Her Personal Shopping Assistant


Mastrom’s was Blythe’s favorite department store. Catering to an upscale clientele, they carried the latest in high quality fashion in a wide variety of styles. They took pride in their hands-on and solicitous customer service. After a shopping excursion, Blythe often left the store fully satisfied and upbeat.

Today, she was looking for a few items to add to her summer wardrobe. Her cotton, floral sundress with wide shoulder straps and a low cut neckline revealed a hint of cleavage. It was very comfortable and in a style she favored. While she didn’t want to get in a fashion rut, Blythe wanted to demonstrate to the sales staff the type of look she was seeking and one that usually flattered her body type.

Her long neck was accented by her recent short hair cut for the summer. Combined with the low bodice and the above the knee hemline, this exposed a lot of skin. It put her in a youthful frame of mind and the bounce in her step created an eye-catching swing to her body and dress. The thought that she could still turn a few heads was great for her ego. She put an extra sway in her walk without being so blatant that her husband, Kabron, would think she was being flirtatious.

Riding the escalator to the third floor, Blythe scanned the mannequins displaying the featured items. She got a small rush when a couple items caught her interest. It was usually a good sign that there’d be a lot for her to explore.

With Kabron trailing behind, Blythe did a quick sweep through the floor to get a flavor for the season’s merchandise. Along the way, she picked up a couple of outfits for her initial scrutiny. As usual, Kabron was quickly bored. Typically, after a short period, he would leave for the mall bookstore, while she finished shopping. This freed Blythe to take her time and get lost in the pleasures of trying on as many items as she desired.

Before he left, she liked to ask Kabron his opinion. He had little interest and rarely had anything of substance to add. However, occasionally, he would explicitly express a dislike of an item or convey the same opinion through his body language. In any case, she wanted to have him feel involved, especially, when the expenditures could be quite pricey.

“Darling, let me pop in and try these on. I’d like to hear what you think.” Blythe said over her shoulder as she headed for the dressing rooms.

“They look lovely.” Kabron said in reply. He knew his role in this interchange and didn’t want to pretend that he had any expertise in the matter. In fact, he believed his wife looked great in almost everything she wore.

Blythe chuckled, “Wise guy. You’re supposed to wait until I try them on, dear.”

There were plenty of well-appointed dressing rooms. Mastrom’s kept them clean and quickly removed the unpurchased clothes left by patrons. Each room had large front and back mirrors, a padded bench and lots of clothing hooks. She picked one toward the back. Light rock instrumental music played gently in the background and there was an attractive fragrance in the air. Blythe was shrewd enough to realize these amenities were all carefully researched and designed to increase the likelihood of purchases. That was fine with her. She liked the touches of elegance and it put her in a more relaxed frame of mind.

Hanging up the items she’d brought in, Blythe kicked off her sandals and slipped out of her dress. After placing it on a hanger, she paused for a quick glance in the mirror. While few women are completely happy with their bodies, she was generally pleased. She’d only gained one dress size in the ten years since school and she was still shapely in all the right places. Running her hands across the hi-cut, lavender hip huggers, the feel of the tight muscles made the time spent in the gym worthwhile. The matching lace-trimmed bra complemented her bust line with appropriate lift.

Not wanting to keep Kabron waiting too long, she quickly tried several items. A couple were easily rejected either because the size wasn’t right or it didn’t look as good on her as it did on the hanger. The third dress had more appeal. It was a stylish black on white print with thin straps that had a nice cut and a flattering drape.

Blythe went to model it for Kabron. He was leaning against a wall with his arms folded and a bored expression. Blythe did a twirl for his inspection. “What do you think?”

“That’s very pretty. You know I love you in black.” He said with a nod of appreciation.

“I know you do, dear. If you had your way, black would be most of my wardrobe.”

Smiling his agreement, Kabron added, “Well, it does look great on you.”

“I’m going to browse a few more items and see if I can get some help from a sales associate.” Blythe said.

That was the signal that Kabron was free to go. “I think I’ll check out some books and get a coffee.”

“OK. I won’t be too long.”


“Before you go, could you help me carry a few things back to the dressing room?” Blythe asked.

With a sharp eye and moving like bursa escort a seasoned pro, she soon had selected almost a dozen sundresses or skirt and blouse combinations. Kabron transported them back to the changing rooms and handed the pile to his wife. He marveled silently over her definition of “a few items” and her concept of time that allowed her to believe that she wouldn’t “be too long”.

As he prepared to leave, Kabron said, “Have fun.”

Blythe leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I’ll have a ball. See you in awhile.” Then, she turned and entered the dressing room to get down to the pleasure of trying all the new things.

Kabron watched her until she disappeared. He appreciated both her svelte appearance and the joy in life that was evident in her effervescent movement. Blythe’s upbeat nature and free spirit had originally attracted him, and it was still one of her best characteristics.

He walked toward the escalator and rode it down to the second floor that opened into the rest of the mall. Before leaving the store, Kabron stopped to examine a few ties and tried to picture what he had at home.

Upstairs, Blythe added her new selections to those already in the dressing room. She did a quick sort to group them according to the styles she had in mind for different activities. It included hanging a few sundresses together with the one she’d worn for easier comparison to help in the later winnowing process.

Stripping off the black and white dress, she hung it on the wall with the thought that it would be one of the finalists. The next dress she picked to try on was one that she had some doubts about because it was the shortest and most revealing of the lot. Stepping into it, Blythe shimmied and pulled it up her body. After tying the straps behind her neck, she smoothed and adjusted the fabric.

Turning to the mirror, her first look confirmed her suspicions. It was much more revealing than her typical picks. The hem of the light material wafted around her legs and settled at mid-thigh. The low cut top and empire waist accented her breasts. Looking over her shoulder, Blythe saw that it dipped deeply and left most of her back uncovered. Nonetheless, she liked the blue batik print and the sexy ambience. She couldn’t decide if it was appropriately racy, or if it crossed the line into risqué.

As she was turning back and forth to check all the different angles, the lights suddenly went out. Startled, Blythe quickly inhaled. The unlit changing area was pitch black. She stood there motionless. After a few seconds, she felt for the wall, made her way to the bench, and sat to wait for the lights to come back on.

Downstairs, Kabron was about to leave when the lights went out. The second floor was dim, but some light from the mall was filtering in. Mastrom’s appeared to be the only store affected. Several minutes later, store security personnel passed the word that they were working to restore power. In the interim, they directed shoppers to make their way to the mall.

Concerned about Blythe, Kabron thought about heading back to the dressing room. However, looking to the third floor, it was even darker. He approached a well-dressed and official looking woman standing next to the escalator.

“Excuse me ma’am. My wife’s in the dressing room upstairs. Will there be someone up there who will help her in the dark?”

Pausing a moment before answering, she said, “I’m sure there will be.”

Kabron’s face flashed a skeptical expression as he considered stumbling into the dark.

The woman read his expression and said, “Don’t worry. This has happened before. The lights usually aren’t off for long. You head outside. I’ll go take care of your wife.”

“In the dark?”

Reaching into her purse, she extracted a small penlight attached to her keychain, ” ‘Be prepared.’ Go ahead now, we’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure? Would you like me to come?”

“No, don’t bother. We can’t have you groping around in the dark in the ladies changing room, can we?”

Smiling, Kabron said, “I guess not. I really appreciate this.”

As she started up the stairs, she turned and asked, “What’s her name?”


“Pretty.” She disappeared into the third floor guided by the small beam of her flashlight.

Giving a mental shrug to indicate he’d done all he could, Kabron joined the last stragglers heading for the mall. Outside, he turned toward the bookstore confidant that the outage would be short-lived and that he’d left Blythe in good hands.

Since the lights hadn’t returned, Blythe considered leaving the changing room and trying to make her way to an exit. However, she wasn’t eager to wander in the dark, especially, when she wasn’t even in her own clothes.

Just then she heard someone approaching. Surprisingly, she felt a mix of emotion. Relief that someone else was in the store and might help her. Concern that she was very vulnerable alone in the dark with a stranger. “”Hello, is someone there?”

“Yes. Is that escort bursa you Blythe?” a woman’s voice replied.

“I’m down here at the end.” Blythe answered; surprised the person knew her name.

A dim light appeared on the floor beneath the changing room door. “Your husband was concerned. He asked me to check on you.”

“Thank you.” Assisted by the low light, Blythe rose and slipped the lock. Opening the door, Blythe saw the outline of a woman who appeared to be about her about her age and height. She was dressed in a tailored jacket and matching skirt that looked to be in a light grey. Her dark hair was curled and pulled softly up.

The woman turned the light toward the ceiling so it illuminated their faces and they could see each other better. With a warm smile, she extended her hand, “Nice to meet you Blythe. I’m Joy.”

Taking her hand, Blythe said, “Hello, Joy. Thanks again for coming. I was beginning to get a little worried.”

Turning the flashlight off, Joy said, “Wow. I can see why. It’s really dark in here.” Switching the light back on, Joy entered the cubicle. “Would you like to walk downstairs or just wait here a few minutes? These things usually don’t last too long.”

Blythe’s first notion was to leave, but she didn’t want to abandon all the clothes she’d chosen without trying them on. She deferred to Joy that her store would restore power in short order. “I’ll trust your judgment and wait.” she replied. “Besides, I can’t walk out without paying.” She added pointing to the tag on the dress she had on.

“Yah, we can’t have that. That is a pretty dress. It looks good on you.” Joy commented. She reached out and felt the fabric. “Ahhh. And it’s beautiful material.”

“Thank you. I was worried it might be too short.” Blythe said as she looked down and examined the length again.

Holding the flashlight on the dress for a better view, Joy said, “Turn around, let me see.”

Blythe executed a slow pirouette as Joy watched with a seasoned eye. “See, it’s very revealing.” Almost convincing herself not to get it.

“It’s perfect and sexy.” Joy announced. “You’ve got a beautiful body and you’re too young to start being conservative.”

“You think?” Blythe asked while checking herself in the dim mirror.

“Absolutely. You’ve got gorgeous legs and perky breasts. It highlights all your assets.” Joy set the flashlight on the bench and smoothed the material across Blythe’s shoulders and chest. “See.”

Blythe loved the ego stroking and actually got a quick thrill when Joy’s hand brushed her breasts.

Standing behind Blythe with her hands on her shoulders, Joy added, “With all the skin revealed, you’ll get a great tan. Plus, all the guys will be staring.”

Blythe laughed and said, “You’re wicked. I’m a married woman.”

Joy joined in the laughter, “Married doesn’t mean you’re dead. We all enjoy the excitement of a little flirtation.”

“True, true.” Blythe nodded. Swaying back and forth and looking at her reflection. “You’ve convinced me. I think I’m going to take it. You’re a good salesperson.”

Flashing a mischievous smile, Joy said. “I’m here to please. How about some of these others? Have you tried them on yet?”

The questions brought Blythe back to the reality of the lights still being out. She’d gotten so relaxed with Joy and the modeling; she’d forgotten how dark it was. Indicating to Joy the lack of lights. “Do you think we should?”

“If this flashlight is enough for you to see, why waste time? Besides, it’s a little fun in the dark.”

“You know, you’re right. It is kinda cozy and exciting in here. I’m enjoying this and I like you’re fashion taste. Let’s try some more.” Joy started to slip out of the dress.

“Let me help you with that.” Joy helped pull the dress down as Blythe stepped out. After replacing it on a hanger, Joy turned. Blythe was standing in panties and bra examining some of the other dresses. She enjoyed the view for a few moments, then commented, “You were kidding me, girl. Saying you thought this dress might be too saucy for you and all the time wearing sexy lingerie like that.”

Blythe turned, looked at her lacy underwear, felt self-conscious and blushed. “I just…uhh…I mean…” she stammered.

“Don’t be shy. I always say, if you got, it enjoy it. Besides, purple is my favorite color.”

Ordinarily, Blythe might be offended by such a forward comment by a sales associate. But Joy said it with such sincerity, that it seemed like a compliment coming from an old friend. “I guess that some spice in life is nice.”

“That’s the attitude.” Joy agreed. “It’s getting warm without the AC. Do you mind if I get comfortable?”

“Not at all. Go right ahead.”

Joy slipped off her jacket. The neck of her blouse was open, but she unhooked another button and fanned her neck to circulate the air. “That’s better. Now we can get down to business.”

They both turned back to the clothes and Joy helped Blythe try several outfits. She endorsed Blythe’s bursa escort bayan opinion that the black and white dress was definitely a keeper.

They hit it off and established an easy rapport. Chatting about the clothes, it was clear they had similar tastes. Blythe appreciated having a fashion expert provide advice and perspective. They joked about ones they agreed were unattractive and gushed over those that were especially appealing. Joy found one brightly colored dress particularly attractive.

“If you like it, you should try it.” Blythe suggested. “I think we’re about the same size.”

Joy hesitated, “I shouldn’t. I came here to help you.”

“Oh go ahead. It’s just us girls in the dark.” Blythe urged. “Besides,” gesturing to her lingerie clad body, “you’ve seen me in my undies. It’s only fair.”

Joy paused, looked into Blythe’s eyes, then nodded her head and undid her blouse. Removing it, she revealed a bright red, low cut bra. Blythe noticed that Joy’s breasts were larger than hers and that Joy’s nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material. Unzipping her skirt, she let it drop to the ground. As Joy bent to pick it up, Blythe was surprised to see a garter belt and stockings rather than pantyhose. Also, as she bent, Joy’s behind was aimed right at Blythe and her two well-rounded globes glazed Blythe’s leg.

At first, Blythe thought Joy was without panties and then saw the thin thong string nestled in her crack. As Joy straightened and folded her skirt, Blythe continued to stare at her back and buttocks. She felt suddenly aware of the small confines of the room and the close proximity of their half-naked bodies.

When Joy turned, she sensed Blythe’s eyes on her body, but pretended to ignore it. Instead, she reached for the dress on the bench and intentionally brushed her arm against Blythe’s stomach in the process. The contact with the smooth skin gave her a pleasant tingle.

Blythe sucked in her belly from the unexpected contact. It compounded her nervous excitement. Since she didn’t want to reveal her discomfit, she made a light comment, “You were joking about my undies and look at that sexy set.”

Rubbing her palm across her bra, Joy said, “I told you I believe in dressing sexy. And these bring out the woman in me.” Joy slowly let the back of her hand trace down her side, along the garter belt and across the front of her thong.

Blythe got the sense that Joy was almost being flirtatious, but couldn’t help her eyes from following Joy’s hand. She licked her dry lips and saw that the thong was a matching red to the bra. Even in the dim glow of the flashlight, she could tell the small patch of lace was nearly transparent. As Joy fiddled with the dress, Blythe’s eyes remained fixed on the front of the thong.

Noticing the attention, Joy set the dress aside and said, “You should wear a thong like this, Blythe. You’ve got the body for it.”

“I…I don’t have any.” She stammered and felt silly for doing so. Trying to regain her composure and maintain a normal conversation, Blythe asked, “Do you always wear a garter belt? I didn’t think many people did these days.”

“I have tons of garter belts.” Joy answered in a soft purr. “I like to wear them whenever I want some stimulation or hope to get some action.” Then she added with a laugh, “So, I guess I wear them a lot. Don’t you have any of these either, sweetie?”

Blythe looked up and into Joy’s smiling eyes. “No…no.” Blythe said with a little tightness in her throat. She mentally chastised herself for showing nervousness. She prided herself on being sexy, experienced and adventurous. Yes, she was unexpectedly semi-naked, in the dark, in a semi-public place, with a semi-naked stranger. Nonetheless, she didn’t like feeling as if she were an anxious schoolgirl. Blythe determined to relax and enjoy what was certain to be a brief and frivolous verbal flirt. She cleared her throat and spoke with more confidence, “I like to dress as sexy as the next woman, but I always assumed those were uncomfortable.” To accent the liberated attitude she wanted to project, Blythe ran her fingers across her own sexy bra and flashed a salacious grin.

“I can see you know how to do sexy.” Then, stepping closer, Joy reached up with her left hand and lightly stroked the soft material on Blythe’s breast. “This not only looks fabulous on you, but the material feels wonderful. I bet it caresses your boobs with every move.”

Despite her decision to project confidence, Blythe was stunned by the deliberately seductive touch. She assumed Joy was simply being lightly playful. Still, it was the first time since college that she’d had such an erotic physical contact with another female. The soft hand on her bra brought back a wave of pleasant memories. A smile mixed with the expression of surprise and arousal on her face.

When she’d volunteered to be Good Samaritan, Joy hadn’t expected events to evolve this way. However, she was always open to opportunities and eager to push the envelope to see if something interesting might develop. Sensing there was no resistance, she pressed on before Blythe had a chance to think better of the situation. Leaving her left hand gently on the breast, her right hand took hold of Blythe’s right hand fingers.

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