Hardcore High Ch. 04

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Welcome back, everyone. First, I just want to say thank you all so much for 600 followers!!!! It truly means the world to me to learn that people actually like my writing. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my work and I hope you all enjoy this new installment of Hardcore High.

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“Hi, Andrea!” Sunny called, waving as the small, brunette girl entered the room, walking briskly to her seat.

“Are you feeling better?” Lindsay asked.

It was a fair question. The last time they had seen her was at the end of class yesterday. When the period had wrapped up, she was still dazed and limp, totally mind-fucked in the aftermath of her overwhelming climaxes, and being cradled in Chris’s arms.

“Of course.” Andrea snapped, her cheeks growing bright red.

“See?” Chris said from his desk across the room. “I told you she was fine. She loved it.”

“I did NOT love it!” Andrea lied. “That was humiliating! Seriously, being fucked like a dog?! What kind of girl wants to be fucked like a dog??”

“Oo, me!” Sunny waved her hand in the air. “Gosh, it was sooo hot watching him dominate you like that. I wouldn’t mind being turned into a ragdoll for a strong man like that. Yes, please!”

“God, do you ever think about anything other than dick?” Andrea scoffed.

“Of course.” Sunny nodded. “I swing both ways, ya know. I think about girls, too.”

She winked and blew a kiss at the flustered girl, who gawked at her, her cheeks red hot, before regaining her composure to glare at the busty blonde.

“You really are hopeless.” Andrea said, hiding her fierce blush.

“You gotta admit,” Samantha spoke. “You did orgasm like a bitch in heat until your brain turned off. Kinda seems as though you liked it to me. Better yet, it looked like you LOVED it.”

Andrea’s jaw dropped and she shook with anger, popping up from her chair to glower at the smug goth.

“What did you just say?” she demanded. “I’ll have you know tha-…”

“Something wrong, Miss Andrea?”

Andrea’s eyes went wide and she quickly closed her mouth as Miss Banks walked into the room.

“N…no, of course not, Miss Banks.” Andrea stammered. “Nothing is wrong at all.”

“Good.” Miss Banks smiled. “I heard you raise your voice and naturally figured you must be upset about something. Could it have something to do with yesterday’s lesson? If you have a problem with the curriculum, please let me know and we can…rectify…the problem.”

Swallowing as she noticed the sinister glint hiding in her teacher’s eye, Andrea shook her head profusely and sat back in her seat, hurriedly.

“Absolutely not, Miss Banks!” she squeaked. “I have no issues whatsoever with your teaching!”

“That’s great to hear.” Miss Banks said, her smile growing wider. “Well, now that that’s settled, let’s jump right into today’s lesson, shall we? Since we ran out of time yesterday and our session had to be cut in half, we will be continuing with sexual position basics and demonstrations today. But, before we do that, can anyone tell me what the purpose of intercourse is?”

“To have fun and cum lots!” Sunny exclaimed.

“That’s true,” Miss Banks nodded. “But not quite the answer I am looking for in this instance.”

“To grow a mutual bond between two partners and bridge their connection both physically and emotionally.” Daniel offered.

“Well, that was very sweet!” Miss Banks clapped. “Yes, also very true. Good response, Daniel. You’ll make a girl very happy one day if you keep that mindset. Still, though, not the answer that I’m looking for. I’m talking basic. Biological. What is the most prominent purpose behind intercourse?”

Lindsay timidly raised her hand, and Miss Banks gestured to her.

“To…to make babies?” she said.

“Exactly!” Miss Banks confirmed. “To make babies. Or, more properly, the medical term is procreation. There are, of course, a number of different ways to define it and a whole host of vernacular associated with the act. Impregnating, inseminating, mating, breeding. Some of the more…unscientific terms include ‘getting knocked up’ and ‘putting a bun in the oven’. I’m sure you have all heard most or all of these terms before, right?”

The students all nodded, some of them avoiding the eyes of their co-eds.

“As we discovered last class, different sexual positions are best suited for different purposes. There are those that are more personal and sensual, suited for loving couples, such as spooning. There are those that cater to the female, like Sunny demonstrated with the cowgirl position. There are also those that are more dominant. More…primal.”

Miss Banks didn’t say anything more, but everyone nonetheless turned to look at Andrea who shrunk in her chair, humiliated.

“And, as expected, there are positions that are especially ideal for conception.” Miss Banks continued. “Today, we’ll be going over some of kartal escort those. Of course, you girls have all been required to regularly take birth control for this course, so there will be no…ahem…knocking up. But, this will give you all the basic principle on the specialties for the tasks each serves and it may help you in the future when you are ready to start a family of your own. Now then, Samantha.”

Samantha swallowed and straightened as she heard her name being called.

“Come up here, please. Daniel, you as well.”

Miss Banks waited for them to make their way up and come to stand before her.

“The two of you will be performing the most basic and natural of positions for impregnation. Missionary. This can be done with both partners on the same level, or with the female elevated. Samantha will be elevated today, as though she were on the edge of a bed. We don’t have a bed here, so we’ll be substituting that for my desk. You can begin when ready.”

Taking a deep breath, Samantha hopped up to sit on the edge of her teacher’s desk, facing the class, and leaned backwards to lay flat on her back. As her head came to hang just off the other side of the desk, she found herself staring up at the disappointed, glaring face of Miss Banks. Her teacher had her arms crossed and was wrapping her fingers on her bicep, her face hard.

“Aren’t we forgetting something, Miss Samantha?” she asked, a bit of an edge having crept into her voice.

Realization dawned on Samantha as she remembered that she forgot to start off the demonstration with a blowjob. She went to raise herself up so that she could climb off the desk and drop to her knees, but Miss Banks’ hand came down to press on her shoulder, holding her down.

“Stay there, if you will.” She instructed. “Since you’re already in this position, this will give us a good opportunity for you to work on your deepthroating skills again.”

Samantha’s face paled as she had a Vietnam flashback of herself on day one of class, in this same position, getting her throat reamed out by Tanner’s donkey dick. A nervous squeak escaped her, but she didn’t dare go against her teacher and remained where she was. Miss Banks saw that Daniel was kicking his way out of his dress pants and waved him over to stand behind the desk with her.

“Class, come gather around, as well.” Miss Banks called out. “I want you all to have a good view of our demonstrations.”

Samantha could vaguely hear the footsteps of her peers clambering around her, but her attention was much more focused on the raging erection bobbing above her. Daniel swallowed and grasped his engorged length, guiding it down to Samantha’s upside-down face, and the black-haired girl reluctantly opened her lips and let him in. Letting out a low moan as his tip was bathed in the warmth of Samantha’s mouth, Daniel dropped his hands to the desk on either side of her and began to rock his hips back and forth, pushing his head past her lips.

“Here, Daniel, try this.” Miss Banks offered.

She moved in and took his wrists, lifting them off of the desk and placing them back down on Samantha’s large boobs. His fingers subconsciously squeezed down, squishing the soft globes as his palms came in contact with the teen’s clothed breasts.

“That’s much better, right?” Miss Banks laughed. “Remember to loosen up and act accordingly. Forget the fact that you are peers and act as though she is your doting girlfriend. Use her body as a lover would. That includes her breasts. And, Samantha.”

She dropped down to her knees to look the nervous girl in the eyes.

“You, as well. Play the part of the doting girlfriend. Don’t be scared of his cock. Embrace it. Get involved. You should want to pleasure him. Every moan he makes should make you tingle and burn with pride.”

Steeling herself, Samantha tried to take her teacher’s advice to heart. She began to move her tongue about, swirling it around Daniel’s pumping tip as best as she could. She was rewarded with another, slightly louder moan, that did, in fact, make her swell slightly with pride. The other response from Daniel was an increase in speed and depth in his thrusts. He began to move a bit deeper into her mouth, poking at the back of her throat, tripping her gag reflex. Panicking slightly, she tried to move away, fearful of a repeat of her last ordeal, but Miss Banks held her in place.

“Shhh.” She whispered, stroking the scared teen’s cheek softly. “It’s okay. You’re doing fine. Just relax. Relax your throat and accept him. That’s it. Relax…”

Samantha hummed, nervously, but she did find comfort in her teacher’s gentle stroking. Easing up her tensed muscles, she took a long breath through her nose, forcing herself to relax. To her surprise, on the very next stroke, Daniel’s tip slid right past the tight barrier to her throat and half of his length disappeared between her lips. Miss Banks smiled at the newfound progress and continued to brush her fingers across the girl’s cheek, murmuring words of kartal otele gelen escort encouragement and occasional advice.

Closing her eyes, Samantha allowed herself to do everything that Miss Banks told her to. Her muscles and tendons went lax. She focused solely on breathing through her nose, to the exclusion of all else. Of course, she was still gagging and choking quite frequently, but it wasn’t nearly as violent as before and she was now able to regroup much faster and take the reflex in stride. Becoming more and more used to the motions and more receptive, she re-engaged her tongue to rub against the top of Daniel’s cock as it moved on the track of her neck.

Feeling something smack into her face, Samantha opened her eyes, confused. She was just in time to watch as Daniel’s heavy balls came swinging back into her face, tapping her lightly before rebounding. That could only mean…she was taking his entire length! She couldn’t believe it. Just a few minutes ago, even entering her throat seemed like an impossibility. But now, here she was, his full seven and a half inches of thick meat sliding down her gullet with relative ease. She had done it! And, Miss Banks was right. She did feel a burning pride at having accomplished the feat. The pleasured groans and sighs floating down from Daniel were just another cherry on top.

“That will do, Daniel.” Miss Banks said. “We don’t want you finishing just yet, and not in that hole. This is, of course, a demonstration on fertility positions.”

Samantha felt the raging shaft retreat fully from her throat, leaving her mouth completely empty. Raising her head, she was once again greeted by her teacher’s face. This time, however, Miss Banks was beaming down at her pupil, eyes shining and smiling wide.

“That was wonderful, Samantha!” she praised. “Excellent work! See what a little dedication and focus can do? Do you feel that pride burning in you?”

Samantha nodded, coughing slightly to clear her throat.

“Good! And what else do you feel?”

“I feel…” Samantha paused.

The burning had moved its way out from her chest and was now spread throughout her whole body, particularly between her legs.

“I feel horny.” She admitted.

“Yes!” Miss Banks crowed. “Perfect. Take it from there, Daniel.”

Samantha felt Daniel lift her legs and assisted him, pointing her limbs skyward, her skirt falling down around her waist. Today, she had forgone her typical pantyhose in lieu of some thigh-high stockings. Daniel’s fingers fumbled around her waistline, grasping the hem of her tiny, lace panties and sliding them out from under her. The small piece of fabric went up her legs, over the stockings, over her shoes, and then somewhere off to the side, discarded. Spreading her thighs, he moved between them, and Miss Banks leaned across the desk, reaching between them to guide his penis to Samantha’s pussy, prodding against her already-wet slit.

Samantha gasped as she felt the hard tip of Daniel’s erection rub against her opening. She bit her lower lip and tried to keep her head up, but her neck was getting tired. Seeing the girl’s head start to slump down, Miss Banks sat down in her chair and wheeled it up behind her. She gently lifted the teen’s head and rolled in beneath her, letting her head back down to rest on her large breasts. Grateful for the soft pillow of her teacher’s bust, Samantha relaxed her neck, her head now at the perfect angle to see over her own impressive chest and watch the action.

Taking a deep breath, Daniel rubbed his tip down her entrance one last time and then pushed in, driving his cock slowly and steadily in to the base. The teens both gasped and moaned as their union was completed and they became connected at the hips. They stared into each other’s eyes, their mouths open and breathing heavily. Samantha whimpered and closed her eyes, feeling Daniel shift slightly inside of her. He wasn’t the biggest in the class, but that was hardly a good bar to judge his size by. He was still well above average, particularly with his girth, and he was much bigger than anything she had played with up to that point.

Miss Banks listened closely to the girl’s sounds and gently massaged her shoulders, urging her to relax like she had earlier. She kept rubbing her until she felt the knotted muscles finally ease up and her breathing evened out a bit. Samantha opened her eyes again as her tight cunt adjusted to the thick rod stretching her out. Daniel was still gazing back at her, concern permeating his expression. Chewing on her lip, Samantha met his questioning look and nodded her approval, signaling for him that it was okay to start moving.

Acting on her consent, Daniel withdrew his hips, making them both gasp again as his throbbing shaft rubbed against her snug walls. When only the tip remained, he reversed course and drove back in, just as slowly. Upon bottoming out and receiving a cry of pleasure from Samantha, he retracted again and started to get kartal eve gelen escort a slow, but steady rhythm going. She felt absolutely incredible. Her pussy was so, so tight and wet. It was so much better than any fleshlight he had ever used before to satiate his teenage male hormones. After a minute or two of nothing but satisfied moans from both of them, he kicked the pace up a notch, moving a bit faster.

With a jolt, Samantha realized that this was her first-time having sex. With a real person, that is. Her fingers and toys didn’t count. No, this was officially her very first time being fucked. And it felt so…right! God, she couldn’t believe what she was missing out on all this time. Maybe now she understood Sunny a little bit better.

Actually, no. It wouldn’t just work with any old boy. Daniel was rather exceptional at fucking her at just the right way for her specific needs. He was moving well, but not too fast to make it uncomfortable. And on top of that, his cock! It was as though it was made specifically with her pussy in mind. It was nice and big, but not so big that it hurt. More important than the length, though, was the girth. It stretched her wide and made her feel so deliciously full. And the shape was just perfect for rubbing against her G-spot in addition to every little sensitive place inside of her.

That was without mentioning all the other little things his hands were doing. In the fray, he had tugged her uniform shirt and untucked it from her skirt so that his hands could slide under it and grip her waist. The skin-on-skin contact was far more satisfying than when there was a cloth barrier separating them, and Daniel was taking full advantage of that, even if it was miniscule in detail. His fingers rubbed and stroked her sides and grabbed at her firmly. To Samantha, the feeling of his fingers against her bare skin was like a hot iron of lust sizzling on her hips.

Samantha was losing herself in the heat of the situation. She could feel her reason and sanity slipping away in the face of her looming orgasm and the utter bliss that she was experiencing. So, this is what it had been like for Andrea? Fuck, she could really get used to this. She was panting like a bitch in heat and sweating profusely. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any more intense and erotic, Miss Banks arms came up and wrapped around her to squeeze her shirt covered breasts. It would surely have been better had she been fully nude, but just the firm pressure against her sensitive globes was sufficient to send her rocketing over the cliff.

As soon as the first spasm rolled through Samantha’s pussy, Daniel lost his own battle and came with her, shooting a large shot of cum into her depths. A millisecond later, Samantha’s legs whipped up and wrapped around him, yanking him fully into her until her pussy lips were kissing his twitching balls. Daniel felt the soft nylon material of Samantha’s stocking-clad legs that were locking him in place, and groaned, sending off a second, equally copious jet of jizz in her. Gripping her hips just as tightly as her legs were holding him, they both stayed perfectly still, save for their uncontrollable trembling.

Even after their mutual climaxes had come and gone, they still stayed frozen in place, Daniel’s rigid dick still lodged inside of her. Samantha could feel the enormous load that he had stuffed inside of her. It felt so incredibly warm and utterly filling. She knew that she was packed to the gills with virile, potent sperm. If she wasn’t on birth control, she would undoubtedly be sporting a baby bump in a few months’ time.

Her mind still swimming and foggy, she reached up and grabbed Daniel’s sweaty face, pulling him down to her where their lips met in a passionate embrace. They eagerly swapped spit, their tongues swirling and intertwining for a couple minutes until Daniel’s cock was soft enough that it slipped out of her hot, grasping hole on its own, making Samantha gasp into his mouth. Tightening his hold on her hips, he lifted her rear up slightly to allow gravity to keep his semen stuck inside her until her pussy closed back up, sealing it in on its own.

When they finally broke their liplock, they both looked up and were met with the speechless faces of their peers. The students all gawked at them, utterly shocked and unbelievably turned on by the over-the-top-hot display they had been witness to. The boys all adjusted their pants and the girls all subconsciously rubbed their thighs together, even Andrea, although she was more sly and embarrassed about it. Miss Banks grinned down at them, overjoyed, Samantha’s head bouncing slightly on her boobs as her teacher laughed with delight.

“That was immaculate!” she praised. “I couldn’t ask for a better demonstration. You two have some chemistry, I think. Students, did you all see how her legs wrapped around him, holding him in her? That’s a classic, biological response that serves the breeding purpose. It’s involuntary and happens when the female is lost in the carnal desire, her sole focus on ensuring impregnation. That was a pleasure to watch and I think you both deserve some extra credit for a remarkable performance. You two can take a seat on the couch in the back to catch your breath and get yourselves together before joining us for the next demonstration.”

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