Her Heels Are Her Weapon


I had always desired her, wanted her, she had been the woman of my dreams, my fantasy goddess; I had finally screwed up the courage to ask her out on a date, and the memory of her cold, cutting rejection had stayed with me for the two years. The look on her face, the humiliating sneer of contempt on her glossy red lips as she spun on one six inch heel and stalked out of my office had stayed in my mind every day since. I remembered the sound of those heels clicking on the floor as she stalked away, and I had vowed to pay her back!

Reality hadn’t come close to my fantasy revenge, as I struggled on with my job she had climbed the promotion ladder effortlessly, slipping into the Managing Director role earlier in the month. I suffered the agony of seeing her in the office almost every day, she looked sexy and desirable and so far beyond my reach now that I found myself thinking about her every night, hating her but wanting to have her. Realising that if I didn’t do something soon I was likely to go crazy with frustrated need I began to hunt through the old email backups, looking for anything I could find which would allow me an advantage, a weapon that would give me the power to coerce her into giving me what I had wanted for so long.

This was the day I had waited for, I had found an email in which she had blackmailed the old MD into resigning and giving her the job after she had seduced him and threatened to expose his infidelity to his wife and family. I knew she was ambitious and power hungry but I hadn’t expected to uncover anything quite so cold and calculated. So in addition to payback for rejecting me in such a humiliating fashion I also wanted to punish her for what she had done to get the MD job, I had no other proof but I was sure she had used similar techniques for many of her other promotions.

I had a hard copy printout on my desk as I called her office and asked for a meeting with her at the end of the day, when she started to cut me off I played my trump card, faced with my evidence she had given in and agreed to see me.

I knocked on her office door and went in, she was sitting behind her desk looking stunning, glossy red lips and a tight satin blouse which struggled to contain her heavy breasts, excited by the prospect of getting my revenge on this bitch my cock started to harden at the Gaziantep Escort Numaraları sight of her. I sat down and pushed the print out across her desk.

“I think you should read this Linda and I’m sure you’ll understand the position this puts you in”. I watched as she scanned it quickly and then looked back at me. She raised one sculpted eyebrow at me, “So what exactly did you want to talk about David? This? I have no idea what this is or where it came from”

I cut her short, “I have the original here on the backup tape, you can’t wriggle out of this, not this time”, I took the tape out of my pocket, she looked at the printout again, then looked coldly back at me, “Ok, what exactly do you want?” she asked.

“I asked you out, you said no”

“Of course I did, there was no way I was going to go out with a date with the likes of you!”

“I could have accepted that Linda, but you couldn’t just say no could you, you had to humiliate me, hurt me, you’re one hell of cold bitch and now it’s time to pay the price!”

“As I said” she replied, “what exactly do you want?”

I stood up, walked back and locked the office door, when I turned back towards her she was already coming round the desk, protesting; as I held up one hand to stop her I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was so sexy and desirable with towering heels and a desperately tight pencil skirt. I explained the terms of the deal, ” I want to fuck you, I had asked you out on a date but it’s too late for that now, I want to fuck you here in your office, I want to screw you as you’re bent over your desk”

I think she believed that even at this stage she could regain control of the situation, she had used her body and her sex as a weapon so many times in the past I was sure that she was confident that when it came to fucking she would be able to turn the tables but then I dropped my bombshell.

“And before we start you are going to take your heels off, when I take you you aren’t going to be wearing those symbols of power! I’m going to have you and there’s no way you going to be wearing those!” .

Briefly a look of concern flashed across her face; she stood in front of me and ran the tip of tongue over her glossy lush lips. “Surely though you want to make your victory over me complete? If I do this, and you give me the tape and printout as agreed, you won’t want to go away thinking you could have had more are you?”

“If you really want to take me, to fuck me like a bitch then surely you want to do it while I’m dressed to kill? You’ll want to know that you were humiliating me fully, that you were fucking me, making me wail and cry out , while I writhe underneath you in my satin blouse and tight skirt, with my seamed stockings and towering heels?”

She moved closer, very close to me, “That’s what you really need isn’t it? To take me, to dominate me, to have your revenge on the cold bitch with her lipstick and high heels”. She was pressing against me, slowly twisting and grinding herself against my aching penis, “That’s what you need isn’t it, break me, punish me, make me beg you” she was looking deep into my eyes now as she started to push her satin covered breasts against me, her perfume was thick in my nose, I slid my hands around her waist and down onto her tight arse and pulled her harder onto me.

“Yes you bitch, that’s what I want, your lipstick is going to be smeared all down my cock and I’m going to make you choke on it!” I said in a husky, shaky voice. She was writing and grinding against me, her whole body felt like it was pressing up against me, her glossy red lips were parted with lust.

“You’re going to make me beg you aren’t you?” She breathed into my ear, “you’re going to fuck me so hard with that huge cock of yours that I’ll beg you to stop, I’ll cry out as you take me hard and deep and beg you to be gentle with me. You’ll bend me over my own desk, lift my tight, tight skirt” she ground against me harder as she whispered into my ear, “then you’re going to get that monster cock of yours and just force it into my tight wet pussy, grab me round the waist and fuck me hard like I deserve, screw the cruel bitch like she deserves as she wears her heels”.

She slid her arms around my neck and continued to writhe against me, pushing herself against my cock which felt like it was going to explode! “You are going to fuck me so hard I will be begging you, pleading with you!” She was looking right into my eyes as she went on, “the cold cruel high-heeled bitch is going to be be taken, fucked and broken, you’re going to take revenge for all those men I’ve screwed for my own pleasure, for all the times I’ve made them suck me to orgasm and then kicked them away with nothing in return, for the relationships I’ve broken up for fun”

At the back of my mind I realised that I hadn’t actually got what I wanted, but she had inflamed me with lust and my sexual needs weren’t listening to the rational part of my mind, I was getting off so much on what I was going to be doing to this woman, on what she was breathing into my ear, seducing me, turning me on!

“So when you’ve finally finished with me” she whispered, “when you’ve taken me and left me broken and sobbing will you leave me the tape and the printout? Will I have been punished enough? You never know, I’ve never been taken like that before, I might like you being my master, I may need to serve you again and again” She licked her lush lips as she said this “if you let me have the tape I might beg you to take me up the arse, to fuck my tight virgin arsehole!”

I groaned, overwhelmed with lust now “yes, take the tape, you can have it, I’m going to screw your tight arse Linda!” She slid the tape into the desk drawer then she turned back to me and started to rub my engorged penis through my trousers with her hand, a spasm leapt through me as she brought me almost to the point of orgasm, a cold expression replaced the lustful looks she had been giving me earlier.

“You idiot”, she spat at me, “I know exactly how to deal with little men like you, how to time things to perfection!” As her hand worked my cock frantically hard and fast she suddenly pushed me hard on the chest with the other , I stumbled back and tripped over the foot she had put behind me, I cried out as I fell backwards to the floor and my prick exploded inside my pants, soaking them and the front of my trousers.

As I arched and writhed at her feet in an explosive orgasm she put the towering heel of one shoe onto my crotch and ground it in hard, as I cried out in a mixture of pleasure, pain and fear she sneered down at me “I wondered where that email had gone to but now I don’t have to! Now get out of my sight and if I ever catch you sniffing around me again I’ll have you sacked on the spot!”.

Once again I saw that humiliating sneer of contempt on her glossy red lips as she spun on that six inch heel and stalked out of her office and as I listened to the sound of those heels clicking on the floor as she stalked away I realised that had never had a chance in hell of paying her back!

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