I Want my Brother- There I Said It



“Yeah mom, I’ll take Vern to the cabin with me, you guys just go on your vacation since you already planned it,” Grey said. “Hope they’ll be done with the kitchen by the time we get back. What a mess,” he grumbled.

My brother has called me Vern for as long as I can remember. I don’t ever remember him calling me Veronica as my parents do.

“It’ll look fantastic once they’re done with the remodeling, hon. You’ll love it,” mom said. “Glad we can all get out of here instead of being in the midst of all this chaos.”

Mom and dad were off early to catch their plane for a California vacation. Grey and I were sticking closer to home in North Carolina. Dad bought a cabin on a fishing lake when we were children. We went there often when we were kids but haven’t been in about five years.

“You ready to go?” Grey asked after loading the bags in the back of his pickup.

“Yep. Let’s get Ashley and get on the road. I don’t want to get there too late. I’ll probably have to clean the place up… Or chase the bears out,” I laughed.

Ashley bounced out the front door with a knapsack slung over her shoulder. Her parents were gone so she was dressed in the bare minimum, shorts that revealed half her ass cheeks and a halter top that showed her half-size tits. Oh, you’re bad, Veronica, I smirked to myself.

She climbed into the truck and slid into the middle of the seat, and we set off for the cabin.

We had the windows down enjoying the warm spring while Ashley winced and held her long auburn hair in her hand to keep it from blowing around. The shaggy cut I had was long enough to not be a pain and short enough to not be a pain.

Grey and I were twelve months apart. I was the oldest. Since we both had honey blonde hair and tanned skin we were often mistaken for twins. Most of the time we just agreed instead of explaining.

Once we turned onto the rutted dirt road to the cabin, Ashley let go of her hair and grabbed onto Grey’s thigh. We bounced so hard through the ruts that my ass was glad to see the cabin ahead.

I jumped out and grabbed the bag of cleaning supplies first. Not going to take anything in until I inspected the cabin for ick.

He unlocked the door, and it was as though we stepped back five years. Everything was exactly as we’d left it. Mom had covered the furniture so other than dust, there wasn’t much to clean. Grey brought the cooler in with groceries and plugged in the old refrigerator.

“I don’t know about this,” he said warily. The old refrigerator creaked and groaned a bit, then all of a sudden, the compressor kicked in. We looked at each other in shock. “We lucked out, sis. Leave everything in the cooler until this gets to temperature.

I handed Ashley a dust mop and cloth to clean the bedroom they’d be using, and I went into the only other bedroom. A quick mop and dust and it was perfect. We had brought sheets that were always reserved for the cabin.

“I’m going to get my suit on and check out that dock, baby,” she crooned, giving him a sloppy kiss.

“Mmm, yeah, I’ll be there soon,” he replied with a wink, then looked at me and raised his eyebrows behind her back.

I happened to know that although she was gorgeous, she was an accomplished cockteaser. My brother had been dating her for three months and all he had to show for it was a case of never-ending arousal. In other words, she left him horny every night. This trip he hoped would be different.

I put my bikini on and was happy that I was still well-tanned from last summer. I grabbed the bottle of sunblock just in case, along with a towel, and headed to the dock.

Both were already stretched out on their towels. Ashley stayed close enough to him that she could keep her hands on him, stroking, fondling, just any way to get and keep him aroused. I hoped for his sake, he would finally get lucky with her, although my opinion is once a cock tease, always a cock tease.

“Hey Vern, look, you can’t see the other cabins anymore.” I looked around.

“Everything has really grown up. Look how big those trees are!” We had planted them ten years ago and they had really taken off in the last five years.

“It’s still so nice here, isn’t it Grey,” I said, remembering fond memories of gerçek resimli gaziantep escort the family here.

“Yeah, hon, it is.” His tone told me he was thinking the same.

I dozed and when I woke up, they were gone. I wasn’t ready to go in anyhow, so I rolled on my back and went back to sleep.

“Hey sleepyhead, you going to come eat or what?”

He gave me his hand and I stood up, still groggy from sleep. “It’s dinner time already?”

He laughed. “You slept all afternoon, nut.” He put his arm around my shoulders, and we wandered back to the cabin.

No stove so everything had to be cooked on the outdoor grill or wood fire. Grey had already made hamburgers and had the potato salad mom made for us.

“I’m just so tired,” Ashley said after we ate. “I didn’t get the nap you did, Veronica,” she laughed. “I’m going to turn in early.”

“No kidding! I’ll probably be up half the night reading.”

Grey and I cleaned up and I dusted and swept the living area of the cabin. It was small so didn’t take long.

“You can go to bed,” I said to Grey. “I’ve got this.”

“Yeah, guess I’ll try again,” he said, disgusted. That told me the afternoon didn’t go well for him.

I sat on the screened porch sipping my coffee and watching the sunrise over the trees.

“Oh good, coffee. I need a gallon.” He raked his fingers through his hair and looked grumpy.

“Sit, I’ll get it for you.” I handed him a mug, extra strong.

“Ashley still sleeping?”


Okay then, I thought deciding to not venture any further.

We sat in peace for a few minutes, and I heard movement in the cabin.

“Anyone want more coffee?” she asked.

“I’m done, thanks,” I said, and Grey didn’t answer.

She stretched her legs out in front of her on an old chaise lounge. Her bikini was minuscule, and I wondered if anything that small would even cover my nipples. At thirty-eight D, I had more than a handful topped with big dark pink nipples.

We sat in strained silence for a while until Grey decided to grab a fishing pole and head to the lake. Ashley left shortly after, and I saw her looking for him on the dock. I knew he was at the normal fishing spot, and I wasn’t going to give him up. I knew he needed space from her.

She went to the dock, and I snuck out the back door and took the trail the long way to the spot.

“Remember this,” Grey said of the fishing spot we always used.

“Yeah, it’s even better now.”

It was a small outcropping over the lake that was held together by the big tree roots surrounding it. It was secluded now with wild berry bushes on one side and thick overgrowth on the other. I sat on a big root that rose high out of the ground because the ground had washed away.

We sat in comfortable silence again until finally, he said, “I’m sick of it, Vern. Ashley and I have been together long enough. I think she figures I’ll ask her to marry me if she keeps shutting me down.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m trying to respect her wishes, but goddammit we’re not in high school anymore.”

“Really?” I asked, somewhat alarmed. “Marry? I didn’t know you were thinking about that!”

“I’m not!” he said. “She thinks I am though.”

“Ahhh, okay, I get you. Guess you must decide what to do, G.” He nodded.

When I got back to the cabin there was a pile of bikinis on my bed. I went down to the dock.

“Hey, Veronica,” she said. “I have so many swimsuits I thought maybe you could use some? I hated to toss them.”

“Yes, thanks for thinking of me. They look like new.” I liked Ashley, just not what she does to men.

I stretched out on my towel, and we talked, staying far away from the subject of my brother. I didn’t want to get into the middle of that.

“I’ll go get something together for dinner,” I said picking my towel up. “Hopefully Grey caught some fish!”

As I got to the cabin, I saw him around the side at the outdoor sink cleaning fish.

“Yay, you caught dinner!”

“I did! I think we’ll pan fry these?”

“Yep, sounds good. Let me go get everything together,” I said. I threw on an old t-shirt over my bikini and went kitchen. gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan Ashley and Grey were talking quietly, and I hoped they were working it out.

Ashley was quiet at dinner. Too quiet. Grey was his normal self, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. I didn’t think it was good whatever it was.

I cleaned up after dinner and said I wanted to read and disappeared into my bedroom.

The walls were thin, and I heard what I hoped was the beginning of pretty hot sex for my brother. I turned the radio up.

I overslept and was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Grey stumbled in, naked. We often saw each other like that in passing so it was no shock.

He splashed into the toilet and mumbled something. I bent over to rinse my mouth just as he was squeezing behind me and bumped my ass right into his dick.

He grabbed my hips, mostly to steady himself. I stood up and looked at him in the mirror. My thin t-shirt was nearly transparent in the harsh glare of the bare bulb over the mirror. I felt his fingers flex on my skin.

Neither of us moved. His dick was still pressed against my ass and rapidly growing.

“Oh god, Vern,” he murmured. “Walk away now.” I didn’t. Couldn’t.

Our eyes locked. He slid his hands under the hem of my shirt and slowly began pushing it higher. I know he would have stopped at any sign from me. I also know I should say something to stop him. Looking into his matching hazel eyes I saw the same lust. I didn’t want to say no. I didn’t want to think about what we were doing. I just wanted.

“Ashley?” I whispered.


My shirt moved up incrementally. I wanted to rip it off and get to it. I wanted my brother to fuck me. There I said it. It made it real.

I trembled as it moved even higher baring my stomach above my bikini panties. The movement of the shirt across my nipples made them hard. His gaze made them harder.

The shirt was gathered in his hands under my arms and draped across my breasts. I raised my arms and he pulled it over my head, baring my breasts.

“Vern….” He whispered.

I leaned back against his bare chest. Hot skin to hot skin. I watched his eyes move over my body. Felt his cock throb.

I didn’t realize just how much we looked alike until we were side by side in the mirror. I was the female version of him. Our honey blonde hair was the same. Our hazel eyes matched.

He stroked my stomach with the flat of his hands. His fingers caught the elastic of my panties and shoved them down.

He moaned softly when he saw the tuft of light blonde hair and swollen pussy lips.

I laid my head back on his shoulder and he nuzzled my neck. He cupped my tits and fondled them, palming my nipples harder.

“Should we do this, Vern?” he whispered. “God, I want you so much.”

“It’s right for us. We’re all that counts.”

I arched, shoving my tits into his hands, needing more. He nipped my neck and breathed a steamy breath in my ear and on my neck. I pushed my ass back and circled it on his hot cock.

“God damn, Vern. I’m not going to last long because- You know.” I did.

I turned and sat on the edge of the counter, pulling him between my legs.

“Now, Grey. Fuck me now.”

He growled and grunted and rumbled as he pushed into my tight cunt. I leaned back on my hands to watch his cock disappear in me.”

I was amazed that the tuft of hair on my pussy disappeared into the nest of curls at the base of his cock.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “Your so damned tight.”

I spread wide and he began to rock into me, deep and hard. His cock abraded my cunt and rubbed my clit. My head fell back against the mirror, and I whimpered out my first orgasm on my brother’s cock.

“Oh yeah!” He shouted, grimaced, and growled. His cock throbbed hard inside me and exploded his load of hot cum.

He trembled, then opened his eyes. “Damn, Vern…” His cock was still inside me, and I sat up. “What have I been missing all this time,” he whispered, brushing his lips on mine.

“Mmm, I feel the same.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. We were still hungry for each other and gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort our kissed quickly turned passionate and deep.

“I don’t want to fuck you on the bathroom countertop again,” he smiled.

I slid off the edge. “Oh, I don’t know, I sorta liked it. But we do have the kitchen, screen room, and living room. Not to mention the dock, the fishing area, the-“

“Okay okay,” he cut in. “We’re going to be busy is what you’re telling me?”

I took his hand and led him to my bed. “Oh yeah, we’re going to be really busy.” I pulled the covers back and slipped in. “But first I need a nap.”

“Not without me!”

He pulled the blanket back and climbed in over me. We started wrestling, but somehow it was much different wrestling naked than with clothes like we used to do.

“Mmm, we shoulda started this naked wrestling stuff long ago,” he said, and I laughed.

“I was just thinking the same thing.” He spooned in behind me. “Think mom and dad will notice if we start sleeping in the same bed?”

He wrapped his arm around me, cupping my breast. “Maybe. We’d have to get sound-absorbing walls though.”

I cringed. “Ugh yeah, no more screaming orgasms.”

“That’s no fun,” he said softly, falling asleep. I dozed off as well.

I was startled awake, forgetting for a moment I wasn’t in bed alone. Bringing me quickly back to reality was the hard dick that was sliding in between my pussy lips from the back.

“Someone is awake,” I murmured sleepily.

“I am,” he whispered in my ear. He began to nuzzle my neck. He stroked my stomach and pushed his fingers between my legs and began teasing my clit.

“Yesssss,” I hissed. He whispered filthy lewd words in my ear that set me aflame. I jerked and my orgasm slammed me into a quivering orgasm.

“Fuck Vern, you’re so damned sexy.”

“I need your cock,” I demanded, rolling to my hands and knees.

He held my hips and slid his cock deep inside me. I rode his cock. I looked between my legs and watched his cock sliding in and out, his balls slapping against my clit.

“Fuck me, Vern!”

I rode him faster, my tits swinging harder. His balls banging against my clit sent me over the edge. I bucked and drove back hard, taking him deeply while my cunt squeezed his cock. He shouted and filled me with his hot seed.

I collapsed on the bed, and he rolled to my side.

“Think of all the fun we could have been having,” he said, laughing.

“We’ll just have to make up for it!”

“Did you kids have fun?” mom asked when we walked in the door.

“Sure, it was great being at the old cabin again. I missed it,” I said. “It has really changed a lot.”

“I bet it has,” dad said. “The cabin was in decent shape?”

“Everything was okay. Even the old refrigerator compressor fired right up when I plugged it in,” Grey said, laughing.

“Really? Wow. Glad you all had a good time.”

“Oh, we did,” Grey said blandly.

I unpacked, tossed my clothes in the hamper, and ran the hot water for a shower. I had a new book and planned to read it until bedtime.

The shower door opened. “I missed you already, Vern.”

I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck, rubbing my soapy slick body against his. “Mmm, I can tell you missed me,” I murmured, pushing my mound into his hard cock.

He pushed me against the wall, cupped my ass, and lifted me onto his cock. All I could do was hang on while he fucked me. His face was buried in my neck, panting with each hard thrust. The angle of his cock rubbed my clit each stroke and I started to come in waves.

“Cum for me Grey, cum deep inside me,” I whispered, my voice trembling.

Suddenly he drove hard and locked into me, his cock exploding heat.

My legs slid to the floor, and I was glad he was still supporting me.

“Phew,” I mumbled. “This was one hot shower.”

We took whatever moments we could. Mom and dad’s bedroom was on the first floor, ours on the second, so we could quietly sneak into each other’s room. And we did. Often.

“Hey, guess who called me today?”

“Dunno,” I shrugged, squirting the mayonnaise on our sandwiches.


“Seriously?” I laughed. “Took her long enough.”

“She wanted to get back together.”

“Maybe she’ll be nicer to you this time,” I smirked.

“There’s no this time. I turned her down.”

“You did? Why?” I was surprised since that was what he wanted.

“I told her I found someone very special to me,” he smiled.

“Awww, you said that?”

“I did.”

“Guess I’ll just have to remind you how special I am…”

“Guess you better,” he smiled, unbuttoning his jeans.

~the end~

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