It Was Meant To Be Ch. 03


Two days had passed since Debbie and Andy had slept together. Andy had been avoiding Debbie like mad. She had only seen him three times; he had just ignored her pleas to talk to her, walking away leaving her upset at what she had done.

Debbie had known it was wrong to sleep with her brother, especially as there was such a high possibility of her getting pregnant, but she had wanted him so badly after hearing about his night with Dawn and Stacy that she couldn’t help herself.

A few more days passed with Andy blanking her. It was Saturday now and Andy was still in turmoil about what had happened with Debbie. How could she do this to him? What if she was pregnant? What if someone found out? All these thoughts were rushing threw his head as he picked up the phone and hit Dawn and Stacy’s number.

“Hi Dawn its me,”

“Hi Andy, Stacy told me about next week. I’m sorry but we’ll have to use condoms till next month,”

“That’s no problem as long as we can be together,”

“Oh Andy, your so sweet I can’t wait!”

“Yer me neither. Say Dawn, next week can I stay at yours all week? With you and Stacy I mean.”

“Sure, you can you can stay as long as you want to, why?”

“Just something at home that I need to get away from for a while, that’s all. Well, I’ll see you Monday, see you, love you”

“Love you too Andy, bye”

Andy hung up the phone and sat thinking. This thing with Debbie needed to be sorted out but how could he talk to her about it, he was so nervous, what she would say to him.

Debbie walked into Andy’s room, it had been four hours since Andy’s call to Dawn and he was starting to sort out what he was going to take with him. Debbie had overheard him asking to stay there and wanted to talk with him before he went.

“Andy, we have to talk,” she said, almost pleading with him.

“Why?” Andy snapped back.

“Andy you can’t just run off like this. What has happened has happened and we have to get some things out in the open,” Debbie said as she closed the door giving them some privacy.

“OK Deb, talk” Andy said sitting on his bed crossing his arms.

“Well what we did it was … ” Debbie stopped to think, this was more difficult then she thought.

“Wait, what WE did! What did WE do Deb? It was you who came on to me; it was you who never said about not being protected! I didn’t know anything about that, its you that might be pregnant!” Andy almost shouted as he stared at his sister, trying to fathom it all out.

“I know what I did was wrong, but the reason I did it was because I love you. I always have Andy, I love you!” Debbie shouted as the tears began to come “And I don’t care if I’m pregnant because it will be yours and mine like it should be, me and you against the world remember? The promise we made when we were little,” she sobbed at her brother.

“Yer…we said we’d be together forever, we’d always look after one another and never split apart, it was you and me against the world” Andy said after a moment’s pause, his voice softer and more apologetic as he remembered their promise.

“Exactly. You and me, we’d share everything. Well we have now and I’m glad that we did Andy, what about you?” Debbie asked holding back the tears.

“I’m…I’m glad too Deb, come here” Andy said as he stood up and hugged his crying sister; tears starting to well up in his eyes as well, he looked into her eyes and they slowly leaned into each other for a long sensual kiss.

It was Monday morning. Debbie and Andy’s mum and dad were all packed and ready to go. They left the house and climbed into the taxi, not even waving goodbye to their kids who were stood at the door watching them go.

“A week alone,” Andy sighed happily as the car went out of sight, there had been a change of plan since Debbie and Andy had talked; he had called Stacy and Dawn and invited them to stay with him and Debbie. They had eagerly accepted and would be arriving any minute now. Debbie couldn’t wait to finally meet the girls who had taken her shy little brothers’ virginity.

Dawn and Stacy’s car pulled up about an hour later. They both got out and looked at the house that they would call home for the next week.

“Nice” Dawn said nodding her appreciation for the large house.

“Sure is” Stacy replied. She was just about to knock when the door flew open; it was Debbie who stood before the two beauties on the doorstep.

“Hi, you must Dawn and Stacy, I’m Debbie. Andy’s told me all about you two,” Debbie said smiling astonished by bursa escort how good looking the two of them were, dressed in tight blue jean and thin clingy t-shirts, both white with no patterns.

“Yer, you must be Debbie. Andy said you were good-looking but boy did he understate!” Dawn said, admiring her lover’s sister’s tight body and great looking face.

“That’s so nice of you to say, why don’t you come in and I’ll get Andy. Just go right through into the living room” Debbie invited the two girls in and pointed the way to the living room straight ahead. Dawn and Stacy gave her a warm smile as they walked through, Debbie heading upstairs to get Andy.

Andy was lying naked on Debbie’s bed, right where she had left him when they heard the car. They had been having the most wonderfully passionate sex. When they heard the car, Debbie quickly got off the bed and slipped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in case it was their parents who had come back for some reason. She walked back over to Andy and kissed him, rubbing his cock with her left hand as she pulled herself up his body.

“Dawn and Stacy are here little brother, why didn’t you tell me how good they looked?” she asked as she broke the kiss and stood back up next to the bed, letting go of his cock, which twitched at her touch.

Andy quickly got up and threw on some pants and a shirt, before practically running downstairs to greet his two lovers. Debbie was right behind him.

“Hi” he greeted Dawn and Stacy as he entered the room, they stood up off the sofa and went over to him giving him a deep, wet tongued kiss each, their hands all over his back and down to his ass giving it a quick squeeze before all 3 went and sat down again. Debbie smiled as she watched them kiss and soon went and sat down in a chair opposite the happy threesome.

They all talked for a few hours, laughing and joking, getting to know each other better. Dawn and Stacy were giving Debbie a few flashes of twinkling eyes, almost as if they were trying to flirt with her. She found it rather odd, but she was starting to do the same.

It was now four in the afternoon. Dawn, Stacy, Debbie and Andy had all been talking and flirting for sometime now and Andy was starting to get really turned on with all the touching and feeling from Stacy’s hands on his thighs. It was obvious what she wanted.

Dawn didn’t do as much, she knew it would be sometime before she could fuck Andy properly with no risk, she didn’t feel it was right to use a condom with Andy; she wanted to feel his skin in her, naked, not with a barrier between them, she had told him this during the conversation when it had, of course, swung round to sex.

Andy had already told Dawn and Stacy that he had told Debbie all about what had happened the first time he was with them. They said it was no problem with them; they didn’t care who he told, or what he said. Debbie reassured them she wouldn’t say anything, as she and Andy had always told each other everything and shared everything, but only with each other.

“That’s so sweet, you two must be close,” Stacy said sincerely as she rubbed her hands up to Andy’s cock and began rubbing it through his jeans, causing him to moan.

Stacy looked at the other two women and they both nodded back to her. She smiled and stood up taking Andy by the hand.

“Why don’t you show me where we’ll be sleeping?” she asked pulling Andy to his feet leading him out the room.

Debbie and Dawn watched as Stacy and Andy walked hand in hand up the stairs and out of sight. Dawn looked at Debbie smiling mischievously.

“So you and Andy share everything do you?” she asked the gorgeous woman sat across from her, flicking her eyelashes.

“We sure do!” Debbie replied, flashing her a cheeky smile anticipating what was going to happen.

“Well so do me and Stacy,” Dawn said flicking her hair and running her fingers through it before dragging them down her neck to her breasts. Debbie’s eyes followed her hands at every move finally resting on her heaving chest, her erect nipples clearly poking at the tight material of her t-shirt indicating she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Smiling sexily, Debbie stood and walked over to Dawn. Sitting on the sofa next to her, she moved the black hairs that had flowed back over Dawn’s face away, giving her a clear view of her perfect eyes and nose, looking deep into her eyes she could see what Dawn wanted.

“Hhhmmmm” Debbie moaned as they brought their faces closer to each other, tenderly moving their lips escort bursa closer until they pressed together sending a thrill through both women. Dawn brought her hands up to Debbie’s cheeks caressing them as her tongue moved across her new lesbian lovers lips, pushing them apart and gaining slick entry, probing every inch, licking the insides before tasting deep into her throat, bringing moans from her deepest recesses.

Dawn broke the kiss and looked at Debbie before gripping the bottom of her t-shirt.

“Let me do that” Debbie almost pleaded as she grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt. Dawn nodded and let go lifting her arm up above her head, letting Debbie pull it up and over her head, tossing it to the floor before bringing her mouth down and taking the right nipple into her mouth and suckling tightly and giving it the occasional bite.

“OOOHHHHH God, hhmmmm that’s soooooo hmmm nice” Dawn moaned as Debbie bit her sensitive nipple, pulling it back. Stretching it out as she pulled her head back caused Dawn to throw her head back looking up to check where Stacy and Andy were and to cry out.

Stacy and Andy were up in Debbie’s room. The bed there was bigger leaving more room for them to thrash and roll about, which they were taking full advantage of.

Stacy was on top of Andy, his cock pressed deep inside her, his hands holding her hips for support as she bounced violently on him. Forcing him deeper in to her, throwing her head in all directions, her blonde hair a sweaty mess, her big tits bouncing around with her movements as the bedsprings struggled to cope with the violence they were enduring from the two lovers on them.

Andy laid back feeling the great pleasure that only a woman bouncing her firm, tight pussy on a man’s cock can give.

Stacy began screaming out as she felt a bubble of orgasm burst inside her.

“Ooooohhhh MMMMMYYY GOD!!!! Fucckkk Yess Yeessss!!! Hhhhhhmmmm Ooooowwwww Andyyyy FUCK MEEEEE!!! DEEEPER!!!! YESSSS!!!” she screamed as she raked her fingernails over his chest leaning down to kiss him with her wet lips.

“Ooooohhhh God Stacy, You’re so Goooodd!!!! At THIISSSS!!” Andy shouted as he rolled over with Stacy, so that he was on top now thrusting his hips hard into Stacy who was thrusting her ass right back at him harder.

“OOOOOHHH WOW, ANDY HHHMMMM THIS IS THE BEST! I’M SO SORE I CAN’T STAND IT” Stacy shouted at the top of her voice as another orgasm raked over her, making her body tense up beneath Andy who kept pumping.

“OOOOHHH, iiii’mmmm close Stacy, REALLY CLOSE!!” Andy shouted as he felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm coming on fast.

“Oooohhh yes Andy, thats just what I need, Ooowww your, AARRRR, cum hhmmmm to cool oohh, my AHHH hurting PUSSSYYYYYYYY” Stacy’s voice caught as she felt Andy push his cock deep into her and release his cum which sprayed her hot, sore pussy, the thick liquid easing some of the burning sensation that had built up from the furious fucking she had just taken.

Andy looked down at Stacy as she panted and rubbed her nipples, before getting off of her and lying down next to her. As she closed her eyes and started to drift off to sleep from the exhaustion she thought about what Debbie and Dawn would be doing below her.

Debbie and Dawn had been listening to the screaming coming from upstairs. As they got naked, Dawn had laid back on the sofa, Debbie laying on top of her pressing her soft breasts to her lovers and caressing her thigh. Dawn brought her legs around the back of Debbie’s ass and pulled her body tighter into hers, rubbing her pelvis against Debbie’s sending thrills through both of them as their trimmed pubic mounds rubbed together.

“Oohh wow Debbie this is hhhhmmmmppphh” Dawn mouth was suddenly muffled by Debbie’s own mouth pressing deep into it. Debbie’s tongue pressing into her mouth caused Dawn to gag slightly as the invading tongue hit the back of her unprepared mouth, the feeling quickly passed and Dawn started responding with her own tongue pressing it back into Debbie’s mouth.

“Hhmmm ooohhh mmmm” Debbie moaned as she broke the kiss and began licking her way down Dawn’s body, stopping slightly to lick both nipples, before working her way down to her trimmed pussy hair. Giving the area a good rub with her tongue, she caused Dawn to scream, as Debbie got closer to her prize.

“Do you want this?” Debbie asked already knowing the answer from the juices leaking from Dawn.

Dawn just nodded and looked back to the ceiling as she felt Debbie push her mouth bursa escort bayan towards her pussy. Opening her legs wide to give better access, Dawn closed her eyes as she felt the hot, wet tongue push a few centimeters at first into her tangy pussy, opening her up.

“Oohh godddddd this is sooooooo great! Hhmmm…more” Dawn moaned as she felt the tongue move around. A pair of hands moved to her thighs, pulling on them, trying to get them wider, even though they were at full stretch and becoming painful around the joint of the hip and groin.

“Hhhhhmmmmmm oooowwwwwwww yesssss!!!” Debbie moaned into the hot pussy as she licked up all the juice.

“Ooooooohhh Goddddd im gonnnnnaaa cuummmmmmm!!!” Dawn screamed as loud as Stacy as she came, splashing cum all over Debbie’s face.

Dawn clasped her legs around Debbie’s head, running her hands through her hair as the blonde wriggled to lap up every bit of cum.

When they had settled from the excitement, Debbie sat next to Dawn on the sofa rubbing her arm and smiling.

“God Debbie that was amazing, your tongue was so good in my pussy” Dawn complimented her new lover.

“If you think that was good you should feel Andy, his cock is amazing inside you…well you heard Stacy” Debbie said still breathing hard.

“What? You and Andy have? You’re brother and sister!” Dawn said shocked by Debbie’s revelation.

“Well, I said we share everything, and we did, and I guess now we have” Debbie said stroking Dawn’s arm.

This revelation should have shocked Dawn to the core; but it didn’t really matter to her, she wanted Andy and Debbie, and if they wanted each other this was fine. “Tell me about him” she begged.

Debbie told Dawn all about how she and Andy had come to have sex and that like Dawn she wasn’t protected. That revelation shocked Dawn even more then the fact that Debbie had actually had sex with Andy; the fact Debbie would risk pregnancy just to have him.

“God I have to have him, risk or no risk,” Dawn said as she slipped off the sofas edge and knelt in front of Debbie “but first I have to have his sister”.

Dawn leaned her head forwards as Debbie opened her legs to give access to her newfound lover.

Dawn leaned her arms on the sofa and pushed her ass up inline with her back quite high in the air, as she leaned forwards and started licking her pussy, bringing moans from Debbie.

“So this is why Stacy wanted me upstairs is it?” Andy said as he leaned in the doorway smiling at Debbie as Dawn pulled her head away and looked open-eyed at him.

“Andy we were…err” Dawn was looking for a reasonable response but one failed her, she just looked down.

Debbie smiled and grabbed Dawn by the hair, forcing her to look up at her face.

“Don’t forget we share everything!” Debbie smiled and pulled Dawn back into her pussy, Dawn took the hint and began licking again as she pushed her ass into the air for Andy who walked over and knelt behind, her positioning his cock at her pussy

“Dawn, are you sure? Your pill isn’t working yet…” Andy gave her the chance to back out, but Dawn pulled her mouth back and said, “Yes”.

Andy immediately rammed his cock all the way into Dawn, forcing her head even further forwards, pressing her nose into Debbie, causing her to orgasm and rub Dawn’s hair.

“OOOHHHHH god Dawn, your so tight, that’s it Debbie keep licking!!!” Andy shouted as he thrust in and out of Dawn. Her pussy was much tighter then Debbie’s or Stacy’s causing him to reach orgasm much more quickly. This was not helped either by the fact that his sister was rubbing his cock as it slid back and forth and was moaning along with Dawn.


Andy shouted out as he pushed into Dawn, who pushed back to get him deeper into her as she felt his hot spunk fill her pussy to the max and start leaking out. When he was done he pulled out and moved away, letting Dawn fall back onto her ass, her legs spread and her pussy dripping cum onto the floor beneath her.

Debbie saw the cum and quickly dropped to the floor pushing Dawn onto her back and getting in-between her legs, dropping her head on to her pussy and licking and sucking the cum that was leaking out.

When they were all clean, they sat on the sofa naked, Andy in between the two women.

“Where’s Stacy?” Dawn asked.

“Asleep up in Debbie’s room, I’ve got a feeling we’ll all be spending a lot of time in there over this week” Andy said as the two women curled up next to him on the sofa and drifted of into a deep sleep.

PS. Special thanks to my editor FairyKitten for making my story what it is today.

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