HARD Workout



Jared and I saw the sign in front of the change rooms and stopped.

‘This might be a problem, Brooke,’ he said, scratching his head as he read the hastily scrawled notice taped to the stand that usually stood at the front entrance.

I had to agree. It seemed that in the amount of time it took for us to finish our workout – and it was a short one today, only forty five minutes – a water main for the building complex had broken and shower facilities were not available at the moment. It wasn’t going to be a problem for the gym; it was nine thirty in the morning, and there were less than a dozen people in working out, Jared and I included. However, it was going to be a problem for us. I’d just spent thirty minutes hauling ass up sixty flights on the Stairmaster, and Jared had run five or six kilometres. I glanced at the young Asian man beside me, and sure enough, he was still sweating, mopping his face with a towel. I probably didn’t look much better; my ponytail was sticking to the back of my neck and I could still feel the flush in my face.

‘Well…’ I said slowly, an idea flowing into my mind. It started in that region below my solar plexus, past my stomach, at that point where my legs met, which were starting to warm up…and not from the exercise. Jared was looking at me, a bemused expression on his face. There was no going back now, so I took a deep breath and plunged forward. ‘Well, I live, like, five minutes away. Tyson is at school, obviously, so we could just shower at my place.’ I didn’t need to mention that Tyson’s dad, the loser, hadn’t been seen in years.

Jared didn’t say anything; the smile spreading across his face said it all.

‘Obviously, not – there are two bathrooms in the townhouse, Jared. Stop laughing!’ I swatted him, lightly, across the legs with my towel.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said. He was still, laughing, the jerk. The smile crinkled up the corners of his almond shaped eyes, the laughter warming them up like soft caramel.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said again, wiping his eyes and catching my hand before I could hit him one more time. ‘It’s just so much fun to see you awkward.’

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time I’d made an ass of myself in front of Jared. I wasn’t clumsy physically – in fact, I thought I was quite graceful – but that grace didn’t prevent my foot from cramming itself into my mouth on occasion.

‘And thank you for the offer,’ Jared continued. He didn’t let go of my hand right away.

‘That’d be great. I hate getting into my car all sweaty.’

‘Great!’ I said brightly. ‘Meet you out front in a couple of minutes.’

I lingered for a moment so I could watch Jared walk away. Thankfully, he didn’t catch me staring – that’d happened enough over the past several weeks.

I’d seen Jared in the gym before. He stood out amongst most of the other weekday morning gym-goers; most of us were suburban moms or geriatric men, but Jared was just a kid. Later, I’d found out he was twenty two, and in his last semester of college with only a couple of classes left to go. His classes were in the afternoon, which left his mornings free to work out.

On the other side, I was a thirty-eight year old single mom who had somehow cobbled a pretty good living as a freelance writer – hence, my ability to go to the gym after dropping my kid off at school. I kept to myself, and so did Jared, so even though we recognized each other, it didn’t progress past the nodding hello stage.

Not that I didn’t notice him. Of course I did. His body was like something out of an anatomy textbook. Everything was in perfect proportion; you could see the separate muscles in his shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms. He usually wore a black tank top that hugged his torso and couldn’t hide the thick pecs lurking underneath. Veins popped up here and there along his arms, but not in a gross, shrink wrapped body builder kind of way. I couldn’t see much of his lower body since he usually wore sweatpants, but I had a feeling it – all of it – looked just as good. To top it off, a tattoo of a flying Chinese dragon snaked from his right shoulder to wrist.

He was cute, too. A square jaw, nice brown eyes, and a killer smile. The sides of his head were shaved down with a nice fade, with the remaining part on top long enough to be swept back with carefully sculpted style, although it was usually hanging in his eyes at the gym.

But the first time I’d wanted to talk to him was a couple of months ago when two Gym Bros – big but kind of shapeless blondes with matching man-buns – were loudly talking smack about a lanky kid who was doing squats, just because he wasn’t lifting a heavy amount of weight. Of course, when they started squatting, they barely moved the bar but acted like they’d just moved the world. At some point, Jared, who was squatting in the rack between the two parties, had enough and commented loudly to the lanky kid that ego lifters were the worst. He then proceeded to out lift the two Bros, sending them back to the locker room, scowling.

I Ankara travesti congratulated him for shutting those two jerks up on my way past his squat rack, a compliment he accepted with good grace. Looking back at it, I know that the only reason I even said anything to him was because I wanted to flirt a little. It sounded arrogant, but I knew I looked pretty good, especially for a thirty eight year old woman with a ten year old kid. I might only be five foot two, but my legs went on for a good amount of that height, leading to a nice round butt. My belly was still flat and my C-cups were still nice and firm. A relatively extensive morning skin care ritual – but it wasn’t as bad as some of my girlfriends – kept my golden skin smooth and glowing. My Brazilian and Portuguese grandparents probably had something to do with that, as well.

Over the next several weeks we started to work out together. Jared fine tuned my routine and correct my form on several exercises.

‘You don’t have to work out with me, you know,’ I’d said after a couple of weeks. We were stripping weights off the bar at the bench press; Jared usually lifted 225, but I was barely pushing 95 pounds, so a lot of time was taken up between sets. Part of me – that part that was controlled by the little man in the canoe, so to speak – tried to reel the words back into my mouth, but I got them out. I waited, wondering if Jared would take this opening and run with it.

‘No, it’s fun.’ Jared motioned for me to lie down. ‘Really! It takes me a little longer to work out, but it’s more fun.’ He gave me that smile of his, one that was half cocky, half sincere. When I was younger, we called that a panty dropper.

Showing off my breasts and letting my gaze linger on the snake-like bulge that ran down the inside of his thigh when I lay down for the bench press. His hand staying an extra couple of seconds on my back to make sure I activated the right muscles during dumbbell rows, and me catching him staring at my ass when he took a step back (of course, I made sure to arch my back and give my butt a little wiggle). Jared catching me looking at his butt while doing Romanian deadlifts.

All of these memories came flooding back as I waited for Jared at the front door. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but what was the outcome I expected from inviting Jared to my home? That I was going to seduce him? That anything we did was more than just fun flirting, a way for me to feel like a teenager again, and a way for Jared to work on his pick up lines? That Jared wasn’t getting enough action on his own that he would look for it from a woman nearly twice his age?

What was I thinking?

Oh, no, there was Jared, and I couldn’t retract the offer now.

‘Let’s go!’ I said brightly, heart hammering in my chest.

‘Lead the way,’ Jared grinned.

I let Jared do the talking as we walked. He was telling me about Donna, a ditzy if nice girl who bartended at the restaurant where he was a waiter. This wasn’t the first story I’d heard about the exploits she got up to while drunk. She was probably a busty twenty year old, a girl where everything was still firm. It seemed like a lot of these stories were first hand accounts, and my heart hammered again.

What was I thinking?

‘Here we are,’ I said a couple of minutes later, leading Jared up the front walk of a neat little two story townhouse. It wasn’t much, but it was all mine, and it sure beat the days when Tyson and I were stuck in a one bedroom apartment.

‘Nice place,’ Jared said as we stepped inside. There was a small living room with an overstuffed armchair and sofa. A large number of framed pictures hung on the far wall, while a gas fireplace took up another. The kitchen and living room were separated by a counter, while a flight of stairs on the left hand side led to the second floor.

‘It’s alright,’ I agreed, closing the door behind us. ‘Come on, I’ll show you Tyson’s bathroom.’

We started up the stairs, me leading the way. Jared was getting a nice look at my ass, if he wanted it, and I thought it looked pretty good in this particular pair of yoga pants – it’s why I’d worn them, after all.

‘I might still have some of Tyson’s rubber duckies around here somewhere if you want them,’ I added, glancing over my shoulder and smirking.

‘Why do you think I need something else to play with in the shower?’ Jared shot back. A second later he realized what that sounded like and flushed. ‘I mean, I don’t need a toy -‘

Without thinking, I reached out and patted Jared’s cheek. ‘You’re cute when you flush.’ Giggling, I jogged up the rest of the stairs.

I got Jared set up with some towels and sent him into the bathroom before making my way to the master en suite. I stripped and tossed the sweaty workout clothes into the hamper, then turned on the water. As I waited for the water to heat up, I examined myself in the mirror. The two months spent working out with Jared had led to some changes. My Konya travesti arms, shoulders, and legs were a little more shapely, and my butt looked bigger, but in a good way. Heavy squats are the key to a good booty, Jared had told me.

I hefted my boobs in my hands and sighed. They weren’t bad, but there was no exercise that could fight time and gravity. Idly, I wondered if Jared’s hands were on his body, soap running down his pecs, his six pack. Did he have that muscle ridge along his pubic bone? Probably. I pictured him soaping up, lifting his cock to make sure he got his balls…

A tingle started to grow between my legs. Maybe I’d break out Mr. Glass, my favourite dildo, after Jared left for a good, long masturbation session.

With that to look forward to, I stepped under the water which was nice and hot now, to wash away the sweat from the gym. I loved my shower; it was a big space, big enough to fit three or four people, with both an overhead rainfall shower fixture and a multi-directional wall fixture. A high ledge caught the water, and there was only a short glass wall near the wall fixture to block the water. The rest was exposed to the bathroom, as the rainfall fixture only sent water down at a gentle pace.

I had just shampooed my hair when there was a knock on the bathroom door.


I nearly jumped. Why was Jared was just outside the door!?


‘Sorry to bug you…’

‘Jared.’ My eyes were glued to the door, which was slowly opening. ‘Why are you opening the door?’

‘..but do you have any body wash? I’m all out,’ Jared continued as though he didn’t hear me.


The door opened Jared, completely naked, came in. My protest died on my lips.

Everything that was normally covered at the gym – his torso, everything below the waist – was on display.

It did not disappoint. His legs were well muscled and lean, and yes he did have a six pack, including those lower ab muscles that made a ridge of muscle pointing towards his groin. And yes, what it pointed at looked fantastic, too. From a bramble of black hair – pretty much the only body hair on Jared’s naturally hairless, Chinese body – a flaccid –

(for now)

penis rested. It was three or four inches long, but I had a feeling Jared was a grower, not a shower.

‘Perfect!’ Jared approached the shower, locking his eyes on mine. I was still speechless, and didn’t know where to look. If I looked in his eyes – those warm, sexy eyes – I wouldn’t be able to tell Jared to get the hell out. If I looked down…well, I’d have to tell Jared to get the hell in.

I finally unlocked my mouth when Jared reached inside to snag a bottle of body wash. ‘Jared, you shouldn’t be in here -‘

Still ignoring me, Jared glanced behind him. ‘Seems like a waste of water to run two showers at the same time. Mind if I join you?’ He winked at me. ‘After all, you did invite me here to shower!’

‘But this isn’t…’ I said weakly as Jared stepped into the shower. He squeezed by me, fingers grazing my hip, and started lathering up.

Heat, hotter than the water, started to gather between my legs, and slowly radiated outwards as Jared lathered lavender mint scented body wash over his chest. He ran his hands down the ridges of his abs and started soaping up his legs. Turning, practically ignoring me, he asked, ‘Do you mind doing my back?’

Wordlessly, I took the body wash from him and began to scrub his back. His skin was soft and slick under the water and soap, practically flawless, but the muscles that drew a road map across his back were hard and a testament to his dedication to the gym. My eyes drifted down along with my hands; the hands stopped at the small of his back, but my eyes kept going to drink in Jared’s ass – it was round and muscled. I didn’t even know the butt had more than one muscle! I wondered if it was as firm as it looked…

‘Thanks,’ Jared said. I could hear laughter in his voice. ‘It would have been awkward to have to ask.’

With horror, I realized that I was soaping up Jared’s ass, getting two good handfuls. But good God, it felt as good as it looked. The heat in my stomach flared up towards my face.

‘Do you want me to do your back?’ Jared asked, that laughter still in his voice. He was enjoying this, the jerk.

Wordlessly, I handed the body wash to Jared, over the shoulder, and turned around. After what felt like an eternity, Jared placed his hands gently on my back.

He started at my neck, massaging with firm pressure. The calluses on his hands, built up from years of weightlifting, scratched my skin, but not in a bad way. A soft groan escaped my lips and Jared’s hands slipped lower, rubbing my shoulder blades with his thumbs while the tips of his fingers caressed my sides, just inches from my breasts. Then they were lower, thumbs pressing the muscles that ran along my spine, and another thumb rubbing directly in the middle of my back.

Oh. That wasn’t a thumb.

I İzmir travesti gasped, but a soft exhale more than a shock. The tip of Jared’s penis was somehow warmer than the water, and it slid along my skin with delicious ease.

‘Jared, you really need to stop and leave.’

It’s what my brain wanted to say, but my brain wasn’t in control anymore.

Instead, I took a half step back, Jared’s hard cock pressing into my back. I placed my hands lightly on his – they were now on my hips – and guided them across my belly.

‘I think there’s something else you can do…’ I said softly.

Jared didn’t need any more encouragement. His hands slipped down my belly, across my pubic bone and over the strip of brown hair above my pussy. At the same time, I reached behind and took his dick in my hand, slowly stroking its length.

‘I don’t know if that needs to be cleaned,’ Jared said, his mouth at my ear, hot breath drifting against my skin.

‘You walk in on a woman showering, I have a feeling it’s dirty,’ I shot back, gripping his cock more firmly. I slid my hand up to cover the tip of his cock and slowly massaged, teasing that spot on the bottom of the shaft where it met the tip with my thumb.

Jared grunted and ran his fingers over my pussy, sliding across my lips. I shivered at his touch, and when he ran his fingers back the other way, he parted the folds to feel the slick flesh underneath.

‘Oh, yes,’ I moaned as his finger ran across the entrance of my vagina, teasing me by dipping into my pussy for just a moment. Then it gone, lighting rubbing me between the legs again. I squirmed, not wanting him to stop. I slid my hand down the shaft of his cock to cup his balls, rubbing them gently as he touched my pussy.

‘That feels good, Brooke,’ Jared said, his breath catching. He groaned I started jerking him off again, with long, firm strokes. ‘Real fucking good.’

‘Good,’ I said, backing into him, trying to touch as much of his skin as I could. I took his other hand and brought it up to my breast. Jared responded by letting it filled his hand and squeezing gently. His fingers teased my nipples while his other finger continued to run up and down the opening of my pussy, tickling and teasing.

‘Stop teasing!’ I squirmed against Jared again, my butt wiggling against him, pressing his cock between my hand and body. I stroked his hard member again, feeling it throb in my hand.

‘But it’s so fun to make you want it!’ I couldn’t see the grin, but I pictured it breaking across Jared’s face. That sly, cocky, grin that said he knew he had the world in his hand. Despite that, his hand stopped moving except for a finger. The finger explored the folds of my pussy, slipping past the soft outer lips until it reached the hot, slick opening of my vagina. I cried out in pleasure as slowly, bit by bit, Jared penetrated me, sliding his finger in until it could go no further.

We started moving together, his finger probing inside me with a steady rhythm, pressing against the nub of flesh on the roof of my vagina with every stroke. I rubbed my ass against Jared’s hard cock, sliding it between my cheeks and my hand. His hips started to move in time with mine, and our breathing mixed in with the sound of falling water.

‘I love this hard, young cock,’ I whispered, rubbing the head of his dick down my ass, in between the cheeks. He was too tall to feel the head of his cock against my pussy – and, oh, did I want to feel it! – but I wondered if he could feel the heat coming from between my legs. Even in the warm water, I bet he could.

Jared’s hand clutched at my breast and moved faster at my pussy, sending a shiver down my body. I slid his cock up my ass and started stroking again, making him gasp. His fingers squeezed my nipples and I shuddered, leaning in him. My free hand slid up and down his muscled body, anywhere I could reach – his hips, that firm ass, his strong thighs. My fingernails raked Jared’s skin as he cupped my pussy, pounding my wet hole with his finger.

‘Fuck, Brooke, I’m close,’ Jared rasped, through what sounded like clenched teeth.

‘Good,’ I purred, encircling the head of his engorged cock and twisting like a throttle, revving him up until he was ready to take off.

Jared moaned and his hands stiffened, stopped moving, even as his dick began to spasm in my hand. Hot cum, so much hotter than the water raining down on us, shot onto my ass, lathering it up like so much soap

‘Cum for me, baby,’ I cooed as his dick jerked in my hand again, dribbling more cum onto my hands and body. ‘Oh, that feels so good.’

Breathing hard into my ear, Jared’s body went limp, although his cock, slick with the shower water and his cum, was still hard.

‘Holy shit, Brooke,’ he said, almost panting. ‘That was intense.’

I jumped as he nibbled on my ear, then sank into the pleasure of the feeling. His hands slipped from between my legs, tracing the inside of my thighs before sliding up belly to cup my breasts. My skin tingled along the path his fingers took.

‘Good,’ I murmured, taking his hands in mine and wrapping them around me. ‘I’m glad I could make you cum.’

‘Bit of a change, to go from telling me I shouldn’t be in here to telling me to cum,’ Jared teased.

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