I Turned Myself Out Ch. 04



All characters are over 18. This story contains bisexual and cuckolding activity as well as fetishistic name-calling. If you don’t enjoy these things, this might not be the story for you.


Porn seduced me early in life and, even as a married man, it commands part of my loyalty to this day. It happened that I became bored, or maybe just desensitized, to ordinary, mainstream porn, so I started to dabble in fetishes. Cuckold videos were my gateway drug, leading me to cum-eating instruction videos and sissy oral and anal hypnotic trainers. When the fantasy was no longer enough for me, I moved secretly to fulfil my emerging homosexual desires. When one of my dominatrix-narrated sissy hypno trainers challenged me to find and suck a cock within twenty-four hours, I succeeded not only in swallowing the cum of two men (with great satisfaction), but I was also fucked in the ass by one of my candidates. It had been a quick and painful, but surprisingly rewarding, experience and it sent me back to the computer, fixating on the idea of anal sex. Before long, I was ready to give up my ass to another stranger. That led to an encounter, one particular afternoon, in which two black men spit-roasted me to our mutual fulfillment.

Arriving home from that very special, landmark encounter, I had a sore ass and a satisfied smirk. The smile faded quickly as I came face-to-face with my wife, Lynn, who was supposed to be hours away, visiting her sister in Buffalo.

Instead, she was sitting in the middle of the bed wearing only a housecoat; she had obviously just taken a shower. It was also obvious that she had been crying. The bed had no sheet; I had left it in the wash after ejaculating on it during an intense masturbation session the night before. The tools for that adventure were still spread out around the top of the mattress: dildos and butt-plugs of various sizes and colours, a vibrator, a tube of lubricant and a laptop open to a Pornhub video entitled “Extreme Straight to Gay Sissy Anal Trainer”. There could be no doubt in her mind about how I used these toys with that video as my guide.

I began, as many liars do, with the phrase: “Honey, I can explain.”

She simply stared at me for a few long seconds. Then her lip quivered and the waterworks started. I comforted her, sitting on the edge of the bed and putting my arms around her. She did not resist, and I hoped that was a good sign. For several minutes, she blubbered and sobbed, wiping her runny nose on my sleeve. When the crying outburst passed, she tried to say something in a hesitant and trembling voice.

I had already calculated any number of things she might say: “I should have been enough for you”; “Get your things and go”; and “How could you do this to me?” How could I answer? Despite my aching needs of late to suck cock and take it up the ass, I loved my wife very much. My infidelity was my fault, and I would take responsibility, but I cast my mind ahead to think of anything I could say or do to earn a second chance. I was prepared to beg if necessary.

Regaining some of her composure, she lifted her head off my shoulder and looked me in the face. She started out falteringly.

“I… I…” and the rest of her sentence was lost in wailing as she started crying again.

I consoled her; I didn’t rush her for fear that whatever she had to say would be hateful or cruel. She kept blubbering the same thing over and over again, but somehow it didn’t sound like she was condemning me. After hearing it enough times, the words began to resolve out of the cracking voice and sobbing sounds and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I cheated on you.” She was saying it over and over again.

This sank in. My first thought was that I have no right to judge her given my own recent extramarital activity. She had been so painfully distant for the past year, but I blamed myself for not being the virile husband who could satisfy her. It seems she sought out that satisfaction on her own, just as I had. Perhaps she felt like the distance between us was her fault, just as I had believed it was mine.

After a few moments, I patted her on the shoulder. “There, there. It’s alright.”

Once she was able to talk clearly, it all came out. As our intimacy had weakened over the past few years, she had become increasingly frustrated sexually. My seeming lack of sexual interest began to make her feel unattractive. She began to secretly satisfy her urges by masturbating with strangers online, but before long, she was meeting up with her chatmates for real sex. She confessed that several of her trips to her mother’s house in Ottawa and her sister’s in Buffalo over the past year were just cover for weekend getaways with other men… and a few women.

I absorbed all of this, and as someone who was frequently stimulated by cuckold and lesbian porn, I found myself aroused by my wife’s frank account of her infidelity. Later, I was going to want details.

Now it was my turn to come clean. I took responsibility for letting porn get Gaziantep Grup Escort in the way of our love-life; I had certainly spilled a lot of seed on fantasies when I could have had the real thing. She had watched the training video on the computer, and now that she was calm after her own confession, she asked me when I became interested in sissy sex. I was deeply embarrassed, but I was honest with my wife, explaining my progression through the realms of pornography until I found myself fascinated with sissy hypnosis videos.

“Do they work?” Lynn asked. “The hypno trainers?”

“They work,” I answered ruefully.

“So, you’ve… sucked a cock?”


“And you’ve been fucked up the ass?”

“A couple of times.”

I came out to her as bisexual, and to my amazement and unimaginable relief, she admitted that she was bisexual as well. She had been experimenting with both men and women for the past year. Her trip to Buffalo this weekend had been a sham; she had really been much closer by, in Toronto, sleeping with a female intern from her firm’s office there.

“So, you’re bi,” she said before biting her lip. “I have to admit the thought of you taking a cock turns me on…”

I could see a visible shift in her expression. She was considering my infidelity, I think, and treating mine the way I treated hers: not only did she find it forgivable, but also oddly stimulating. We both lay on the bed swapping stories of our adulterous encounters. We left no sensual details out. We compared the lengths of cock we had fucked and sucked; we discussed different positions in which we had teen taken. Before long, we were both aroused. When I told her about my spit-roast earlier that day, she admitted she was wet and spread her legs lewdly.

“Fuck me, my sissy boy,” She said and I knew she meant it in the best possible way. It was acknowledgement.

We were like kids: we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We fucked twice back-to-back (not forgetting I had come earlier during my spit-roast). It was the best sex we’d had together in years.

A short while later, we were in the bath and sharing sex fantasies that we could follow together. We settled on one that turned us both on, and we made plans to have a third body join us in bed and fuck us both. Would it be a man or a woman? My wife was pretty keen to see me under a man, and I was not averse to the idea, so we began looking for a man to crowd us a little in bed.

As soon as we dried off from the bath, my wife got straight to work. Lynn was more adept than I was with online apps. I had always fumbled around looking for partners in public places; I’d always been too afraid my wife might find a dating app on my phone and hold me to account. It never occurred to me to check Lynn’s phone. Presently, she created a profile for us as a couple, advertising our desire for a companion for short-term encounters. She swiped right and left on male profiles as she narrowed down the local options. Before long, she had condensed her potential candidates down to one favourite.

“What do you think of his picture?” Lynn asked.

“He’s fine,” I replied. “I’m not attracted to men as a whole; it’s just their cocks that interest me.”

“Then I’ll pick someone to please myself!”

I nodded my agreement.

Lynn entered into chats with “Tom” and confirmed that he was open-minded toward a threesome arrangement in which he would fuck both husband and wife. After that, she stayed in touch with him throughout the week, keeping his interest keen. A date was made for Friday night.

Lynn and I each marked the days with growing excitement. We had sex and masturbated together several times, and my wife was particularly fascinated to watch me eat my own cum after ejaculation. After Wednesday, Lynn declared we would not touch ourselves for the rest of the week. She wanted our lust to be sharp on Friday night.

Tom arrived punctually at eight o’clock Friday evening. He was about thirty-five, six feet tall, white and handsome. His sandy brown hair hung over his right eye. He was broad and well-proportioned. He wore tight jeans and a light blue button-up shirt. I sized him up the way my hypno trainers had instructed me; my eyes quickly fell to the package between his legs. I licked my lips as I assessed the huge bulge there.

Lynn let Tom in and as soon as the door closed, he pulled my wife into a close embrace, and with a sidelong glance at me, he kissed her passionately. Our eyes held as he thrust his tongue down Lynn’s throat; he met with no sign of resistance or resentment in my gaze. She responded to his kiss with equal passion and I was surprised to see such fire in the woman I’d been used to thinking of as ‘vanilla’ for the last few years. I was surprisingly lacking in jealousy at this display of sexual chemistry between my mate and a total stranger; I think I’d become used to the idea of my wife taking other partners because it excited me so. Tom was satisfied that I was ‘broken’ and wouldn’t be any trouble to him. He ended the kiss, and my breathless wife stumbled backward. I knew the look on her face; she was enflamed with lust.

We handled the introductions and sat down for drinks. Tom and my wife sat on the couch, while I sat on a lounger facing them. The conversation was mostly between Lynn and Tom; I kept the drinks topped up. After a couple of glasses of Scotch lubricated us socially, the discussion turned to sex. My wife looked at me as if asking permission; she found what she needed in my eyes. I watched my wife of over twenty years slide her ass across the couch to seat herself in Tom’s lap, facing him and locking lips with him as she let her hands roam over his back and shoulders. They made out that way for a few minutes before my wife looked over her shoulder at me.

“Come on, sissy,” she said. “Time to undress your wife for her lover.” I admired her poise and confidence in going after what she wanted. This was not the timid little flower I had married. I could only approve the change.

I crossed the room and unzipped her dress. I pulled it up over her head and neatly folded it, setting it on the coffee table. Lynn wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She stood up and allowed Tom to view the curves of her bare body. I awaited further instructions.

Tom shoved me aside and undressed himself in front of us. He did so without any visible sign of self-consciousness; he was comfortable in his own skin. When he faced us, his erection was just filling out at about seven inches or so.

When next she spoke, I remembered that my wife had watched some of my sissy trainers; now she adopted the tone and diction worthy of a hypnodomme. First, she ordered me to strip. I dropped my clothes in a heap under the coffee table.

“You there, yes, you little, sissy bitch, that cock isn’t sucking itself. Drop to your knees and get on it, baby.”

I started over toward Tom, but Lynn stopped me.

“Don’t walk like a man,” she said. “Crawl for cock. Show a real man that you know your place is on your knees before him.”

Tom seemed a little startled at the way my wife spoke to me, but he played along. As long as he was getting his dick sucked and all he had to do was stand there and shut up, he was fine.

Lynn sat back down on the couch, quite happy to watch the show. I flushed crimson, but she read me correctly; I enjoyed this light humiliation. I crawled and knelt in front of Tom. My head was at the level of his cock and I looked up at Tom’s face. He looked down at me like I was something he scraped off his shoe.

“Open your mouth wide for Tom, you little fairy. Show him what a willing cocksucker you are.”

I obeyed, turned on by her derogatory language. This was a woman who had marched in Pride events sponsored by her work; I knew she harboured no ill-will against gays. Tom leaned into me, his dick bouncing gently on my face.

“Lick him!”

I stuck out my tongue and dragged it along the rough ridge running along the bottom of his cock. Tom’s breath caught in his throat, and I was proud I could make a man feel so good. I continued tongue-bathing his penis for a couple of minutes or more; I was licking his hairy balls when I received my next command.

“Good little sissy,” Lynn said. She reached out and ruffled my hair. “Look at the tip of his dick; you coaxed up some pre-cum! Suck it off the head of his cock!”

Naturally, I followed her instructions. I licked the little shiny pearl of pre-cum out of his piss-slit.

“How does it taste, cocksucker?”

“It’s salty.”

“You love it!”

“Yes, I do.”

Lynn lay back on the couch and I saw her hand reaching down toward her wet, naked pussy. Watching her husband licking cock was turning her on.

“Suck that cock, faggot!”

I groaned in submissive pleasure when she called me that, but by that time I had Tom’s member in my mouth to muffle the sound.

“Go down on him, and get him ready to take your wife’s pussy!”

I went to town on Tom’s cock. I’d had a lot of practice blowing men recently and I had learned a few tricks. I hollowed my cheeks so that, when I added suction, the walls of my mouth were nearly as tight as a vagina; I vibrated my tongue as I used it to massage the helmet of his penis.

“Yeah, baby,” Lynn said. I could hear her rubbing one out, her wet pussy lips slapping together. “Keep sucking that cock!”

I did what I was told. I was more than interested in my work and I could tell that Tom was too. He grabbed my ears and started thrusting against my face. I couldn’t control the tempo of my face-fucking anymore, but I still had command of my technique. Lynn kept flicking the bean; she was already moaning.

“Oh, you little cocksleeve,” she sighed as she shuddered through her first orgasm of the evening. “It looks like you could teach me a trick or two about oral sex…”

I was glad she came; I could tell Tom wasn’t far off doing the same. He pulled himself out of my mouth and took a few deep breaths. I recognized the effort of a man who was close to orgasm and fighting it, willing the semen back the way it came.

Tom took the initiative from my wife for a minute.

“Alright,” Tom said. He pointed at me. “Get on the couch and lie on your back. Lynn, position yourself over him like you’re going to do sixty-nine.” Lynn and I assumed the demanded position. From where my head was, I had a good view: I was more or less looking into Lynn’s ass and pussy. Tom knelt behind Lynn and planted his hands on his hips as if waiting for something. Lynn laughed and explained Tom’s hesitation.

“He’s waiting for you to put his cock in your wife, my little cuckold.” Being called a cuckold by my wife sent a perverse thrill through me.

I reached up awkwardly; Lynn needed to adjust her position to let me raise my arm. When I could put my hand on Tom’s cock, I gently stroked it a couple of times to ensure he had the proper hardness; he was not lacking. I guided his penis into my wife’s pussy and Tom completed the thrust. He commanded me to lick Lynn’s clit as he began ramming her.

“Tom will have a tasty treat for you soon, my precious sissy,” Lynn said, breathless. She was not idle as Tom fucked her. With my dick stationed over her head and leaking pre-cum all over her face, my Lynn began to nip playfully at the tip of my cock. She didn’t attack me aggressively; she wanted me to feel good, but she wasn’t ready to see me come yet.

Lynn had sighed when Tom entered her; now as his thrusts intensified in speed and force, she started moaning and even grunting. I like to think my continuing oral ministrations were helping her along too.

Tom had delayed his orgasm once, but after ten minutes of fucking Lynn silly, he was ready to come.

“Alright,” Tom said to me between gasps. “I’m gonna nut soon, so open wide…”

Lynn added further instructions.

“When he comes, keep it in your mouth so I can see what a flaming cock whore you are.” She had given up on licking the tip of my cock. Soon, she wriggled through another intense orgasm. I’m sure she got off as much on my obedience and humiliation as Tom’s fucking.

“Here I come!” Tom shouted. He didn’t call me any names; that privilege was reserved for my wife.

Tom pulled out of Lynn’s vagina and bent his hard cock toward my gaping mouth. He came in eight bursts of thick jizz. My mouth was full by the time Tom wiped his wet cock in my hair. He hopped off the couch while Lynn reversed her position so she was lying face down and eye-to-eye on top of me. My mouth was open, as ordered. The silvery cum crowded my mouth and Lynn regarded me with delight.

“What a cock slut you are!”

My cock twitched but so far, I had not come despite my heightened state of arousal. I didn’t mind. Just blowing a dick and seeing my wife get off was satisfaction enough for me. But Lynn didn’t leave it at that.

Lynn leaned down and kissed me deeply, rolling her tongue through the viscous matter in my mouth, scooping it into her own before pressing it home again with her tongue. I marked two new milestones today: it was my first MMF threesome and my first cum kiss. My dick was at full attention, but my time was not yet.

I saw Lynn silently mouth an “I love you” at me. I intensely enjoyed this re-established intimacy with my wife, but I remembered there was still someone else in the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tom sitting in the lounger. He looked entertained as we snowballed his cum back and forth between us. That seven-incher of his was hard again and he was giving it a slow pull.

Eventually, my wife ordered me to swallow the cum of our younger guest. I complied without hesitation, gulping it down, and I wondered if she was impressed by my ability to swallow cum so easily. In the past, Lynn used to have trouble choking down my cum. I wondered if her year of sexual exploration had addressed that; she just proved that she was willing and able to handle the taste.

After a few minutes, Lynn jumped off me and off the couch. She pointed at the empty liquor glasses and ordered me to get off my lazy ass and get us drinks. I hopped to it. When I turned around after pouring the drinks, Lynn was back on Tom’s lap, kissing him intensely. She whispered into his ear and he nodded. They had agreed: it was my turn to get off.

I set their drinks before them and I sat on the couch, sipping at mine. There was no conversation now; only restful silence. There was a charge of sexual tension in the air. I watched as my wife made out with the stranger and I felt my own cock stirring at the sight of them, burning in their ardour. I was lucky to have so beautiful a wife and so handsome a young lover. After years of marital stagnation and sexual frustration, I was grateful for the way things were going for my wife and me.

Tom and Lynn broke their kiss and Tom looked over her shoulder to look at me. Lynn turned her head at me too.

“Cuck, a man just fucked your wife right in front of you. A real man wouldn’t stand for that. What did you do? You sucked his cock and ate his cum. That’s a woman’s place. Should he fuck you like a woman?”

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