, and in recent weeks her conversation had turned more and more towards Ralphie’s ever increasing brattish behavior.

In the past she had been able to spank him and had done so quite frequently. Always with him over her lap, and always on his bare bottom. She had even used her own mom’s wooden hairbrush on some occasions which left him bawling like a baby, but with her now in her 50’s and Ralphie being all of 18 years old now and much stronger, she didn’t think she still had the ability to hold him to punish him as she would like. Without proper control, the boy’s behavior had slipped back big time.

Andrea was very sympathetic to Janet’s situation, and started to form in her own mind a possible solution. Although she hadn’t told Janet, Andrea had been spanked herself in very recent times by her sister-in-law, Joan. Both, along with Joan’s two other sisters and her brother, who was Andrea’s fiancé, had been brought up by their dominating mother. She had been a very firm believer in the use of corporal punishment on her children, by spanking or cane. She had died a few months back, and in her will had decreed that Joan would take on the role of the new head of the household. Part of this role included a weekly meeting with the family to discuss their behavior over the previous week, and both spankings and canings were administered there and then in front of all present.

“Am I right in saying that there is a two-week school holiday coming up very soon?” Andrea asked.

“Yes”, Janet replied, “the end of next week”

“Would you be happy to send Ralphie to us for a week?, I think he needs to be brought down a peg or two, and very firmly reminded that he is still just a naughty little boy even if he is now 18 and just about ready to go to university.”

“Oh yes please,” Janet’s face lit up. “I could do with the break.”

“We would need your permission to spank and cane him as we see fit,” Andrea continued, not sure how Janet would react to such a suggestion.

“He is long overdue for a red sore bottom,” Janet replied, “so please do.”

Andrea knew that Joan would greatly relish having a young man of 18 over her lap and taking her time to enjoy giving him a long hard spanking on his bare bottom. “I would also like your permission to use diapers and plastic elasticated pants. If this is going to be a proper punishment week for Ralphie, I want us to make him not want to repeat the experience in a hurry. Hopefully this time with us will give him an incentive to behave in future,” Andrea added.

Janet nodded, “Whatever it takes, Andrea.”

“Very well,” Andrea continued, “I’ll chat with Joan and the rest of the family, but it won’t be a problem. Can you arrange to bring Ralphie to us on the Saturday afternoon of next week?”

“Of course I can,” Janet said excitedly.

“Good. In the meantime I’m going to make up one of the spare bedrooms as a specific punishment room for Ralphie. The one I’m thinking of has a nice comfortable armless wooden chair in there which Joan can use when she puts him over her lap. There is a nice sized single bed with plenty of firm pillows, so as required, we can stack them at one end when we want to bend him over them to ensure his bottom and upper thighs are kept high for the cane. If need be, there is also plenty of room for one of us to hold his arms firmly to keep him in position. We use a very thin whippy nursery cane which gives an intense sting, so should he have an accident from its use the soiled pillows can be easily washed and replaced. It may be also that if there are any other family members in the house when Ralphie is being punished, they will come in to watch. I hope that will not be an issue with you?”

“No, not at all,” Janet replied.

“They may enjoy what they are seeing, if you follow my drift.”

Janet blushed, but then said “Good, a spanking is not just about the actual smacking. Why should you not enjoy what you are doing? If you are talking about sexual arousal, I often had sex with my husband after spanking Ralphie back when he was still alive. A bit of humiliation will do him no harm.”

Janet was starting to get a clear mental picture of what Andrea was describing. It had been some years since she last had sex, but found herself surprisingly feeling a little wet as Andrea continued.

“We’ll get him straight into a diaper and plastic pants as soon as he arrives, and for the whole week he will have to pee and poo Escort Pendik in one. When one of us changes him, others in the house may watch if they are around. If Ralphie objects, the diaper position is ideal for a few extra sharp smacks, and a spanking will follow every time. I hope you approve of all this, Janet?”

“Yes indeed, Andrea, as I said, this is all long overdue.”

“My maid will ensure there are always plenty of clean towels, diapers, tissues, wet wipes and any other toiletries we may need.”

Andrea paused, then added, “There is one final point. When I was Ralphie’s age, mom would dress me, my sisters, and even my brother in very girlie dresses. We often had to wear these in the time leading up to a spanking. I still have these.”

Janet was one step of Andrea, “Oh, please do use them as you wish. I want Ralphie to remember this experience for many months to come!”

Both ladies laughed at what they were planning, continuing their tea as Andrea described the dresses and teddy bear panties her mom made them wear.

The next morning Janet awoke to find she had received a text from Ken, Andrea’s fiancé and Joan’s older brother, overnight. It read:

“Don’t pee, or if you have to, drink plenty.”

What is he up to? she thought. She needed to pee but would make sure she drank plenty of orange juice and coffee over breakfast.

After she had a shower, Petra and Rachel had come in to strip and change the bed linen. They spotted the stains on the sheets straight away and shared a knowing look as to what they were. Petra made a mental note of what she had found in case she thought it necessary to inform Miss Joan. As it was, they wanted to get this bed sorted quickly as Miss Andrea and Miss Joan had asked Petra to take on the duties of changing Ralphie’s diaper whenever he used it and ensuring his penis and bottom remained clean and dry. Petra had also been given permission to spank the boy’s bare bottom if she ever felt it necessary, but to inform Miss Joan if she ever had to. Ralph had turned 18 but was still being punished for misbehaving.

With the staff gone, Janet got dressed. She wished she still had her old school uniform, not that it would fit her anymore, so decided on a light blue dress with a gentle floral pattern that came down to mid-thigh and would be easy for Ken to lift later. She blushed at that thought! Under this she wore a pair of white cotton panties and a thin but supportive bra through which Ken would be easily able to stroke her nipples.

Satisfied with her look, Janet went down to breakfast, finding her son already there wearing another of Andrea’s old dresses, and looking very sullen with tearful eyes. He was eating a bowl of cereal, but doing it slowly. Joan glanced at him before turning to Janet, “Regretfully, Petra has had to smack Ralphie’s bottom already this morning when he objected to her changing his dirty diaper,” she said, “but the matter has been dealt with now.”

There was the usual small talk during which Joan informed her that the weather was very good outside. Therefore, in addition to going to the mall to buy some more panties for Ralph (at which Ralphie blushed!), she and Andrea would also take him to the park and perhaps let him use the swimming pool to build up a good appetite for lunch.

Joan also informed Janet that Petra and staff would be out as well this morning to buy supplies, and did she need anything? Janet said no, but shared a look with Ken. She knew that he was as interested in seeing her privately—once his fiancée, Andrea, was away—as Janet herself was. Finally, at around 11 A.M., the house was finally empty.

Janet was in her bedroom, reading, when she heard a knock on her door. “Come in!” she called out, and in stepped Ken, dressed much more smartly than the evening before in an open necked shirt, dark brown trousers and shoes.

“I think it is time for your spanking,” he announced, “but first I want to observe you pee, just like a naughty little girl.”

Janet smiled as she stood up from her chair, instantly feeling wet between her legs. Taking Ken’s hand, she walked out of her bedroom and down to the bathroom at the end of the hallway. Entering, she let go of Ken and walked across to the toilet. Seductively, she pulled up her dress to her waist to reveal her white panties, before sliding them all the way down to her ankles. Sitting, she opened her legs wide and sat in such a way that Ken would have a very clear view of her quim as well as the golden fluid that very soon she would release.

Ken could clearly see she was already wet as Janet allowed her pee to flow before him. She could see he was getting erect in his trousers as he observed her, and as the flow began to finish, Janet beckoned him to come stand before her.

Still sitting on the toilet, Janet unfastened his trousers and pulled them down to mid-thigh, quickly followed by the black briefs he was wearing underneath, which released Ken’s now very hard penis. As she had the night before, Janet put it in her mouth and began to slowly draw his foreskin back and forth, kissing the tip as she did so.

Ken moaned in pleasure at what he was feeling, suddenly hearing Janet opening her bowels and letting her bowel movement drop into the toilet as she continued to suck and kiss his penis. Stopping for just a moment, she said, “Well, you wanted a very naughty schoolgirl, now you have one!” Then she put his penis back in her mouth and continued sucking it until he ejaculated his cum into the back of her throat. Again, she swallowed the salty liquid.

With a big smile, Janet said, “Would you like to wipe and clean my bottom?”

As Ken stood back, Janet stood up from the toilet, turned and bent over, pulling her bottom cheeks apart as she did so to reveal the brown stains and residue that were in and around her anal bud.

“You really are f a brazen naughty young lady, Janet!” Ken exclaimed, but then started to pull off toilet paper and wiped her bottom, throwing the soiled tissue into the toilet bowl. He also rubbed some tissue between her legs in case there was any residual pee to remove. He suddenly had an intense desire to kiss and lick Janet’s anal bud as she continued to hold her cheeks apart. Kneeling down, he thrust his face between her cheeks and did just that, and at that moment Janet knew that as far as Ken was concerned, despite her upcoming spanking (which she was strangely looking forward to) she had him totally under her control.

“Come inside me now!” she commanded.

Ken stood up, and as Janet remained bent over before him, he gently pushed his still erect and very hard penis into her vagina. Putting his arms around her upper legs, he began to thrust in and out of what was her very hot and wet pussy. As she started to moan in delight, he spoke to her with each thrust he made… “You… are… in… for… such… a… sound… spanking… on… your… bare… bottom… young… lady… over… my… knee… just… like… the… very… very… naughty… school… girl… you… are…!!” And with that he pulled Janet’s legs hard back against him as he ejaculated deep within her.

She screamed with delight at her own orgasm and started to pant as she allowed herself to gradually calm down and relax. Finally, she said “I deserve a spanking after that!”

Ken withdrew from her and stepped back. “Pull up your panties, Janet, then clean me.”

Bending down, as instructed, Janet pulled her panties back up and allowed her dress to fall back into place. As Ken’s trousers and briefs were still at mid-thigh, she picked up a small clean towel and laid it across Ken’s clothing between his legs. She then ran some warm water into the sink, and taking a clean flannel put some liquid soap on it before squeezing out the access water and then used it to clean Ken’s penis and under his foreskin, scrotum, and upper legs, and even reached between his legs to wipe between his bottom cheeks as she smiled up at him.

She then rinsed the flannel and repeated the exercise to wash off the soap. Having done so, she used the towel to dry him, finishing with kissing the tip of his penis as she pulled his briefs back up along with his trousers. “Is daddy ready to spank his naughty daughter?” she quietly asked as she did so.

This came from a lady old enough to be Ken’s mother. Once dressed, Janet gently took Ken’s hand and led him back to her bedroom. Once there, she released his hand and stepped across to the dressing table. There she picked up the armless wooden stool and placed it in the centre of the room. Then she picked up the large mirror from the table and placed it on the floor, tilting it so that not only could she watch herself being spanked, but Ken would be able to see her facial expressions as he punished her.

Gesturing for Ken to sit on the stool, as he did so she went and stood by his right side. As he looked on, Janet laid herself across his lap. With her in position, Ken lifted her dress to the small of her back, which perfectly framed the white cotton panties she was wearing. Pulling these down to her knees, beads of sticky fluid went with them; a mixture of Janet’s arousal and his cum that had oozed out of her and sat within her saturated panty gusset.

“Janet, it’s time for you to feel my hand across your bottom,” Ken said firmly as he laid his right hand on her bare cheeks. “I’m not going to hold back, and with the house empty, you can cry and scream as much as you wish, as I’m going to spank you hard like the naughty 50-year-old you most certainly are!!” And with that Ken brought his hand down across her lower right cheek.

One method his late mother used on him was to spank the same spot three times to make the sting there really intense, before moving to another area of his bottom and doing the same. It was very effective, so he was going to do the same with Janet. Ken also had no intention of rushing the spanking. He wanted her to feel every individual smack, but at the same time be relentless in how he spanked, continuing until the tears flooded from her and she was bawling. He really appreciated the mirror idea, as he could clearly see the discomfort on Janet’s face.

For her part, Janet had forgotten how much a spanking when delivered so soundly could sting, and from Ken’s first hard smacks to the same area of her ample bottom cheeks, she instantly regretted putting herself into this position. But it was too late now, as his stinging hand gradually worked its way across her entire bottom, and upper thighs, she was indeed finally going to know what it was like to be a naughty girl having her bare bottom spanked. Totally held tight in Ken’s grip, she couldn’t even attempt to wriggle off his lap.

She had gasped out from the first smack, and quite rapidly, tears started to run down her face. She knew any protests would fall on deaf ears, so all she could do was try and bear the ever-increasing intensity of the pain. She started openly crying, as well as crying out in pain at each smack. Tears were now streaming down her face and snot was coming from her nose as she spluttered and tried to cope with what now was becoming unbearable pain.

In the mirror Janet could see Ken’s determined smile and his arm and hand continuously rising and coming down to smack her bottom, and the sharp sting she then felt as he did so. She could see herself grimace with each smack and the tears and horrible snot that was streaming down her face. If Ralphie could be spanked with this intensity, he would be a changed boy of 18 overnight, she thought.

Ken looked at Janet’s face, and her distress, but continued to spank. He was so aroused by what he was doing. It was very rare that he would ever have a lady of Janet’s age with a lovely big bottom over his lap again, and he intended to savor every moment of her spanking. By now, Janet was really howling, and he decided she had been punished enough.

Stopping the smacking, he kept Janet over his lap as her crying gradually eased. He helped the process along by letting his fingers slide down deep within her red sore cheeks so that they were slipping in and out of her still damp vagina.

After several minutes, he instructed Janet to stand. Slowly, and carefully, she did so and with her panties still round her knees, she stepped over to the bed. Slipping the panties off and with her dress still pulled up around her waist, she kneeled on the end, opening her legs as she did so. Through her tears she looked back at Ken and pleaded, “Fuck me!”

Standing, Ken took off his trousers and pants completely. Kneeling behind Janet, he gently pulled her red sore bottom cheeks apart and leaned in to lick and kiss her anal bud, doing this for several minutes as her cries of pain slowly changed to moans of pleasure. He slipped his left hand between her legs to feel if she was getting wet, which indeed she was.

With his own penis now fully erect again, he stood up and pressed it against the entrance to her vagina, before pushing himself in and in so doing feel her bottom cheeks against his legs. Janet gasped as she felt Ken enter her but offered no resistance as she felt him gently thrust in and out of her. She pushed her bottom back towards him in the hope he could thrust deeper. She started to grind her hips against him as Ken’s tempo gradually increased, and with it the ever-increasing sensations she was feeling within her.

Janet suddenly realised she was going to do something she hadn’t done since her early 30’s, she was going to have a multi-orgasm, and in doing so she would spurt cum all over Ken who was now thrusting very hard and much more quickly into her. “I’m going to cum!!” he cried out.

“Yes!!” Janet replied, as she felt his ejaculation into her which in turn triggered her own orgasms, and her own hot sticky fluid spurted out around Ken’s hard penis.

Now totally and utterly spent, she moved herself forward, allowing Ken to slide out of her as she did so. Laying on her right side, she placed her head on the welcome pillows at the top of her bed. Without bidding, Ken moved up to lay against her. Janet welcomed the warmth of his body as he placed his penis between her bottom cheeks and wrapped his arms around her chest to very gently stroke her breasts and nipples. He also kissed the back of her neck, and together they both fell into a deep sleep.

Later, as they both continued to sleep, Joan had quietly opened the door and looked in. From the position of the dressing table stool in the centre of the room, and the state of the bed and its two current occupants she knew exactly what had happened in there. Quietly, she shut the door and went to the living room to summon Rachel.

When her maid, Rachel, arrived she gave her instructions. “I need two firm pillows on the dining room table along with my best whippy nursery cane. Also, once Ken and Janet are up and about, Janet’s room will need a total cleaning.

Only later would both Ken and Janet learn that their day wasn’t over yet.

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