India Lynn



This story is dedicated to the woman who first opened me up to the experience of sex with an older woman, who turned my cougar fantasies into a reality, and to this day is still the best sex I have ever experienced. From the first time we were together when she told me exactly what we were going to do but that she wanted to first put me in her mouth, to marathon nights of what seemed like endless orgasms for us both. The skills this woman displayed in bed left me wanting things I can only dream of with other girls. Thank you, India Lynn.

It had been years since I was last with the woman who had changed my sex life forever. We had kept in touch but any sexual encounter was limited to only fantasies at this point. As luck would have it, we met up for drinks one night, and after some reminiscing decided that we should go someplace more private for the remainder of our evening.

When we got to her house we stood in her kitchen where she made us each a drink. Not long after, our flirting, which had been going on most of the night, soon turned to kissing. She knew very obviously that I wanted her and our kissing did not turn right into making out as she would keep cutting me off after a few seconds of kissing only to return to flirting and teasing before other intermittent periods of kissing. As things progressed further our bodies drew closer and our hands began to explore one another. Eventually we were standing with her backed up to her counter with my hands on her ass squeezing our bodies together. Knowing that something I had only fantasized about for years might be about to happen had me now throbbing in anticipation, there was no doubt that she could feel my hard cock pressing against her crotch through my jeans. Periods of our lips locked together with our tongues pushed down each other’s throats alternated with me kissing her neck as I could feel her breathing heavily.

“I can’t take it anymore, I want you inside me,” she exclaimed and then lead me to her room.

Once inside the dimly lit room we quickly removed our clothes and climbed between the sheets. Our mouths locked together with the slurping sounds of deep sexual kissing as our hands explored every inch of each others bodies. She eventually climbed on top to mount herself over me, her beautiful breasts hung in front of my face as I squeezed them and began sucking her nipples like a starving baby. She reached down between my legs and Antalya travesti grabbed my fully erect cock and began slowly stroking it as she backed her sopping wet pussy towards it. Slowly she began rubbing me against her slit, I could feel her warm wet juices dripping over the head of my cock.

As I began to enter her she took her time. After slowly sliding my head into her she would quickly buck her hips forward and pop me back out. She would then grab me again and slowly repeat the same process. Easing me in a little further each time before quickly sliding off of me, just to tease me. Eventually just as I was expecting her to slide off the head of my cock, she quickly reversed her motion and slid me all the way into her.

“Oh,” she moaned as she took my full length inside her. My grunts of pleasure were muffled by my face being buried in her chest. Our bodies were now gliding in rhythm as my cock churned through the depths of her pussy.

“You’re so deep,” she let out, “Your dick is so hard!”

“That’s because you make me that hard, you’re so fucking sexy,” I replied as I moved my hands down to her ass pushing myself as deep into her as I could go.

It was at this point she let out a load moan as she came. She immediately locked her lips around mine and almost sucked my tongue out of my mouth. Our rhythm did not stop as we continued grinding our bodies together. I again returned my attention to her breasts and continued sucking her perky, swollen nipples. As I squeezed her breast and sucked her nipple, I arched my pelvis pushing myself deep into her again. She then moaned out as another orgasm overcame her body.

We did stop or change a thing, this was pure animalistic sex at this point. Our bodies were one but it was almost as if she was off somewhere in a world of pure ecstacy. Her orgasms had grown more frequent. It seemed as if every time I would suck her nipple while squeezing her tit, she would cum again. My balls were drenched in her juices at this point and the bed was soaked beneath my ass.

She must have cum about 7 times when finally she said, “OK, it’s your turn now.”

“OK, just let me get a condom,” I said.

“No! I know this is what you always wanted,” she said as she sat straight up on top of me. She began bouncing straight up and down on me, her pussy muscles squeezing me as she slid up and down my cock. It wasn’t long that I couldn’t İstanbul travesti hold out any longer and began to spurt loads of cum deep inside her. Her motion only intensified as she pushed herself all the way down on me grinding the back of her pussy against the twitching, throbbing head of my cock as I erupted inside of her. It was almost too much for me for her to continue these sensations, when she cried out.

“Hold on, I’m close again!”

The sensation was almost torturous as her rhythm had not slowed at all throughout my orgasm. It was almost unbearable as she continued grinding against my cock until finally…

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she let out as she came one more time.

After climaxing she laid on top of me, we kissed gently while my cock remained buried inside her, still twitching from from the intense orgasm I had just experienced.

“That was amazing,” she told me as she lay on top of me.

“No, you were amazing. You have no idea how much I’ve missed fucking you,” I responded before kissing her again.

We lay there gently kissing each other while our bodies recovered from the exhausting sex we just experienced. Eventually my blood flow returned to the rest of my body and my cock, no longer hard, slid out of her still soaked pussy.

“Oh, I liked having you in me,” she complained.

“Well, you can put me back in you if you want,” I told her.

“Oh yea? You ready for another round?” she asked.

“I’m always ready for another round with you,” I assured her.

Just like that she moved down, kissing my chest, then my belly, before putting my now flaccid cock in her mouth. Her mouth went to work, cleaning all of our love juices off of me. Slowly, as her tongue worked magic around my head and her hand massaged my balls, my cock began to grow. As I grew harder she started jerking me off, running her lips up and down my shaft, sucking my balls, and pressing her tongue into my dick hole. She grabbed hold of the base and began slurping the head like it was a melting ice cream cone. Her lips suctioned tightly around me while her tongue massaged my most sensitive spots. I was now engorged and throbbing when she stopped to look up and smiled, “You ready for round 2, stud?”

“Oh yea!” I exclaimed.

“Good, because it’s your turn to get on top,” she told me as climbed towards the head of the bed.

She laid on her back and I İzmir travesti positioned myself between her legs. Remembering how she teased me earlier, I started sliding the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips, rubbing her clit with the tip of it. I could feel how wet she was as I gently teased her.

“I want that cock inside me!” she demanded.

“Oh yea? Well you’re gonna have to beg for it,” I told her.

“Please fuck me with that big cock!” she pleaded.

“What do you wanna do with it?” I asked teasingly.

“I wanna fuck it real hard and cum all over it!” she shouted as she grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way into her. “No more teasing, I want you to fuck me real hard! I’m not letting go until I feel you shooting that cum in me.”

I put my hands around her back and grabbed onto her shoulders to leverage my thrusts inside her. She held tightly on my ass as I pumped away at her, pulling me back in deep every time. Hard, deep strokes as I pounded her.

“Oh, yea, right there baby, don’t stop,” she let out.

I kept going at the same pace. My orgasm earlier left me with plenty of stamina, I wasn’t even close to cumming again at this point. She let out a loud moan as she started cumming again. Still, I wasn’t close to cumming and kept fucking her hard. She moaned again as she orgasmed once more, and then another time. I felt like the king of the world as this multi-orgasmic woman repeatedly climaxed under me. The excitement of getting her off certainly heightened my arousal and she could feel my head starting to throb inside her.

“I want you to shoot that cum inside me!” she demanded.

“Is that what you want?” I asked her.

“Yea, I wanna feel you lose it inside me,” she said as she began spanking my ass as she pulled me into her. “Empty those ball is my pussy!”

I couldn’t take anymore at this point and thrust myself deep inside her. Her hands firmly squeezing my ass as she pulled me in tight.

“Shoot that fucking load! I wanna feel that warm jizz spraying inside my pussy,” she demanded as I began spurting my seed inside her. “Yeah baby, that’s so hot, get it all out. I want you to fill me up.” And that’s exactly what I did.

I quickly collapsed on top of her, completely spent from what had just occurred. It wasn’t long before we both fell asleep, our bodies completely exhausted. We slept great that night and woke up completely refreshed in the morning. We had another go of it the next day before going our separate ways. We have since made sure not to let a good thing go to waste again and continue to get together regularly to keep each other satisfied, the sex is simply too good not to indulge ourselves.

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