He Can Get It

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He told me it wouldn’t hurt. Jesus lied to me. His eleven-inch dick pummeled my sweet pussy but it was worth it. Jesus was my mother’s and I yoga instructor. While he was teaching my mom asana, sun salute and downward dog; he was sizing my pretty ass up. Jesus was a beautiful Puerto Rican daddy, who had the whole class swarming, like bees to honey. He was six foot and two hundred pounds in stature. His dark wavy hair and mysterious eyes were a turn on. The first day my mom and I walked into the Biltmore Club and registered for his class, we heard he was a cutie. That was two months ago.

Loren Maxwell seemed to be his favorite conquest and she made sure everyone knew it. Loren was all over him; whining when she could not bend her body correctly. She was an anorexic, too much makeup wearing whore. Those toothpick legs would open for anyone who was breathing. As soon as he said “Good evening Ladies” he had everyone’s attention. He definitely held mine. My mom was no exception. I saw her eyes as he walked by, her lingering looks as he helped her with her poses. She was putting on; she had been doing yoga for three years now. She was lonely and wanting this young, sweaty man’s hands all over her.

I on the other hand, had a dancer’s body. I am eighteen, hot, and ready for some dick action. My jet black hair and big doe eyes had all the men in my direction escort kartal where ever I entered. My long legs were limber and waiting for Jesus to enter. Our eyes lock several times a class. I knew he wanted this pussy but we could never be alone; women would always have questions for him, my mother was always ushering me away after class and of course, Loren. I daydreamed about giving him my young, tight kitty. He would be in between my legs kissing, and rubbing my big clit. His sweaty body on top of mine, pounding his dick slowly as we moaned together in pure ecstasy.

As I laid out my mat, waiting for class to begin, I overheard one of his crushes say that she couldn’t wait to give him some and that he was hitting the whole class up and she couldn’t wait for her turn. I thought to myself, how nasty this trick was but I wanted a turn too. I’m tired of this pussy being under lock and key. “Ladies, class has been cancelled tonight, Jesus will be back on Wednesday.” The whole class had the most disappointing look on their face, including me. As my mom and I grabbed our things to leave, I noticed Loren’s face, it was confusing. Maybe she knew something we didn’t. “I hope all is well.”

Driving home, I couldn’t help think of what kind of emergency would keep Jesus from all his ladies. That night after returning home I realized I left my phone at the Biltmore uğur mumcu escort club. I didn’t want to wait till tomorrow to get it, for fear someone might steal it. I got my keys and jumped into my car, I was sure the club would still be open at eight o’clock in the evening. When I pulled up to the club, all the lights were off except one, so I rang the bell. I hoped someone would be there to buzz me up, so I could look for my phone. I waited for a minute and no buzz. As I began to walk away, the door buzzes and I hurried back and let myself in.

I took the elevator up to the seventh floor, it opened and there was no one there. I went to the locker rooms and found the locker I had used, there was no phone. I was distraught, where it could it be? Just as I turn to leave, I hear “You looking for this?” It was Jesus holding my phone. I thanked him for finding my phone and asked him what he was doing here; I thought class had been cancelled. He explained that he had been fired and was getting the rest of his things from the club. I asked him why he had been fired. Loren Maxwell had complained to management that he was sleeping with some of the clients. He told me that it was a lie; he had never touched any clients including Loren. She wanted too but he wouldn’t and when he refused, she went to his boss.

As he told his story, çavuşoğlu escort I believed him and I felt sorry for him losing his job. I wished him well and told him I had to leave but my feet did not want to move. “Don’t forget this.” I reached for my phone, our hands touched as I grabbed the phone. I looked at Jesus and I knew he wanted me like I wanted him. He pulled me close to him, kissing my hand, my forehead and then my lips. Our kiss set my pussy on fire. His tongue darting in and out my mouth, made my nipples hardens. I could not contain my excitement as he pushed me up against the locker, pulling my shirt up.

I pulled his shirt off revealing his six pack chest. I kissed him some more, kissing his neck, swirling my tongue around his nipples as he grabbed my hair. I could not believe this scene was finally happening. “mami be`same” I didn’t understand what he said but I knew what he meant. I got on my knees and unbuttoned his pants, ready to feast on his big pipe. I pulled my hair back and fed him to me. His moans let me know he was satisfied as I swallowed his dick deeper. Jesus grabbed my hair and dick fucked me as I took all eleven inches in my mouth.

He picked me up and laid me across the bench as he pulled my skirt up and removed my thong. Jesus buried his face in my Kat, teasing and licking my pussy just right. My legs shook with anticipation, ready for his dick to enter my sweet tunnel. His thrusts were hard and fast, then slow and gentle as our bodies feverishly talked to each other. As he sucked my breast, taking turns to swallow each nipple, our bodies rocked until we came. Thank God for Jesus.

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