Independent Study Pt. 01



(Author’s note: This one will have multiple parts and I promise it won’t be the emotionally draining read that my freshman effort here, “A Life Well-Loved”, was. It will focus on sex, rooted in my sexual history as usual, all loosely strung together in a flimsy but hopefully heartwarming coming of age tale. Enjoy!)

Part 1:

I walked into Trax at a little after 10 p.m. and surveyed the revelers. It was one of their bear nights and the eye candy was appropriately round and furry. Several bear, chub and daddy chasers scoped me out as I made my way to the bar to order a beer. I’ve never been much for chasers, but it felt nice to be appreciated.

“Hi, Matt! The usual?” the bartender yelled over the din, reaching across the bar for a handshake.

“Yessir!” I yelled back as I took his hand.

It was a busy night. He drew my beer and started my tab, then made his best guess at whose hand had raised next to get his attention. We usually chatted at that point, but this time I just smiled and motioned him to go on about his business.

A guy vacated the stool to my left so I sat and turned out to people watch. I saw mostly guys in their twenties and thirties on the dance floor grinding to the thump of the techno beat, but there were enough silver bears and other daddies peppered throughout the crowd that I didn’t feel out of place. Bart spotted me from across the room and began making his way over.

We’ve been regular fuck buddies for years and, in addition to being a beautiful silver grizzly of a man – wide, thick and round – he’s a very generous lover. He’s that rare combination of a big man who’s well-endowed and skilled at both top and bottom. Being in his early fifties he’s maybe ten years my junior and, at about 320, he’s got fifty to sixty pounds on me now.

When we met around fifteen years back I was carrying nearly 300 pounds of muscle and belly myself. We were drawn to each other at first sight. Neither of us is interested in the baggage of a relationship but we both want someone we’re comfortable with for sleep overs, and with whom we feel safe for the satisfaction of bare sex when they happen.

I guess ‘fuck buddies’ is really too casual for what has developed between us. We sometimes might not see other for a month but, with the length of our history, we know each other as well as any lovers.

We just each respect the other’s privacy and don’t infringe on his freedom to think with his dick when the urge strikes, as long as the play is safe outside of whatever it is we have. In fact, our acknowledgment and acceptance of our primal male urges is part of what attracts us to each other.

“Muscles!” he beamed as he pressed his belly to mine for one of his comforting bear hugs.

“Hey, Bart!” I said reciprocating.

“So who looks fuckable out there tonight?” he asked as he backed up to the bar beside me and draped a big arm around my shoulders.

“Haven’t had time to suss that out yet. Who’s looking good to you?” I asked leaning back into his grasp.

“That big ol’ burly boy on the corner of the dance floor…with the twink crawling all over him,” he said pointing with the hand in which he held his beer, “Kind of looks like a young you.”

I saw the fellow he was pointing at. He was at most half my age, but his beard did look remarkably similar to mine and, at about six feet tall with a prominent belly, his thick arms, barrel chest, big shoulders and tree-trunk thighs all suggested that he did indeed push some heavy iron.

By the look of him he was probably a center or guard on his college football team not too many years before. The size and firmness of his impressively round build suggested to me that he was probably still lifting…even heavier than I had, in fact, and he still had a few years out ahead of him. No telling how much more he might grow that impressive muscle mass before time eventually catches up with him. It catches us all.

My cock began to harden as I studied his low center of gravity and sexy moves. He also gave me a momentary sense of longing for those old battles with the barbell.

“Bet there’s one muscle where he comes up short next to you, though,” Bart said with a wink as he copped a quick feel of my package on the sly, “Whoa! I’m guessing he’s caught your eye, too…I saw him first!”

“Looks like you’ll have to pry that twink loose,” I conceded with a grin.

Just then I got a good look at the twink’s face. He seemed familiar. When he finally caught sight of me there was a spark of recognition in his eye as well. He excused himself from his dance partner and began heading our way.

“I think you might have just solved that little problem for me,” Bart said with a grin as he departed the bar.

I watched the fresh-faced young man navigate his way toward me through the obstacle course of people, tables and chairs and started running through names of students I’d recently had in hopes his came to me before he arrived. It always Gaziantep Oral Escort embarrassed me when I came up empty at these impromptu reunions.

“Professor Adams?” he asked, blushing since it was obvious he knew full well who I was.

“The same,” I said, then to my relief his name suddenly popped in my head, “How are you, Mike?”

“Wow!” he exclaimed, “You remember me!”

“Of course I do…Mike Holder,” I confirmed, “It was just over a year ago you were in my class.”

“I’m fine, thanks,” he said, lighting up at my recognition, “And you?”

“Doing great, thanks.”

“Still at the college?”

“Retired last May.”

“No way! What are you…like…fifty?”

“No…like…sixty two,” I said, smiling as I poked a bit of fun at his youthful vernacular.

“Sure don’t look it!” he said as his eyes darted down to my belly and then my crotch before making it back up to my face, “Still…seems kind of young to retire.”

“You might be right. I guess time will tell. How’s your dad?” I asked.

Having taught chemistry for thirty five years at a little two-year college about an hour out of the city it had begun to happen a lot more often than I liked that offspring of former students showed up on my rolls.

“He’s doing great,” he said with a smile, “You know he still talks about your class?”

“I hope he says nice things about it,” I said and then acknowledged Mike’s academic effort by saying, “Ricky was a good student, too, you know.”

It wasn’t really his dad’s academic prowess that stuck out in my memory. This kid had obviously taken after his mother because, even at the young age of his son when I knew him, Ricky Holder was a strapping bear of a man who used to have me concealing my hard-ons in class. Some guys just have a presence that speaks with an air of authority that can belie their age, and he was definitely one of them.

“Only the highest praise!” he exclaimed as he seated himself on the stool that came open next to me while we’d been chatting.

He caught himself letting his gaze roam my body again and then asked, “I’ve always been curious. Were you out when Dad was in your class?”

“No,” I told him, “I think that didn’t happen till two or three years later. You out?”

“Yes, sir, I am…now. Did it as soon as I got up here to finish my bachelor’s.”

“I had no idea you were gay in my class,” I observed.

“Nobody did. I should thank you. You removed a lot of the stigma I felt over it,” he said, his eyes roving my body again, “You know your class was the only one I didn’t make an A in while I was there?”

“Is that why you came over? To let me know I’m all that stood between you and a 4.0 GPA?” I asked with a laugh.

“No sir,” he laughed along, then with an impish grin, “You know why I ended up with a B from you?”

“No, why?” I asked.

“Because I couldn’t concentrate on balancing chemical equations with a hunk like you strutting around in front of me,” he confided with a nervous laugh, blushing at his own bold honesty.

“Well…thank you…I think,” I said, making him laugh that much harder.

“And you’re still about the hottest man I’ve ever seen!” he blurted out, his eyes growing huge when he realized what he’d said.

“That was an awful hot fellow you were dancing with over there,” I pointed out, trying to put him at ease.

“Too young for my taste,” he said, “Really only took him up on the dance because he kind of makes me think of you, to be honest. Then when I saw the real deal sitting over here I couldn’t believe my eyes! Had to run right over and say hi!”

“Quite a block of man, though…the way you were on him I had you two pegged for boyfriends…or fuck buddies, at least,” I observed.

“Oh…no, sir,” he said looking a tad embarrassed, “I only just came out last month. I haven’t actually…you know…done it…with anybody…yet.”

I immediately regretted my words and wished I could snatch them back out of the ether as I assured him, “A fellow as handsome as you…that’ll change soon enough, Mike. Trust me, there’s no need to rush into anything. I hope I didn’t embarrass you.”

“No way, Mr. Adams,” he said, brimming with confidence again.

“We’re two adults, chatting in a gay bar, call me Matt,” I said in hopes of salvaging my misstep.

“Thanks!…Matt,” he said, as though testing the fit of being on first name basis with me.

It must have agreed with him.

“Hey, Matt…now that I’m not at the college anymore…can I…feel your belly?” he haltingly asked.

There was such a tone of childish innocence in the request I could only laugh as I leaned back and turned on my stool to make it protrude in his direction. He pressed his hand to it and rubbed it in expanding circles.

“Oh’m’god!…it’s even firmer than I dreamed…it’s so beautiful!” he exclaimed, then sheepishly corrected himself, “I mean…manly.”

I laughed and laid my hand on his, pressing it to me that much harder, “All the same to me, Mike.”

“Good…geez! Your hands are huge!” he said staring at the way mine completely eclipsed his.

I casually removed it and reached back for my beer lest he get the wrong idea.

He stroked my paunch a couple more times and then removed his to his lap, breaking out in an embarrassed grin as he admitted, “For four months all I could think about was doing that…thank you!”

“No problem,” I told him.

“You always here on bear nights?” he asked.

“Not always. I’m here as often as I can be, though. Never really thought of myself as hairy enough to be a bear, but the eye candy’s nice and a fellow my size doesn’t stand out so much around these guys,” I said and took a sip of my beer.

“Even if you didn’t have a single hair on your whole body you’d still be more bear than ninety percent of these guys!” he insisted.

“You a bear chaser?” I asked.

“LOVE ’em!” he shot back.

“Then I’ll have to defer to your expert opinion,” I said and smiled.

“Smart man!” he said, then after an awkward pause, “Well…I guess I should get back to my friends. It was really great running into you in a place like this, though…and…thanks for the feel.”

“It happens more often than you probably think. It was awfully nice running into you, too, Mike. I just know you’ll knock ’em dead up here at university,” I said, offering him my hand.

“Thanks, Mr. Adams…I mean, Matt,” he said reaching out and shaking it.

He turned and started slowly walking away, then stopped.

Turning again and cautiously approaching me once more he said, “You know…about me being a virgin…and all…everything would be so much…I just wish…I had somebody like you…to tutor me…like…when I used to come to your office…and all.”

I saw that yearning in his eyes for the feel of another man’s skin against his. I’d felt it all the way into my mid-thirties before I finally found the courage to act on it and I remembered how simultaneously attractive and scary the prospect seemed. He was nothing like the men I look to for sex, but it sure tugged at my heart strings.

I decided to give him a memorable thrill and pecked his cheek with a quick kiss. His jaw dropped and he touched one hand to his cheek where I’d kissed him, then surprised me by stroking my beard with the other.

“I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll know what to do when the time comes, Mike,” I assured him, not wanting him to leave feeling rejected, “but we’ll be seeing each other around if you’re a regular here. If it comes to that…I’ll think about it…and all.”

He laughed at my gentle ribbing and then excitedly vowed, “I’ll be here every time!”

With that he fairly skipped off to rejoin his party. I had to laugh at the boyish spring in his step as he vanished into the crowd and wondered how different my life might be if I’d grown up in an age of emboldening acceptance as he had. About that time Bart came back into view heading my way.

“So what was that about?” he asked.

“Another former student. Make any headway with Big Boy?”

“Hell, no! Was no accident he was working your twink over there…all top…only into younger guys…strictly into bareback sex. Damn kids have no clue what the ’80s were like!” he said sounding genuinely perturbed.

“Christ, Bart! You got all that out of him in no more time than that? You sure don’t beat around the bush,” I commented.

“No time to…haven’t emptied my balls in a week…hard as a brick right now!” he stated matter-of-factly while scanning the crowd for another prize.

A brick was actually an apt analogy. He has me by as much in girth as I’ve got him in length, upwards of an inch…and I’m not exactly lacking in girth. I figure he’s got to stretch a tape a good six and a half inches both ways; and I do mean good! The man’s cock head is so big and fat it feels almost like a small fist in your mouth.

“Well, let’s keep working the crowd. If we come up empty we’ve always got each other,” I consoled him.

“Oh, fuck this! Why hunt when dinner’s already on the table? What say we just go to my place and get nekkid,” he said.

“I’m in,” I quickly replied, already looking forward to getting my ass stuffed on his bull cock.

We settled our tabs and then Mike and I caught sight of each other as Bart and I were making our way toward the door. We waved and smiled. I winked at him and saw it sink in that the nearly six hundred pounds of aged beef he was shamelessly ogling were heading off for a fuckfest. I chuckled as we ambled out onto the sidewalk.

“Meet you there,” Bart said as we separated and went to our cars.

Once at Bart’s we quickly stripped to freshen up together in his big walk-in shower. We’ve grown so comfortable that our hands just immediately go where ever needed to clean each other’s hard to reach places, complete with whatever digital penetrations are required to make sure everything is spic’n’span before we get down to business.

Both our cocks were swollen to bursting by the time we stretched out on his bed and pressed our beards together for some deep kissing. His kisses are incredibly stimulating. We exchanged the assertive role freely while our tongues battled back and forth from one mouth to the other.

When we pulled apart he slipped his thumb and index finger around the base of my dick and made it swell obscenely as he pressed down on my generous pad. My tusk-like organ arced up from my loins and he noisily slapped it on my big paunch a few times.

“Look at that fuckin’ belly thumper!” he said with genuine admiration, “Reaches all the way up to your belly button!”

“Suck it, big guy,” I told him as I ran my hand down his broad, furry back and slipped my middle finger in his crack to tease his hole.

“Yes, sir!” he said opting for the submissive role first.

He re-positioned himself beside me for the friendliest approach to my slight upward and leftward curve. Next he slid his mouth down on me until it was full and then slipped his big paw of a hand off my pad down onto my balls, roughly massaging them as he began noisily sucking me. Bart’s head jobs have achieved legendary status on our local bear scene and I’m honored that he’s anointed me his most regular recipient.

My cock began flexing uncontrollably in the firm grip of his mouth as he audibly breathed through his nose to maintain his constant suction on me. He pressed his huge shoulder and chest to the side of my belly and then rested his head on it as it lifted slightly from the pressure he’d applied.

He moaned with contentment while I ran my fingers through the nap of his close-cropped hair. In spite of being younger than me by nearly a decade every hair on his burly body, and it’s covered in them, has turned the most beautiful shade of silver compared with the salt and pepper of mine. It seemed to have happened almost overnight and miraculously turned an already handsome man into the most gorgeous man I’ve ever known.

Putting on a clinic he nursed my phallus like a baby on his mother’s breast, seeming to draw some life force from it. He was a master of suspense as he edged me in his fervent suction. I could feel him preparing to take me down his throat, but he gave me no hint how long I would have to wait.

I sang his praises for his oral skills and deep roster of masculine attributes as he relentlessly teased my turgid member by pressing his gullet to my swollen glans. Onward and upward my passion soared.

Eventually I heard him beginning to fight with his gag reflex and knew the time was drawing near when I would feel his wonderful throat envelop my hardness. At last I heard it noisily yield to my cock head and soon his nose was pressed into my drawn scrotum.

He vigorously milked me until I quickly climaxed without him even having to come up for air. Volley after volley of my molten white lava erupted straight down into his waiting belly.

By the time my orgasm had subsided into its final erratic emissions he came up just enough to breathe through his nose while he hungrily gulped them down. Afterward he shifted in the bed so that he could curl up under my arm and lay his head on my shoulder.

He smiled up at me as he lazily traced a finger up and down the fuzzy furrow between my pecs, now sagging a bit from lack of use, and asked, “How was that, big daddy?”

I laughed and took the bulb of his nose between my teeth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

“Earthshaking, baby boy!” I extolled after releasing it.

I reached my right hand across my belly to tickle his massive, bulging ball sac with my fingertips. He tensed up from the stimulation as he laughed, but didn’t struggle against me.

I then wrapped my hand around his fat, straining hard-on and said, “Your turn, gorgeous.”

“Damn straight!” he said as he rolled onto his wide back and spread his huge, powerful thighs for me.

I crawled over and between them, staring hungrily at the delectable wad of hooded man meat standing commandingly at attention above his huge balls as they rested comfortably on the mattress below. The lip of his leathery hood wreathed the twin bulbs majestically flanking his gaping urethral meatus like a king’s crown. I teased the giant by lapping up the clear droplets that beaded up in his teardrop-shaped hole one right after another.

“Brace yourself, Grizzly,” I warned him, gazing up into his blue eyes, “I’m about to suck this fat cock into next week!”

His eyebrows danced as he flashed his perfect pearly whites at me from the dense silver beard that engulfed the entire lower half of his round, ruggedly handsome face. I studied his intense expression as I slowly peeled his skin down and then gave him the satisfaction of watching my lips stretch out as they slipped over his immense cock head.

I felt his tremendous girth tug at the corners of my mouth as I commenced completing the oral course of our late night sexual feast.

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