Jack’s Golfing Partner Ch. 02



Sunday was spent at the Golf Club, though after breakfast Jo asked Jack if he’d like to stay tonight? Jack went home and packed a small suitcase; he had enough clothes to last a few days. They lunched and had dinner at the Golf Club, over dinner Jack said, “Jo, I was a bit worried last Sunday when I put my name down for the Competition, today, I feel good though we must practice this week. I think that your golf has improved this week, we can only do our best, but I’m looking forward to Saturday.”

Jo squeezed Jack’s hand then said, “I can’t believe the difference in my golf, I feel much more confident, I have no fear, I see the shot in my head then I play it, you’ve taught me that.”

Saturday came, they were up early, their tee-off time was eight. They hit some balls then practiced their putting. Jack was first to drive as he had the lowest handicap. His drive was over one hundred yards longer than the Captain, who was a good golfer. On every hole, Jack was first to drive as he and Jo always had the lowest score.

Jack and Jo played flawless golf, Jo marked the scores, Jack knew that they were scoring well, but he never asked Jo, the next shot was the only thing on his mind. As they walked off the eighteenth green, the Captain said, “Jack and Jo, I feel sure that you have won today by a sizable score, you have played a faultless round, it was my and my partner’s privilege to witness it. Jack, you must play in the Club Team.”

They signed then handed in their scorecards, they had a coffee with the Captain and his playing partner. After they had some lunch then went home, the meal and prize-giving would start at six this evening. As they drove home, Jo said, “Jack, I marked the scores, they are correct, we played well. I was too nervous to count the points; I’m sorry that I didn’t do this as I think we could win it.”

Jack squeezed her hand, then said, “Don’t worry, we will know tonight.”

They arrived, and Jack had a letter telling him that he had been accepted for this year’s British Amateur Championship. He was happy about this. He would have to take a week off his work but didn’t see a problem there. He then told Jo, he asked if she would caddy for him, she said yes and gave him a big kiss. Jack then phoned an excellent hotel he knew close to the golf course. He had stayed in this Hotel many times on family holidays; he also knew the Golf Course well.

They made love; they were making love twice a day during the last week. In the last week apart from once, it had always been the missionary position apart for once when Jo went on top in the cowgirl position. Jack had loved that, Jo was good in bed, Jack had loved how her massive tits had wobbled when she went on top.

Jo loved when Jack went down on her. No man had ever given her oral before. She had told Jack that her husband had been a selfish lover. After he had cum, he would fall asleep. Every day Jack had given Jo oral before they had sex. Every day she came in his mouth. Jo was also improving with the blow jobs she was giving Jack.

With his two nurses, Jack had been much more active; he enjoyed anal with them, they loved anal from him as he would give them vaginal orgasms when he ass-fucked them. The opportunity hadn’t yet occurred for Jack to offer more variety, though one-night Jack had fingered Jo’s ass as he sucked her clit, she had loved it.

They showered together after this afternoon’s missionary position sex; Jack was determined that tonight, he would take antep escort bayan Jo another way. They met on the lounge as Jo wanted to surprise Jack with the new outfit that she had bought for tonight. She looked stunning when she came into the room, she was wearing a blouse and trouser suit, it showed her curves to perfection. She was also wearing heels; when they went out socially, Jo always wore heels, it made them look like a perfect couple.

They arrived at the Golf Club and took a seat in the restaurant; they had walked, Jack ordered a bottle of Chablis, it wasn’t busy yet, they sipped their wine, Jack spoke about the tournament he had been accepted for, he was excited about this. Then the Captain and his playing partner came in, as was the norm they sat with them. Jack offered them a glass of Chablis; they accepted then Jack got them glasses and ordered another bottle.

They chatted away; then, the room started to fill. The Captain then ordered a bottle; the Chablis was excellent. No mention was made of the tournament; Jack was pleased about this as he would find it embarrassing as he had played so well. The room was now packed, the buffet was served. The Captain’s playing partner ordered a bottle of Chablis.

The meal was finished, the Tournament Manager started his speech. The prize-giving began. Jack won the Longest Drive and Nearest to the Pin. Then the third prize was presented. The second followed. Then the main event, Jack and Jo, had won the first prize. Jo was over the moon; she hugged and kissed Jack. Jack made a short speech, thanking all those that had made the Competition possible. Jack and Jo sat back down; they were both happy.

The Captain and his playing partner excused themselves. Jo leaned over and kissed Jack, then said, “I’m so happy that we won, I’m happy that I didn’t let you down, I’m also confident about the Final, we stay in a Five-star Hotel with a marvelous Golf Course, that’ll be good for us.”

As they walked home, Jo said, “Jack, I’m so happy, it’s four weeks on Monday your qualifying tournament starts. Why don’t we go there the weekends before, you can play golf, I’ll caddy, and we’ll both get to know the course?”

“Jo, that’s a good idea. I’ll phone the Hotel and book rooms; I believe that I have access to the course.”

“Great, the other thing that I was thinking of, would you like to move in with me? You are renting an apartment which you don’t use.”

“If that’s ok with you Jo, then I will do it.”

Jo stopped, put her arms around Jack and kissed him; the kiss was tender and passionate. Jack said, “Let’s get home. I want you so much.”

“I’m the same, I told Sue that I’d phone her to let her know how we got on in the competition, I’ll do it later, we’ll be busy for the next hour.”

They both started to strip when they got into the house; Jack said, “Jo, keep your bodysuit on but no panties, also keep your heels on, I want to try something different today.”

They sat on the sofa kissing and cuddling, then lay on the floor in a 69 position. Jo loved having her clit sucked; Jo had all of Jack’s cock in her mouth as she massaged his heavy balls. Jo was very wet; she was taking three fingers easily as Jack finger fucked her and sucked her huge clit. Then the warmth of her cum flooded Jack’s mouth, as ever it tasted so sweet, Jo was ready for him, but Jack had something different in mind.

They cum kissed for a couple of araban escort bayan minutes then Jack took Jo behind the sofa, she was still wearing her heels. Jack stood behind her as he leaned her over the sofa. Jo used the top of the sofa to support her as she bent over; she must have anticipated what was happening as she opened her legs. Jack teased her vast clit with the bulbous head of his cock. Jo loved it; she was purring with pleasure.

Jack then centered the head of his cock in the middle of Jo’s long sex slit with a gentle push, he was home, with every in and out movement, Jack was enjoying Jo’s hungry cunt doggy style. Jack said, “This feels great, how’s it for you, Jo?”

“I love it; I love it more when you go deeper.”

“I’m happy that you like it, there are so many different ways to fuck that we haven’t tried yet, do you want me to fuck you in different ways?”

“Jack, I’d love that, with my husband it was so repetitive, I’d suck him to make him hard, he would go on top of me in the missionary position, a couple of minutes later he would cum then he would fall asleep. After Sue was born, he lost all interest; he was older than me, then it was just Bob and me.”


“My battery-operated boyfriend, I had no experience of any other positions, but I’d experiment with Bob. I would love to experiment with you, if I’m not that good at first then be patient, I’ll improve. I trust you, Jack, you can do anything you want with me as I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it though I’m not into pain. You can just surprise me, if I’m not comfortable with it I’ll tell you.”

Jack laughed then said, “Maybe we can have a threesome with Bob one night.”

“I have got a few toys; we can do that if you want.”

This aroused Jack, he moved up a gear, Jo loved it, he was going harder, faster and deeper now, he sensed Jo was close, Jack said, “Jo, cum for me, let me feel your hot cunt juice on my cock, I want to feel it dripping on my balls, cum for me.”

Jo was gripping Jack’s cock tightly now; she was giving him a great ride, Jo said, “I’m so close, your cock feels so good, let’s cum together, shoot your spunk deep inside me, I want to feel you squirt, fill my cunt with your cum.”

A minute later, they both came simultaneously; they had both enjoyed it. Jack was happy that they’d moved away from the missionary position. Jack pulled out and turned Jo around; they kissed lovingly for several minutes the Jo said, “That was nice Jack, get the champagne from the fridge then we can celebrate our victory today, I’ve got to phone Sue also, if I don’t do it then I’ll forget.”

Jack got the champagne; they toasted each other. Jo was glowing; she went for her smartphone; she would use WhatsApp to call Sue. It took her a couple of minutes to get organised. Jo looked beautiful in her crotchless bodysuit; her vulva looked so appealing, it was swollen and smooth, her sex slit wet with the spunk coming out of it.

Sue answered on the second ring, Jo told her about the victory and how happy they both were. As they chatted, Jack knelt in front of Jo who had spread her legs wide open for him. Jack opened her cunt lips, her huge hooded clit popped out, Jack went down on her, as he sucked her clit, he slid three fingers inside her, Jo was so wet, he pulled his fingers out, formed his fingers into a cone shape then slipped his hand inside her. Jo loved it; she was pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth gaziantep arap escort bayan as she spoke with Sue.

Jack then felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth; he kept going. Using her cunt juice as lube, he slid his middle finger up Jo’s tight ass, Jo loved it, Jo was blowing kisses at Jack as he was doing this, Sue was now doing most of the talking. Soon, Jack, was finger fucking Jo’s ass with three fingers. Jack knew that her ass was now ready for his cock. Jo then said, “Sue, it’s been great talking with you, you should go on that holiday, take advantage of the time you are there. I see that Jack’s hungry now so I’ll have to feed him now. Message me when you can, take care.”

Jo came off the phone and kissed Jack; she said, “Jack, that feels so good when I played with my pussy when I had Bob up my ass, I would cum very easily.”

Jack said nothing, he led Jo behind the sofa, put her into the same position that he had her when he doggy style fucked her pussy, Jo opened her legs for him. Jack then centred the head of his hard cock on her ass hole then very gently pushed his cock inside her ass.

The base of his cock was now hard against the cheeks of her tight ass. Jack asked, “How’s it for you?”

“It’s amazing; it’s better than Bob, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, it feels great, go carefully at first until I get used to it.”

Jack then slowly started to ass fuck Jo, soon she was purring with pleasure, Jo said, “I love it, go harder and deeper. I’m going to cum.”

A couple of minutes later, Jo had her first vaginal orgasm; she shook with it. Jack kept going with it; he knew from his nurses that he should give her three in total, the third was always the most intense. Jack said, “Is it ok with you? Your ass is so tight, do you like it when I ass fuck you?”

“I love it, make me cum again like that, you can now fuck me in every hole. I’m happy about that. Would you like to titty fuck me too? Then I can squeeze my big tits around your cock. We can do that when I have my period; then I’ll take your cum in my mouth. Jack, this is so good.”

Jo was shaking and trembling after her third vaginal orgasm. Jack pulled out and let her compose herself. Jack then went inside Jo’s hungry pussy doggy style; Jo had uncupped her tits out of her bodysuit; they were bouncing. Jo said, “Jack, fuck me harder, this is so good, let me be your cum slut, would you like me to be your cum slut? I think from now I’ll only wear crotchless lingerie in the house, then you can touch me anytime.”

“I’d like that Jo; we can have a lot of fun. I’ll get my things out of the apartment tomorrow.”

Jack then started to pound Jo’s pussy; she was gripping him tightly, he was stroking her vast clit then Jo climaxed, thirty seconds later, Jack shot his load inside her. Jack pulled out, they then kissed, Jack was happy, he knew now that he and Jo were sexually compatible. Jo said, “Jack, that was so good, that’s what I want in bed after we have made love; I want to feel as though I’ve been fucked.”

As they lay in bed that night, Jo said, “Jack, Sue is coming for a holiday, she’ll be with us the week after your tournament, I’ll have to tell her that we’re lovers, are you comfortable with that?”

Jack replied, “I have no problem, I love being with you Jo, you should be honest with her, she will respect you for that. Has Sue a boyfriend?”

Jo then got her phone and showed Jack several pictures of Sue; she was so similar to Jo, Sue’s tits were on a par with Jo’s. Sue was a beautiful woman. Jo then said, “Sue likes married men. I think that’s because of the way her father treated her; he always provided for her, he spoiled her. I think Sue was seeing a married man in the US, but that’s now over, and she wants to come home for July and August. I’ll message her tomorrow.”

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