Hot Hands , Oil


A really amazing thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I had been feeling really fed-up and stressed out at work, so my darling husband booked me a surprise trip to a health spa as a special treat. I phoned ahead and booked myself into a few workout classes, a few beauty treatments, and to round it all off, a massage to get rid of all the knots in my neck and shoulders.

The big day dawned and I set off with my little overnight bag feeling really pleased to be escaping for 48 hours. I arrived at the Spa and checked-in and went through the registration procedure. I was then given my super luxury towels and bathrobe and shown to my room. My husband had booked me a single room because he thought I would enjoy the privacy – little did he know!

I got dressed and set off for my first class – a really hard aerobics session which nearly killed me, but when I came out I was really buzzing. I felt a little bit of an old bag, though, with all these skinny, gorgeous women floating about, but I didn’t care too much.

I then went and had a shower and went for my first treatment, which was a really relaxing facial. I then had a light lunch and read loads of magazines and then went for my second workout, which was a jazz dance class – brilliant!

I then went along for my manicure and pedicure and finally, the bit I was most looking forward to – my head to toe massage. I waited outside the treatment room until my masseuse called me in. She told me her name was Sam and she asked me what sort of massage I wanted – firm or soft – did I have any particular problem spots and general questions about my health.

She was quite small and had a very petite figure under her white dress and I remember hoping she would be able to be forceful enough in ridding me of my knots. I also remember thinking about my big fantasy, which is to get seduced by the therapist when I am having a massage, and thinking if it was ever going to happen she would be my ideal choice. She had lovely short dark hair really piercing bursa escort dark brown eyes. But then I told myself to be sensible and just enjoy it.

Sam stated at my feet and worked her way up my legs – she was really good and I could feel myself relaxing. She had asked me if I wanted her to talk or just be quiet and I chose the latter – I can’t stand all the inane chat. Sam was using relaxing, essential oils and I was soon drifting in and out of sleep – bliss!

When she had finished my legs she started rubbing my back and bum and I was feeling really aroused at the feel of her silky hands and my fantasies started drifting back. She was working around the top of my thighs and her hands were delving down the insides of my legs as she manipulated my flesh. Once or twice the side of her finger grazed my fanny. The touch was so subtle I assumed it was a mistake, but one I secretly hoped she’d repeat. A moment later she did it again a bit more firmly, then again and again. The third probing was very definite and I am sure her finger pushed between my labia slightly.

I was definitely excited by now and my heart was thumping so hard she must have been able to hear it. She rubbed her fingers all along my fanny ad then stuck a finger up inside me again and I just exploded with my biggest orgasm ever – and mine are pretty amazing anyway. She turned me over and came up and gave me the most wonderful long lingering kiss with her gorgeous soft lips. I was shaking like a leaf, but really disappointed when she said my time was up and her next client was waiting. She asked me for my room number and said she would come up in about one hour and that she could stay for a couple of hours but then had to be home or her husband would be worried about her.

I went along and told the girl at reception I wouldn’t be coming down for dinner because I wasn’t feeling well, so I knew no-one would disturb me. I went to my room and ran myself a bath and had a drink of wine to try and settle my nerves. I escort bursa didn’t know whether to dress or stay in my bath robe, but in the end I put on my bra and knickers with the bathrobe on top.

Exactly at the time she said she would be coming the door rapped and there she was. She asked me if she could freshen up and off she went leaving me nearly sick with nerves – I was also feeling just a little bit guilty about my husband – was this cheating on him? I think I knew he wouldn’t think so. Sam came out in just her bra and pants and she was absolutely gorgeous – smallish boobs, flat stomach and a brilliant tattoo on her tummy – very sexy.

She had a glass of wine too and explained that she was bi and made passes at selected clients whom she fancied. She also told me that she thought I was very attractive and gave a definite vibe that I was ‘up for it.’ Her husband was fully aware of what she did and actually encouraged her – as long as he got to hear about it.

She asked about my life and I told her about my husband, my children and the fact that I had never done this sort of thing before. But I did say that what had happened earlier was one of my biggest fantasies. ‘I new it!’ she declared. She promised me she would show me what to do and I should just enjoy it.

She took the wine glass off me and gave me another of the soft kisses while she pulled me up and led me to the bed. Her kisses were very gentle at first, but then probing with her tongue and becoming more passionate. She kissed all around my neck and then undid my bra and let out my boobs – my nipples were so hard and erect. She licked and sucked them until I thought I was going to explode with desire. I really wanted to feel another woman’s boobs in my mouth so I undid her bra and took her hard nipples in my mouth, licking and caressing them as my husband does to me. She gave a little moan of pleasure and it was good to see the effect I was having on her.

We rubbed our boobs together, which was brilliant bursa escort bayan and then she started to kiss my stomach and run her fingers all over me. She licked my fanny through my knickers and that did it for me – I had another orgasm and she hadn’t actually done anything. She then pushed my knickers aside and began licking me and sticking her tongue inside me, she stuck her finger in as well and pumped it in and out, gradually adding two more fingers and giving me the finger fuck of my life. Then when she put her finger up my ass I screamed out loud, so she quickly stuffed a pillow over my mouth to keep me quiet.

Now I was desperate for a taste of her warm cunt and I knew she wanted me to lick her out. I told her I didn’t really know how to do it so she told me to just do to her what I liked. First of all I kissed her really passionately – our tongues were really deeply probing and the taste of my fanny juice on her lips was wonderful.

I then slowly took her knickers down and exposed her fully shaven fanny, all glistening with excitement. I ran my fingers along her slit and then stuck two fingers in. The feeling was incredible. I sucked my fingers to get an idea of the taste to come – I had always worried that I wouldn’t like it – no problems there. It tasted fantastic, all musky and I knew I was going to have to get my face down into it. So I ran my tongue all along the length of her crack and then up to her exposed clit and had only touched her when she started bucking her hips as her first orgasm shot through her – I then stuck my tongue in her lovely fanny and licked and licked for all I was worth. After a few moments she groaned aloud and I could see and feel, from the spasms in her pussy, that she was now having a really big cum. I thought ‘Hooray, I made a girl cum!’

I then crawled up her body and gave her a taste of her juices. We then moved into a position where we could grind our fannies together and the feel of her bare cunt against mine just blew me away. Eventually we both collapsed exhausted from multiple orgasms. About ten minutes later Sam got up and said she would have to go but would like to see me again if she could. I explained that I had a little proposition for her and she agreed to meet me next week…

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