Husband’s Anal Adventure Ch. 14

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My wife woke me up early this morning she wanted to go down to the market and get some fresh vegetables. We walked into the store and went to the produce department my wife looked at me and said do you want to do something kinky this afternoon? I said sure. She leaned over and picked up a big hand full of carrots, she said we need a few of these. Then she picked up a couple big cucumbers and stuck them in the cart. We went down to where the melons were and she picked out a big cantaloupe, a bag of grapes and some bananas. I looked over at her and she had that fuck-me look on her face, I knew right then that I was in store for a good time.

When we got to the checkout counter I had a raging hard-on thinking about what we were going to be doing in an hour or so. She paid the casher and we went out and got in the car. As we were driving home my wife had unbuckled my pants and was playing with my cock. We drove up beside a truck and she leaned over and was sucking my cock while the truck driver watched. I drove slowly so he could keep up with us and watch my wife suck my cock. I looked up at the truck driver and he was jacking his cock off watching us, as soon as he cum I speeded up and left him behind.

We pulled up to a traffic light and their was this woman standing there watching my wife suck on my cock, she licked her lips and grinned at me. The light changed and we drove off, my wife stopped sucking on my cock and said that she would taste my cum türkçe altyazılı porno later. We went into the house and she told me to take off my clothes and go into the bedroom. I was lying on the bed when she came in and told me to get up and cover the bed with a sheet of plastic. I did as I was told and she had a basket with her, full of the fruit and vegetables we bought at the market.

She jumped up on the bed and laid down, she grabbed a banana and peeled it then she shoved it up her cunt, she looked at me and said eat this banana out of my pussy. I started sucking on the banana and pulling on it, prying it out of her pussy. It tasted good with all her pussy cum on it, when I had ate the whole banana out of her pussy she told me to get on my hands and knees. As I was getting in the doggie position I saw her take a bunch of grapes in her hand. She got up behind me and started playing with my balls and sticking one grape at a time up my asshole. I don’t know how many grapes she had stuck in there but I know my ass felt full. She then reached up on the front of the bed and got a dildo out, she started to put the dildo up my ass.

I said what are you doing? She said she was going to fuck my ass with the dildo and break the grapes that were up my ass and suck the grape juice out of my asshole. As the dildo went in I could feel the grapes breaking and it felt like someone cumming in my ass. More and more grape xnxx juice was pouring out of my ass it was running down my balls and she was lapping it up. Every time she pulled the dildo out juice would run out. After she had fucked me and got all the grape juice she wanted she said it was time to play with some carrots. She took three carrots at one time and stuck them in my ass (the dildo had loosen me up) and she kept working another carrot along side the other ones. In about 15 minutes I had seven carrots up my ass and I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of my cock, I pleaded with her not to stick any more in. But the bitch stuck two more in after that. I couldn’t move my ass was so full I thought my asshole was going to rip apart.

After she watched me straining on all them carrots stuck in my ass she started pulling them out one at a time I almost cum two or three times, when the last one fell out of my ass she told me to stand up. She grabbed the cantaloupe up and cut a hole in it the size of my cock. My cock was as hard as it gets and she grabbed my cock and stuck it in the cantaloupe. I was surprised the melon felt real good on my cock, juice was running down my balls and legs and the cantaloupe was sucking hard on my prick as I pumped it. About that time I heard the doorbell ring and my wife went to answer it she told me to keep fucking that cantaloupe but not to cum. I could here a mans voice in the back ground and it was getting porno izle closer and closer. I looked around and there was my wife standing there with a hard prick in her hand.

She said honey this is my new fuck friend I met at the bar last night and he is going to fuck me while you cum inside that melon. She dropped down on her knees and started licking and sucking on this giant prick. It made my mouth water, she stopped sucking him and told me that she wanted me to cum now, she yelled shoot your cum in the melon. It was a wonderful feeling I shot load after load of cum in that melon. My wife then told me to sit the melon down so no cum can escape and to come over and help her with this big prick I got down and was sucking on his balls while she sucked his cock then I moved in behind him and tongued his asshole while she sucked him. She stopped sucking and told me to get the melon and bring it to her. I gave her the melon and she slipped it over his cock and started moving it up and down on his prick.

I tongued his asshole some more and he shot a big load of cum in the melon. To make a long story short between him and me we cum 4 more times in the melon. My wife then took the melon in the kitchen and cut it up and we all sat down and ate the cum filled melon. After that we were horny again and we fucked and sucked each other all night. Before the night was over my wife’s friend and me was 69ing in the living room floor while my wife lay back with two cucumbers wedged in her cunt and ass. Every time I walk threw the produce department now I get a hard-on. After my wife’s friend left we just laid in bed hugging and kissing until we fell a sleep.

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To be continued…

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