In The Middle of Nowhere



Ali did not complain about migrating into Sweden. The company electric car swung through the white, mountainous border territory that evening. He had asked a compatriot to join him. She was called Jinx —and easy-girl— by everybody. Today she wore a thick down jacket for two reasons. Firstly, it was freezing when the battery saver mode was on. Secondly, it was mind-blowing when she slowly pulled the zipper down, revealing her bra.

Her hand moved from his leg to pull his zipper down. This was after she drank one entire bottle of the cargo. His patron always put some extra.

He pulled the car off as fellatio started. He enjoyed life and her tits. She swallowed his cock, but not its load.

With cum stains everywhere, the rush of happiness turned into panic as the car did not start again. He should have charged the car earlier as planned.

After some minutes of swearing, headlights approached. The slow tractor was driven by a rude, redheaded farmerette who howled “are you frozen stupid?”

With few words and even fewer smiles, their car was laggardly towed to her farm.

Finally, the electric gaziantep lezbiyen escort car charger was plugged in a barn in the middle of nowhere. Standing there, the hostess said: “I’m Åse. Will it take long?” As she was obviously not inviting them in, Ali asked for the toilet. Åse pointed to the forest first, but after some persuasion they followed her to a big, old farmhouse. She suspiciously shouted, announcing themselves inside.

Ali moved to the kitchen, accepted water, and small-talked while Jinx used an eternity in the bathroom. Impatiently, Åse asked him to go and check.

Once in the hallway, he knocked softly. He heard a buzzing sound and sneaked in, finding Jinx half-drunk, giggling, sitting on a couch, using a vibrator on her cunt. Fucking nymphomaniac. And yes, a couch in the restroom, next to a second door. A cabinet was open, and he discovered two more toys, handcuffs, plenty of lube and pills.

Åse approached just as he closed the door. Ali grimaced and nervously spurted, “to show our gratitude you get an akvavit bottle. escort gaziantep lezbiyen That’s my patron’s business. I am meeting three clients in the morning, all elite restaurants. Wait here… back in the kitchen, please.”

Ali struggled with the half-frozen not-fully-charged car, but managed to open it, fetched a bottle and returned. He slowed down as he saw a naked man through a window. The hunk had a VR-set on and was enjoying himself, not fapping. It was dark, but Ali could see ropes, whips… Oh, holy shit! Taking the VR-set off, he seemed to notice a sound. Naked, he then moved towards the door behind him, probably leading to the bathroom!

Ali panicked and rushed into the kitchen. He started to loudly compliment Åse, offering some akvavit. She improved her small talk after the third shot, and her flirting after the fifth.

Ali excused himself and went to the restroom. Nobody. He sneaked through one more door.

There! Jinx was naked, facing away, riding the man who was now sitting on a divan. Erotic moans came both from Jinx gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar and the VR-set she had on. The man bent Jinx forward, licking her breasts, spreading her buttocks and playing with a finger back there.

Ali short-circuited. He pulled his cock out, applied copious amounts of lube and went all in. Jinx’s ass was tight, so the penetration went slow. Jinx moaned loudly, her anus trying to expel him first, then to keep him.

Åse eventually came and held her man’s head forcing it into Jinx’s tits.

Ali pushed forward, the muscleman upwards. Jinx squirted while riding as a cow-girl, both cocks inside, eventually collapsing.

With her rudeness, Åse grabbed Ali by his shirt and forced a kiss while fapping him.

Jinx, lying, peaked through the VR-set. The redhead bent over, still holding Ali’s cock, and was taken from behind by her stallion. She started licking and rubbing Jinx tits, anus and clit. Jinx squirted two more streams, mixing with Ali’s cum, onto Åse’s face, who moaned as if she was alone on earth. Her stallion raised her right leg, splitting her wide. She drank cum and pussy and endured his onslaught.


The divan broke; curtains tore; lamps fell; bodies crashed; nails buried; hormones rushed; teeth bit.

The mixed-cum-covered loud-moaning-hot-human pile climaxed.

Glancing at the recovering threesome, Ali proposed to leave. Jinx smiled, “Ali, pick me up tomorrow on your way back… Please.”

And then he left.

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