I Heard the Door Open, She Didn’t


Ariella Ferrera

I heard the door open…then close. Good! I knew who it was. She, the woman I love and was fucking in my bedroom at the moment, had no idea. She didn’t hear a thing. She was way too distracted from riding my hard cock to hear much of anything.

I heard the footsteps on the stairs up to the master bedroom and saw both of my friends as they rounded the corner. They took one look and smiled at me, giving first a thumbs up and then a finger to the mouth shhhhh. I’d told them when to come by, and that they needed to be quiet, but it’d be worth it.

About a month before, my gal and I were cuddled together after a monumental fuck session and we talked about our fantasy’s. She surprised me with her fantasy of servicing multiple guy’s! Not that she’d ever actually do that… Whoa! Didn’t see that coming! But that’s when the thought started for me. Hmmm…I think I can make that happen…

She was visiting for a week and a quick call to my two buddy’s was an easy set up. I didn’t have to ask twice. LOL.

While she was grinding on my cock, they both quietly undressed, exposing some pretty impressive, raging hard on’s! Gaziantep Olgun Escort As buddy

approached the bed, I reached up, grabbed her head and pulled her down for an extended deep kiss, knowing that she’s most likely not feel the bed move. He climbed on behind her, her beautiful ass just waiting, puckered. Buddy

shot some lub in his hand and giving a great reach-around, slicked my

up. Moving forward, he placed the tip of his cock on her puckered hole, just above my thrusting cock, and slowly started to part her. She jumped a little, opened her eyes wide in surprise, looking right at me. I said quietly “Shhh…this if for you baby. Trust me. Relax. I know them. Just let it happen, let it happen…” She smiled, then rolled her eyes up in her head as my buddy drove his cock deep into her ass. Ahh! I could feel him start to piston himself in and out, rubbing my cock thru the walls of her ass into her pussy where I started to slam in.


came around the side of the bed, slowly climbed on and kneeling just above my head, presented his absolutely huge cock to my girl! She leaned forward and he slowly parted her lips, running his sensitive underside along her wet, willing tongue. Oh My God! She was triple spit roasted!! And in absolute heaven. Cocks filling every hole, body being jerked back and forth from three men thrusting hard. She moaned, cried out, and drove herself back and forth, trying to accommodate each cock of it’s need.

My friends balls were swinging back and forth above my face as he pistoned into her mouth. Not wanting to be impolite, I lifted my head, extended my tongue, and licked his balls as they went back and forth. OMG! She took one look at that and cried out in what would be the first of many orgasm’s!

As our paces quickened, the moans and smell of sex filled the air, Buddy

grabbed her hips, pulling her back and forth on all of us. I held still, letting him do all the work as her pussy slicked me up, and drove me deep. Buddy

suddenly popped out of her mouth from

‘s exertion, and with my mouth already so close, licking him, his thrust forward to desperately get back into warm and wet…he thrust right into my mouth…deep! She exploded!! She’d never seen me take a man, let alone such a HUGE one!

He started throat fucking me, with my cock buried deep in her, and Buddy

banging deep into her ass. It was seconds…mere seconds…before all four of the body’s involved tensed up, drove deep, and unloaded what had to be a gallon or more of our seed! I gagged from spurt after spurt slamming down my throat. Her pussy clamped down on the two cocks buried deep in her, while we both blasted her womb with shot after shot of sperm!! A huge chorus of “OH FUCK” rang out as each one of us left this planet Earth and blew our minds and our dicks, out!

Everyone froze, aftershocks of cum still flowing. Then, as though as one, with a pop, we pulled our dripping cocks out of their respective holes, dripping the dregs of cum. Without a word said, Buddy


scooted off the bed, as my woman collapsed on my chest, totally spent. They each got their clothes back on and giving me another thumbs up, left the room. I heard them retreat, whispering Holy Shit’s to each other as they went down the stairs…

With a quiet click, I heard the front door close, leaving me with a belly full of cum, a spent dick, and a very, very happy woman.

I ought to introduce them all to each other sometime.


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