Hips Up and Legs Spread



In a comfortable, softly-lit bedroom, Susan is on a king-sized bed. She is freshly showered, nude, and just a bit softly squirmy from anticipating what will happen next. She lays there for a bit, at times rubbing herself for a moment, when Xavier arrives from another room.

Xavier is a medium to tallish man who quietly and quickly disrobes and joins Susan on the bed. With few, if any, words, Xavier lays beside Susan on her left and gently caresses her, starting at her knees and gradually tracing her whole body, increasing her delighted squirming.

A few kisses later he pulls her toward himself with firm strength and determination, yet always gently. Mostly on his back but somewhat leaning toward her, Xavier directs her hips onto his so that Susan’s left buttocks covers Xavier’s crotch entirely. With his left hand he pulls her left leg around his left leg (knee bent) then pushes her right leg sideways to be flat against the bed. He continues to pull a bit here and push there, bringing her hips a bit more up on his, his right hand cupping her right buttocks at times, rubbing her crotch into compliance with his left hand, so that she is spread-eagle, face up, half on him, seemingly floating in the air.

Xavier rubs her a bit more between the legs, wiggles his fingers wherever they might be, shifts a bit now and then for effect – to find just the right spot for himself to settle in, then he caresses her torso, breasts and face with his left hand. He kisses her face then pauses.

Samuel walks in the room, touches Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort Xavier on the left shoulder, as if to say “Welcome”.

He walks around the bed, leans across it and kisses Susan, first on the neck, then the right nipple, gently sucking it into his mouth and rolling it with his teeth for a moment. Then fully on her lips, tasting her, inhaling her.

He leans back, puts his right middle finger on her lips – she wants to suck it into her, but he quickly slips it out, and traces a line down her center: chin, to neck, to sternum, to belly, between her lips. He slides it into her while whispering “Be still” into her ear. He knows this is a challenge for her, but one that she willingly accepts.

He holds it inside her, not moving, and instructs her to demonstrate her Kegels. As she does, his initial response is, “That is not enough. I know that you can do better … I’ve felt it.” She closes her eyes and squeezes tighter, imaging his cock instead of his finger.

Susan is eager for more. The novelty of the situation, the posture of her hips pushed up yet supported, the attentions and arousal of Samuel and Xavier give her new levels of excitement. With Xavier beside and below her, and with Samuel so tantalizingly near and above her, she looks Samuel in the eye and quietly begs, “Please.”

Samuel sends a questioning look to Xavier who nods ascent. Xavier pushes his hand deeper under Susan. He also firmly pushes her legs farther apart, almost uncomfortably so. With his left hand keeping her legs apart, Xavier uses his right hand to tease into readiness wherever he can reach. Samuel, enjoying watching Susan try to stay still while she is beginning to uncontrollably squirm and moan, reaches down and pets her body, keeping intentionally away from where Xavier is touching.

Until her eyes close long enough that Samuel bends down and gives Susan a few long, full-tongue licks along all of her pussy that send her into a delicious, creamy, thrilling orgasm. One more quick lick followed by a little slap on her heated, ready pussy, then Samuel looks into the eyes of Susan. They both smile broadly, then he winks, sending her into an unassisted shudder of pleasure. Xavier continues to hold Susan’s legs apart and pushes her up a bit further. Samuel positions himself in front of her spread legs, gets himself ready and in a strong stance, then leans forward to enter Susan.

Samuel enters her in one, agonizingly slow, deep, powerful motion. And holds there in a plank position; Susan impaled from above.

Xavier shifts his hips slightly. Susan gasps and shudders as Xavier pushes into her ass. His hands on her sides, fingers curved around to hold her nipples. Lips on the back of her neck. Samuel smiles with Susan and reminds her to be still, to enjoy all of the sensations: The hardness within her. The strong men below and above her. The pinching nipples. Xavier’s teeth on her shoulders and the back of her neck. Samuel’s lips and breath dancing with hers.

Samuel starts to move his hips. Slowly withdrawing until just the tip remains. Susan’s eyes are closed as she absorbs the feelings. The smell. The sound of moist bodies moving with each other.

While Samuel holds himself just barely inside of her quivering pussy, Xavier slowly pulls out until he too has only the tip of his harness inside. They both feel her muscles contract as she tries to pull, to will them both back into her.

She whimpers just a bit.

Samuel says “Three”.

He takes a breath.

Xavier says “Two”.

He takes a breath.

Susan, eyes clenched shut, fearful that should she open them and see Samuel and look into his eyes that she will lose the last of her control, and that that will cause them both to withdraw.

“One” she hears from both men at the same time. Anticipating. She hears them both breathe in.

And then she implodes as she feels both men thrust deeply, filling her beyond fulfilling. They are simultaneous in their plunge and withdraw. Plunge and withdraw. She loses sense of time. Of connection with gravity as she is suspended between the two.

A whisper from Samuel brings her back for just a moment until she realizes that it was a signal to Xavier, and in an instant the rhythm has shifted, with one sliding inside her deeply as the other pulls back. Never quite all the way, reversing directions just at the very last moment.

And she is off again. Nearly floating above herself as she orgasms over and over. Her body moving in sync with theirs. Breathing as one, thrusting as one.

During a very brief pause, Susan wishes always to remain right there in that moment, yet she also wonders … what will be next?

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