Irene Reveals all to Husband



Author’s note: A survey in 2017 of over 11,000 women and men found that women are more than twice as likely as men to lose interest in sex. Even though they were in a relationship, 34.2% of the women and 15% of the men reported lacking interest in sex.

Excuses were – too busy, really bad at sex and the novelty has worn off.

This story is about one couple who used an unconventional way of overcoming their problem.


Oscar sat with his wife on the beach looking at the late afternoon sun. The heat of the day had gone to be replaced with cooler air. They had brought with them a cold bottle of wine and some olives. It was Friday evening.

”How was work?” asked Oscar as he topped up Irene’s glass. ”Is your boss still a pig?”

Irene gave a short laugh. ”Yes. Fucking woman. She’s such a pain in the neck.”

Oscar roared with laughter. ”It’s so good to let the language flow. Say what you feel. Get it out of your system.”

”That would be the wine,” said Irene. ”It loosens the tongue.” She stretched herself and sighed. ”Are you happy, Oscar?”

Oscar looked at his wife. After 12 years of marriage and 2 children, Irene still looked good. Her curves were sexy, full breasts and nice legs. Her wavy reddish-brown hair came to her shoulders which she used to hide her shyness sometimes. ”I’m happy on one level,” replied Oscar. ”The only thing I struggle with is our sex life as you already know.”

”I know my darling. But it’s life. Children change a marriage. Their demands sap our energy. There’s less time for us, less privacy. My job is a stress. I try and get enthusiastic about sex but it’s a problem.”

”Could it be a problem that I’m not manly enough in your eyes?”

”Well, it doesn’t help that you like to have your entire groin area shaved bald as a baby.” Irene stretched her hand to touch her husband. ”I love you as a father to our children, as a provider, a confidant, reliable. But I’m no good at sex anymore. I don’t have the lust to suck you or have deep orgasms like I used to. My love for you is still there but it’s matured.”

Oscar wanted reassurance. ”You don’t mind me fantasising out loud when we have sex?”

She smiled. ”You like to imagine I have this lover, a big man, a big thing between his legs. I know it gets you excited so I’m ok with it because it’s fantasy, unrestricted imagination. When you describe these things you come easily. I suppose I get a small orgasm sometimes but generally, you come too quickly and not leave me enough time to get ready.”

”It’s not completely satisfying for either of us,” said Oscar. ”I have an erection just from thinking what your lover would do to you.”

”Fantasies, my darling.”

”Can we have some sex tonight?”

Irene nodded.

Later, with the children asleep, Oscar watched Irene get into bed alongside him. They kissed. He sensed correctly that she wanted to say something. ”When you first told me of this fantasy, for me to have a lover, I was a little shocked. But over time I can see it does get you aroused. I want to be sure, though, that you love me. I need to know you will never leave me. Because I love you.”

He kissed her and waited for more thoughts from Irene. ”And if I feel secure,” she said, ”then I can go along with your play-acting, your wandering mind, your desire to keep our sex alive.”

”I promise I will never leave you. You and the children are my family. I will always love you. I suppose I have these sex imaginations to stop myself getting into a sex rut where my curiosity is extinguished. I like to push the boundaries because it’s more exciting, even if it is weird. But I assure you, when we talk of sex games, you are safe in our marriage.”

Irene pulled away the bedsheet. ”Your shaved penis looks so small without any hair. Let me see how large it can grow.” She put her hand over his cock and manipulated it.

Oscar felt his cock go hard. He whispered, ”Your lover would have a bigger cock.”

”Yes, he would. Bigger in length. I think my lover would also be fatter around the girth of his cock.”

This sort of conversation always got Oscar aroused. ”What would Irene do with her lover’s big cock?”

”Oh ah. He would take longer to get fully erect. Not like this little thing in my hand. My lover would make me masturbate him. Maybe I would have to lick the tip of his cock.”

Oscar knew his wife didn’t like licking or sucking. ”Your lover might be too big to get in your mouth?”

”If he made me,” murmured Irene, ”if this mystery lover of mine pushed my head down I would have to do it.”

”In reality, Irene, I would agree to you having a lover, one only, to enjoy sex with him.”

”But I might want lots and lots of lovers.” She giggled to say she was joking and would never have sex with anyone else besides her husband. But she carried on the acting, the mystery while she masturbated him.

Oscar said, ”You don’t have to have lots gaziantep escort reklamları of lovers. One man outside our marriage is enough, darling. I wouldn’t make many conditions when you find someone.” He was close to coming now.

Irene pulled him on top of her and he easily penetrated her pussy. She used her fingers to caress her clit. She whispered in his ear, ”And what conditions are you making?”

As Oscar began to fuck, he said, ”After each date with him you must tell me all the detail, everything he and you said, everything you did to each other.”

Irene moved her hips in a rhythm to make him come. ”Oh, so you want all the details? His power and size? How he claimed me? The big orgasm I had. Yes?”

A few seconds later, Oscar shuddered and came. The thought of his wife embracing wild sex, doing things she has never done before, she coming harder than ever – made him orgasm.

After he withdrew his cock, Oscar lay next to Irene and looked at her as she caressed her clit. This was often the way his wife completed her orgasm. He said, ”Think about your new man and his cock.”

”Oh yes. I’m thinking you’ll want to hear what I’ve done with my new big man. All the detail of what he’s done to me. Will that make you aroused?”

”Yes. I would be aroused but we would still love each other.” He kissed her as she moved her legs wider and increased the speed of her fingers on her clit. ”You like to masturbate, don’t you,” he said. ”Who are you thinking about?”

”Someone I’ve seen but never met. An actor perhaps or a man I’ve noticed on the beach or in a restaurant.” Irene shut her eyes as if in a dream.

It was natural, thought Oscar, to have sexy thoughts and he was pleased to see his wife enjoying herself. She had told him previously that her dreams were not as detailed as Oscar’s. She focused on the eyes and face of the man, his leg muscles especially if the man had worn shorts or swim trunks.

She completed her orgasm in silence because she needed to concentrate.

They cuddled as Irene talked, ”You mustn’t think I shall do anything like this, to have sex with another man. But I am happy to play these games. To pretend because you get fun from it.” She kissed Oscar. ”And I know you want sex more frequently than I do but I’m too busy and not very good at sex. I like just the missionary position. It’s boring for you but it doesn’t excite me to have it any other way.”

These thoughts from Irene were well known to Oscar. He tried to change her mind but the novelty of sex had worn off which is why he wondered if the situation would change for the better if she had sex outside the marriage. He had voiced these thoughts many times. Irene had never rejected them as stupid or outrageous. Instead, her opinion was that it would damage their marriage because she couldn’t have sex for lust only. Sex with someone else would need a connection with the man which would lead to some kind of love from Irene for that man.

Over the months, Irene never closed down conversations about this topic. Oscar would usually mention it first. Irene had the view that her husband would be jealous if a lover spent some time with Irene. However, she did agree that if she were made to give all the details of a lover it might lead to more sex with Oscar. Just the act of recounting events with another man could be sexy in the telling. And therefore both Oscar and Irene might have more sex together and the sex might be more adventurous and new.

Some changes did occur with Irene. Her comments about other men were interesting. There was one occasion at the beach when they stood at the edge of the surf and Oscar whispered to his wife, ”You see that guy coming out of the sea?” It was someone who probably went to the gym. ”Look at his trunks.”

Irene glanced sideways a little longer than necessary, looked back at her husband and mouthed the word ”fuck” before she said, ”It looks very big down there.”

”He’s too big for you,” responded Oscar.

”Oh. You never know till you try it.” She grinned broadly and whispered, ”I wonder what it’s like to have a decent size cock inside me.” She giggled like a schoolgirl who didn’t really mean what she’d just said.

Oscar felt his cock grow. He knew his cock was not up to the size of that stranger.

One day Irene had a call from her elder brother who lived in the Caribbean. Her brother had married a black girl and their only child, an 18-year-old boy, had enrolled in the university near where Irene lived. Her brother asked Irene if she could find somewhere for Matias to stay.

Within a week, Oscar and Irene met Matias at the airport and brought him back home. Irene had prepared several properties to view, to escort Matias to help him choose which one to rent. They would start looking at the weekend in three days.

Meanwhile, the whole family got on well with the young boy. His olive-coloured gaziantep escort bayan reklamları skin made him look attractive, his relaxed attitude and behaviour made it easy to like him. He had dark eyes and longish hair, which touched his shoulders and gave him the appearance of a surfer. In many ways, he looked and acted younger than his age of 18.

Irene commented in private to Oscar, ”Have you noticed how beautiful his eyes are?”

It caused a grunt from Oscar.

The next day the weather was hot and they all went down to the beach. The children and Matias played in the sea. Irene strolled to the water’s edge and after a few minutes, Matias came to stand next to Irene. Suddenly, he picked her up and ran with her, Irene playfully screaming, into the sea before collapsing together in the waves. Oscar witnessed them laughing and splashing before his wife came out of the water by herself. He noticed the way she walked towards him, a sway in her hips, her hands combing through her hair which showed off her breasts. She sat down on her towel.

”He’s a strong boy,” Irene said as she watched the others. ”He reminds me the way you used to pick me up like that. Often he jumps around like a young teenager.”

In a few moments, Matias strolled back from the sea and stood in front of them, joking how much fun it had been, especially dunking Irene in the water. Oscar was interested to see Irene openly appraising Matias’s body. His abs glistened with the water dripping off him. The swim shorts, made of stretch material, had stuck to his groin and clearly showed the outline of his cock which hung loose. He didn’t seem to mind the scrutiny and he had an innocence such that the things he said or did, had no complications in his mind.

Matias turned to watch the children play. His strong buttocks had the attention of Irene. She said, ”What is that tattoo on your hip?”

He half-turned. ”You need to get closer to see it.” He obviously wasn’t going to come to Irene so she got up to examine the artwork.

She kneeled next to Matias, her eyes at the level of his hips. The tattoo was a coloured snake that started from below the side of the trunk waistband and went up over his hip and around to the front and then under the drawstring fastening. She traced the snake with her finger and slightly pulled down the wet elastic at the side so that she could find the source of the snake.

As Irene moved her finger along the tattoo, Matias casually placed his hand on top of her head. It was a personal touch that could be acceptable among the family but Oscar thought it was a sign of Matias wanting to dominate and send a signal to Oscar and Irene.

Irene continued her finger contact to his hip bone but as the snake came to his front it dived downwards below the elastic waistband. Matias made no move of his body and his hand on Irene seemed to encourage her to shift her kneeling position which she did. She found herself kneeling in front of Matias.

They watched the children come out of the sea towards them. Irene came to sit next to Oscar, a flustered look on her face. With the children drying themselves, Matias grabbed Irene’s hand and pulled her to stand. ”Come on,” he laughed, ”I’ll race you to the sea.” His manner was infectious and Irene found herself caught up in the moment. She chased after him and both of them dived into a breaking wave.

Oscar couldn’t help watching them. The 20 minutes they spent splashing around seemed long to him. He didn’t know whether to be intrigued by the possibility of Matias becoming her lover or whether he should be concerned that it was taboo to get too close to their nephew.

After they came back to their towels, Oscar was certain that Matias’s cock seemed even larger. When Matias took the children to find ice cream, it allowed Oscar to ask, ”How was it in the sea?”

She smiled, her hand played with the side of her hair. ”He has such energy like you used to be. He’s beautiful.”

”Did he make a pass at you.?”

Irene chewed her lip and looked embarrassed. ”He is a young man, a boy with hands all over the place.”

”Hands on each other?”

She looked out to sea with a dream quality in her eyes. ”The waves chucked us together.”

”I won’t be angry, Irene. What happened?”

There was a moment of silence. ”He took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was nothing serious. In fact, he didn’t know what he was doing.”

”And,” said Oscar who didn’t believe her last sentence. ”I trust you. No secrets between us.”

She took a deep breath. ”I’m not used to this. Recounting to my husband the detail.” She took Oscar’s hand. ”I was shocked at first, the feel of him, so bold and he’s our nephew for God’s sake. But his arm around my waist kept my body in contact with him. Suddenly I wanted sex, any sex, with you, with him. My limbs became weak. I think he felt my desire.”

The escort gaziantep reklamları others were coming back with their ice creams. Oscar said, ”Tonight you can tell me everything and we’ll make love.”

That night, it seemed that Irene was hesitant at first to tell the details to Oscar but, in the end, she didn’t need much persuasion. They were lying side-by-side in bed. ”We were in the sea playing around in the waves. I could just touch the sandy bottom but lost my balance. Matias had me by the waist and drew me into him. I don’t know why, but I found myself with my legs around his hips. I suppose I was trying to keep my balance. I didn’t try to come away from him so we just floated up and down as each wave came over us.”

Irene glanced at the bedroom door which was shut and she lowered her voice. ”Eventually, we stood facing each other. He took my hand and held it to his groin.”

Oscar whispered, ”Did you feel his cock?”

”Yes. When he took his hand away I kept mine there, the palm of my hand cupped him. And in that instant, Matias became like a very young boy. His eyes watered, on the point of crying. I felt so protective of him.”

”He looks young for his age, younger than 18,” said Oscar who watched his wife move her hand to his cock to caress her husband.

Irene continued her story, ”Matias mumbled something about needing me, wanting me to look after him. I think he’s lonely so far from home. So it felt good to have my boy expand in my hand, to feel his cock grow.”

Oscar’s cock had gone hard and he was grateful that Irene was stroking him. Pre-cum oozed from his cock head.

”Matias is big. A feeling of pride came over me that I aroused him, me, an older woman,” said Irene, ”I need to nurture him. He’s bigger than you, Oscar. I let go of him.”

Although Oscar was being masturbated by Irene, he managed to say, ”Matias is family. He’s our nephew, your sister’s son. And he’s so young. Is this wise?”

Irene thought about it before answering, ”Before we walked out of the sea he asked me to wear a bikini next time. I was going to say ”no” but he got his hands on my bum and fingers under my swimsuit.” Irene closed her eyes while she speeded up the masturbation of her husband. ”Matias had a finger on my bum hole.” She paused. ”I loved it, Oscar. I loved that he wanted to finger my anus. I was shocked because I’ve never wanted to do anal ever, as you know, but I didn’t want him to stop.”

Oscar couldn’t hold back his orgasm.

”I let Matias do it by hitching my leg up and then he inserted his finger. In my puckered hole. I nearly fainted.” She watched Oscar come, his spunk over her hand before she continued, ”Then Matias took his finger out of me and a minute later we came out of the water to join you and the children.”

Irene looked at her husband. ”I need to do myself now.” She hitched her legs up and spread them. Her pussy was already leaking juice as she used her fingers and thumb to frig herself. ”I’m imagining Matias and his handsome face. You don’t mind, do you, Oscar? He has such lovely legs, strong and smooth.”

After she had her orgasm, they carried on talking in bed. Oscar was worried. ”I never thought you’d be interested in a teenager, 18 years old, a boy. And he’s family. It’s taboo.”

”Nothing’s going to happen like that. I’m helping Matias settle into a new stage of his life, a different country, far from home and at a university where he won’t know anybody. He needs me. But any romantic involvement is not going to happen.”

For the next two days, Oscar and Irene went to work while Matias attended opening events at the university. To make way for Matias to sleep, the children shared a room while Matias slept in the child’s vacant room. The weekend came and Irene took Matias to view possible places for him to rent. In the late afternoon, the whole family went to the beach.

Irene had bought a new bikini. The previous night, she had worn it to show her husband in their bedroom. Oscar had been fascinated by the ties on either side of the briefs. He pulled one tie and it came undone. The brief hung loose, held up by the other tie. She had pushed her husband back on the bed and then clambered on and swung her legs over him. Irene positioned her exposed pussy over his face and told Oscar to suck her. She had never been so bold before. They had very satisfying sex together.

Oscar was in the water first and watched Irene follow him down to the sea in her bikini. His cock became semi-hard so he kept himself submerged in the waves splashing with the others. Irene had become more playful with the children while Matias was nearby. Oscar was the first to stroll back to their towels with his children shortly after. He took them to find ice cream.

On his return, Oscar watched Irene and Matias who continued to jump around in and out of the waves. As they came out of the water to return to their towels, Oscar noticed his wife was tying the knot on the side of her bikini.

That night, as they cuddled in bed, Oscar asked how her relationship was going with Matias. She talked of their visits to see properties with an agent. ”Matias is so cheeky,” she said. ”He pretends to the agent that I’m his mum and he often holds my hand or touches me, on my arm, my waist. He even pinched my bottom. It made me squeal. It was embarrassing with the agent there.”

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