Holly and (What’s Left of) the City Pt. 01



“Thank you for the Screwdriver, Ashley,” Holly said, her voice pleasant on the ear. She shifted around in her chair until she found a position that supported her neck. In her ivory arm was a highball glass containing an orange tincture. She sipped a little with her ruby lips and sent a seductive smile to her hostess.

“You’re quite welcome Holly, it’s an honor having you here,” Ashley smiled back. She was in her thirties, the tan complexion of her skin was covered by a salmon pink dress that complimented her brown eyes and the long ebony hair that cascaded along her back. She examined the young lady that sat before her. She believed Holly was no older than twenty, with fiery red hair and baby blue eyes. Her figure was thin but not skinny, Ashley thought it was just right.

“I just moved here a few days ago,” Holly sounded excited.

“Wow, really?” Ashley joined the excitement, Holly giggled, “Fresh off the bus, ha? And Titania of all places in the world.”

“I wanted to see what the biggest city in the world has to offer,” Holly explained her motive.

“Well, you came to the right place, about 45 million people call Titania home, not to mention how big this place is,” Ashley bragged, as if those achievements were her own, “bigger than anything China has to offer.”

“Even the suburbs look impressive,” Holly complimented.

“Not as impressive as you, dear,” Ashley pointed at Holly’s green dress, down between her legs, “You seem to have quite an asset there if you don’t mind me saying.”

Holly craned her neck to looked down, below her big breasts. Between her legs rested a bulge, straining the fabric of the dress, “Oh, Baby, yes.” She looked back at Ashley with a smile.

“You’re The Futanari, right?” She asked.

“I don’t know about the ‘The’ part,” Holly sweet-talked her way out, “but I’m definitely a futa.”

Ashley hesitated for a moment, walking around the living room to make sure all the blinds were closed, “We’re alone, so I’ll cut you a deal,” she half-whispered, “show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

Holly moved in her chair, not because she felt unease, the ebony woman caught her attention.

“Ladies first, Ashley,” Holly gave it a shot.

“Fair, I don’t mind,” she answered and her hands reached back. She fumbled around for a moment, looking for something. Holly heard something click and Ashley lifted her hands to the sky. Her pink dress crippled around her, falling silently to the floor. Her skin was almost glowing amber, her perky nipples, stood proudly over a pair of firm round breasts, her crotch was smooth and inviting. Clearly, Ashley came ready for this reveal, wearing nothing under the dress. “Held my end of the bargain, now you, Holly,” she wiggled her hips to tease her guest.

“Sure thing,” Holly said as she took another sip from her drink and placed the glass on the table. She got to her feet, holding her back straight. Ashley guessed she was no taller than 5” 2′. The redhead reached back, unhooking the clip holding her green dress. Just like Ashley, she let the thing drop to the floor. It didn’t work as she wanted, the gourmet stopped its descent when it reached her loins. She was less prepared than her hostess.

Her E cup bra was her next target, she quickly unhooked the thing and tossed it aside. Her breasts were, without a shadow of a doubt, bigger than Ashley’s. They looked almost too good to be true, as if they were artificial.

“Are those yours?” Ashley tried asking as politely as she could.

“Born and raised,” Holly answered plainly, as if she was used to the question, “I never went under the knife.”

The dress needed a little convincing to go below her waist. The fabric was not too willing to stretch and she didn’t want to tear her favorite dress. Working her way slowly, Holly managed to get the thing off, exposing her cock.

“Is that thing real?” Ashley whispered.

“As real as they come, Ashley.”

The penis hung all the way down Holly’s shins, fastened to her leg with three white straps, around the thigh, knee, and shin. It was almost as thick as its owner’s wrist. Ashley couldn’t help but stare at her guest as she moved to undo the straps. Behind the massive cock were a pair of giant balls, contained in a tight sack. Holly freed her appendage and stood up, waiting to see Ashley’s reaction.

Ashley, on her end, was unsure what the cat dragged home. The futa before her was something else, much bigger than she ever fathomed possible. It took her a while to frame the question, “Are you flaccid?”

Holly couldn’t help but laugh, “Of course I am, can’t you see it’s not standing up?” She pointed to the floor. Holly seemed to tell the truth, it looked as limp as can be.

“That means you’re a shower, right? You won’t grow any bigger?” Ashley asked, still trying to wrap her brain around what Holly had dangling between her legs.

“No,” Holly grabbed the shaft in her hand and lifted it, “I’m a grower actually. I can’t imagine how I’d manage if I was a shower.”

“You’re massive, Holly,” Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort Ashley said as she closed the distance between them like a tiger closing in on its prey. Her hips swinging with each step and her body screaming sexual prowess. “That thing should be on an elephant, not on a delicate girl like you.”

“Funny you say that, my physician also said it a few months ago,” Holly stood her ground, refusing to flee from the approaching predator, “I guess I’m a little on the large side,” she estimated her cock.

“A little is quite an understatement Holly,” Ashley stood no more than two feet from her, “I never saw a cock that big. I had a 12 incher once, but that’s nothing compared with you,” her sweet peach breath was faint but Holly caught a whiff.

“You’re making me blush,” It was true, Holly’s cheeks took a pinkish-red hue. Ashley thought it was quite enticing to watch how Holly’s colors blended in a mixture of red pink and blue. “Want to guess how big it gets?” She teased.

“I’m game, dear,” the tanned girl agreed, “You seem to be almost two feet already, and there’s no way you have much more in you.”

Holly giggled at the statement but tried to keep a poker face, “and your answer is…”

Ashley tried to stall a little longer, “between 2.5 and 3 feet…”

“Eerrrr,” Holly tried to sound like a buzzer, “wrong on both accounts!” She declared and jumped in place with glee as if winning a crucial game. Her whole body wobbled and rippled in response, her breasts flopping around and settling into their perfect shape once the jumping stopped.

“Well, how big are you?” Ashley wondered, taking another step and creeping on her victim.

Holly smiled, she looked into Ashley’s eyes, almost losing herself in the depths of the hazel pools. “Well, that’s for me to know,” Holly took a step forward and stood inches from Ashley, her peachy scent now abundantly clear, “and for you to find out.”

“Miss Holly, are you trying to tease me?” Ashley coyly asked.

“What if I am? You’re going to do something about it?” Holly stood her ground against the tiger.

“Of course I’m going to do something about it,” Ashley swallowed, “I’m going to kiss you…”

“Good girl,” Holly approved and lunged on the girl. The couple closed in for a passionate kiss as their arms wrapped around each other in a loving embrace. Holly tasted like strawberries, it was kind of a trademark of hers, she used to drink strawberry tea by the gallon most of the time. Ashley’s lips felt soft and inviting, her tongue dancing against Holly’s as the two went on. Their bodies pressed together as Ashley felt Holly’s breasts completely covering hers and the huge cock, unimaginably hot, pressing into her flower. After a few minutes they broke the kiss to take a breath, still pressed one against the other.

“God,” Ashley gasped for air, “That was amazing Holly, I never thought someone can be such an amazing kisser.”

“You’re no pushover yourself, Ashley,” She said as she wiggled her hips, feeling her lover becoming wet against her dick, “are we done with the games?”

“I think so,” Ashley said as the embrace broke, “my bedroom?”

“Whatever works for you, lead the way,” Holly followed the black-haired woman through one of the doors, It led to a little bedroom. It was mostly minimalistic in nature, walls painted white, a queen size bed below a stained window and a nightstand. Next to the door was a hanging rack with a few dresses and suits, nothing fancy.

“I like it,” Holly complimented the style. She always though less furniture meant more space, and she needed all the space she could get in such a cramped city.

“Thank you, how do you want to take this?” Ashley wondered.

“I like to take it slow, mind if I start by going down on you a little?” Holly offered.

“On me? Gladly,” Ashley agreed and walked over to the bed. She sat on the edge and let her weight flop back onto the soft mattress. Her ebony hair a perfect contrast to the bedsheets. Holly watched as her shaved pussy lured her into bed.

In moments, Holly was upon her, kneeling on the bed beside Ashley. The futa’s ivory hand landed on her belly gently, it glided up on the skin and reached her right breast, cupping it lightly before giving it a light squeeze.

“How was that Ashley?”

“Feels great, is that all we’re going to do?” Ashley teased.

Holly glided again, this time down her stomach and along her thigh before settling on her right inner thigh. She could feel her pussy’s radiating heat on her hand, “I hope you’ll enjoy this,” and with those words, she charged. Pressing a finger against her lover’s folds, she easily found her way inside the wet snatch.

Ashley enjoyed the light electric buzz that washed over her, she moaned and gasped as Holly worked her magic. One finger in her tight snatch felt great, two felt amazing. When Holly started feeling around with a third finger it was something else. Ashley started to quiver and shake the moment Holly inserted her third finger.

“That feels amazing Holly, don’t stop, please,” Ashley moaned. She thought her wish was denied when Holly shifted around, but what came next blew her mind. Holly’s tongue ran across her clit, sending Ashley down orgasm lane as Holly sucked and nibbled of her pulsating clit.

“Bet I can make you squirt girl,” Holly seduced.

“I… I ne…” Ashley gasped her answer, “I never squirted, I don’t think I can.”

Holly broke her suction of the engorged organ, “Sure you can, all women can squirt, I’ll show you.”

And with those words Holly went to town, sucking and teasing with no rest. She forced Ashley’s body to go into overdrive as an earth-shattering orgasm rocked her body. Holly could feel her fingers crush under the pulsating moist walls of her lover’s pussy but she kept going, refusing to relent before she got what she came for.

Ashley felt the darkness of exhaustion creeping into her sight. Holly made her body race through countless peeks in her chase for something Ashley was not even sure she could do. Still, the futa worked tirelessly on her pussy. Somewhere deep within her, Ashley self a force awaken, her body was overloaded and limp except one little bit in her lower half, a strange sensation of a muscle that she never felt before contracting.

It wasn’t what she saw on the internet, she didn’t produce a geyser that covered the ceiling. Instead, she felt her tunnel clench hard, forcing Holly out. Once Holly was out of her snatch her body released about a quarter of a gallon that sprayed against her lover and the bed.

“Told you we can do it,” Holly’s voice brought her back to the room.

“I have no idea how you did that…”

“It’s nothing Ashley, wait for the main show,” Holly shifted around and rested on her back next to Ashley, “mind returning a favor?”

Ashley looked at her lover’s groin, her cock seemed bigger. Not erect yet, it was about three feet long, “I’m not sure I can take your cock in my mouth…” she admitted.

“Silly Ashley, I meant my pussy, can you please go down on me like I went down on you?”

“You have a pussy?” Ashley asked genuinely, it didn’t occur to her that futanaris have both organs.

“Of course I do,” Holly explained, “I know my penis is a big distraction, but this little girl has a few surprises.”

Holly turned over on her hands and knees, Ashley grabbed her firm ass and positioned herself behind her. Holly’s sack dangled between her legs, as big as a beach ball. Her sack scrapped the white sheets as it hung less than an inch above them. Surely enough, just above her sack was a pink flower, dripping wet.

“It looks delicious,” Ashley complimented and went to work. Two fingers went inside and started to massage her g-spot while she licked and sucked the slit, “you taste like strawberry there too,”

“Aha,” Holly moaned, she was used to hearing those words and focused on the pleasure her body was giving her. Her mind shook and trembled at the loving buzz her pussy generated as it convulsed and squeezed around Ashley’s fingers. A light stream of girl-cum was starting to run down her thighs as she reached her edge.

“Feels amazing Ashley, I’m… I’m cumming!”

Holly moaned loudly and her body started to pulse, pushing her lover’s finger out in one smooth motion. Holly was not like Ashley, her pussy launched a massive stream of girl-cum that splashed against Ashley’s belly, it went on for a while, wetting the woman who started to laugh at the experience while Holly shook and moaned her love out.

Coming down from heaven, Holly turned her head back to her soaked lover, “That was great, thank you so much.”

“Thank you, Holly, I learned something new today,” Ashley smiled while her body rested on the bed.

“Don’t mention it, pleasure teaching a sexy lady like yourself,” Holly said as she lowered her body to the bed and turned around to rest on her back. What Ashley saw made her jaw drop into the soaked mattress.

“Fucking shit, What the fuck, Holly!” Ashley screamed once she picked her jaw up.

“What’s wrong?” Holly tried to catch on, pushing her cock aside so she could better see her partner, “please don’t tell me I hurt you…” Her face expressed sincere concern.

“You’re huge,” Ashley’s voice lowered to a whisper, she tried to grab hold of her astonishment, “I mean, how can you be so big?”

Holly blinked, trying to understand what’s wrong, “Oh, you’re talking about Baby?” She tapped her erect cock.

“I don’t know how to tell you this Holly, but I think Baby is a wonderful antiphrasis,” Ashley tried to make a joke. Inside, her heart was a raging storm of confusing emotions.

“Antiphrasis?” Holly wondered, pushing her rod out of the way as the tan girl caught her attention, “What’s an antiphrasis?”

“Your cock is an excellent example of one,” Ashley giggled, “Calling your cock Baby when it’s the size of almost three babies is what you call an antiphrasis.”

“Oh, I see,” Holly smiled back, “Well, Baby is big, that’s true.”

“Holly, it’s a monolith… Does it even work?”

“Shhh,” Holly lowered her voice, “Don’t offend Baby, she’s sensitive.”

“Can I touch it?” Ashley showed how curious she was.

“I’d like that,” Holly answered and pushed the giant shaft up until it stood upright, perpendicular to her body. Her cock was a reddish ivory hue, just like her cheeks when she blushed before. It towered over its owner, standing at eye level with Ashley. As thick as a thigh, it pulsated with excitement.

“Jesus Holly, it’s amazing,” Ashley moved closer and placed her feeble hand mid-shaft. It wasn’t enough to circle even half of the tube. Another hand tried to close the circle but it was a losing battle, Holly was just too thick. It dawned on Ashley that her infamous combined tit and blowjob was actually pointless with Holly and Baby.

“I have to ask, are you a virgin?” Ashley wondered. Her question was answered by Baby who gave a violent pulse and seemed to grow even bigger.

“Ashley, what’s wrong with you, are you trying to insult Baby?” Holly wondered as if offended, “We had tons of girls before you, they all had a blast.”

Ashley closed an embrace around Holly’s cock and gave it a loving kiss, “I’m sorry Baby, I’m sure you’re the best…” She apologized and tried her best to make it up to Holly. She sucked and licked the shaft, starting at the base and working her way to the tip. It took Ashley a long time to cover the whole thing, had she thought about its length she might have gone with a different plan of attack. But she didn’t want to disappoint Holly, so she just whethered the weather.

Holly liked the effort Ashley invested while working on Baby. She couldn’t help but moan with each deliberate caress that filled her body with liquid fire. When she reached the magnificent, engorged head, Ashley stormed her new target, the cum slit. The thing was as wide as Ashley’s mouth, gaping open in anticipation for what’s to come. She shoved her tongue inside and started to lick, making Holly gasp and scream with joy.

“I think you earned your pay, girl,” Holly stopped her lover. She lifted her back off the bed and hugged her cock as she moved out of the way. Even though her breasts were more than twice what Ashley had they were still no match for Baby, only managing to make it halfway around its massive girth. Holly made a gesture with one hand while the other held Baby firmly in her bosom, and offered her place on the bed to Ashley.

Ashley lowered herself onto her back. The mattress below her had little wet patches here and there from the girls’ squirts but it didn’t bother her, she loved knowing it was her womanhood that caused some of the mess. “Are you going to take me now?” She asked.

“Yes, I think you’ve earned it.”

“Do you think I can take you? You’re such a giant…” Ashley expressed her concern.

“Don’t worry Ashley,” Holly said as she took a few steps on her knees towards the feet of the bed so she’ll have enough space to aim Baby, “You’ll be amazed what your body can do, trust me, I think I proved myself by making you squirt for the first time.”

“Definitely,” Ashley admitted as she saw Holly aim her cannon at her exposed pussy, “there’s probably no condom for a wonder like you…”

“That’s right,” Holly was focused on getting the football-sized head of her cock aligned with the tiny vagina she was going to use.

“Good thing I’m on the pill then. You can have me all you want, it’s totally safe.” Ashley bragged hoping it will be a catalyzer for Holly’s passion.

“Pills don’t work with Baby,” Holly said in the calmest voice ever, “You can try for the morning after pill if you want, they can work…”

“Wow,” was all Ashley managed to say before her lover started to push. Ashley’s body resisted for a moment, as if declaring it will not grant access to the invader. Holly kept applying pressure and her persistence made magic happen. All of a sudden, Ashley’s slit seemed to loosen slightly, allowing the very tip of Holly to penetrate her. It was still just a fraction of Baby, but it was enough to start a chain reaction.

Ashley gasped at Holly’s advance, she felt as if the biggest cock she ever took as a tiny pinky compared with what this lady offered. Her body started to jump as jolts of electricity rocked her soul. between her legs, Holly worked hard to gain more and more ground. It was a slow struggle, Holly’s cock-head was about half-way inside the black-haired woman. Her once tight pussy was now a burning ring around a giant cock, magnitudes bigger than intended by nature.

With a light popping sound that forced a loud moan out of Ashley’s mouth, Holly managed to shove the whole head inside her lover. The bulbous head engulfed in her tight love canal was already more than anything nature made Ashley for. Somehow, her body managed to let her focus on the better part of it as she raced to another orgasm.

“Look what Baby did, Ashley,” Holly pointed to the girl’s abdomen. The once flat skin of her tummy was now distended, pushed out by her lover’s ramrod. “Look at it, Ashley…” Holly said as she pushed more of herself inside, rearranging Ashley’s organs on the way in.

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