Houseboating Ch. 01



As Told By Her

We had decided to do another houseboat jaunt on the Myall lakes. We hadn’t done this since the eighties and then it was May, the middle of autumn, not as conducive to nude swimming and sunbathing as this month, February, the best part of our summer.

Rob and I are in our forties, three kids grown up and able to look after themselves, so now we get to enjoy the things we like to do.

The Myall lakes are a beautiful part of the world, about 4 hours north of Sydney, adjacent to some of those northern beaches. You can actually anchor the boat, in some parts, and walk across the dunes to the ocean beaches. The lakes themselves are probably 3 times the size of Sydney harbour and are surrounded by pristine beaches and bushland, a haven for birds and wildlife. Rob and I particularly like them for the peace and quiet, and the opportunity to go naked almost all the time.

We picked up the houseboat at Bulahdelah, a pretty little town on the Pacific highway, the main coastal link between Sydney and Brisbane.

We take all our supplies for the time we are to be away, this time seven days, food, alcohol and a little bit of clothing.

The houseboat was a six berth, quite spacious for two people. It had a lounge area, where the helm is (that’s the steering wheel for you landlubbers) and this area could convert into a large double bed, plus there were two separate lounges, which also converted to beds if necessary.

Down some steps towards the stern (back) was the well-equipped galley (kitchen) and forward from the galley, under the lounge, was the double bedroom. Out the back door, at the stern, is a ladder up to the deck, which covers almost the entire boat. There’s a gas barbecue, tables and chairs and plenty of space for nude sunbathing, or anything else for that matter. If you know what I mean!

Very, very comfortable and cosy.

We sailed off down the river towards the lakes, this part of the journey takes about two and a half hours, and around the first bend out of site of the town we shed our clothes. I opened a cold bottle of champagne and poured us both a glass. Handing Rob his I said “Here’s to a wonderful seven days of relaxation, eating, drinking, fucking and oh by the way did I mention fucking.”

Rob just grinned and took a mouthful of his champagne. I did likewise and with my mouth full of the cold liquid, went to the helm where he was steering, kneeled down and took his semi-erect cock in my mouth. He shuddered with the effect of the cold liquid and my hot mouth and immediately his cock sprang to full attention. I swallowed the champagne ane set about continuing my ministrations to his wonderful shaved cock and balls. Rob isn’t overly long, about 15cms (6 inches) but he is very thick and I love taking the fullness deep into my mouth. I learnt to swallow him (and then many others) without gagging, early in our marriage and I know how much pleasure I give him when I deep throat him.

I proceeded to do just this with much vigour.

“Honey,” Rob gasped, “I’ve got to get this thing out to the lakes. There’s nowhere here I can anchor without blocking the river.”

I took my mouth off his cock and said, “That’s OK sweetheart, you just keep sailing and I’ll keep sucking.”

“But I want to fuck you.”

“You can later, but for now you’ll just have to put up with my sucking so relax and enjoy.” I went back to my pleasure giving. I dragged my teeth lightly up to the rim of his beautiful knob, he’s circumcised, then slipped his cock out of my mouth, ran my tongue down the underside of his cock to his balls, sucked on each of them in turn. I then grabbed them and gently squeezed them together and took both of them in my mouth and started stroking his hard shaft. I could feel the pre-come oozing from his knob and let his balls fall out of my mouth and plunged it straight down over his cock ‘til it hit the back of my throat and I swallowed him deeply. I pulled my mouth back to his knob and repeated the process, over and over, ‘til I felt his balls tighten.

“Honey I’m gonna come,” he gasped.

“I know,” I muffled through my mouthful.

I felt the first of his come hit the back of my throat and lifted my head and let the next spurts land on my breasts as I worked my hand up and down his shaft ‘til he was all spent. I rubbed the sperm over my tits.

“You are, without a doubt, the worlds best cocksucker,” my hubby said, when he got his breath back.

“Thank you darling, you always say that.”

“It’s the truth you know it. God knows I’ve had my cock sucked by enough women to know who’s the best.”

I accepted the compliment because I knew he genuinely meant it. Besides I’ve had many other men tell me the same. It’s funny because it’s not something that really turns me on. I have a girlfriend who gets right off on it. She’s only got to stick a dick in her mouth and she starts cumming. Not me. I enjoy doing it because I know I’m giving the guy pleasure, and I like that, but it doesn’t get my juices flowing that much.

We Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort sailed on down to the lakes.

That evening we anchored in a little cove off the main lake. We both dressed for dinner, me in a little white semi transparent mini dress and G-string and Rob in shorts and a T-shirt. Rob cooked a wonderful meal on the barbecue and we polished off a great 10 year old Cabernet Shiraz. We hadn’t long finished our wine when Rob got up and came to me, stood behind me and started massaging my shoulders.

“Careful,” I said “You know how a shoulder and neck massage gets me going.”

“Yes I know exactly what it does.”

With that he slipped the thin shoulder straps over my arms and exposed my breasts. He massaged my shoulders, neck and let his hands trail down to my tits; my nipples were already hard and erect. He pinched each one between his fingertips, causing me to moan involuntarily, he bent over my shoulder and lifted one of my tits to his mouth and sucked on it hungrily. I moaned again. He repeated the process with the other one.

I could feel my G-string getting wet.

Rob let his hand trail down over my belly to my shaved mound, felt my wetness and slid two fingers straight into my cunt.

I came!

He bent his mouth to mine and kissed me, his tongue probing into my mouth as I savoured his passion. Rob lifted me from the chair, as the sky started to darken with the impending nightfall, and my dress fell to the floor. I stood there in just my

G-string and Rob gazed at me adoringly.

“God, you are still so beautiful.”

I’m pretty happy with my 36 26 36 figure. After three kids my tits don’t sag that much, I’ve always had great legs, my bum’s still firm and, through good pelvic exercises, my cunt is still nice and tight.

“Thank you darling, you look pretty good yourself.” As I eyed his very solid erection.

Rob dropped to his knees in front of me, pulled my outer lips apart and lapped voraciously at my wet cunt.

Just then, in the darkening evening, another boat pulled into our little cove.

Rob hesitated in his licking for just a moment.

“Fuck them,” I said, “We were here first.”

Rob returned to my pleasure bud. He was nibbling at my clit now and I was lost in my moanings of pleasure. He again inserted two fingers into my cunt as he nibbled at me.

The noise of my pleasure must have reached the other boat, because it sailed right up to our boat and dropped anchor less than twenty feet away.

Again my hubby stopped.

“Don’t stop now,” I growled.

He renewed his ministrations with more vigour and I orgasmed, not quietly.

After my orgasm had subsided a little, Rob withdrew his fingers and placed them in my mouth to suck my own juices from them. At the same time he bent me over the railing on the deck, facing the other boat, and entered me from behind. I drew a breath as his cock filled me with its thickness. The two couples on the other boat were now staring in our direction, trying to see all our movements.

Rob started really pounding me from behind, hammering at my cunt with his thick cock, bending me right over the rail, my tits hanging down and flailing wildly with each stroke. I could clearly here the comments from the other boat.

“My god, they’re fucking, right out here in the open. How disgusting!”

I didn’t care. Wave after wave of pleasure was sending me towards orgasm. Rob’s cock seemed to be getting thicker and longer as I plunged helplessly to my own release. I felt my climax just as Rob shot his load deep into my cunt and I screamed in sheer pleasure. He stayed with his cock still buried deep inside me as I regained my composure. I eventually straightened up and his cock fell out of me with a “plop”.

Our neighbours were still standing there with jaws agape when Rob said; quite loudly “You’d think they’d never seen anyone fuck before.”

With that we went down below to our bed.

Next day, about mid-morning Rob said, “Why don’t we go over to Mungo Brush? We’ve never been there before.”

I thought this a little strange. Usually when we go on these sorts of adventures, we stay away from everyone. Just enjoy each other’s company, relax and have great, unrushed sex.

“If you really want to,” I said unenthusiastically.

“Yeah, I’d like to. We’ve never been there before.”

So about lunchtime we headed the little motorised dinghy over to Mungo Brush.

We had to put clothes on, so I put on as little as possible. A black halter neck sundress, G-string and high-heeled sandals. Rob had slacks, open necked shirt and slip-on shoes.

There turned out to be quite a nice restaurant at the village and we enjoyed a lovely seafood meal with a chilled chardonnay.

As we were finishing our wine a tallish young guy walked toward us. He was wearing a tight T-shirt, which emphasised his muscular chest and a pair of tight fitting jeans.

“Rob, how the hell are you?”

“Hi Glen, what are you doing up in this neck of the woods?”

Now, call me stupid if you like, but this Glen was staring at me, with what I imagined to be lust, as he spoke to Rob, and I was getting that familiar wetness in my crotch. Fuck he was gorgeous!

“I’m heading down to Hawks Nest, and decided to have some lunch here while I was waiting for the car ferry.” Hawks Nest is a beautiful village right on the ocean at the entrance to Port Stephens. Our prime minister often holidays there.

Sounded like a perfectly good answer to this girl, the one with the wet crotch.

“Oh god I’m sorry. Glen this is my wife, Catherine. Catherine this is Glen. Glen works for one of the companies I deal with.”

Still sounded like a perfectly reasonable explanation to me. I was still dribbling pussy juice, the way he was looking at me.

“You told me your wife was attractive. You didn’t tell me she was drop dead gorgeous.”

Oh, this boy had me. I was getting wetter and wetter.

“Thank you Glen, I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“Only the absolutely stunning ones Catherine.”

“Hey Glen,” my hubby interjected “What’s doing at Hawks Nest?”

“Not much mate. Just going to have a couple of days R & R before heading back to work.”

“We’ve got a houseboat for a week,” my hubby said, “I’m sure Catherine wouldn’t mind if you joined us for a day or two, would you honey?”

Mind, MIND! I’m sitting here with liquid pouring out of my pussy, fantasizing about fucking this hunk, and my hubby says would I MIND!

“No,” I said demurely, “As long as Glen wouldn’t think it to boring being with an old married couple.”

“I’d love to join you, and I don’t think I’m going to be bored for one minute.”

Not if I have my way baby, I thought.

“It’s settled then. Let’s pay the bill and be out of here.”

We sailed the little dinghy back to the boat. Glen helped Rob secure the dinghy and we got under way.

I was standing at the stern, watching the wake from the twin outboards, trying to control my quivering pussy, when Glen came up behind me.

“Rob tells me you like going naked,” he said.

“Yes, I love the feeling of the cool air on my body, but only while we’re on our own. I embarrass easily. I’m not twenty something any more.”

“I don’t think you have the slightest thing to be embarrassed about Catherine. Most women would kill for your figure.”

Oh great. That’s it. Start the bloody juices flowing again.

The boat lurched suddenly to the side. I fell against Glen and he grabbed me, one hand encircling my right breast, the other on my thigh as he held me from falling.

“Sorry, bloody jet skiers,” my hubby called from the helm.

I didn’t care. I was leaning against this hunk and I could feel his erection, through his jeans, pressing into my back.

“I should let you go,” Glen whispered.

“Yes, you should,” said I, not moving.

He turned me around to face him and undid the bow at the back of my halter. My dress fell to the deck. I heard his sharp intake of breath.

“You are staggeringly beautiful, nearly naked.”

I may as well be naked, I thought, all I had left on was a G-string that was now totally transparent, thanks to my over active pussy juices.

Just then the boat slowed and I realized we were turning into a cove. I bent to retrieve my dress.

“Don’t,” Glen said, “Please stay naked and let me feast my eyes on your body.”

That almost did it! I bloody near orgasmed there and then.

The boat stopped and I heard the anchor drop.

“I think I’ll go up on the deck and get some sun,” I stammered. I climbed the steps to the sun deck knowing Glen was standing underneath me watching. Surely he could see my juices on the inside of my thighs.

I laid down on one of the airbeds and tried to gather my thoughts. Was I being naïve and this was a planned thing. God knows Rob and I have fucked our way through many threesomes, foursomes and moresomes before. But this wasn’t Rob’s usual “modes operendi.”

The guys appeared on the steps, Rob carrying a bucket with two bottles of champagne and ice in it, Glen with three glasses.

“You look a little hot hon,” Rob said.

“I think she’s extremely hot,” smiled Glen.

“Why don’t you take your G-string off honey?” my hubby asked.

Fuck it I thought, “Cause you guys are fully clothed,” I reminded them.

“That’s easily fixed,” Glen said, and stripped off immediately.

When he pulled his jeans down, I had to stop myself from staring at his shaved genitals. His cock was already half hard and longer than Robs, even in that state.

“Seen something you like?” my hubby enquired of Glen with a smile on his face.

“You betcha,” Glen replied.

They both sat on the airbed either side of me. Glen handed me a glass of wine.

“Here’s to a wonderful afternoon of sun…..and sex,” my hubby toasted.

That was all the encouragement Glen needed. He put down his glass, slipped his fingers through the waistband of my G-string, and pulled it off.

“Oh fuck,” he exclaimed, “There are very few pussies that look good shaved, your’s is fantastic.”

“Look how turned on she is,” my hubby said, “Her cunt juices are glistening in the sun.”

Glen wasn’t waiting to look, he just buried his head between my thighs and started lapping up my juices. Rob bent over and took my left nipple in his mouth just as Glen slipped two fingers into my cunt. That was all it took, I orgasmed, clutching Glen’s head with my hands and his fingers with my cunt muscles as I came.

“My god, I can hardly wait to feel that pressure on my cock,” Glen said.

Without waiting for any further encouragement, Glen rolled me onto my back, put my knees over his elbows and guided his cock into my dripping cunt. Glen is longer than my hubby by a good two inches. Not a nearly as thick, but longer. He thrust it home with one shove. I screamed and orgasmed again. He then proceeded to pound away at my lovenest, extracting more and more mini orgasms from me.

Just when I thought the almighty blast was coming, he withdrew, turned me over on my tummy, lifted me up onto all fours and slid into from behind, doggy style.

This gave my hubby the opportunity to slip his meat into my mouth.

Now you already know from earlier in the story how I can deep throat. But with somebody pounding away at your cunt from behind, it gives a whole new meaning and sensation. Every time Glen hit my cervix with his cock, I swallowed more of Rob, so that Rob’s cock was so far down my throat none of his come would be in my mouth.

And that’s exactly what happened.

I could feel Glen’s cock getting thicker as he approached his orgasm, Rob’s getting thicker as he approached his and my cunt contracting as I approached mine.

Glen was the first to let go! With a roar he shot his load into my cunt. Simultaneously I started to violently orgasm, I couldn’t scream, Rob’s cock was too far down my throat, and then Rob’s load was gushing into my gut.

I collapsed onto the airbed, my mouth and cunt still full of cock.

I must have passed out for a few minutes, because the first thing I saw was Rob leaning over me with a wet cloth, sponging my face with an anxious look.

“Are you alright hon?”

“Never better sweetheart,” I whispered, “That was bloody wonderful.”

“Here, have a glass of champagne.” Glen, the thoughtful bartender.

“Thanks. I could use a drink.”

We sat, talked and drank champagne in the warm afternoon sun.

I don’t know if it was the booze, the sun or just being naked in the outdoors with two horny men, but I started to get wet again. I could see the guys were beginning to get aroused as well.

Fuck it, I thought, I might as well take matters into my own hand. So I leaned over and took Glen’s half hard cock into my mouth. He groaned and lay on his back, so I had to get on my knees to continue my ministrations. That presented my pussy into the air and next thing I knew Rob was sliding his fat cock into me.

Glen’s cock was reaching its fullness. I took my mouth off it, looked into his eyes and said, “Double me.”


“Double penetrate me.”

My hubby knew what I wanted.

“My wife wants one of us in her pussy and the other up her arse.”

Glen looked shocked. I don’t think he’d ever fucked anyone anally before.

Oh well, there’s always got to be a first time.

“Who’ll go where?” he stammered.

Rob decided demonstration was the order of the day. He pushed Glen aside, slid under me in my all fours position and I lowered my pussy onto his fat cock. This left my arse in the air for Glen to seize the moment. I rode away on Rob’s cock and thought to myself, he’s too scared. But then I felt some lube being applied to my arse, a finger tentatively probed the opening, and then slide in comfortably.

I felt the finger withdraw and a larger, harder member nudge at my opening. I tried to relax my arse muscles as I felt the initial penetration. First the pain, then the beginning of pleasure as he passed the barrier, his cock sinking into my innermost depths.

The guys started to move in unison. The feeling of fullness as both my holes were ravaged, just the thin layer of membrane separating the two cocks inside me.

Does it get any better than this?

Their paces quickened, along with mine, my breath now coming in ragged gasps. I felt both of their cocks starting to thicken, their pace increasing to rapid hammering of my openings.

I felt my orgasm rushing up on me. I started to scream as I felt the first jet of come explode into my cunt. Rob came first. Then just as he started to slow I felt Glen thrust himself as far as he could up my arse as he emptied his load deep into my bowel.

I screamed again and collapsed onto Rob, Glen’s cock still deeply imbedded in my arse.

Later that evening over a delicious barbecue Rob asked Glen did he have to leave tomorrow.

“Not really, if you’d like me to stay for awhile.”

I just smiled, leaned back in my chair, opened my legs for the guys to see my naked cunt and thought, “Here we go again.”

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