Home Carer Ch. 02


Big Dicks

“Morning” I called, walking in the door.

“Humph” Mr Grant grunted.

“You know Mr Grant” I said leaning across his shoulders “considering I let you come in my hand I thought you’d be nicer to me”.

“I’m hungry” he complained.

I kissed the top of his head and walked through to the kitchen. I made his porridge and brought it to him on a tray.

I watched as he wolfed it down, I wiped his chin with a paper towel then took the tray back through.

I washed the supper and breakfast dishes then offered to brush his teeth. He took them out with relish and I brushed them thoroughly and brought them back to him. He popped them in and leered at me.

“Is that zip real” he asked eyeing my top.

“Course it is” I laughed knowing where it was going.

“Show us your tits then” he demanded.

“Cheeky bugger!” I exclaimed but reached down and slowly undid the zip.

He licked his lips as I opened my top wide to show him that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I held it open for a while, my nipples getting hard, then went to close it again.

“What’re you doing?” he demanded.

“Covering back up” I said “I can hardly go about topless can I?”

“Why not? It’s a fuckin’ farmhouse! Who’s goin’ to see?” he snapped.

I realised he was right. The main road is some distance away and the farmhouse is reached by a single track road surrounded by hedges.

I shrugged it off and hung it up. Then I made a big show of vigorously wiping down the coffee table to let him see my tits swinging wildly.

“Come here girl” he demanded “fuck they’re a pair of whoppers aren’t they”.

He grabbed them and buried his face in them. Scraping his teeth across my nipples. Shaking his head between them and pushing them into his Ankara travesti face, inhaling deeply.

“Oi I’ve got to be getting on” I insisted and wrenched myself free.

He followed me around the house as I did his housework topless. Obviously I exaggerated movements like vacuuming to make my tits bounce.

If I had to pass him he’d grab at my tits or grip my pussy tight. Once he pushed his forearm to my neck and pinned me to the wall. His hand probing everywhere. He licked my nipples noisily smacking his lips over them.

“Now what will it take to get a bit of peace” I asked.

“Show me your hole” Mr Grant said.

Sighing as if it were a slight inconvenience I pulled my jeans & underwear down in one. I kicked off my shoes then discarded my clothes. I was completely naked.

“Ooh go through and lie on the bed there’s a good girl” he said, grabbing at his crotch.

I sauntered through and lay spreadeagled. I heard Mr Grant shuffle through a moment later. He was wearing his undershirt, trousers and braces.

He crawled onto the bed with me.

“You know in my day there was a name for women like you. Slappers!” he said.

“Yeah?” I replied “you know what they call us now? Fun!”

“When was the last time you opened your legs for someone?” he leered.

“Hmmm” I said pretending to think whilst I made something up “it must’ve been a couple of days ago. I didn’t have enough for my taxi fare so I let him take me on the back seat.”

“Dirty little slut!” he breathed.

His fingers ran up the inside of my thigh and along my pussy. He started shaking. He fumbled to find my opening and shoved his middle finger inside me. He was rough and I squirmed, enjoying the pain.

He pushed İstanbul travesti a second digit inside and began to work them furiously. My juices squelching loudly I was gasping and opening my legs as wide as they would go. I moaned with excitement as he worked his fingers fast.

“You should stop or I’m gonna come” I gasped.

“So?” he said not looking up.

“If I come I’ll want to stop”

His fingers yanked out my wet pussy.

“Not until I get mine then” he said moving onto his hands and knees.

He slowly shifted to between my legs. I held his side to balance him. He knelt up shakily and shrugged his braces down off his shoulders. He leaned heavily on my hip and I undid his trousers, shoving them and his Y-fronts down to expose his cock.

He used his hands to move forward over me then lay with his full weight on me. Rolling to the side he took hold of his cock and rolled back onto me.

He was just at my opening. My knees bent at either side to keep him steady I moved down the bed and he was inside me! He moved his hips and gripped my shoulders to pull himself up moving further still into me, his body coming to rest against me, his balls hitting my ass.

He grunted.

“You like that Mr Grant?” I gasped.

“Yeah” he groaned in my ear “you’ll do”.

Somehow his insulting indifference was more of a turn on. He was moving slowly. I wasn’t sure if it was to make it last or because he couldn’t go any faster.

I was surprised he could get it up again so soon but maybe he’d been waiting a long time. I was rocking my hips back and forth, rising up to meet his every downward thrust. His old cock parting the walls of my pussy as he pushed deep inside.

I could hear him panting, İzmir travesti briefly I worried about his heart but he seemed to be going strong. He buried his face in my shoulder, his groans muffled, and fumbled with my tits. He was speeding up now and I moved my hips faster underneath him.

I’d been trying to hold off coming because I really do stop afterwards.

I think he could tell I was close and it pushed him over the edge because he started banging into me. He was gasping and calling out. Plunging into me over and over.

Suddenly a warm wetness flooded me. He kept moving his hips a few more times as he emptied his balls into me. Then he was finished. He collapsed on top of me.

“Well I’m not finished” I thought.

I forced my hand between us and awkwardly moving my top half to the side I reached for my clit. I began to rub furiously spreading his cum all over me.

“Wha…?” he murmured and as he realised what I was doing “Oh dirty bitch”.

I ignored him because I was so close. Suddenly my legs shook and I came hard all over my fingers and his softening cock that was still inside me. I didn’t hold back crying out loudly.

He was gasping too and I guessed it must be sensitive.

Eventually my body stopped jerking and I lay back. I was breathing heavily and gradually became aware of his snores. Rolling him off me I got up. He barely woke just mumbled something and resumed snoring. I folded half the quilt back over him and went to get dressed.

I let him sleep for about an hour. He’d usually be all over me but he was surprisingly quiet.

“You young girls are on the pill nowadays aren’t you” was the first thing he said to me.

“Some are” I replied.

“Well … are you?”

“No” I said and enjoyed the look of shock on his face.

He was subdued all day. When it was time to go I helped him to bed again.

I kissed him and he responded passionately.

“Good night Mr Grant” I said leaving the room.

“Goodnight Danielle” he answered quietly.

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