Jessie’s Homecoming


Important note: this is an adult, erotic story. All characters and the events are entirely fictional. The author retains full legal copyright of this work and, as such, it may not be reproduced in full or in part without her express permission. The story depicts sexual acts of both heterosexual and lesbian nature, and is at times, graphic in its description. If you are under eighteen years old, if any or all of this offends you, or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your state, please discontinue reading.

Ch. 1 New Beginning

Jessie woke up slowly, bleary eyes gradually adjusting to the sunlight streaming in through the venetian blinds at the window. Stretching, she looked around her.

“Well everything looks the same,” she thought to herself, yet she knew that, in truth, everything was different. Although she was lying in her own bed, she felt like she had finally come home. She looked over at the clock on her nightstand, and groaned as she saw the time: 9:04am. Alice had left for work a full two hours ago, and after kissing Jessie tenderly before leaving, she had left Jessie to snooze for a while. That while had stretched out miraculously to two hours. Jessie smiled as she thought of wonderful, beautiful Alice, the woman who had finally captured her heart.

Groaning once more with the effort of accepting that she needed to get up, get showered and greet the day. But, there were urgent necessities to be met before she could think about showering and certainly before she could even contemplate the new day. Coffee, a cigarette and, first, she desperately needed to pee.

Wiping herself afterwards sent renewed tingles through her pussy, and she shivered with delight, and broad grin spreading across her face as she remembered last night. “Alice, girl, what have you done to me?” she asked the vacant apartment. As she groped her way through to the kitchen, her eyes still adjusting to the bright sunlight, “You’ve liberated me,” she answered herself, smiling.

As she made her coffee and sat back in her leather desk chair enjoying her first cigarette of the day, her mind drifted. The slogan from some scarcely remembered cigarette advertisement from long ago that her mother used to quote registered in her memory as her thoughts wondered; “Girl, you’ve come a long way, baby.”

Ch. 2 Philadelphia

Jessie grew up in Philadelphia, PA, the eldest child, and only daughter, to Reggie and Carol. Reggie was an engineer with the local railroad company, which took him away from the family home for a week at time on a frequent basis. He loved both his children dearly, both Jessie and her younger brother, Drew, and wasn’t slow to tell them so. He was a big man with a heart of gold, a strong work ethic and a Christian, though he rarely spoke about his religion, preferring to keep his relationship with God personal. The only deviation from this was his expectation that both Jessie and Drew would attend church and Sunday school each Sunday, at least until they were old enough to make their own decisions.

In Jessie’s case, this turned out to be when she turned twenty. She had believed in God all her life, but certain teachings of her Episcopalian church bothered her. She wasn’t quite sure what, precisely; she couldn’t ever put her finger on it. The closest she could come was a certain level of judgment from the “blue rinses,” as she disparagingly referred to the elder women in the congregation who had their gray hair rinsed weekly in the blues or purples that seemed so ubiquitous at some, uncertain, to her, yet clear point in a woman’s life. She couldn’t quite fathom how such unnatural colors seemed so obligatory to a seventy year old woman, who, without skipping a beat, would criticize Jessie for her blue, purple or pink-dyed Mohawk, which she sported during her later teenaged years and into her early twenties.

Deciding that organized religion maybe wasn’t for her, she left the church, much to her mother’s despair. She still had a vague belief in God, but couldn’t believe that God, Jesus, would be as condemnatory as the congregation members who, it seemed, cared more about her appearance than the love and faith, yearning to be a good person, that resided in her heart. She tried several times to console her mother with this explanation. Carol, her mother, tried to reassure Jessie that this was OK, but Jessie could always detect a hint of sadness in her mom’s voice and eyes whenever they had this conversation.

Carol, Jessie’s mom, was for the most part, a stay at home mom and a very devout Christian. She spoke much more openly about her beliefs and her relationship with God than Reggie, but remained supportive of both her children and their decisions, though she couldn’t help but worry about Jessie. She and Jessie shared a strong, loving bond, despite Jessie’s strong-minded political views and activism. She worked part time at a local convenience store for many years after Jessie and Drew both enrolled at the local high school, but, Jessie suspected, this was more to avoid boredom and going totally bat-shit crazy staying at home in an empty house for most of the time. With Reggie being gone most of bursa escort the week, when her children went to school, with ever longer days and ever more extra-curricular activities — band, the Band and political activism for Jessie, band and football for Drew.

Both children were talented musicians as youngsters, and she considered it a great shame that neither of them pursued it after they finished high school. Jessie played the trumpet as an early teenager until she was in the ninth grade, at which point her rebellious nature really kicked in, and at her insistence, begging and pleading, switched to the bass guitar, left band and started her own school rock band. She was very much the hellion of her two children, giving Carol pause to wonder, on many occasions, what precisely she could have done differently when they raised her.

Reggie and she were young, certainly, when they had Jessie. Reggie was twenty-one, Carol just nineteen. But, to their parents’ surprise and admiration, they were married before Jessie was born, though she was most certainly showing at their wedding, being five, almost six months pregnant at the time. Even more surprising to all concerned, not least Reggie and Carol themselves on occasion, they stayed together and lived a happy, comfortable life together, despite their youth. While the pregnancy was unexpected, they had planned to get married eventually and loved each other dearly.

Drew, on the other hand, was a much quieter, more introspective and altogether easier child to raise. Being six years younger than Jessie, Reggie and Carol were rather more prepared for the stresses and strains of parenthood. Both children were intelligent, naturally academic and, goodness, just downright smart, though truth be told, Jessie was just a little too smart for her own good, sometimes. Drew was more inclined to be the bookworm, and, while intelligent had to work harder for his grades than Jessie did. He was a natural at the drums, though, much more so than his big sister was at either the trumpet or bass. Though she was talented at both, and whereas he had to study harder for his academic grades, she had to practice more, and more frequently than he ever did with his drums. He played first with cardboard boxes, graduating to tin cans and, finally, to a toy drum kit when he was eight years old. By the time he hit junior high, he was already a proficient drummer. And at sports, despite his quiet disposition, he was a gazelle on the football field. Being agile, fast and having a remarkable eye, almost a third eye, for catching the ball, he was instantly picked for the wide receiver position, which he held throughout his junior high, high school and college career.

Bing six years younger than his big sister, whom he adored, Jessie was very protective of him. While claiming that the “Little Brat” was a nuisance and a thorn in her side, secretly, or not so secretly, as it turned out, she adored him every bit as much as he adored her. As they matured into young adults and, later, less young adults, their relationship grew stronger and closer, to the point that they were as close as a brother and sister could possibly be without crossing any lines of decency.

Ch. 3 College, Activism and Boys

Throughout junior high and high school, Jessie was outgoing, well liked and outspoken. She made friends easily. All except in one area of her life: boys. Around boys she was suddenly shy, unsure of herself.

Debbie, her best friend since kindergarten, tackled her on the matter more than once, asking Jessie why the sudden change in temperament whenever a good looking guy would show any kind of interest. Both girls were attractive, hot, even. Debbie, at 5’6″, with shoulder length, straight blonde hair, athletic body, which she worked hard to maintain, and 34C boobs was certainly the hotter of the two, and was not at all afraid to show off her stunning physique. Naturally, she attracted many admiring gazes of the boys, and inevitably an active social life, and over the course of their school career, dated at one time or another, most if not all the more eligible and even some of the less attractive guys. Jessie, at 5’5″, beautiful, wavy brunette hair that fell midway between her should blades, slightly smaller boobs, at 34B, but perfectly apportioned, curvaceous hips and butt, was certainly no slouch either, and attracted her fair share of admiring glances and requests for dates, which she usually, politely declined. Jessie would laugh it off, initially citing her many social activities and claiming she “didn’t have time” for boys. Later, she cited her feminism, claiming that all men were jerks anyway. Through frequent and often heated arguments with Debbie, who was quick to point out that she had nothing on which to base that opinion aside from her father who was a wonderful man; a point with which Jessie couldn’t argue. Regardless, Jessie pursued her non pursuit of boys. Eventually, most of the guys gave up, claiming she was “aloof,” “stuck up” or worst of all, in Jessie’s mind, “frigid.”

At the many sleepovers she had with Debbie and her numerous other girlfriends, the topic of conversation inevitably bursa escort bayan turned to boys, who was dating whom, how far the girls had let the boys go, and, of course, eventually, to those who had had gone “all the way,” or at least they claimed they had. Jessie, for her part, took part in those conversations, agreeing with those who felt that Tom Schuler was the hottest boy in school. As soon as the conversation turned raunchier as the girls started discussing how far they had let their latest boyfriend go, and often in some detail, Jessie gradually became quieter. Oftentimes, Debbie would glance over at her friend for any cues as to what was on her mind, but Jessie would usually simply roll her eyes as if the conversation was somehow childish, puerile or even unpalatable. But Debbie knew this was just a front, or suspected it was, at any rate.

It was the summer of 1984, when both girls were sixteen, when Jessie came out of her shell more than she had ever done before. Debbie and Jessie were to have a sleepover at Debbie’s house on the Friday night. They had rented a movie, Debbie’s mom had ordered some pizza for them to share, and so they sat on Debbie’s bed laughing, joking about the day and the week’s activities at school, eating their pizza. Unexpectedly, Jessie turned to Debbie with a serious expression on her face and asked her directly, “Debbie, what’s wrong with me?” “What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong with you, silly!” “No, I mean with boys. Why am I so timid, why don’t I like guys?” “Don’t you like guys? Are you sure you’re not just nervous?” “I…I don’t know, Debs. I just don’t know.” “Well, do you like girls?” “NO!!” Jessie laughingly squealed. “At least…no! No I don’t. I don’t think so. I just don’t know. I really just don’t feel much of anything about anyone.” “Well…” “Debs,” Jessie’s expression had turned from serious to sad, her eyes mournful and were beginning to tear up, Debbie noticed, “Debs, what if all the guys are right? I don’t want to be left out; I don’t want to be different. I don’t want… don’t want to…to be a… alone” she stammered, “Honey, you won’t, you’re not” “But Debs., what if all the guys are right? What if I am, am fr…fri…frigid?” she finally got out, through her sobs. Debbie leaned in to her best friend, wrapped her arms around, and held her, rocking her gently, kissing her hair as Jessie bawled into her shoulder. Soon Debbie’s hair and neck were wet with Jessie’s tears. Jessie’s sobs gradually subsided, her breathing returning to normal with just the occasional hitch as she inhaled. When Jessie was done, only then did Debbie release her hold of her friend and handed her a Kleenex so the brunette could wipe the tears from her eyes. Debbie chuckled at her friend’s newly refashioned make up, with streaks all down her cheeks, but quickly held Jessie’s face and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. “Jessie, you’re my best friend, I love you, I adore you.” “I know, I love you too, Debs” “Now you listen to me” “O…OK” “There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, do you hear me?” “Yes, but…. so why don’t I believe it? Why do I feel so much like a, a freak?” “Jessica Dawn! You are NOT a freak, do you hear me?” “Yes…b” “You are a beautiful, vivacious, bubbly, loveable girl. Did I mention beautiful?” Jessie smiled “Yes, I think you did” “Good, coz you are. You are my best friend and I love you. Just give it time. Stop punishing yourself” “Yes, mom” Jessie quipped “Oh, would you quit?!” Debbie laughed “Well, you were the one who called me Jessica Dawn! Not even my real mom calls me that, except occasionally when she’s really mad at me” Jessie was smiling a little more easily now. “But seriously, Debs, why do I clam up whenever boys show me any kind of interest? It’s almost like I feel annoyed at their interest. And I really am annoyed, pissed even, when they leer at me” “I dunno, hon. I really don’t. Do you find guys attractive?” “Well, kinda, yeah. I guess. I just don’t know. It seems like I’m not attracted to anyone. I mean, I can tell that a guy is kinda good looking an’all, but, I’m never really sure if that’s because all the other girls think he is too, or whether I really do think he is.” “What about girls?” At this, Jessie flushed a little. “Well, I can recognize a beautiful girl, sure, of course. Who can’t? But that doesn’t make me a lezzie. Does it?” “No hon, but it could be you are gay, though.” “I’m NOT a lezzie. I’m not a fucking dyke, I’m NOT!” “OK, sweetie, ok. It doesn’t matter, really it doesn’t. I’ll love you just the same regardless. ” “I know. It’s just… I dunno. I just don’t know, Debs.” “Well, why don’t you just go out for a couple of dates with some guys, just to see, you know, how you get along and stuff? It could just be that you haven’t met the right guy. Or given the right guy a chance. How will you know unless you try?” “Well…maybe” “Hey!!! I have a GREAT idea! Why don’t we go out on a double date? I’ll drag bring Rob, he’s been itching to take me out for a while, and you invite some other guy. What about Tom? Or, well you choose. Either accept the next offer, or, just ask the guy yourself. Whaddya think? That way I’ll be there too. Would that make you feel more escort bursa comfortable?” “Maybe. ‘S worth a shot, I guess”

The next weekend, that’s exactly what happened. Jessie and Tom, Rob and Debbie all went to the movies together. And the weekend after that, Tom and Jessie went out together by themselves. It seemed like Jessie was enjoying herself, but after that she declined any further dates. She told Debbie that she just feel any chemistry, that she really didn’t feel any stirrings or feelings for poor Tom.

After that, however, things took a nosedive for Jessie. Word soon got to her that the talk in the boys’ locker-room was that Tom had fucked her, when in reality, all she had let him do was kiss her and fondle her boobs through her top.

She was hurt, pissed and, while she did not previously have reason to claim all men were jerks, she felt justified in her claims now. Within a few days she had signed up for the school’s feminist group, dyed her hair purple and had it cut into a Mohawk, and bought herself a “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt, which she proudly wore to school until it about started falling off her back in pieces.

She finished out her high school career without dating another guy, still a virgin, and enrolled in Kansas University, to study to become a pharmacist, taking her far away from Philadelphia for an extended period the first time in her life. Debbie, her life-long friend and closest confidant, had enrolled into UCLA, about as far away from Kansas as it was possible to be. So Jessie prepared for university at Kansas, the only one in her class heading to the Sunflower State. It was to prove a revelation to her, and shocked everyone, including Debbie, her parents, Drew and, most especially her, when she met Jeff.

Ch.4 Jeff

Jessie took to university life like the proverbial duck to water. She quickly became friendly with her dorm room mate, Alice, a slender, olive-skinned girl, who was a sophomore, of Indian heritage who had lived her entire life in neighboring Missouri. While they were sociable, they were hardly inseparable as she and Debbie had been.

But her life changed direction when she met Jeff on campus. He was a 6’0″ slender, dark haired young man, a freshman like her, and looked hopelessly lost. He was dressed in tailored jeans and a neatly ironed, crimson polo shirt. He was, quite simply, stunningly handsome. She met him as she was entering the Union building. She didn’t so much meet him as run into him, quite literally. As she breezed through the door, long hippie-style purple skirt flowing behind her, he was wandering around the lobby looking at signs, looking for any sign to indicate which way he should be going, not looking where he was going, and walked right into her.

“Jesus! Don’t you look where you are going?” “I’m so sorry, I was just looking….ah, hey maybe you know. I’m trying to find my way to Wescoe Hall. You wouldn’t happen to know how to get there would you?” “Actually, I do, I’m heading that way in just a few. I just have to go get some books from downstairs. If you don’t mind waiting a few minutes. I can take you there if you like?” Her response while music to Jeff’s ears, totally stunned Jessie. Shaking her head to clear her it, her initial thought after making the offer was “What the fuck?! What am I doing?” But she had made the offer now, and it would seem rude to the point of callousness to withdraw it now, so, having completed her purchase at the bookstore, she led him to Wescoe Hall, as promised. On the way to the Hall, Jeff introduced himself and tried his best to engage Jessie in conversation. A task which appeared to him, to be a futile effort on his part: Jessie was somewhat monosyllabic in her responses. As they reached Wescoe, he stopped her, touching her lightly on the arm, saying, “Look, I’m sorry about walking into you. I’m not normally so inattentive, and you’ve been kind enough to bring me here. At least let me repay your kindness by letting me buy you dinner, or even a coffee, this evening?” Jessie again surprised herself, first in enjoying the physical contact from Jeff, and secondly in accepting his offer. What was this? After four years of proclaiming that all men were jerks — her father and brother excluded — here she was accepting an offer of a date from this well dressed, handsome young man. Debbie would be stunned, Jessie thought to herself. And she was right

After spending the entire evening with him, first at a local favorite, one of the many coffee houses in the thriving downtown Lawrence, where they talked incessantly until the early hours of the morning, they then removed themselves to his nearby apartment at his suggestion where they continued talking for the remainder of the night. Finally, exhausted, they fell asleep on the couch and Jessie awoke the next morning with sunlight streaming through the window, with her head on Jeff’s surprisingly muscular chest, despite his slender physique, and his arm wrapped protectively around her. While they remained fully clothed, she looked up at the features of his relaxed, sleeping face and basked in the warmth of his body, of his closeness. And to her amazement and relief, she felt an unfamiliar tingling all over her body, but especially in her loins. As she continued to lie in his arms, she could feel her panties getting moist and the faint, but undeniable musky smell of her arousal permeating the room.

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