I did it



This is a story about a mature bored wife who cheats with a complete stranger. Her husband finds out and enjoys hearing about her illicit tryst, but nonetheless is cuckolded by her! So, for all the haters of cuckold stories please save your vitriol and don’t read this story!


‘I did it’. Three simple words. Three short words. On their own meaningless. Or on the other hand they could be full of meaning if the person listening knew what they implied. And I did!

It did take a few moments to dawn on me, however. After all I had just arrived back at my hotel room after a hard day’s work. Perhaps the presence of my wife in bed in what appeared to be a gold negligée should have alerted me that something was amiss, but then being married to a sexy and erotic wife meant that such occurrences were not unknown to me!

“Pardon” I asked Rachael my wife as she lay gazing up at me, waiting for my reply.

“I said I did it.”

“Did what” I asked still somewhat perplexed.

“That fantasy of yours, the one we live out during our love making. You know the one, and well I did it. I finally did it, made it come true!”

I felt a flush come over me, a sort of shortness of breath as I realised what my wife was alluding to. The fantasy of her fucking another man, purely for the sex, for the erotic thrill. We had enjoyed talking about this scenario for a long time and it had certainly spiced up many of our love making sessions. We had dared each other to make it a reality or though in actual fact it would be Rachael who would be making it happen, not me. She would be the one allowing herself to be seduced if the right circumstance arose. If the right man appeared and managed to get into her panties. And finding her wet and ready would then fuck her! My recollection of the fantasy was causing my cock to stir and that brought me back to reality.

“You mean, that is, you actually..”

“Yes, I fucked someone. Or rather I got fucked by someone.”

“Who, when? You’re joking, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m serious. Deadly serious, here look at this.”

My wife drew the bed covers down to reveal her sex. Her obviously very wet sex. Her very red looking sex that was oozing.., no surely that couldn’t be what I thought it was could it? I knelt on the bed and the smell hit me first. The smell of spunk to add to the obvious viscous trail that was seeping from her hairy snatch.

I was dumbfounded. She had indeed ‘done it’. “I don’t understand, I mean why have you got spunk oozing from you?”

“Well, it’s difficult to explain, but it just happened and well, here I am.”

“Will you tell me about it?”

“Yes, but why don’t you get comfortable and join me in bed?”

It seemed like a good idea, and so I stripped to reveal my modest six-inch cock already erect due to the sight of my lovely wife. Lying naked next to her, she took hold of my cock and said, “Let me tell you how it happened.”

“As I closed the hotel bedroom door this morning having said goodbye to you, I wondered how I would fill my time while you were at work. There are only so many museums and exhibitions that one can see and well..”

“You didn’t have to come with me on this trip you know, it was your idea..”

“I know, I know, but that doesn’t alter the fact that I felt bored. I mean I’m only 42 years old and there should be more to life. Perhaps if you had…”

She let the sentence hang and I was about to interrupt when she put her hand up and continued with her story.

“As I pondered what to do today, my eyes wandered across the hotel fitness suite brochure, and I recalled that there was a pool and spa facility. It didn’t take long for me to decide that would be this morning’s activity. A good, hard work out in the pool. You know that swimming was the main reason that I have managed to keep my body well-toned.”

I knew this to be true. With her silky brunette hair and delicate face, she often got mistaken for someone ten years younger than she really was. Well, her jealous girlfriends told her that anyway. I realised that my mind had wandered as I gazed at her athletic five-foot eight-inch frame and that Rachael was still speaking.

“Anyway, some short time later having changed into a summer dress and some white three-inch heels, I went down to the hotel basement. I put my modest one-piece costume on and slipped into the pool and started my 50-length routine. After completing some 20 lengths I noticed or rather became aware of someone watching me. At the end of a length, I slowed down and had a quick look.”

“Sure enough there was a man standing watching me. When he saw me looking at him, he smiled and then dived into the pool. Within a minute or so the man had caught me up and swam alongside me for the next ten or so lengths. I was determined not to be distracted by this man, especially since I considered him to be just another macho show-off type. The man however suddenly dropped back and as I turned for my next length, I escort gaziantep bayan numaraları could see that he had climbed out of the pool and was sitting on a bench watching me swim!”

“What did you do next?” I asked.

“Well, when I had completed my 50 lengths I climbed out of the pool. As it happened the steps were right by where the man was sitting.”

“That was some impressive swimming” the man said.

“I think I stammered something like ‘what, I er, well thank you’.”

“So, he was obviously flirting with you then?” I inquired.

“Well yes in retrospect, but I was just irritated by him at that point.”

“Anyway, he then said something like, yes, it’s not every day I see a lady with such perfect technique and such well-developed upper body strength. Your legs are well defined as well.”

“Hah, that was a bit forward of him, wasn’t it?”

“Well yes and I blushed. I had never heard another man talk about my body in terms of muscle development. Well not since high school anyway.”

“He then said, do you work out often?”

“For some reason, boredom perhaps, I don’t know, I grabbed my towel and decided to sit next to the man on the bench. I replied to him that I tried to stay in shape and did my pool sessions twice a week. I also told him that I run and do aerobics.”

“The man chuckled, and said it shows, you have fantastic muscle definition.”

“There was an awkward silence and then the man said, by the way my name is Pierre.”

“I had been going to get up and go, but something made me stay, and well, I introduced myself. I told him that I was Rachael. Anyway, Pierre’s face lit up, and he said something like oh that’s such a beautiful name, how appropriate for a beautiful lady.”

“I felt both flattered and taken aback by this strangers comments. It had been ages since you had made any comments about my appearance, much less told me how attractive I was. And yet there seemed something inappropriate about a stranger saying such things to me. My thoughts were interrupted by Pierre.”

“So, are you here by yourself?” he asked, “I can see your wedding rings.”

“I was honest and told him that I was here with my husband James and that he was attending a conference. I said to him that I was not sure why I came along really, and that perhaps I would do some shopping or sightseeing. I also asked him what about you?”

“Oh, I’m due to have a series of meetings with some important clients, but I just learned that they cancelled today. I have to contact them tonight to see about tomorrow. I’m not impressed as I now have the whole day to fill.”

“Mm, I know how you feel” I replied, “I came down to the pool so that I could think what I was going to do today.”

“He then said something like; so, we are both at a loose end then, why don’t we go and grab a coffee in the lounge?”

“It was such a reasonable request that I didn’t see how I could refuse. Twenty minutes later I walked out of the changing rooms and saw Pierre waiting for me. I noticed that Pierre beamed as he ran his eyes over my attire. As I said I was dressed in a summer smock, with bare legs and white heels, and well I did feel elegant. Pierre quickly took my arm and steered me off toward the coffee lounge.

“I must say it seemed strange and yet thrilling to be taken in arm by another man. But at the same time, I was looking forward to some conversation.”

I was amazed by the story that my wife was telling me. But I was eager to hear more and so I told her, “carry on please.”

“Well, I guess that over the next hour we chatted about our lives, and I learnt that Pierre had never married, was around 50 years old and was of French origin (hence his name). I also learnt that he was a broker of property deals for the rich and a jet-setter around the world. As for me, I told him a lot about myself. The fact that I had been married for twenty-two years and had two kids that were now away at college. I told him that you were very clever but very wrapped up in his work and research. I think that Pierre thought that I was a neglected wife. A beautiful woman whose husband wasn’t paying her the attention she deserved.”

I felt compelled to tell Rachael, “sorry I didn’t think you were neglected, I mean..”

“Sshh, don’t interrupt. Anyway, after chatting for what seemed like ages, I said to Pierre its 11am, I really should get going if I’m going to make something of my day.”

“However, Pierre had already anticipated this and countered with; yes of course, but before then would you permit me to show you the view over the city from my balcony? It is spectacular.”

“I really didn’t know what to say to him, but found myself saying well, I don’t know, I mean, yes okay just for a couple of minutes then.”

“That had to be the oldest and corniest chat up line ever.. come up to my room and look at the view. I can’t believe you fell for that!”

“Yes, well I did. I was just looking for company and anyway escort bayan gaziantep reklamları Pierre beamed, stood up and offered me his arm. He was such a gentleman, he helped me up and then he took my arm and we set off for the elevator. Anybody watching and there were a few, would have thought that we were an attractive couple, perhaps were man and wife. I must admit that when I caught sight of us in one of the lobby mirrors, I thought that we looked so good and natural together.”

“As we entered the elevator, I noticed as Pierre hit the floor 33 button. I said to him you’re on the top floor, isn’t that where the penthouse suites are?”

“Wait and see” was Pierre’s only response.

“The elevator whisked us silently up the building and then we were walking along a corridor with altogether more up market decor.”

“This is me said Pierre as he slid his room key into the door and led the way into his room. I followed Pierre without hesitation, even though by crossing the threshold into his room, I was about to set in motion life changing events, that I had no way of anticipating.”

“As I walked through into his room, I was amazed. The room was huge, in fact not a room but an enormous suite. We had entered into a huge lounge area that had enormous ceiling to floor glass doors leading onto a balcony.”

“Come on said Pierre, let me show you the view. As he said this, he took my hand and led me out onto the sunlit balcony. I stepped to the edge where a glass barrier was all that protected me from a 33-floor drop. I told him, oh my goodness, just look at that view. It’s heavenly. You didn’t tell me you had the best room in the hotel”

“My clients demand it, Pierre said to me. It is where they like to do business.”

“I was spellbound. As I gazed at the city’s skyline, I was aware that Pierre was standing behind me drinking in a view of my behind. I smiled to myself, knowing that my slim well-toned body looked good from behind. I know you love my legs, especially when they are encased and elevated in three-inch heels! “

It was true that Rachael looked fabulous in heels and I noticed that she still had them on!

“Anyway, I was suddenly aware that Pierre had stepped right behind me. I could feel him press against me as he put his hands lightly on my hips. I was about to object when he whispered into my ear, the view is wonderful isn’t it? My breath caught as I nodded, and I think I squeaked a reply. I was about to say something when Pierre nuzzled my neck and then nibbled my ear. You know how much I love that; how erotic I find it. Well, he was doing it, finding my erogenous zones. I could feel him mould himself even closer to me as he continued his assault on my neck, and I could do nothing but let him.”

Having listened in silence for several minutes to my wife’s story I felt compelled to say something. “Why didn’t you stop him, push him away? Tell him that you were a married woman for goodness sake?”

“I wanted to believe me, but he seemed to know how to push my buttons. His hands tightened their grip on my hips, and I could feel his erection pushing into my buttocks. At the same time, I could feel my pussy juicing up and I started to feel faint. It all seemed so surreal. Just as I summoned up the strength to stop his advances, he turned me round and then looking into my eyes he kissed me.”

“And I suppose you just let him? An everyday occurrence, letting a stranger kiss you?”

“No, I know, that is, well it was the thrill of realising that our fantasy was coming true. Okay you weren’t there to watch, but nonetheless you have nagged me for years to make out with another man, haven’t you?”

I looked at my lovely wife and nodded. It was true that we had talked during sex about her being seduced by an experienced man if the chance ever arose. But I don’t think either of us really expected that fantasy to materialise! Anyway, I was sufficiently excited by now to merely say “Carry on please.”

“Well things seemed to happen very quickly after that. It seemed alright to let this handsome stranger lead me through to his bedroom. It was huge and had an enormous bed right in the centre. It looked so magical, as if it had come from a fairy tale! When we got to the bed, he took me in his arms again and as he kissed me, I could feel him reaching behind me to unzip me. I knew what he was doing and made no attempt to resist. Isn’t that awful of me? I knew he was seducing me, but I couldn’t stop him!”

“You were aroused?”

“Oh yes, you have no idea. When my dress slipped off my shoulders and he helped it to fall to the floor, it just seemed natural to kick it off, and I just stood there in my matching bra and panties, oh and of course my heels.”

“I bet he loved that” I mused.

“He did. He told me I looked fabulous and sexy. All the things that a woman loves to hear. Anyway, whilst he looked at me, he started to undress. First his shirt which revealed his ripped chest to me and then gaziantep escort kız telefonları his slacks and, then..”

“Yes?” I asked in anticipation.

“Well, he just slipped his boxers off as well and there he was naked. Before I had a chance to admire his toned body, he pulled me in for another kiss and as our bodies collided, he undid my bra and my breasts brushed against his hairy chest. Oh, I almost came on the spot from the friction of his hair on my nipples. You know how sensitive they are don’t you?”

I merely nodded as she continued.

“As he kissed me, no, as we kissed, because we were now open mouthed full on French kissing. Our tongues seemed to articulate our passion as they fenced with each other. Anyway, I don’t think either of us could stand the build-up and he quickly guided me to the bed. As I flopped back with my legs splayed like a common whore, I got my first real look at his cock. Oh, James it was magnificent. It was so large and threatening and his balls, they looked like they were going to burst, they seemed so full of seed. He wasn’t fully erect, but he was still big.”

“Bigger than me” I asked needlessly.

“Yes, I’m afraid so my love. I know you are bigger than average, but he was just big, probably eight or maybe nine inches.”

“Ha, just like in our fantasy then?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“What happened next?”

“Well after what seemed an age and after staring at my body with lust in his eyes, he knelt on the bed and took hold of my panties and started to tug them down my legs. They were saturated James, absolutely sodden with my pussy juice. I’ve never known myself to be so wet.”

“I guess he had really got to you then?”

“He had, yes in a big way. Having pulled my panties off me, he gazed at my sex. It’s funny how us ladies often worry what men will think when they see your sex. I mean as you know I keep myself neatly trimmed, but some men prefer bald, don’t they?”

“What did he say?”

“He said something like ‘you are so beautiful Rachael; I knew you would look lovely all over’. Then he did something that you aren’t too keen on.”

“What was that?”

“He went down on me. He knelt between my still splayed thighs and dipped his head and ate my snatch. He was brilliant. He licked and nibbled and probed, and well what with all the build-up I orgasmed almost immediately. I shrieked and cried out as he made me cum on his tongue. But he didn’t stop, he kept going and going and he made me cum again.”

“Twice, so quickly? You never cum like that for me” I said.

“I know, but this was so different, so taboo wasn’t it? A stranger and well…”

“I understand, it’s okay really”

“Thank you, my love. Where was I?”

“He had made you cum twice”

“Yes, that’s right, so then he raised up and looked at me and smiled. And when I looked between our legs, I could see he was fully erect. And I knew what was going to happen.”

“Which was?”

“He took his magnificent cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down my sodden sex. I almost swooned I swear! And then he pushed part way into me, and I remember sighing as I felt his superior girth. It wasn’t until he had sunk right into me however that I felt his extra length. He bumped my cervix, and I could feel his balls up against my bum as he held himself above me letting me get used to him.”

“So, he entered you bare? No condom, didn’t you stop and think about protection?”

“No, I’m truly sorry James, but I didn’t. I had to have him bare, it seemed wrong to put anything between that wonderful cock and me. I had to have him just like that, it seemed just natural.”

I felt incredibly aroused listening to my wife’s confession, but I was still shocked that she had allowed another man to take her bare, with no contraception. After all she was unprotected against pregnancy and well..”

My musings were interrupted by Rachael as she carried on in a more excited tone now.

“He was so skillful James. He really knew how to please a woman, well please me anyway. I just kept on cumming on his big cock, he kept me on the boil for ages. Eventually I became aware that his thrusting was getting more violent and erratic, and I knew what that meant.”

“Yes, it meant that he was close to his release. I hope you made him pull out.” I don’t know why I said this to her because I had already seen the evidence that he had not pulled out!

“Yes, no that is, he stopped thrusting and looked down at me and asked if I was protected and I told him no.”

“And he said?”

“He, well, he said he wanted to cum in me. It was what such a magnificent fuck deserved. And I’m ashamed to say that I agreed with him. I wanted to feel his spunk in me, I felt I owed him that.”

“Ha, owed him what. A shot at your ovaries. Having his baby, I spat back.”

There was silence and then Rachael stunned me by saying “Yes, his baby. At that moment that’s exactly what I wanted. Don’t ask me why, I was delirious with orgasmic lust and well I just wanted it!”

My mouth was dry as I asked her, “and what happened?”

“Well, he lent down to kiss me when I told him to cum in me and then he started to really fuck me hard. Big savage thrusts as he neared his orgasm and then after a couple of really big thrusts, he sort of went rigid and I could feel his cock spasm deep inside me and then he cried out as he jetted his spunk into me. Oh, James, I could feel him, feel his spunk that is. It was wonderful.”

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