Helping Her Mother Ch. 03



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I was away on a job site when my phone rang. I looked at the name.

It was my wife. “Hey Julie, Whats up?”

“Mum’s delivery truck just arrived. So you’ll have your mother in law living with you as of tonight.”

she said, “That should make you happy!”

“Oh, absolutely Ecstatic.” I said with what I hoped sounded like mock sarcasm.

When I got home and pulled into the front yard the first thing I spotted was mum’s porch swing sitting in the middle of our front porch. Julie came out to meet me. “Hey Honey’ She said, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me down for a kiss, and pushing her beautifully rounded belly into mine. “Mum’s just gone down to the shops for some stuff to cook dinner tonight.”

“Great, I’m starving.” I said, then went down on my knees and kissed Julie’s belly, “Hey, How’s my beautiful baby girl today?” I asked

“Your beautiful baby girl has been kicking the shit out of her mother all day.” Julie said.

I stood back up, and took Julie in my arms, “I’m sorry Honey, I’ll have a word to her about it when she is old enough to understand.” I said with a chuckle, before giving Julie a tender kiss, and hugging her close.

“I see mum brought her porch swing with her from the old house.” I said, “Who decided to give it pride of place in the middle of the front porch?”

“She did. She said you wouldn’t mind it being there.” Julie gave me a quizzical look, “Why would she tell me that you wouldn’t mind?”

“The week you got pregnant and went to that seminar, your mum and I sat together on that swing and spent a very pleasant afternoon together.”

We walked from the yard back to the porch, to where the swing was sitting. I sat on the swing and pulled Julie down onto my lap. We sat cuddled together and gazed out at the neighborhood.

I don’t know what Julie was thinking, but I was thinking that my mother in law had placed the swing in the most exposed part of the porch with the full knowledge that I would know what she was saying.

When she and I had sex on the swing last time she wanted us to wear dressing gowns, and I had told her I would allow it just that first time. As it was, we gave one of her neighbors an orgasm, and almost gave another one a heart attack.

Next time, we would be fucking on the swing naked.

I must remember to ask Belinda if she would mind me fucking Julie on the swing too.

Just as I was thinking these lascivious thoughts my mother in law pulled her car into the front yard.

Which was probably a good thing, because I was starting to get a hard on.

We stood up and walked out to the yard to greet mum, and help her bring in the shopping.

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a warm, juicy kiss. “I see you found the swing.” she said. “and as soon as I saw you and Julie on it together I knew what you were thinking, and yes, you can.”

Julie looked from her mum to me, and back again. Then the realization of what was being said dawned on her, “YOU DIDN’T?” she cried out “MUM, TELL ME YOU DIDN’T.”

Her mum looked at her, “Yes Julie, we did, and it was every bit as hot as our trip to the wood shed, but in a much more romantic way.”

Julie looked at me, “Mister, if you think I’m going to let you fuck me in the middle of the front yard, you have got rocks in your head.”

I looked at my mother in law, “Mum, you really need to have a chat to your daughter about using spontaneity to keep sex exciting in a relationship.” Mum and I both laughed.

We each grabbed a bag of groceries and headed inside.

While mum was preparing dinner I stood behind Julie. My cock pressing gently into the crack between her butt cheeks, my head resting on her shoulder, and my hands gently massaging her round pregnant belly.

As an added bonus I could watch my mother in law’s lovely butt wiggling, as she worked at the kitchen sink.

Belinda turned around and looked at us, “That looks so beautiful,” she said, “Reminds me of when I was pregnant with you, sweetheart. Only, unlike Brad, your dad wouldn’t have thought to massage my tummy like that.”

I kept massaging Julie’s belly, and looked at my mother in law. “It’s a shame you had your tubes done after Julie was born. I would have happily massaged your pregnant belly too.”

Mum came over and kissed me, “I know you would.” Then she kissed Julie, “You really do have the best husband in the whole world.”

Mum went back to cooking dinner. I took Julie by the hand and led her out to the front porch.

I sat on the escort karkamış swing and pulled Julie back down onto my lap so we were back in the same place as before. I went back to gently massaging her belly, as I gently kissed her ear, and whispered, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too. She whispered.

We stayed like that, just gently rocking for about fifteen minutes until mum came out, “Hey you two, Dinner is ready. Lets eat.”

We all went in and sat down to eat.

“Brad, did you get that site work finished?” Julie asked me.

“Yes, why?”

“Mum and I are going to need a bit of help sorting out where to put everything that she brought with her from the old house. Not to mention carrying it all.”

“I assume the garage is chockablock full about now.” I said

“Wall to wall and up to the rafters” mum said

I could see I was going to be pretty busy for a few days, but that was OK, they would make it worth my while. That is one of the advantage of loving, and being loved, by two women. You get double the reward for the effort you put in. “Honey, mum and I were thinking. With the baby due in three months, and mum moving in, we could use another room in the house.”

Julie went on to explain. Instead of my office being in one of the bedrooms, I could add a granny flat out the back for my office. One of the small two room units would allow me to have my private office, as well as a meeting room. It would also give me a bathroom for when I have clients in the office, and a small kitchen so we can make coffee, and heat up snacks or prepare meals if we were making a big day of it.

“Not a bad idea Honey, I think I’ll check into it. I can write it off on tax, which will drop the cost a fair bit too.”

“We also thought it might come in handy once Olive is old enough to start running around the house.” Mum said to me with a wink.

I got the message, and my cock twitched.

After we finished eating, I cleared off the table and mum and I did the dishes while Julie went and sat down. When we joined Julie in the lounge I looked at my wife, “You OK Honey? You look tired.”

“I’m fine, I’m just not used to carrying all this extra weight.” she indicated her belly with one index finger, and her butt with the other.

I sat down beside her and gathered her in my arms pulling her into my lap.

Then with one hand I gently massaged her belly and with the other I firmly massaged her butt.

“You only need to carry the belly for a few more months,” I said “and the butt isn’t any bigger or heavier, you just think it is.”

“I know it is, I can see it, and I can feel it.”

“come with me to the bedroom, I want to be able to see it, and feel it, and maybe sink my teeth into it a little too.”

She slapped me. I stood up with her still cradled in my arms and walked to our bedroom.

I lowered my wife onto the bed, and started to undress her.

After I had Julie naked, we lay on the bed together and I just took her in my arms and held her to me. “Don’t ever doubt that you are beautiful.” I told her, “because you are, your pregnant belly is beautiful. Your gorgeous butt is beautiful. Your big milky tits are beautiful.”

I started to kiss her all over. Over her big milky tits. Her big pregnant belly. I grabbed her butt cheeks in my hands, and squeezed them firmly. “Can I bite your gorgeous butt if I promise to do it gently?” I asked

“I don’t see why you need to be gentle. That would spoil the fun.” she giggled.

I flipped her over gently onto her hands and knees and bit her butt enough to make her yelp.

Then I kissed it better where I had bitten it. While I lined up her other butt cheek for a bite, I reached around and again started to massage her belly. Julie had developed a real liking for having her belly massaged. I bit firmly into her other butt cheek, again eliciting a yelp, and again kissing it better.

We continued to play gently. Kissing, biting, and kissing again where I had bitten.

We continued to play with each other until Julie admitted that she was tired and needed to sleep.

“Thank you” she said

“What for?” I asked

“By comparing your hands against my butt, I can feel that it isn’t as big as it feels.”

she said “but I feel like a water buffalo.”

“You are not a water buffalo Baby.” I told her “for one thing, they are always horny, and for another, they have a big wet nose.”

My mother in law would have heard the slap from the other end of the house.

“I love you Baby.” I said, “But I’d love you so much more if you were a little gentler with your slaps.”

I love you too.” she said “and I only ever slap you as hard as you deserve.”

She gently kissed the angry red hand print on my shoulder.

“Ouch, sorry baby.” she said, “Go and keep mum company, I’m really tired and just want to sleep.”

I kissed her tenderly, “good night Honey.”

I joined my mother in law in the lounge, “This pregnancy is really taking it out of her.” I said

“I know,” mum said “now karkamış escort bayan that I’m here I can do a lot of the housework so she can rest more.”

“Thank you, Mum.” I said “I appreciate that. It will make it so much easier for her.”

“Darling, she is my daughter, what else would I do. I would have done it sooner if I wasn’t so busy selling the house and moving.”

“I know, and I appreciate it.” I said, reaching out to take her in my arms.

Belinda wrapped her arms around me, “she is OK, Isn’t she?”

“Yes, I think the pregnancy is just taking it out of her, You being here will help a lot.”

I bent and kissed her mouth tenderly. “Thank you for moving in with us.”

“What else would I do. I love you both so very much.” she said “My daughter, my son in law, and of course, my lover.” She reached up and claimed my mouth hungrily.

“Want to go out and see the view from my porch swing?” she asked me

“Do you remember the deal?” I asked

“Deal? What deal?”

“Clothes only allowed that first time.” I stated

“You cannot be serious?” She asked “Have you seen where I put the swing?”

“I have, It is perfect.”

I took her hand, and led her out onto the front porch. We both looked around. The porch was visible from most of the street. There were a few smaller shrubs to break up the view, but in general we would be fully in view. I bent and kissed Belinda’s delicious, luscious lips. She allowed her full lips to mold to mine. We gently squashed our lips together. I would never get tired of her beautiful, full lips against mine. She was enjoying our kiss. She started to probe into my mouth with her tongue. Once she found my tongue she started to dance with it with her tongue.

I slid my hands from around her back to the front of her shirt, and started to unbutton it.

When I had all the buttons undone, I slowly started to peel her shirt back. Belinda placed her hands over mine. She broke the kiss, and looked around. “It’s night time, we are under the porch, and the lights are off. Trust me, nobody can see us.” I told her.


” I can’t promise, but I’m sure nobody will see us.”

She took her hands off mine, and allowed me to remove her shirt.

Then I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, then peeled it from around her body before lowering it to reveal her wonderful big breasts. “It will all depend on how loudly you scream, as to how many neighbors we attract.” I said with a quiet laugh.

“Now I know why my daughter keeps slapping you.” she said, before biting my shoulder hard enough to make me grunt with pain. I knelt down in front of her and started to unfasten her jeans.

“Hey, What about you?” she asked

I undid my jeans, she reached out and started to lift my T-Shirt off over my head.

I let my jeans drop, and used my feet to pull them off the rest of the way. I stood naked on my front porch, I again reached for her jeans, and finished unfastening them. Then I got down on my knees again and eased my mother in law’s jeans down her legs, lifting one foot at a time to take the jeans off. I reached back up and eased her panties off over her hips, in the process sliding my mouth and nose down over her pussy.

I could smell her arousal, I could see the dew gathering on her shaved pussy lips. I had to taste her. I ran my tongue up her lips and gathered her dew. “Oh Yes, you taste delicious.” I said.

I stood up and put my arms around my mother in law, and bent to kiss her. We kissed deeply and passionately. Standing naked together on our front porch for the whole neighborhood to watch.

I slowly broke our kiss and moved back to the porch swing, taking her with me. As I sat back onto the swing I started to pull her down, but she resisted. “What’s the matter?” I asked

“Nothing,” she answered, “I want you to do me doggy. It’s been too long since you last really fucked me like you mean it.”

Belinda bent down and put her hands and forearms on the bench of the porch swing. She stuck her butt up in the air, and exposed her pussy so that it was open, glistening with her nectar, and just begging for me to fill it.

I did, but not with my cock. I filled it with my tongue. I love the taste of pussy, and my mother in law and my wife both taste the same. They both taste like the most delicious pussy in the world, and I didn’t want to waste a drop of my mother in law’s pussy juice. I sucked up every drop she had to offer. I ate her till she had her first climax, a gentle moaning and groaning type of climax, that wouldn’t attract attention. It was nothing like the big explosive types of orgasms I know she is capable of.

I stood up and moved in behind her. Grasping my cock I slid it up and down Belinda’s gash, between her outer lips, feeling her inner pussy lips flutter against the head of my cock. It felt incredible, I was as hard as rock. I slid my cock down to Belinda’s entrance and started to ease my cock in. “Fuck me Brad. I want to feel all of you filling all of me.”

I did. I slid karkamış escort my cock in, until it pushed against my mother in law’s cervix.

Only then did I stop pushing. With my cock embedded as far into her as it could go, I leaned forward, and whispered in her ear. “Did you feel me kiss your cervix?”

MMM, I did. Do it again.”

I slid back several inches, then slid back in all the way again. “I wish you hadn’t had your tubes done after Julie.”

“Are you serious? Would you really want to impregnate your mother in law at the same time as your wife?”

I slid back out until only the head of my cock was left inside. Then drove forward again until I kissed her cervix. I said “Time has nothing to do with it. I just love you, and would love to be able to produce a baby with you.”

“Baby, I would have liked that too. But right now, I need something much more important.”

I pulled back, and pushed in, again.

Slowly we set the rhythm. We fucked hard, and deep, and Belinda came, thanks to my strumming her clit. She didn’t really want to attract the neighbors attention, but when you scream out at the top of your lungs, “FUCK ME SON. FUCK YOUR MOTHER IN LAW LIKE YOU OWN HER!!!!” The neighbors just might notice.

I didn’t give a fuck. I was balls deep inside one of the two most beautiful women on earth. They can notice all they damn well please. Eventually I said, “Well I must say. That was subtle and discreet.

“Fuck subtle and discreet. Fuck me, OH, please fuck me.”

What was I going to say, “NO.”

I drove my cock in as far as it would go. Again, and again, and again.

I pressed my cock hard against her cervix, and erupted. I pumped jet after jet of my cum deep into my mother in law’s pussy. Wishing it was fertile, Wishing my seed could start another new life inside my beautiful mother in law.

Slowly we stood up, and looked around. Seems nobody saw us. “Join me for a shower?” I asked.

“OOOHH yes, I love sex, but I always smell like I need a shower after.”

“That’s where we differ, I would gladly go to bed smelling like I had sex with you.” I said

“and I’d gladly go to bed with you smelling like you had sex with me.”

“Then why is it that you’re always so keen to take a shower after we have sex.”

I looked at her, and I smiled at her, and I told her honestly, “Cause, You’re all sticky and sweaty.”

Mum slaps even harder than her daughter. I’m starting to think I may have masochistic tendencies.

I seem to come up with an infinite number of ways to get myself slapped around by the two women I love most in this world.

We walked back into the house with our arms wrapped around each other.

In the lounge, mum reached up and kissed me. It was deep.It was slow. It was sensual. After a couple of minutes she broke the kiss. “Go to her Brad. She would have heard us. She may be feeling a bit insecure now.” she said to me, she reached up and gave me a quick but passionate goodnight kiss. “Goodnight, darling.”

“Good night, Mum” I said, “I love you.”

Quietly I padded down the hall barefoot. I opened our bedroom door, and went in, shutting the door behind me. I walked across to the bed, listening to Julie breath. It was almost the deep rhythmic sound of sleep, but not quite. I knew she was awake.

“Are you OK, Honey?” I asked her.

I climbed into the bed behind her. Wrapping my upper arm over her, I started to massage her tummy.

“I heard you and mum.” she said.

“I’m sorry Honey. I re…” Her fingers were across my lips.

“I heard you, and you sounded really beautiful together.” she said,

“I’ve never really noticed, Do you and I sound like that together?”

“I’m sure we do Honey. Do you know of any two people who love each other more than you and me?”

“you and I, honey. You and I.”

She smiled at me, wrapped her arms around me, and ate me like a taco dinner.

I’m sure I’ve been kissed by a hungrier woman, but I sure as heck can’t remember when.

I kissed back for all I was worth. “Would you make love to a lumpy breeding cow?.” she asked

“Every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.” I said, “You’ll only be lumpy for a little longer, and then that lump will be our beautiful daughter. And that will then make you, the best breeding cow in the herd.”

I ducked just in time.

The other hand coming from the other side got me right across the head.

I shook my head to clear it. Julie took my head in her hands and tenderly kissed my cheek. “Oh God, I’m so sorry Baby, I never meant to hit you that hard!”

I took her in my arms and lay her back down on the bed.

Slowly I made my way down her body. Kissing her shoulders and chest, and continuing to kiss my way down to her full and milky breasts. I kissed and gently nibbled each nipple in turn. Looking up at Julie I said, “Once Olive is born, I want to share in some of this bounty with her.”

Julie cradled my head to her breasts. “I’m going to enjoy that. My little baby girl on one breast, and my big baby boy on the other!”

I went on kissing her breasts all over. Then I made my way down to her beautiful pregnant belly and covered every inch of that with kisses too. I lavished attention on her belly. What I wasn’t kissing I was massaging with my hands. After a little while Julie placed her hands on my head and put a little pressure on me to tell me I was needed further down.

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